What the Hell Daisy!?


"Quit whining Ozho, you'll be perfectly safe. Besides, if any viruses do show up, I'll be sure to take care of them before they get to you."

Trough the sands of the network, A women in a labcoat was dragging what is probably some small, hooded child by his feet.

"Expect chances are I won't be able to survive a single hit! God damn it! Why can't you just go to the normal net!?" The hooded figure shouted, grasping at the sand in a vain attempt to keep himself from being dragged.

"They'll be too crowded, beside, I think we are almost to the actual beach now." The woman responded, just contenteud onwards.

"Fine, fine. Can you atleast stop dragging me along!"

((Battle 1))
"Escorting" her unwilling partner along, Daisy did indeed find the beach a minute later. The seemingly pristine waters were marred by an odd projection of a cloudy sky above them. What was in the water was a bit more important, however.

Two submarine viruses strafed back and forth with most of their hulls showing above the waves. On the beach, a large fish hovered lazily over the sand while a Tuby watched the submarines and spouted off random notes from its... mouth? Regardless, when the fish took notice of the new arrivals it wasn't pleased, and the Tuby let off several panicked notes as it turned to look at Daisy and company. The Mariners moved a bit closer to shore, apparently readying their weapons.

Most likely, Daisy's companion would not be pleased with the sight.

MarinerA: 200HP (Sea)
MarinerB: 200HP (Sea)
Tuby2: 150HP (Sand)
Bark: 200HP (Sand)

Terrain: 70% Sand, 30% Sea

Daisy.EXE: 175HP (Sand)
Ozho.SP: 40HP (Sand)

Rogue Battle 1 Start!
Still dragging along poor Ozho, Daisy managed to find the beach. But before she could cry out in joy for this accomplishment, she noticed that there was at least four viruses there. She let go of Ozho, and saw that the viruses had noticed her. "Crud, and here I thought we wouldn't run into anything." Daisy pouted, before she started up her combat routines. She bleed from her arms, and her blood floated off her skin all around her, and encased her in a crimson bubble. She bleed from her arm more, and this time her blood formed into a small shield attached to her arm via a strap of blood.

Now, being dragged along the sand against their will wouldn't make most people happy, and it definitely didn't make Ozho happy at all. Still thinking that the navi was just dragging him to his death, Ozho tried to plot a way to escape from her. But every idea he thought up, he knew wouldn't end well. Then, Daisy let go and his lower half hit the ground. Free from Daisy's grasp, Ozho was about to make a crawl for it, but then she said something about "running into something". Ozho turned his head and twisted his body to get a look at what Daisy was seeing, and saw the viruses. Yes, while she is distracted by them, I'll make a run for it! Then I won't have to- Ozho thought, but then he remembered something rather important...

...That he would have a much higher chance of survive if he stayed with Daisy...

He was just an SP now, one that is extremely weak. There was no way that he could survive if he ran into another bunch of viruses without Daisy being there to be a target. And if he did get away only to be deleted by viruses, he would only just end up back in the PET... So if he was to survive, the best course of action would be just to help Daisy win this fight. And since there was no way he would attack those viruses in the state he was in, the best he can do would be give out a little bit of advice.

...And try not to get deleted...

"The Tuby, kill the Tuby. I can't remember what the ones in the rogue networks do, but chances are you will want to delete it as fast as you can." Ozho said roughly, getting up from the ground and turned towards the viruses. "Infact, why don't you just go right up to them and smash them while I stay here and... assess the situation..." the SP added, annoyance hinted in his voice. The SP summoned a small white orb into his right hand, and he clutched it tightly. The air in front of Ozho started to shimmer, and it almost looked like light there was being bent or something to that effect. ...Looks like it's more powerful then I expected... Ozho thought, looking down at his hand for a bit, then back up to Daisy only to see her heading towards the viruses.

Daisy didn't... excatly like being told what to do by Ozho, expectally given by how he acted towards her before. But she knows Ozho most likely knows a whole lot more about viruses then she does, so she reluctantly agrees to go after the Tuby first. "Alright." Daisy said, sighing as she heads towards the viruses.

"Daisy, I'm giving you some chips that should deal a great deal of damage to them." Virgil said, slotting in 4 chips. "Hopefully you can finish them off before you have to save our new friend."

First, Daisy downloaded the Bighammer1. From the bubble that surrounded the navi spawned a massive hammer that fell into her hands. Daisy gripped the handle, and looked at the Tuby and charged at it. With as much force as she could muster, Daisy attempted to bring down the hammer on the tuby as hard as she could.

She then turned towards the fish like virus, and downloaded the Drillarm2. The hammer she had used in her attempt to oneshot the Tuby turned into a massive drill. As the drill started to spin rapidly, Daisy attempted to ram it into the virus. Once the drill stopped spinning, it was absorbed back into Daisy trough her skin.

Once Daisy's drill attack was completed, the Magbomb2 was promptly downloaded into Daisy's combat systems and a small yellow ball with electricity flowing trough it appeared in Daisy's hand. Daisy turned her head towards the Mariners, and grinned. Without exerting too much thought, Daisy lobbed the magbomb2 right at one of the Mariners.

The last chip was downloaded into her combat routines, and Daisy gripped her free hand into a fist.

...And was ready to smack whoever tries to attack her.

((Ozho) Curtain of Light: 3 hit shield on self

Passive: 20HP barrier on self
Passive: shield on self
1) Move up to Tuby and Bark
2)Bighammer1 Tuby: 160+break+impact
3)Drillarm2 Bark: 70 + Break+ Knockback + Long Attack
4)Magbomb2 MarinerB: 60 elec + Stun1 + Blast2
The Mariners started off the attack by firing some slow-moving bubbles towards Daisy, while the Tuby played a terrible cacophony of some sort that screwed the hell out of Daisy and Ozho's heads. (Confusion!) In her daze, Daisy managed to spawn the BigHammer from her blood bubble and slam it into the Tuby, smashing it into little itty bitty pieces and clearing her head of the terrible music. The Mariners' bubbles reached her bubble just then, but they popped harmlessly against her blood defenses. However, this also dispelled them. Not a problem, as she went for the other virus that was there instead, using her DrillArm on it twice, almost burying it into the sand. It retaliated by firing a WideShot into her face (45) and moving back into the water. Of course, this was a bad choice as a MagBomb landed in the water. Strangely enough, however, everyone managed to get clear of the bomb's radius perfectly and didn't get hurt.

Ozho sat around like a useless brick and shielded himself.

MarinerA: 200HP (Sea)
MarinerB: 200HP (Sea)
Bark: 60HP (Sea)

Terrain: 70% Sand, 30% Sea

Daisy.EXE: 130HP (Sand) (Counter1)
Ozho.SP: 40HP (Sand) (3-hit shield)
Shit, that's right. That thing causes confusion! Ozho remembered as the virus made it's noise, but luckily Daisy managed to put an end to that with a single swing of the hammer so the confusion didn't end up causing problems. And while Daisy ended up getting hit at least once, she did managed to tear up that Bark pretty good. Of course Ozho wasn't all that impressed with how her bomb ended up working out. Then again, Ozho never really liked bomb chips all that much... and he pretty much expected it to not have hit anything. Ozho looked at the Bark... which, for some reason didn't submerge itself into the water. If Daisy acted now, she might be able to take it out before it submerged... Ozho could probably hit it from here... but he wasn't in the mood to risk grabbing the virus's attention. Expectally given how well of a... distraction, Daisy was being. So Ozho decided to stay right where he was, and just watch all that was about to transpire.

Got hit once, no big deal. Daisy thought, watching the Bark. It managed to hit her before she had the counter up. Thankfully her drillarm managed to weaken it severely, and so Daisy just needed to hit it a few times with her buster. Daisy pointed at the bark, with the blood from her broken defenses moving trough the sand and floating trough the air around her hand. With a snap of the finger, the blood flew at the bark in four blobs. With any luck, the virus wouldn't survive that attack. "Daisy, I'm sending you the bamboosword. It should finish off the last two if you are lucky." Virgil said, slotting in the chip. Daisy bleed green blood from her hands, and it formed into a long blade, about the length of her arm with a handle prefect for the blade's side. She grabbed the handle with her right hand, and looked towards the submarine like viruses.

Daisy, bamboosword in hand, started to move towards the last of the viruses. All she needed to do was hit them a few times with her blade, and they would either be weak enough for her to finish off easily, or would take care of them right then. Hell, if the viruses decided to submerge themselves in the sea, she would follow them down there.

And if at any point during this the counter is no longer in effect, Daisy was sure to generate more defenses. She would bleed out, her blood moving trough the air to create a bubble to protect her from harm. She would bleed out, making a shield to absorb a single blow.

And while there was a good chance she would get smacked for waiting till after the counter goes off, like how she got smacked before she had it up... She was willing to take that risk to make sure the first attack towards her, she countered.

Ozho: Observe

Passive: 20 HP barrier once Counter is no longer in effect
Passive: one hit shield once Counter is no longer in effect
1: Blood attack Bark: 4 hits of 30
2: Move to mariners
3-5 Bamboosword Mariners: 80 wood+slashing+wide attack
Picking off the Bark was a simple task for Daisy, as her blood rush pierced the googly-eyed virus and deleted it handily. The Mariners blew some anchor-filled bubbles, which passed by Daisy as she rushed them without so much of a pop. After that, it was a simple task for the blood-wielder to pick off the Mariners with a few swings of her green blood-blade.


Terrain: 70% Sand, 30% Sea

Daisy.EXE: 130HP (Sand) (Counter1)
Ozho.SP: 40HP (Sand) (3-hit shield)



[WideShot2] Battlechip, 1350z, 38 BugFrags
Woo, finish. Daisy thought, surveying the area while standing on the water. It looked like Ozho managed to survive, which means he can't complain about her dragging him to his death ever again~ But at the moment, that isn't important. What is important is Daisy is at a non-crowed beach, and it is time for her to have some fun~

Daisy activated her newest GMO, and her clothes were replaced with a red bikini. She deactivated her floatshoes, and dropped right into the water. Excited, Daisy started to swim around the area, making sure she stayed within close enough range of Ozho so she can see him when her head is above the water.

Ozho watched as Daisy finished the last of the viruses, and he watched as she decided to go... swimming, instead of collecting the spoils of the battle. Ozho Grumbled, as he dismissed his defense and walked to the remains of the viruses and started to Gather them. ...Bugfrags, hun... looks like garbage to me. Ozho thought, picking up bits and pieces of fragmented Virus data. He sent all the spoils he could gather to the PET, and looked at Daisy. "...Roguenet isn't the place to be so carefree..." Ozho muttered under his breath, as he stayed on the beach and keeping track of his surroundings...
...And move to keep Daisy in his sights in the off chance she decides to swim away...

((Requesting battle 2))
Moving on through the Rogue Beach network, Daisy found herself at the edge of an inlet, with some rather strange creatures in the little bay. A few floating shellfish-like viruses encased in bubbles floated around the water, with some ravenous-looking sharp-toothed fish swimming around them. They quickly noticed Daisy's approach, and re-focused their target towards her instead!

Nautilus2 A: 120 HP [50 HP BubbleWrap] (Sea)
Nautilus2 B: 120 HP [50 HP BubbleWrap] (Sea)
Piranha2 A: 120 HP (Sea)
Piranha2 B: 120 HP (Sea)
Piranha2 C: 120 HP (Sea)

-- ALLIES --
Daisy.EXE: 130HP (Sea)
Ozho.SP: 40HP (Sea)

80% Sea (Inlet)
20% Sand (Surrounding land)

"Ok, don't you EVER do that to me again!" Ozho shouted, floating in the sea near Daisy instead of standing on the shore where he was planning on staying. How he ended up in the sea is for anyone to guess...And when he spotted the viruses... He really wished Daisy didn't somehow managed to drag him into the water. "Great, and now there are Viruses too! Are you sure you aren't trying to kill me!?"

"No! I'm not! Now stop worrying so much, I'll take care of them." Daisy said in response, before splashing water onto Ozho in retaliation to his question. "Hey Virgil, can I have some chips please?~" Daisy asked her netop.

"Sure thing." Virgil said, slotting in 5 chips. Daisy just responded with an 'alright' and looked at her foes. Daisy stared to bleed from her shoulder, a shield being formed on her arm from the left shoulder, and a bubble being created with the blood from the right. She downloaded the first chip, one that she had never used before. She raised her hand, and towers of water erupted from the sea panels that some of the viruses were at.

Ozho summoned the white orb that was responsible for his defenses, and looked at the five viruses. Ozho could see that these viruses aren't as durable as the previous ones, aside from the Nautilus2s. But he couldn't remember if they would pose a great threat to him and Daisy. But since Daisy was going out there and most likely grab their attention, they probably wouldn't end p being a great threat to Ozho anyway...

At least, Ozho hoped so.

Daisy downloaded the next chip, a Wideshot. Daisy knew that she had chips that not only did more damage to a target, but also hits the same amount as this chip can, so she wasn't all that sure about why Virgil had sent this to her. But neither less, Daisy made sure to use it. She brought her arm down to be more parallel to the sea's surface, and blood started to drip from the navi's fingers. The blood started to gush out of her fingers, and floated around their tips until the formed a wide wave of blood. With a thought, the blood shot through the air, ready to slam into anything in its path.

Daisy processed the next chip to be use... and found it was another wideshot. When did we get a second one? Daisy thought, before shrugging it off. She moved her hand to the side some, to make her arm point at one of the Nautilus. Her fingers bleed out once more, another wave of blood being created. She fired this one out with a single though, and hoped it would take care of the bubble that surrounded the virus.

...Three of them!? Daisy thought, as the 4th chip turned out to be yet another wideshot. Now Daisy began to wonder where in the world her netop got two more of those chips, because Daisy doesn't ever remember finding them. Daisy fired another wave of blood from her fingers.

...Ok, this is new. Daisy thought, when the 5th chip turned out to be a wideshot2. Daisy remembered facing whatever virus was on the chip's label earlier, but she didn't remember actually collecting anything from the fight. Maybe Ozho grabbed... She thought, turning her head to face her SP and then back towards the virus. Daisy Bleed out another wave of blood, one that was bigger and healthier than the previous three. Then with a thought, she fired it at her foes. With any luck, this might end the battle. Or at least bring it to where she can easily finish it with her buster.

1 Curtain of light: 3 hit shield on self
Passive: shield on self
Passive: 20 HP barriers on self
1 WaterlinePiranha2 B: 95 aqua + Wideattack Piranha2 A andPiranha2 C
2 Wideshot1 Piranha2 B: 75 aqua + Wideattack Piranha2 A andPiranha2 C
3 Wideshot1 Nautilus2 B : 75 aqua + Wideattack A and Piranha2 A
4 Wideshot1 Nautilus2 B : 75 aqua + Wideattack A and Piranha2 A
5 Wideshot2 Nautilus2 B : 95 aqua + Wideattack A and Piranha2 A))
Setting up her defenses along with Ozho, Daisy first focused her fire on the Piranha group, which had begun to mobilize around Ozho. Locking their targets onto the SP, they fired a multitude of arrows towards him. The majority missed due to the chaotic firing, but they managed to pierce his defenses anyway, and hit him once. (15) Daisy tried to fire on them all at once, but their circling around made it difficult to hit one, let alone three. She managed to land two hits with her WideShot, but that was basically it. Her luck with the Nautilus was significantly worse, as she managed to only land one solid hit on them, and that was dissipated by their bubble-barrier. The Nautilus decided to counter this by focusing on her with two AquaTower attacks, one of which hit Daisy's barrier, while the other missed entirely.

Nautilus2 A: 120 HP (Sea)
Nautilus2 B: 120 HP (Sea)
Piranha2 A: 45 HP (Sea)
Piranha2 B: 45 HP (Sea)
Piranha2 C: 120 HP (Sea)

-- ALLIES --
Daisy.EXE: 130HP (Sea) (1-Hit Shield) (Barrier Destroyed)
Ozho.SP: 25HP (Sea) (Shield Destroyed) (Circled by Piranha)

80% Sea (Inlet)
20% Sand (Surrounding land)
You have got to be kidding me! Ozho thought, as all the fish like viruses opened up on him. Somehow, he managed to survive the attack, even though the orb that generated his shield was destroyed, and Ozho himself taking a hit. That bitch shouldn't have ever dragged me long, especially not here! Ozho told himself... before noticing a bubble of red suddenly surround him. Caught off-guard, Ozho reeled back, before whatever the bubble was made of started to drip from the top onto his arm. The next thing Ozho knew, his arm became heavier, and when he looked he saw that a red shield was attached to it.

Now that Daisy decided to protect him better, Ozho began to think of what his options were

He can't exactly swim away, the viruses would most likely be able to catch up to him and finish him off. Dodging might be a good idea, but he wasn't the best swimmer, especially since he didn't even bother with coming in contact with the panels when he was a navi, he never had a real reason to swim. And even if the defenses Daisy granted him let him survive a little bit longer, there was still a good chance he would be taken out before his own defenses could be used again.

So it looks like Ozho would have to make his defenses usable, fast.

A small ball of darkness appeared in Ozho's hand, and he gripped it tightly. He looked towards one of the more damaged viruses, then towards the orb. There was a good chance he might end up getting one shot at this... but if it does hit, and he does survive the retaliation that will most likely head his way... he would be able to last a bit longer. Ozho raised his arm at the virus, and gripped the orb tighter. Ozho's hand started to glow darkly, while a faint shimmer of darkness started to appear on the other side of his target.

All he had to do was just yank that shimmer towards him and trough the virus... letting the darkness rip off parts of the target, for Ozho to use. Ozho Yanked his arm back, twisting his body along with it.

And the shimmer was yanked towards the SP.

While Daisy managed to miss with a majority of her attacks, she did manage to come out of it with only a barrier taken out. But when she was about to restore her broken barrier, she saw that Ozho got a bit banged up. Deciding that she would rather increases his chance of surviving this battle then her own; she decided to grant him her defenses. She willed the blood from her attacks to converge at Ozho's location. The blood then formed a bubble encompassing the SP, and will also generate a shield for the SP to defend himself with.

"Virgil, send me the DBLBeam1! Now seems like a good time to use it since either effect will help right about now." Daisy requested, with Virgil agreeing and sending the asked for chip. A small box appeared in Daisy's hand, and she opened it at the same time Ozho raised his arm to attack the virus. A bust of colored light erupted from the object, engulfing everything in it.

...What it did, we will soon find out

((Ozho: afflict Piranha2 B:20 + Sigchill Curtain of light if it hits

Passive 20HP barrier and shield on Ozho
1: DBLBeam
Turn Splice))
Summoning a DBLCUBE to her aid, the cube was opened to release its contents. A bright, all-encompassing red light emerged from the inside, blasting all of the viruses with a heavy dose of brilliant eye-rape. Ozho shot one of the Piranha with his ball of darkness, just grazing its side. That was enough to delete it after the DBLCUBE's attack, though. It was a good thing, too, as the Piranha resumed their hailstorm of attacks on Ozho. The Piranha panicked and shot haphazardly when one of their teammates went down. As a result, the spray of arrows headed Ozho's way only hit him once, and that was absorbed by Daisy's blood barrier, which went up just in time.

The Nautilus sat around lazily, and regenerated their BubbleWrap defense.

Nautilus2 A: 80 HP (Sea) (50HP BubbleWrap barrier)
Nautilus2 B: 80 HP (Sea) (50HP BubbleWrap barrier)
Piranha2 A: 5 HP (Sea)
Piranha2 B: DELETED
Piranha2 C: 80 HP (Sea)

-- ALLIES --
Daisy.EXE: 130HP (Sea) (1-Hit Shield) (Barrier Destroyed) (4 actions left)
Ozho.SP: 25HP (Sea) (5HP Barrier/1-Hit Shield) (Circled by Piranha)

80% Sea (Inlet)
20% Sand (Surrounding land)
At least we managed to finish one of them off with that. Daisy thought, after seeing Ozho rip data from the Piranha after her DBLbeam damaged them all. And while they attacked Ozho once more, it seems the defenses kept him alive well enough. She looked at the healthiest piranha, and decided to try and take that out first, leaving the weaken one for last. She started to bleed from her hand, and pointed it at the virus. Then with a thought, four burst of blood rapidly shot from the wound like bullets, their trajectory aimed right towards the virus. She turned her sights towards the Nautilus, and aimed her arm towards it. The blood from the would began to shape itself, forming a rather large spear head attacked to her hand.

Making sure her arm was aligned right, she willed the pointy object to fly forward. TO fly right into the virus's defense and pierce it.

And then, the spear head jetted from her hand, towards the virus.

"Virgil, I need that bomb and another hard hitting chip!" Catherine demanded, bring her arm back and then reading herself to throw something. Virgil grabbed the Magbomb2 and a tankcannon, and slotted in both of the chips.

In Daisy's hand appeared a yellow ball, pulsating with electrical energy. Once it looked like she would beable to get more then one of the remaining viruses in the blast, she threw the ball. It arched trough the air, and the moment it made impact with anything...

...It exploded in a storm of electricity.

Next, Daisy's blood formed an open cylinder around her forearm, the end extending a good foot and a half past her hand. She pointed it at the Nautilus that she hadn't been aiming directly at before. Once she had her pretend sights on it, a shot of blood was fired from the barrel. Even if the virus wasn't caught up in the bomb's blast, this attack should take out it's barrier.

And depending on how everything goes, Daisy might have an easy time cleaning everything up.

2 Blood strikes: 4 bustershots on Piranha2 C: 30 aqua each
3 Blood attack Nautilus2 B: 60 aqua+break+impact
4 Magbomb2 Nautilus2 B:60 elec+Stun+Blast2
5 Tankcannon1 Nautilus2 A:80 damage))
After the successful DBLCube assault, Daisy set her sights on reducing the danger for her companion. In other words, four lethal-looking red blasts were soon ramming into one of the circling Piranha2s. Only three of the shots hit, but it was more than enough. With Ozho somewhat safer now, Daisy followed up the bloody shots with an equally bloody spear. The projectile pierced the bubble of one of the Nautilus viruses and left it defenseless.

Not long after, Daisy hastily sent a MagBomb flying in an arc toward the same viruses. The bomb made contact with the bubble-less Nautilus and exploded, deleting it but leaving the other virus intact, bubble and all. Finally, the Navi ended her assault with another bang, the bloody TankCannon shot smashing into the bubble barrier of the other Nautilus and doing a lot less apparent damage than one would think. Those bubbles were quite sturdy, seeing as the blast didn't simply break through. The Piranha then attempted to catch Daisy while she was distracted by the Nautilus, but her shield caught the first arrow. The second arrow managed to land a glancing blow and the third one missed completely.

Nautilus2 A: 80 HP (Sea)
Nautilus2 B: DELETED
Piranha2 A: 5 HP (Sea)
Piranha2 B: DELETED
Piranha2 C: DELETED

-- ALLIES --
Daisy.EXE: 115HP (Sea)
Ozho.SP: 25HP (Sea) (5HP Barrier/1-Hit Shield) (Circled by Piranha)

80% Sea (Inlet)
20% Sand (Surrounding land)
Now that the bubble is down, I can- Daisy thought, moments before getting hit by the piranha... which didn't exactly phase Daisy all that much, since she had been hit harder then that before. Of course, it did kind of tell Daisy that her defenses were gone... but with the condition that her opponents were in, she might be able to finish them all off without needing to create anymore.

"Just two left..." Ozho said quietly, looking at the two viruses. The last of the piranha's looks like it is on the verge of deletion. While he could further increases his defenses, thanks to the data he ripped from his last target, he decided to just go on and try to finish off this virus. After all, it does look like he might be able to kill it in his current state. Ozho pointed his hand at the virus, and fired a simple blast of white energy at it. With any luck, this would hit... and Ozho's kill count would go up to two.

"Daisy, try to nail that Nautilus with this. It should finish it off." Virgil said, slotting in the aquaneedle1. Daisy looked at the Nautilus, and readied the chip. She pointed at the virus, and three needles of blood shot out of Daisy's fingertip. If all three of the needles manage to hit the virus while it's bubble isn't up, then it would be the end of that. "Now for that piranha." Daisy said, turning to face towards the virus that had attacked her earlier and...

((Ozho: Attack Piranha2 A: 10 damage

1aquaneedle1 Nautilus2: 35 aqua x3

With a simple blast of white energy aimed at the Piranha, Ozho kept his K/D untouched, and the Nautilus was pierced by a flurry of AquaNeedles, courtesy of Daisy. Hooray.

Nautilus2 A: DELETED
Nautilus2 B: DELETED
Piranha2 A: DELETED
Piranha2 B: DELETED
Piranha2 C: DELETED

-- ALLIES --
Daisy.EXE: 115HP (Sea)
Ozho.SP: 25HP (Sea) (5HP Barrier/1-Hit Shield) (Circled by Piranha)

80% Sea (Inlet)
20% Sand (Surrounding land)



[TrainArrow2] Battlechip, 1800z, 30 BugFrags
After gathering the rewards, and being annoyed by Ozho... Daisy decided to go for another swim.

...While Ozho stayed on the land.
((Battle 3))