Ocean-side adventures

((From NetSquare))

High above the sandy dunes and sea spray, three cyan flashes appeared in the sky before they beamed straight down to the dunes below before they paused just a few inches above the pale beige sand. The trio of cyan lights started to take shape and started to die down in intensity, before Machman, Aera, and Vector appeared out of the light. They looked down the gently sloped sand dune to the gently crashing waves on the shoreline. They were in a more dangerous area of the network, so no other Navis seemed to be in the area, though there was the occasional parasol and maybe a couple open showers.

Aera smiled as the warm sun caused her sapphire-colored eyes to flicker brightly.
This place looks a lot more comfortable than Sharo, though the sun is beating down quite a bit.
Vector's body plates moved around and rotated slightly as he seemed to splay out his body like one giant heat sink.
I can adapt to this environment to a suitable degree.

Mazer's pop up window appeared in front of the group.
[Since you three are at the beach, and you seem to be coping just fine, Vector; How about I give you two some more appropriate apparel?]

Machman noticed a light below him, and looked down to see a ring of data rotating around his feet. A similar ring appeared at Aera's feet as well, then they both started to rise. As they did, Mach and Aera's armor disintegrated and revealed their bare skin. Both of them were barefoot, but Mach did notice knee-length blue surfing shorts started to appear as the ring continued to travel up the hight of his body. The shorts had an orange stripe running down each side, and were secured around him with cords housed in the waistband. Above that, he wasn't wearing anything other than his Mask, but his wings remained unchanged.

He looked over to Aera, and instantly recognized her new outfit from the Yoka Onsen. She was wearing a two-piece blue bikini with thin orange straps. The top also had two orange stripes facing up towards her face, and the orange straps crossed behind her back in an X pattern before they attached to the underside of the bikini top. The bottom's straps simply wrapped around her waist and attached to each other. She also had a nearly transparent orange silk skirt tied around her waist with a single bow on her right side. Like Machman, her ear pylons were also gone, but her wings remained as well.

She looked down at her newly formed outfit and grinned before she looked up and stretched.
Ah... this is more like it! Let's go down to the beach!
She looked back to Mach and Vector and waved them to follow as she happily walked down the dune towards the ocean just ahead, her 30C bust bouncing slightly as she went. Mach and Vector followed suit, but Vector had a little trouble getting his footing in the loose sand, and after several near falls, he decided to forgo the whole matter and floated a few inches above it as he followed.

((BeachComber and BikiniBeauty.GMOs activated))

((Requesting Battle #1))
As Aera led the way through the Rogue Beach network, her merry stride not slowing down in the slightest. This had some rather painful repercussions when her right toe met something hard in the ground with unsubtle force. After dealing with the pain, a look down would reveal to Aera that she had stubbed her toe on something rather strange-looking. It looked like a strangely-shaped yellow rock, but her toe made a weird sound earlier on contact with it, like a clanking of some sort.

Suddenly, as she was about to examine the anomaly further, it presented itself to her... by splitting itself in half and firing a volley of arrows! Luckily, the arrows barely missed her, and the thing in front of her was now revealed to be a virus with rather menacing eyes. Backing it up, there seemed now to be two similarly-designed viruses flanking it from the rear as well.

Shellnerd A: 140 HP (Open) (Facing Aera)
Shellnerd B: 140 HP (IronBody) (A little behind A)
Shellnerd C: 140 HP (IronBody) (Around 50° to right of A)

MachMan.EXE: 160 HP
Aera.SP: 70 HP
Vector.SP: 110 HP

60% Sand (sandy stretch ahead)
40% Sea (to left)

Aera cried out in pain as she clutched her foot, which prompted Mach and Vector to immediately rush to her side. Mach was too focused on Aera to even notice his antigravity drive had kicked on, and he flew over the sand without a sound.

Ooh, that hurt.. uwaa!!
She arched her back reflexively as volley of arrows were spat from the virus's mouth and whistled past her. She looked back at the virus, her eyes were a little misty from the pain as she gingerly eased her foot back to the sand
How rude!

She pulled back her opened right hand and swiped it towards the virus like she was going to slap it. But as her hand swiped towards it, bolt of electricity leaped from her hand and careened towards the clam-like virus with a loud crack.
Mazer, Magnum please!

As Aera delivered a million-volt, lightning slap to the virus in front of her, Machman went skyward to get a better view of the viruses, and prevent himself from possibly hitting Aera. Mazer quickly slotted in the requested chip, and data already started to form.
[Uploaded now.]
The magnum was forming, but this time two separate weapons materialized, one near each arm. Machman raised an eyebrow as they finally formed into... squirtguns. Big, brightly collored squirt guns that look like you'd stick them in the water, then slide the handle back to suck in water, then push to shoot it out.
{Little weird, but okay...}

Machman targeted the two closed clam viruses before he pulled the trigger on the right gun, which pointed towards the right-most virus. He was a little reassured when the gun recoiled with a loud boom and sent a heavy, armor piercing round towards the virus instead of a stream of water. The round exploded in a small fireball as he lined up the last remaining virus and opened up with his left cannon. Both guns began to disappear, and Machman raised his shields as he surveyed the field to see if any viruses remained. Meanwhile, Vector had moved in front of Aera after she attacked the virus, and braced himself in front of her as several of the metal plates of his body floated in front of him like an extra layer of protection.


Aera: Try to shrug off the pain
1. Strategic Movement: Gain altitude to get a better view
Aera: Chip Preset Magbolt1 to ShellNerdA (90dmg Elec x2 + Stun + Magnet Pull)
Vector: Strategic Movement: Move in front of Aera
Vector: Brace
Vector: Orbital Blade Defense System (2-hit shield + 1TCD)
-[Reinforce O.B.D.S. (+ 2 hits)]-
2. Charge Magnum
3. Magnum1: ShellNerdB, C (120dmg Fire + Break + Panel Break)
4. Heavy Shielding: Machman.EXE (6-hit shield + 3TCD)
5. Survey the field
6. Dodge if necessary
Aera: Dodge if necessary

Cooling Sigs

O.B.D.S: 1 turn remaining
Heavy Shielding: 3 turns remaining
After stubbing her toe and nearly getting run through by numerous arrows, Aera was not too happy with the shelled virus before her. As MachMan rose into the air to strategize, the SP fought fire with lightning and launched a magnetic bolt of electricity at the Shellnerd. The chip didn't even get a chance to pull the virus closer before it burst into shards of junk data, completing Aera's successful counterattack.

Meanwhile, MachMan chose his weapons and began charging them. Vector moved in to cover Aera, bracing himself and putting up defenses to protect against the remaining viruses. That would soon turn out to be unnecessary as MachMan fired his (water) guns, landing direct hits on both hiding viruses and throwing up a veil of sand. When the veil cleared, it was obvious that there was nothing left.

Shellnerd A: DELETED
Shellnerd B: DELETED
Shellnerd C: DELETED

60% Sand (sandy stretch ahead)
40% Sea (to left)

Rogue OTKO Battle 1 Complete!

MachMan.EXE: 160 HP (6-hit shield)
Aera.SP: 70 HP (Behind Vector)
Vector.SP: 110 HP (4-hit shield)

Rewards: 700z, 21 BugFrags
With the viruses decimated, the area then became quiet once again, the only sound being the water crashing against the sand. Aera was still slightly in a huff from the virus that stubbed her toe then attacked her, but her rather expedient deletion of the offending virus kept her from losing sight of where they are: a quiet beach with white sand and blue waters.

Machman quietly touched back down to the sand below, before he stepped next to Aera.
Are you alright?
She looked back at Machman before she smiled simpathetically.
I'm fine, that virus surprised me, is all. Sorry for worrying you.

Mazer's face appeared on a pop up window and addressed the group.
[Well, those viruses didn't really stand a chance, especially in those numbers. Keep moving, we may find something more challenging.]

The trio nodded as they made their way down to the shore below, unaware of what they will eventually discover.

((Ready for battle #2))
As MachMan and company made their way closer to the shore, they noticed something moving in the water. When they got close to it, the moving object appeared to be a periscope moving around in deeper water. Suddenly, the owner of the periscope burst out from under the water revealing two friends. The first one floated straight out of the water and onto the sand, but the other subs remained submerged in the water. As if that wasn't enough, two seemingly harmless bits of foliage behind the trio unfurled to reveal a pair of hostile viruses. MachMan and his SPs were surrounded, but with two of the viruses being rooted to the ground that wasn't much to worry about.

MarinerA: 200HP (Sand)
MarinerB: 200HP (Sea, submerged)
MarinerC: 200HP (Sea, submerged)
KillWeedA: 160HP (Sand)
KillWeedB: 160HP (Sand)

Terrain: 40% Sand, 60% Sea

MachMan.EXE: 160HP (Sand)
Aera.SP: 70HP (Sand)
Vector.SP: 110HP (Sand)

Rogue Battle 2 Start!
The trio approached slowly as the periscope came into view, then jumped back a bit as the Mariner surged from the water and onto the sand. Machman then glanced back at the sound of rustling leaves behind him to see two additional viruses had somehow snuck in behind them and cut off their escape route. Mazer had already pulled out 5 different battlechips he believed to be best for the situation, and knew Mach would be using at least of one of them.

Mazer, Phoenixshot please! Aera, take out the enemy in front. Vector, engage the other two.

Both SPs and Mazer reacted instantly Mach's request, and the sound of the PhoenixShot battlechip being slotted in was drowned out by the rending of air as a trio of incredibly bright lightning bolts shot from Aera's outstretched hand and surged towards the beached Mariner. Machman's right hand ignited and was covered in a swath of flickering flame as Vector launched himself into the air towards the water ahead. The individual metal plates that made up his body flashed in the sunlight before he dove into the water with very little splashing.

Machman took a step back with his left leg and planted it in the sand before he quickly spun counter-clockwise to face the plant viruses behind him. As he almost finished the turn, he swiped his fiery hand towards their positions, which left a wide arc of flames that whipped forward like a wave of fire. The force of his attack caused the flames on his hand to be blown out, but he no longer needed flames to keep up his attack. The pylons on his ears opened up as this sensor visor moved into position over his eyes and activated, while a protective energy shield materialized in front of him. A pair of drones also materialized next to him before their holographic projectors came online and created two exact copies of himself with swimtrunks, visors, and everything. All three lifted off in unison and turned towards the ocean like a silently choreographed dance before all three surged forward.

The three Machmen twisted around each other like a 3-D shuffle before all three split up: one decoy dove down to the sand about 20 feet to Aera's right, the other cruised above the water, while the real Machman dove into the water with a much larger splash than Vector.

Vector, who was already in the water, had already spotted one of the submarine viruses, and started to engage by forming his right arm into a long, barbed spear and thrusted it towards the virus's hull. As he did so, additional armored plates darted through the water like little fish and rushed to Mach's energy shield to provide extra protection. As Vector stabbed again with his spear, Machman picked out the other submerged Mariner.

Thanks to his visor, Mach could see the virus as if it was right in front of him, even considering how the water would be able to partially obscure the virus's outline. With the virus locked in, Machman gripped his rapidly forming saber hilt, and activated the green-tinged cyan blade as it burst forth. Bubbles churned around it for a few moments as the blade tightened into its normal shape, and glowed brightly. Machman used his antigravity engines to push him forward and towards the virus as he thrusted the blade forward. He knew attempting to swing the blade with the water resistance would be rather ineffective, so he followed up with another stab.


-[Anti-Gravity Engines: Haste]-
Aera: Attack MarinerA (35dmg Elec x2 + Splash)
Aera: Attack MarinerA (35dmg Elec x2 + Splash)
Aera: Attack MarinerA (35dmg Elec x2 + Splash)
Vector Dive into Sea terrain (submerge)
1. PhoenixShot1: KillWeedA+B (70dmg Fire x2 + Wide Attack)
2. Advanced Perception: Machman.EXE (Accuracy Enhancement x2 + 2TCD)
3. Heavy Shielding: Machman.EXE (6-hit Shield + 3TCD)
-[Force Multiplier: 2 Decoys]-
4. Strategic Movement: Move over the Sea terrain near the Mariners and dive in (submerge)
Vector Attack MarinerB (35dmg Aqua)
-[Reinforce Heavy Shielding (+2 hits)]-
Vector Attack MarinerB (35dmg Aqua)
5. BambooSword: MarinerC (80dmg Wood + Slashing + Wide Attack) (1/3)
6. BambooSword: MarinerC (80dmg Wood + Slashing + Wide Attack) (2/3)

DecoyA: 20 feet to Aera's right
DecoyB: Hovering over Sea

Cooling Sigs

Enhanced Perception: 2 turns remaining
Heavy Shielding: 3 turns remaining
After MachMan called out a series of commands, Aera and Vector moved to comply. Meanwhile, MachMan's arm burst into roaring flames which he prepared to fire. Aera launched several lightning bolts at the semi-beached Mariner which all landed in quick succession and practically disintegrated the virus. Immediately after a wave of flames from MachMan passed through the KillWeeds and did nearly lethal damage.

Having crippled the viruses on land, MachMan prepared himself with shields and decoys and followed Vector into the surf. The decoys served their purpose well, becoming targets for both KillWeeds and even avoiding their launched seeds effortlessly. One seed landed floating in the water while the other hit the sand near Aera.

When the submerged Mariners realized that Vector was heading for them, both fired bubbles that curved lazily toward the approaching SP. His first attempted spear attack pierced right through one and released the anchor within at the closest enemy: MachMan. Luckily, the Navi's shielding absorbed the attack without trouble and Vector's second spear hit its target as intended. The SP was barely able to avoid the second bubble as it curved to hit him. Finally, MachMan shot through the water and drove a BambooSword through the other Mariner in a one-two slash attack.

MarinerB: 165HP (Sea, submerged)
MarinerC: 40HP (Sea, submerged)
KillWeedA: 20HP (Sand)
-Seed (Sand, near Aera)
KillWeedB: 20HP (Sand)
-Seed (Sea)

Terrain: 40% Sand, 60% Sea

MachMan.EXE: 150HP (7-hit shield) (BambooSword: 2/3 swings) (Sea, submerged)
Aera.SP: 70HP (Sand)
Vector.SP: 110HP (Sea, submerged)
Aera was now the only one on the team that was still on the beach, but she wasn't alone. The killer plant viruses were scorched, but still remained. She turned around to face them, and raised both of her arms and pointed one at each. A surge of electrical power coursed down her arms and through her fingers before it arced out from her hand and towards the viruses with a thunderous boom.

Meanwhile, still under the water, Vector and Machman fought against the two submarine viruses. Mach was focusing on the sub in front of him before he saw a disturbance at the surface of the water, and saw a seed bobbing in the surf. Technical data started to pop up around the outline of the almond-shaped seed. Mazer, capable of seeing exactly what Mach sees thanks to the visor program, recognized the threat and gave his Navi new commands.

[Mach, those seeds can sprout and cause wide-spread damage, and if there's one here, there may be another one near Aera. Smash that seed and get Aera airborne!]
[[i]Yes sir!][/i]

As Vector continued to stab at the other submarine with his spear-like arm, Machman lowered his shoulder and accelerated forward at a frightening speed directly towards the Mariner and in line with the seed floating on the surface. Pressure bubbles started to form over the surfaces of Mach's wings, hair, and ear pylons due to moving so fast that the water can't keep up with the displacement he's causing. He rapidly advanced on the seed and kept going in an attempt to obliterate the seed before it could sprout.

He burst from the sea with a tower of white spray before he turned towards the beach and silently careened towards Aera's position. His advance "cut" a hole in the still lingering water particles in the air before it seemed to melt as the mist fell back to the water below. Aera heard the roar of the water and saw Mach emerge from the tower of water. Mach zipped towards her position before he made a rather quick stop in front of her, which caused sand to be blown outwards from his landing zone and caused Aera's hair and skirt to flutter for a brief moment before Mach reached down and smoothly swept her off her feet and cradled her in his arms. He noticed as he was just about to touch her long, slender legs, a little green spark jumped to his hand, and he felt a little bit rejuvenated.
Hang on tight, Aera.

Aera nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck as he quickly flew straight up and hopefully out of the range of the seed's incoming attack. His decoys continued to hover in the same general area as their previous positions to possibly draw the seeds attacks towards themselves. The pair quietly flew over the shimmering water as Machman looked down to pick out his SP and the virus he was fighting. Using the data flow setting on his visor, he saw Vector's fractal shape in a bright orange, and the virus's plump cylindrical shape in purple.
[[i]Vector, fall back. Aerial strike inbound.[/i]]

Vector's shape immediately started to move away from the virus as he sent back his own wireless transmission.
[[i]Yes, my lord. I am clearing the area.[/i]]

Machman stopped over the Mariner virus as his circular, fragmented wing clusters moved further away from his sides and pointed straight down towards the sea below. The barely visible cyan fields coating the inside ring started to turn crimson as tiny discharges flashed towards the point in the center of the ring. After several bolts jumped to the seemingly empty center of the ring, a small, bright red light appeared in the place of the void. The little lights shone very brightly for their size, but started to grow. From the surface of the water looking up, it looked like a pair of eyes with glowing red pupils were glaring down. Machman was focused on targeting the Mariner, and Aera let go of Mach's neck with her left hand and pointed it down towards the sea. The pair of red orbs leaped from their places in the rings and left a crimson trail of light as they somehow curved around Machman's body before they almost met at a center point and blasted forward as a pair of parallel energy beams that rocketed to the sea below.

Using the beams as a guide, Aera sent a powerful bolt of yellow electricity surging between the two beams and followed the path hopefully to the virus below. The attack caused her body to become positively charged while the opposite end of the attack would gain a negative charge, so hopefully if she hits, she could draw the Mariner to the surface if it managed to survive. The beams punched two large holes in the water below straight to the ocean floor before they lost power and faded to to trails of flickering data.


Aera: Attack KillWeedA (35dmg Elec + Splash)
Aera: Attack KillWeedB (35dmg Elec + Splash)
Vector: Attack MarinerA (35dmg Aqua)
1. DashAttack: MarinerB, Floating Seed (90dmg Null + Impact) (Surface)
2. Strategic Movement: Move over to Aera's position
3. Carry Aera
-[Recharge: Machman.EXE (Heal 20HP)]-
4. Strategic Movement: Move to high altitude
Vector: Move away from MarinerA
Vector: Dodge
5. Superior Thrust Laser: MarinerA (40dmg x2 + Multi-hit + Microburst + 3TCD)
Aera: Magbolt1 to MarinerA (90dmg Elec x2 + Stun + Magnet Pull)
6. Dodge

DecoyA: Stay in position on the shore
DecoyB: Stay in position over the Sea

Accuracy Enhancement: Deactivating

Cooling Sigs

Enhanced Perception: 1 turn remaining
Heavy Shielding: 2 turns remaining
Superior Thrust Laser: 3 turns remaining

[I think you meant MarinerB and C, but ok]

Weed extermination was no stranger to Aera, as she zapped the viruses to death with little more than a simple gesture. Vector kinda poked at one of the Mariners, but the viruses had already started up on evasive maneuvers, and dodged the stabbing. MachMan's speedy burst through the water wasn't evaded so handily, though, and the seed fired by the KillWeed earlier was destroyed successfully. The Mariners then started releasing their bubble-anchors into the water, which floated slowly towards their targets. In the meantime, MachMan went to pick up his companion on the beach, and moved up to higher skies. Lasers were involved in the process of dealing death, and frankly, it wasn't too long before one more Mariner joined the ranks of its comrades in the big beach in the sky. Some of the anchors broke loose in the barrage, but with MachMan's speedy movements, none of them met their mark.


Terrain: 40% Sand, 60% Sea

MachMan.EXE: 170HP (7-hit shield) (high alt)
Aera.SP: 70HP (high alt)
Vector.SP: 110HP (Sea, submerged)



46 BugFrags
((I did, sorry for the mix-up))

With the viruses now destroyed, the battle was over. Machman floated down to the shore with Aera in his arms, while Vector started to walk on the sea floor back to land. Aera and Mach touched down on the wet sand right at the break zone. Machman eased her down stand on the sand next to him.
You did great, Aera. You're getting stronger every day.

Aera blushed a bit as she responded.
Thanks, Mach. I hope to get as strong as you soon, she said in a playful tone.
You will, Aera. You will.

The pair smiled at each other (though Mach's was concealed by his mask) but both turned as they noticed a red glow coming from the water. Vector had made it to shallower water and his head started to break the surface, then his glowing red eye eventually followed by the rest of his body. His body barely made a wake, since he maneuvered his body plates as to make himself ideal for literally cutting through the water. Water dripped off his body plates, but then they started to spin rapidly to dry themselves before they stopped back in place. Just before he stopped in front of the pair, he was already completely dry.

Glad to see you're unhurt, Vector.
I appreciate your concern, sire.

Vector bowed his head slightly while Machman took a look to his right down the shoreline, and saw his decoy drones float back to his sides and shut down.
Well, we made it to the beach, what would you like to do now? Keep going, or take a breather and enjoy the sights?

Aera smiled and took a step back before she started to sit down.
Let's relax for a bit!
She sat down on the sand and made a little surprised noise at the sensation, just before a wave came in and crashed on the shoreline as it gently slid inland and kissed her feet before it retreated back to the ocean.
Ooh, the water feels nice...

Mach chuckled before he turned around and sat down next to Aera on the sand, while Vector approached him. Machman looked up at him curiously.
Excuse me, sire...
Yes, Vector?
The sea, it's an unfamiliar area for me, and I found being underwater affected my combat capabilities. May I use this time to train and acclimate myself to this new environment?
Certainly, Vector. Just don't wander off too far.
Thank you, sire. I will remain close.

Vector bowed before he turned and started to walk back towards the water. With the water about waist height, he started to lunge rapidly, and adjusted the positioning of his body plates as he did so. In the mean-time, Aera took Machman's hand in hers as they looked towards each other.
... much better than Sharo.
Machman couldn't help but laugh as he sat with her on the sand. It certainly was a much more tolerable place, but this beach isn't private, and they likely aren't alone.

((Ready for battle #3, interaction, etc.))
The peace of the beach... stuck. It was an odd thing, to find a peaceful moment on the networks-- especially the Rogue ones-- but there you have it. The duo lounged on the beach for quite a while undisturbed while Vector splashed about in the water, and it seemed as though the moment would last forever...

And it very well may have, were it not for the inopportune intervention of a small, motorized boat making its' way across the sea towards the beach. From what Machman and Aera could tell, it seemed to have a single occupant.

As the boat made its' way over to the beach, the loud sound of the motor working tirelessly broke the silent reverie that was the ocean waves lapping against the beach. The noise grew in intensity as the man(navi?)-made craft finally reached the shore nearby, and then died out entirely as the engine was shut off.

The boat's sole occupant hopped off of the small craft and trudged ashore, then waltzed himself over towards where Machman and Aera were sitting. "Ahoy there!" The navi called, thick accent dominating his speech. The two things that stuck out most about him were the stereotypical pirate hat atop his head... and his massive, blue-tinged beard. The rest of his outfit seemed rather 'pirate'-y as well; from the folded boots, (peg-legs are optional) to the longcoat, to the anchor tattoo on the back of his right hand, the man was about as much of a pirate design as they came.

One had to wonder if the design was stolen-- or shall we say... pirated?-- from somewhere.
As Vector continued to maneuver in the water, then completely submerged leaving only his glowing red eye to be seen from the surface, Mach and Aera reclined on the sand and listened to the sounds of the ocean. Machman closed his eyes and leaned back on the sand as he put his hands behind his head.
Ah, now this is why we should come here more often.

Machman's eyes then opened quickly as he felt something brush against his chest. He looked over towards Aera, and saw her laying on her right side, and saw her swing her slightly bent left leg over Mach's own as she pressed herself against his side. Her right hand was holding Mach's shoulder while her left wrapped around his upper chest, and he could feel the fabric of her bikini top and her silky smooth skin against his. Mach started to blush as his eyes met hers, and she stared back with her bright sapphire eyes. She was partially blushing as well, and her heart was thumping in her chest. She still had these strange feelings ever since their adventure in Sharo, and though she didn't fully understand them, she just did what her heart seemed to want her to do.

She was just about to speak until she quickly looked out towards the sea, and Machman heard something that sounded like a motor. Apparently she heard it as well, because when Mach propped himself up and looked out on the water, he saw a boat coming into view. Aera sat up was well before Mach stood and helped her to her feet. They saw the craft had only one occupant, and it was approaching the shoreline.
[[i]Vector, we have company.[/i]]

Vector leaped from the water with an almost inhuman speed as he twisted through the air and landed on the sand, blade at the ready. He quickly scanned the surroundings and saw the vessel just as the Navi hopped out and started to trudge to shore. His blade fragmented and reformed into a forearm and hand, but he watched the Navi like a hawk. The three watched the Navi approach, and noted his rather interesting pirate theme. Machman was slightly interested, but Aera and Vector didn't even know what a pirate was, so their interest was piqued. Machman waved his hand slightly at the Navi as he returned the greeting.
Ahoy! Can I help you?
"About tha'." The navi says, pulling out a pipe and lighting it. "The name's Bugbeard. Bugbeard the Dread." He takes a hit off of his pipe, then breathes the smoke out to the side, away from Machman and crew. "Ye see, me and me crew have been havin' a wee bit of a problem out there in that thar sea over yonder." He turns towards the ocean at this, then takes another hit from his pipe.

"Y'see, me mates and I be constantly under attack by a beastie that's a wee bit bigger than the usual small fry 'round here." Bugbeard mutters, tipping his pipe over and tapping out some blackened dust. "A kraken. So every day, when the beastie is asleep and not tormentin' me and me crew, I been comin' out 'ere ta try and find we some help. And as luck would have it, today I heard the sounds of a mighty fine battle goin' cross the pond. And by the time I get there, wouldn't ya know it, ye three have already slain the beasties attackin' ye. So... would ye be willin' ta help me?"

As Bugbeard turns back toward Machman and company, Aera and Vector notice the subtle smell that's been wafting around the pirate for a while now. His beard... it smells like...
Mach, Aera, and Vector listened to the pirate Navi, who goes by "Bugbeard the Dread," and heard of his apparently not so little predicament. During that time, Mach, Aera, and Vector were discussing the issue via wireless transmission.
[[i]Sounds like a virus problem.[/i]]
[[i]Indeed, sire.[/i]]
[[i]And it attacks them every day? I feel sorry for him and the crew.[/i]]

[[i]I know you two really wanted to relax; do you want to stay here?[/i]]
[[i]I go where you go, sire.[/i]]
[[i]I think we should help them. We might get to see his ship, and that could be fun![/i]]
[[i]Okay, I guess we're in agreement[/i]]

Machman then addressed Bugbeard.
Hm.. a marine beast attacking your ship and crew?

Machman then extended his hand.
My name is Machman.EXE, and these are my Support Programs, Aera and Vector. We'd like to help you out.
Bugbeard shook the extended hand. "Well then, welcome aboard! Me dingy o'er there ain't much compared to me ship, the Strassavora, but she gets me to shore n' back." He then proceeded to trudge back through the shallow water over to his motorboat, and hopped inside. As Bugbeard neared the controls, Machman's 'crew' clambered aboard at their own pace.

Once all were safely aboard, Bugbeard started up the motorboat's engine, grinning. "Hang onto yer hats, lads n' lass! 'Tis gonna be a bumpy ride!" Bugbeard turned the boat slowly around, then set the thrust to full blast. The small skiff darted out into the sea at a rapid pace, quickly gaining distance from the shore. Bugbeard's cackling could be heard even over the engine, a loud 'ARR HAR HAR HAR HAR!' that resonated strongly through the air.

As the crew continued their trek out into the sea, it became readily apparent that the ship Bugbeard spoke of was nowhere in sight. Either the thing was farther out, or... was he lying?

Regardless, Bugbeard chose this moment to speak up-- literally rather than figuratively, as he had to shout over the noise of the engine. "Lady an' Gentlemen!" He began, whacking a button on the controls for the boat. "Childr'n of all ages!" he continued as the ship's bobbing about in the waves ceased. It wasn't that they had stopped; indeed, the seas continued to flit past them at a rapid pace. But instead...

They were rising.

"Feast yer eyes on... TH' STRASSAVORA!" Bugbeard threw his hands upward as the small ship rocketed into the sky, finally bringing into view the ship Bugbeard was so grandly gesturing about.

It wasn't quite the kind of old, 1600s-style wooden ship that you would expect, although it came close; the Strassavora instead seemed to be made almost entirely of metal 'planks' which ran across the entire aerodynamic belly of the ship, criss-crossed between metal seams which glowed with a blue light. The top of the ship, while it lacked the mast and sails of a more traditional ship, did indeed possess an olden-day steering wheel and raised captain's quarters, the latter of which was complete with a large stained-glass window.

Atop the ship's deck there were several forms moving about-- presumably the crew-- as well as a set of three large cannons on either flank. As the small skiff the quartet were on grew closer to the giant skyship, Machman could see what looked like a large seam at the front of the ship, below the bow. This one stuck out from the others for the sheer fact that it didn't glow.

But above everything else that stood out about the ship, the one thing that stuck out the most was the thing's size; namely, it was roughly the size and length of an old aircraft carrier. Either Bugbeard had a larger crew than it seemed, or there was a lot of unused space on that ship...

Bugbeard turned back towards the controls at this, and guided the flying skiff into the underbelly of the Strassavora. A large pair of double doors opened beneath the ship, and the skiff stopped, instead rising straight upward into the the inside of the Strassavora's hull.

As the skiff rose upward into what appeared to be a large cargo hold, two large, metal arms reached down and grabbed onto the sides of the small craft. Bugbeard shut the motor off at this, causing the skiff to sink slightly as it settled into the arms' embrace. The twin doors below the vessel closed, sealing the cabin from the outside, and Bugbeard hopped off of the skiff before trodding off. He stopped about ten feet away from the small boat, then turned around. "Let's be off then, eh?" He said cheerfully. "T'would be a shame to waste the whole day sittin' around slack-jawed!" At this, Bugbeard let out another one of his piratey cackles, then continued walking.