Rogue Nude Beaches

...An area of the Net. That looked like a giant beach. Perhaps more than any other area he'd visited, Beach Area was true to its name. SplashMan walked off the entry warp point, and looked around. "Well, I'm in, no problem. Wonder if they do that on purpose so people can check out the Net?"

"Possibly, but I'm sorta doubting it. I mean, this is still an official TV station van. They can't just leave something like this undefended, you know?"

"Right. Anyway, I think I'm going to get started. Here I go!" And thus did the aquatic Navi begin his quest for battle.

(Searching for Battle #1)
Walking through the deserted beach area, SplashMan found some small... things that were holding a few grenades; undoubtedly, it would be rather painful if they were chucked in his direction. It was kind of hard to see which side was front, but it didn't matter anyway. They yelled (somehow, as he didn't see their mouths or whatever) at him and were definitely out to get him.

Dynamite2 A: 200HP
Dynamite2 B: 200HP
Dynamite2 C: 200HP

Terrain: 100% Sand

SplashMan.EXE: 400HP

After all of the bugged viruses SplashMan had faced in DenTech, a simple trio of viruses almost felt...relaxing. Almost, since this was something he'd never seen before. "New viruses...wonder what they do?"

"I dunno about you, but I think those grenades are kinda self-explanatory..." After all, there were only so many things you could do with grenades. "So, the area's all sand, which, according to what I'm reading, makes Wind attacks stronger. And since we have one of those..." And exactly one, so there was no need to inform her Navi ahead. How convenient. "Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, WindRacket! Double slot in!"

The aquatic fighter promptly warped from his starting location, ending up right behind the three piles of leaves. However, he had one alteration: his right arm now resembled a non-foldable paper fan. Despite its innocuous appearance, he quickly swung it with all his might, which had the interesting effect of kicking up a sandstorm in front of him, and one strong enough to do considerable damage of its own. That'd probably put a fatal dent in them, unless they were capable of moving. And while the concept of a pile of leaves moving was rather silly, it wouldn't be the silliest thing he'd ever seen a virus do.

And so, just in case, he started to charge his water cannons with...well, water. If this winded idea didn't work out, some good ol' fashioned watery blasts would. But first, he needed to be sure it was needed.

[Order of Turn:
1-AreaGrab chip to behind Dynamite2 group (teleports user)
2-WindRacket chip attack on Dynamite2A, Dynamite2B, and Dynamite2C (100, Gust, Microburst and Northwind on contact)
2a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
2b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
As the Dynamites made their move, so did SplashMan. The Dynamites hurled their tripbombs in a triangular position. SplashMan warped up to the Dynamites and executed two of them with a swipe of his WindRacket. The last one stared(?) down the aqua Navi with another grenade in its hand.

Dynamite2 A: DELETED
Dynamite2 B: 200HP
Dynamite2 C: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Sand

TripBomb1: 80HP [Laser pointing towards SplashMan's far right]
TripBomb2: 80HP [Laser pointing towards SplashMan's far right]
TripBomb3: 80HP [Laser pointing perpendicular to SplashMan's sight]

SplashMan.EXE: 400HP
...And apparently, he needed it. Without delay, SplashMan lowered his cannons, now filled with pressurized water. "Don't send any more chips, Sabrina? I don't need them!"

Never mind the complete obviousness of that. "...I wasn't planning on it. I mean, I didn't pour all that cash into your buster for nothing."

...Right. But now that he thought about it, he probably had time for more than one shot. With that, he raised his artillery once again, and started charging them some more. He wasn't entirely sure how they could hold more than one attack's worth of water, but nevertheless he allowed even more dihydrogen monoxide into his weaponry. After all, thinking about it definitely wasn't going to help. In fact, him thinking rarely did seem to help. Maybe he should quit thinking during battles? ...Well, this was thinking, so it probably wouldn't be easy. There probably wasn't a problem with thinking a little, anyway.

Hmm? Ah, the extra charging was done. He could feel it. He lowered his cannons once more, and tried to get a good aim on the pile of leaves with a hand sticking out of it. With a mighty SPLOOSH, an incredible amount of water jetted from the nozzles, all of it intended for the lone Dynamite virus. But that wasn't all. A second stream burst from his main weapon immediately afterwards, also intended for the remaining foe. A fan? Avoidable. One water blast? Dodgable. A fan and two water blasts? Not even a Rogue Net virus could handle that. At least, he thought a Rogue Net virus couldn't handle that. ...There we went, with the thinking. Oh well.

3-Buster charge
4-Buster charge
5-Water Splash charge attack on Dynamite2B (200, Aqua, Spread 1)
6-Water Splash charge attack on Dynamite2B (200, Aqua, Spread 1)]
Dead virus is dead~

Dynamite2 A: DELETED
Dynamite2 B: DELETED
Dynamite2 C: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Sand

TripBomb1: 80HP [Laser pointing towards SplashMan's far right]
TripBomb2: 80HP [Laser pointing towards SplashMan's far right]
TripBomb3: 80HP [Laser pointing perpendicular to SplashMan's sight]

SplashMan.EXE: 400HP


Rewards: 1100z
Well, that was easy. Mostly because their weird bombs didn't detonate on contact. Shrugging, SplashMan walked by the now-harmless grenades, and accessed that small chunk of reward data. "Sending the cash over!"

"Got it." Wasn't too much, but eh. She'd deal. "Wanna keep going, or nah?"

"It's okay, I'm up for more!" Before his operator could respond, the Aqua Navi started trekking further into the Net, as if demanding to encounter something. Fortunately, Nets had a habit of obliging such requests...usually. There were rare times they didn't, but usually that was just reality being a jerk.

SplashMan ventured further into the network in search of viral threats. He hadn't gone very far when he came across a small platform, in the middle of which was a Tuby, playing a happy tune all by itself. Or, at least, that was the appearance of it. When SplashMan got closer to have a look, a surprise was waiting for him; four blue-shrouded Megalians blasted out of the sand and started circling around the Tuby in a sphere-like defense formation, which kind of made it look suspiciously like a certain Chemistry lesson...

Tuby2: 150HP [Normal]
Megalian-A2 A: 190HP {Aqua Aura 80}
Megalian-A2 B: 190HP {Aqua Aura 80}
Megalian-A2 C: 190HP {Aqua Aura 80}
Megalian-A2 D: 190HP {Aqua Aura 80}

Terrain: 5% Normal, 15% Mud, 80% Sand

SplashMan.EXE: 400HP [Sand]

Oh hey, Megalian. Maybe it was just him, but they really seemed to be everywhere lately. But that virus in the middle...he was pretty sure he had seen something like it before, but not quite like it. "Okay Sabrina, so how should we beat this bunch?"

"...Tuby. That's what that thing in the middle's called. And I don't like it. Remember the Trumpy in DenTech?"

"Trumpy...oh yeah! Those things that made everyone else invincible..."

"Yep, those. It'll probably do something just as annoying, too. So let's focus on it!" That was a lot easier said than done, though...especially with all the Megalian circling around it. Unless there was a way that involved finding ways to bypass the head viruses and attack the Heady directly. ...Wait, there WAS a way. The way she just thought of. The Netopian girl scratched her head for a moment, before reaching in and grabbing a pair of chips that should work for that exact purpose. "With this first chip, I want you to focus on the Tuby. Hitting any Megalian would be nice, but gravy! Battlechip, WaterLine! Slot in!"

A Raingear virus lookalike appeared on the aquatic Navi's hand, which promptly opened its mouth at the musical enemy. At first, nothing seemed to happen...but beneath the ground, water began to well up below the Tuby. It welled, and welled, and welled, all in a short period of time...eventually, there was too much pressure, causing it to rise up through the ground, eventually breaking the surface as a powerful geyser strike. While three rose, only one appeared to have any deliberate accuracy. True to his operator's order, any water spout that connected with anything other the trumpeter virus was sheer luck.

"Okay, now this is a new one for us. But it's not really a risk or anything, since I have faith in you getting in that hit!" The second battlechip was inserted; unlike WaterLine, however, this one appeared brand new, and contained a picture of a pink virus. Though Sabrina didn't know it herself, it happened to be a Void. "Battlechip, Vortex! Slot in!"

The attacks seemed basic enough at first, as a blue bomb appeared where the Raingear had recently vacated; SplashMan's right hand. He had no need to throw it deep, however, instead, gently tossing it around 5 feet in front of him. Much as the chip's name implied, a strange whirlpool began to swirl in the ground that the ball had hit. But it was no ordinary vortex; the very pull of gravity seemed to increase, capable of dragging lesser beings to their doom. Even though he was its summoner, and was plenty strong to resist its pull, the Aqua Navi couldn't help but notice the might of its pull. No wonder it was said to be so rare, if it could mildly inconvenience even the user with its gravity. "Wow, that's pretty strong..."

"Yeah, you'd be hard pressed to avoid that. ...No pun intended." for the head viruses, they could just smash any defenses they put up. And she had a plan for their auras, but...right now didn't seem like the right time. "Okay, try just dodging in place for now, okay?"

Dodging without that was his kind of dodging. SplashMan took a good look at the Megalian-A, focused and ready to-

"Actually, wait a sec! If one tries to attack you, just Water Splash it in the face! THEN you can get to dodge, okay?

...Shooting water, then dodging. Even better. "Gotcha!" The aquatic battler started drawing on his massive inner water supply, summoning the remnants of past Aqua chips into a devastating blast of water. He lowered his cannons as he resumed his focus on the watery floating viruses, ready to give the first one to get its face too close a nice, healthy, lethal dose of raw aquatic force.

[Order of Turn:
1-WaterLine1 chip attack on Tuby2 (80+15, Aqua) (Aqua Boost)
2-Vortex chip on ground in front of viruses (10, Aqua, Viruses with =<100 HP are instantly deleted)
2a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
2b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
3-Water Splash charge on attacking Megalian-A2 (200, Aqua, Spread 1)
4-Dodge in place
5-Dodge in place
6-Dodge in place]
Blasting the Tuby with a combination WaterLine and Vortex was a great plan, as the trumpeteer trumpet had no chance of attacking. Then, every one of the Megalians scattered and began to circle around the Aqua Navi in the same formation as they did with the Tuby. One by one, the Megalians all threw their heads forward; the first one got blasted in the face while charging and was quickly deleted. The other three's attacks only hit with one, and that was because the space for dodging was very limited due to their circling formation. It hurt like hell, though. (80)

Megalian-A2 A: DELETED
Megalian-A2 B: 190HP {Aqua Aura 80}
Megalian-A2 C: 190HP {Aqua Aura 80}
Megalian-A2 D: 190HP {Aqua Aura 80}

Terrain: 5% Normal, 15% Mud, 80% Sand

SplashMan.EXE: 320HP [Sand]
...Hmm. Aside from being circled around by Megalian, that didn't go too badly. If not painful. Rubbing his now sore left arm, SplashMan looked around at the trio of floating heads...floating around him. "This is sorta weird...ahh!"

"What happened?!"

"...Uh, I'm okay. I just got dizzy from trying to follow them..."

"..." Well, it was always comforting to know her Navi still hadn't changed, no matter how much they battled. Whether that was good or not, Sabrina wasn't completely sure. Probably good, though. Definitely probably. "Well, anyway, they're circling you. So, let's circle them!" Which called for circular action. "Battlechip, MoonBlade! Slot in!"

With his bearings more or less back to normal, the aquatic Navi found himself with a triangular knife in his hand. Most Navis would've done something fancy at that moment, like twirl it with their fingers...but not SplashMan. He was a rare breed of combat able Navi, the kind that was afraid he'd mess up and drop it if he dared try. And rarer still, he was probably right in that assessment. Instead, he grabbed it firmly in hand, and spun, kunai in hand. A circle appeared where the weapon cut the air, which extended to hit enemies in the area. Hopefully the Megalian wouldn't notice this slashing expansion in time.

And yet, ideally, this didn't do a scratch to the viruses themselves. The attack, however, was highly capable of destroying those pesky auras. Which meant...time for good ol' fashioned damage. "Let's do something a little different than normal. If you can get these two chips to work in a circle, it'd be perfect! Battlechip, LilCloud! Battlechip, MediumCloud! Double slot in!"

Proving that his head wasn't in the clouds, two small clouds began to form above SplashMan, one slightly darker than the other. Unlike normal, though, he didn't simply let its do its thing. Instead, he seemed to be straining a bit, attempting to manipulate the gaseous water into curving. After a few moments, he let the clouds fly, allowing them to move straight...until they were where the revolving viruses were choosing to spin around him. At that point, they enlarged slightly, and began producing rain. Needle-like rain that could seriously hurt any virus (or even remaining aura) that tried to co-exist in the same spot as it. And if he was successful, it was going to be a lot tougher for those Megalian to circle him without getting deleted.

...Oh, shoot. That could possibly end the battle right then and there. Sabrina had one more thing to do, and she needed to make sure it happened while the battle routines were still active. "Oh, right! Quick, use this! Battlechip, Recover120! Slot in!"

The instant the data was transferred, the Aqua Navi covered himself in healing energy, particularly on the left arm, where he'd gotten seriously headbutted. His wounds were treated, and subsequently vanished, along with the light the healing had done itself. Now, time to see if everything managed to work...probably not, but he could hope, couldn't he?

[Order of Turn:
1-MoonBlade1 chip attack on Megalian-A2B, Megalian-A2C, and Megalian-A2D (90, Slashing)
2-LilCloud chip attack on Megalian-A2 circle (70+15, Aqua, attacks for 2 turns) (Aqua Boost)
3-MediumCloud chip attack on Megalian-A2 circle (90+15, Aqua, attacks for 2 turns) (Aqua Boost)
4-Recover120 chip on SplashMan (120, Recovery)
Taking off the Megalians' auras successfully with a well-placed Moonblade attack, SplashMan then proceeded to summon a couple of clouds to rain on the Megalians. One of them dodged away, but the others got away pretty quickly. They blasted their heads Splash-ward, and he got hit twice this time due to the sandy ground below him restricting his movement. (80x2) Luckily his Recover chip managed to lessen the pain, but it was still hefty.

Megalian-A2 A: DELETED
Megalian-A2 B: 105HP
Megalian-A2 C: 190HP
Megalian-A2 D: 85HP

Terrain: 5% Normal, 15% Mud, 80% Sand

SplashMan.EXE: 280HP [Sand]
LilCloud: 85 - 1 turn left
MedCloud: 105 - 1 turn left
One-two. A term used to describe a succession of punches. However, in this instance, it also involved headbutts from a pair of viruses to SplashMan's personage, causing him to stumble backwards. At this point, he was feeling a wide variety of emotions: ANGER...SORROW...indifference? "Ow! Well that didn't work, huh?"

"Nope. But, their auras are down. So now we can just sit back and water them into the ground! Mind starting it yourself?"

Well, he did have some nice residual water stored up from those clouds. The aquatic battler began withdrawing from his extra internal supply, filling his cannons nearly to the brim with his preferred choice in liquid. The simultaneous choice in targets was equally non-taxing, since only one practically screamed 'HA HA, your chips can't get me in one shot!'. He lowered his weaponry down to firing level, and...BOOM. A tremendous blast of water not unlike the one from before shot from the metallic nozzles, in an attempt to show that what shooting water at enemies could lack in grace and aesthetics, more than made up for it in sheer power and destructive force.

"All right, these next two are going to be one right after the other, okay? So be ready! Battlechip, IceWave! Slot in!"

A polygonal snowflake appeared in SplashMan's hand, hovering just above the outstretched palm. He turned to one of the Megalian unfortunate enough to get rained on, and gently pushed it forward, causing its size to increase, and quickly snake along towards a certain now auraless virus to attack with its icyness. And...that was it. IceWave sure was a simple chip in practice, he figured.

However, there was no time to contemplate it, since Sabrina stayed true to her word. "Battlechip, Bubble-V! Slot in!"

The Aqua Navi's hand warmed a bit, as any traces of icy energy vanished to make room for a silver and blue hose nozzle. Much as he did with IceWave, he needed to simply position the weapon towards his target, in this case a floating head with a negligible body, and engage the trigger, causing a bullet of bubbles to shoot forth. Bubbles that had the trick of bending 45 degrees on impact, so that they could strike anything else unfortunate to be within a V-shaped blast. ...Which made it the opposite of IceWave, in that regard. He had no idea how that even worked...

Unfortunately for him, his operator once again derailed his train of thought with more methods of violence. "I just thought of another way to delete them all! Here, use it to make sure it's over! Battlechip, WindRacket! Slot in!"

SplashMan's latest fan, as it were, took the place of the bubble blasting gun, granting him a new, non-water based method of eliminating viruses. He raced forward, wind-based weapon to his side, and ready to smack any Megalian that still floated in the

[Order of Turn:
0a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
0b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
1-Water Splash charge attack on Megalian-A2C (200, Aqua, Spread 1)
2-IceWave1 chip attack on Megalian-A2B (80+25, Aqua) (Single Target Aqua Boost)
3-Bubble-V chip attack on Megalian-A2D (80+15, Aqua, Spread 2) (Aqua Boost)
4-WindRacket chip attack on Megalian-A2B, Megalian-A2C, and Megalian-A2D (100, Gust, Northwind and Microburst on hit)
WHOOSH went the strongest Megalian as it was swept away by the forces of high-pressure water cannons and promptly deleted. The others were deleted with snowflake and heavy rainfall respectively.

Megalian-A2 A: DELETED
Megalian-A2 B: DELETED
Megalian-A2 C: DELETED
Megalian-A2 D: DELETED

Terrain: 5% Normal, 15% Mud, 80% Sand

SplashMan.EXE: 280HP [Sand]


Rewards: 2200z
Boom. Boom. Boom. No more Megalian. Hooray. As always, he walked over to that lovely pile of remaining data, and accessed it. "Sending it over!" fancy chips this time. Oh well, they got hit too much to really deserve one, so Sabrina wasn't exactly surprised. "Well, how do you feel? Wanna call it a day?"

"Hmm...nope, I still want to keep going!"

"Well, all right. But the second I think you're overdoing it, you're getting jacked out! Understood?"

"Understood!" And thus did SplashMan continue on deeper into the Net.

(Searching for Battle #3)
Continuing through the slightly more threatening Beach Net, SplashMan came across an odd faction of viruses; before him was a trio of stern-faced tanks blocking his path along the beach. This drew the Navi's attention out to the water, where numerous aquatic viruses had been residing. They now seemed prepared to face SplashMan in his own element.

Now there was only one question for SplashMan to answer. Which was going first, the tanks or the fish?

Kabutank2A: 140HP (Sand)
Kabutank2B: 140HP (Sand)
Kabutank2C: 140HP (Sand)
BarkA: 200HP (Sea)
BarkB: 200HP (Sea)
Starfish2: 180HP (Sea)

Terrain: 30% Sand, 70% Sea

SplashMan.EXE: 280HP (Sand)

Rogue Battle 3 Start!
Hmm...Bark he knew. Starfish he knew. The tank-like virus...not so much. It sorta resembled a Beetank, though. Maybe that was a hint? "Sabrina? Any ideas on what that thing is?"

Nope. With a press of a button, Sabrina brought up her 'make myself look smarter than I really am' weapon; her father's virus notes. "Here we go...huh?!" A brief picture of the virus and its name came up, but the program suddenly crashed. "...Dad's notes just crashed on me! All I got was the name...Deetle. But, they kinda look like I guess they act sorta like them?"

"Yeah, I was kinda thinking that, too." SplashMan looked across the area, trying to think of anything else he could add to the conversation. He failed. "So, what should we do with them? Try and beat them first, or wait and beat the ones we know first?"

"Well, the less you know about a virus, the more dangerous they are. At least, that's what I think. But still..." Two aquatic viruses with half as much HP as the Navi, and able to go underwater at a moment's notice. They should quick attack at least one of them before they could try anything funny. "First, let's work on one of the Bark really quick! Battlechip, NumberBall! Slot in!"

A small, greenish ball appeared in the battle's most sentinent being's right hand, which he tossed forward. Before it landed, it quickly expanded into a larger, floating ball that levitated towards one of the yellow ray viruses. T to its side, the number 80 was clearly visible in large numbers. Another ball promptly appeared in his hand, which experienced the exact same fate. Naturally, a third sphere that appeared also received identical treatment.

"Now let's take care of those Deetle things real quick!" And they were on sand...perfect for a quick strike from behind. "Battlechip, AreaGrab! Battlechip, WindRacket! Double slot in!"

The aquatic Navi instantly vanished from his current, sand-covered location, to move over to another sandy area, better suited for walloping some bug-like viruses in a single blow. While he didn't have the newspaper associated with bug smashing, he did now have the next best thing: a nearly paper-like fan for a right hand. He delivered a mighty swing, stirring up some sand to add a new dimension to the windy attack. Unfortunately, it also served to temporarily cover up the area from sight, making it impossible to tell if he managed to get them all in a single stroke. "So, what now? Should I try and Water Splash something?"

"...No, I think that can wait. But get onto the water, okay?"

"Will do!" After all the sand, it'd be nice to stand on something more his style and wash it off. SplashMan trudged through the beach, silently cursing all the sand; either it was dry and loose, making it easy to accidentally slip into, or it was wet and packed, which made it easy for him to sink into. He had enough trouble walking and running normally, due to his short legs...he didn't need the Net making it any harder. But nevertheless, with some effort, he finally reached the sea he desired to reach. "Ahh, nice to finally be on the water!"

"Yeah, that sand's really throwing you for a loop...all right, you look a little tired from that last walk, so..."

"Why do you think I'm tired?!"

"Aside from the fact you're bent over and acting like you're panting?" The moment of silence afterward indicated to Sabrina that she hit the nail on the head. "All right, defense time! Battlechip, CurseShield! Slot in!"

The Aqua Navi felt his left arm grow heavier, as a Dominerd became attached to it. Putting it up in front of him, he peered out from behind it, in anticipation of whatever virus attacks would probably come his way.

[Order of Turn:
1-NumberBall1 chip attack on BarkA (??, hits 3 times, ??=last 2 HP digits) (Current ?? = 80)
2-AreaGrab chip to behind Kabutank2 group (teleports user)
3-WindRacket chip attack on Kabutank2A, Kabutank2B, and Kabutank2C (100, Gust, Microburst and Northwind on impact)
4-Move over to Sea terrain
5-CurseShield1 chip on SplashMan (160, blocks and counters an attack)
A nearby Bark was immediately dispatched with the power of NUMBERS while the Kabutanks massed their explosive power on SplashMan. Fortunately, he was ready for the assault, and activated teleportation powers to initiate SURPRISE ATTACK on the tanks, and basically thrashed them with his WindRacket, which increased power on the sand. The Bark and Starfish then began their offensive. The Starfish's attack he dodged very easily, but the Bark's attack had the misfortune to land once, causing it to receive a very painful Dominerd-to-Face procedure.

Kabutank2A: DELETED
Kabutank2B: DELETED
Kabutank2C: DELETED
BarkB: 40HP (Sea)
Starfish2: 180HP (Sea)

Terrain: 15% Sand, 15% Normal, 70% Sea

SplashMan.EXE: 280HP (Sea)
Huh...everything worked just spiffy this time. It was always nice when the viruses cooperated like that, since he was fairly sure it wasn't pure skill when things went perfect. "So-"

"SplashMan, hurry! Shoot that Bark before it can get underwater!"

The aforementioned Navi extended his right arm, creating a generic buster gun over his hand and part of his forearm. As quickly as he could, he pointed it in the yellow virus's direction, and began shooting off several fuchsia colored shots at it. One, two...then, for some reason, a third sneaked out of the barrel right after the second. It was clear that SplashMan didn't consciously activate it; it was far too quick after the previous blast. But sure enough, three buster shots made their way towards the remaining Bark, any one of them capable of turning it into junk data.

"That'll work!" But, before her Navi managed to finish the battle, Sabrina decided it might be nice if they did some patching up first. "All right, head over to the Starfish, while I take the liberty of making all those stupid Megalian hits go away! Battlechip, Recover120! Slot in!"

As the aquatic Navi began racing along the water over to his last untargeted foe, his body began to glow, as the effects of the smashing force of rocket headbutts disappeared. Every last bit of it, leaving only idealing running processes within him...and water. Probably more water than anything. At that point, he reached his destination: the faceless part of the Starfish.

Which meant...more attacks from the back with a close range weapon. "Battlechip, AquaSword! Slot in!"

SplashMan's hand transformed once again, this time becoming a wide bladed sword, coursing with aquatic energy. He raised it high above his head (relatively speaking), prepared for impact...then lowered the blade, in a blatant attempt to give the virus a lovely, water inflicted cut mark that extended the entire length of its body. For a change when using such an overhead slash, he managed to stop it before it reached the ocean and smashed it into pieces. Instead, he kept it a couple inches above the surface, and proceeded to deliver an upperhand slice that could easily end the Starfish's participation in the battle. Question was, did it? He'd know very shortly...

[Order of Turn:
1-Buster shot on BarkB (50)
2-Buster shot on BarkB (50)
2a-Gatling Attack buster shot on BarkB (50)
3-Recover120 chip on SplashMan (120, Recovery)
4-Move behind the Starfish2
5-AquaSword chip attack on Starfish2 (80+15, Aqua, Slashing) (Aqua Boost)
6-AquaSword chip attack on Starfish2 (80+15, Aqua, Slashing) (Aqua Boost)]
Shooting up the Bark into little itty bitty pieces, SplashMan took care of that, while the Starfish continued its continuous continuity of bubbles. As SplashMan moved up to the little floating star, he accidentally touched one of the bubbles of its make, which strangely started to sear him on the armor, however innocuous the attack looked. (60) It didn't stop him from making sashimi out of the virus, though.

Kabutank2A: DELETED
Kabutank2B: DELETED
Kabutank2C: DELETED
Starfish2: DELETED

Terrain: 15% Sand, 15% Normal, 70% Sea

SplashMan.EXE: 340HP (Sea)


Rewards: [CrossBomb] Battlechip, 1800z