SummonerMan VS. Koumori

SummonerMan appeared, alone this time, on the Colosseum Net. Hmm... So I guess this is it, this is where I'll be wiping the floor with Koumori. He thought, Though I do wish Dragon could be here.

Rose opened up public chat. "Kedamono and I have decided upon a standard match, if you would." She informed the Admin, assuming he was listening.

SummonerMan and his operator scanned over the environment, checking it out as they awaited the arrival of their new 'enemies'.

((Chips are in Sig, and I posted my post. My choice for math is basic math, not extreme deathmatch.))
As a large ball of light touched down upon the field, Koumori appeared, her wings completely outstretched as she wrapped them around herself before turning to SummonerMan.

"Hello SummonerMan...ready for your loss?" Koumori said as she grinned widely, showing off her pearly white fangs.

"K-Koumori, don't go overboard." kedamono studdered, thinking back to when Koumori became hers, she shuddered.

"Do not worry mistress, I'll make sure I won't bite...too hard..." Koumori went, her fangs showing again in her smile.
Spotlights shined on the two combatants as they entered the ring. Normal panels spanned across the floor, ending at walls that formed upward into a digital remake of the Roman Colosseum. A golden spread of hexagons filled in the sky, creating a scene of high noon, and conveniently, a barrier against Support Programs. Soon enough, a lustrous pearl floated down from the sky, landing in the announcer box to Summonerman's left, and Koumori's right. The ball soon formed itself into a female navi, with long, flowing pink hair, teal eyes, peach skin, and a white garment of detached, flowing sleeves, a white shirt joined at the neck, black shorts, and long white boots. Two lustrous orbs floated around her being as she held her hands up to the sky.

"Attention combatants! My hair is- Wait, wrong show," the female announcer grumbled, clearing her voice, then spreading her left hand out to gesture toward the combatants. "Welcome to the Colosseum, folks! I'm your host today, Pearl.exe! Today we have a friendly match between Koumori.exe and SummonerMan.exe. 5 chips have been randomly selected from the combined total of each player's collection so they can be a bit evenly matched. Signatures and busters are approved of course! The match is normal, so I doubt you'll see anything too mind breaking here, folks! So play nice guys and gals! Ready? Pearl inquired to the two, who probably nodded, who knew.

The crystal navi held her arms up to the sky and yelled, "Alright then! Let the match.... BEGIN!" The roar of the crowd soon followed afterward as the two navis started to engage in battle.

SummonerMan.exe: 140 HP (5)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Koumori.exe: 100 HP (5)

"Goody. The fight has begun..." Koumori said as she looked at the pain battlefield, a frown on her face. Damn...we don't have grass panels... Koumori thought as she looked over to SummonerMan, a smile coming back to her face. "Oh well...just have to do this the usual way..." she said to herself before looking up to the 'sky' "Kedamono, battlechips." she said as she readied herself to attack.

"O-Ok, battlechip data slot in." Kedamono mumbled before slotting in a battlechip.
"Let's rock. SummonerMan." Koumori said as she sprung into the fray, her feet taking her into the heart of the battle right away.

Quickly jumping up into the air, she summoned up the chip data, it showed up as a large wooden log that materialized in her claws. Ringlog1...not a bad start... she thought before tossing the log up into the air, the log flipped around for just a second before she kicked the log down towards SummonerMan, the log kept flipping through the air, attempting to crash into her foe.
Right afterwards, she quickly barreled down towards SummonerMan with great speed, thinking that he was about to summon his wall from what she has seen him do in the battles before, she quickly turned to the right, attempting to bypass the wall before slashing at him with her claw, hopefully doing even a little damage to him.
Quickly pulling back away from SummonerMan, she lands onto the ground with her claws as outstretched as possible before attempting to anticipate his attacks to come from, looking from all possible angles on the ground, she quickly darted to the left and then the right, hopefully dodging his attacks.

Ringlog1 à SummonerMan (50, wood, can hit two targets should SummonerMan create an object)
Buster attack à SummonerMan (8)
SummonerMan, thus ordained to begin his fight, started instantly. "Don't worry, I'll end this quickly." he had said aloud, though to who could not be easily discerned, as he moved into action. Fishing for the briefest of moments under his cape, he quickly pulled his hand out, and with it a card. This purple backed card sat in his hand but a moment longer, before, with a deft flick of the wrist, SummonerMan sent it slicing through the air towards the ground beneath his enemy.

With a quick look at his Koumori, the female bat Navi who had just moments before been his tolerated ally, he was filled with a rush of excitement. "This is my chance. I'll end this battle in a flash and teach her to stop bothering with those threats that she can't back up." he thought to himself, as he moved his feet and prepared himself to dash.

He quickly requested his Guard1 chip, which manifested itself in his hand in the form of yet another card. Activating it, he was now holding a large yellow shield, bearing a green cross vaguely reminiscent of the one adorning the head of a Metool.

With this shield in hand he ran off at full speed towards his opponent. "No use in conserving any energy, or taking it slow. I'll end this quickly, so it won't matter." As he approached the location where he had thrown his card, hoping she had been launched into the air successfully by it, he jumped. Holding the shield still in his left hand, he caught hold of the edge of the column that he had made earlier with his right, and swung himself onto it. He then held his shield above his head, now using both arms to support it.

The goal, clearly, had been to shoot Koumori into the air. Then, as she fell, he would climb to the top of his column, and have her break her back when she fell full-force into the Guard he had erected. "It's bettered" thought the strategist himself, "by the fact that the Guard chip reflects damage back at her, so she'll take damage for hitting it and then get it sent back at her again." he thought with a grin of satisfaction.

He braced his knees, bending them slightly to avoid being crushed under her weight. "If only virus battles were this easy." he thought, rather sure of himself. There was, of course, one critical error in his plan. Had he failed to hit her initially, all would be for naught. Further, though he himself did not think of this fact, there was a possibility that, even if she had been sent flying, she may not crash into him. Or worse yet, she could even shoot down the shield and than attack him directly.

However, SummonerMan, ever belittling this bat woman, who he believed need not be over estimated, had not factored this into his plans.

Summ's Actions:
1. Summon: Column beneath Koumori, sending her into the air. [40 hp object, Microburst on summon]
2. Close in on Column [Tactical Movement]
3. Jump to top of column [Tactical movement]
4. Guard1 over head, expecting Koumori to land on it. [Blocks 1 hit, reflects up to 60 dmg]
"And the battle has begun! Look at those two go at it folks!" Pearl announced, eliciting murmurs from the crowd as they watched the match.

Before Koumori could launch herself in the air, Summonerman did it for her and blasted her upwards by summoning a column underneath her. Regaining her balance, the white bat diabolically tossed a Ringlog at the charging SummonerMan, who had his legs thrown out under him, but managed to grab hold of the column's top. (50 to S)

"Whoa! That was a close-call there folks! What will SummonerMan do next?" the colosseum host wondered, providing the obligatory commentary.

Kourmori, however, had other ideas. She swooped in feraly upon SummonerMan, claws brought back, aiming to slash him off the column, when the object navi did the strangest thing....

He jumped, TOWARD his assailant. What could he be doing?

"Whoa folks! Has SummonerMan gone loony? Is he ready for suicide?" Pearl gasped, shocked, the audience following her lead.

Contrary to that, a yellow shield inflated as SummonerMan and Koumori collided, the crash and shockwave (8 to K) shattered the Guard and sent both combatants back across the stadium. (5)

"Well that certainly took us for a spin there, folks! What crazy ideas do these guys have up their sleeves next? Keep watching to find out!" Pearl sighed, excitedly juggling her pearls in the air.

SummonerMan.exe: 85 HP (4)

Column: 40 HP
Terrain: 100% Normal

Koumori.exe: 87 HP (4)
SummonerMan was clearly taken aback by what had happened. Not only had she hit him while flying through the air, but she had regained balance and hit his guard with a weak attack. This attack was enough to send him back across the field, and her as well, but did such minor damage that he felt cheated. "How the hell did she pull anything off?" SummonerMan wondered angrily.

Nevertheless, he was calm again after just a moment, if slightly more serious about the battle. He stood back up and brushed himself off before moving on to his next course of action. This time as SummonerMan pulled out a card he laid it just in front of him, leaning his back against it as a temporary shield while he got his thoughts together. However, the tower that had been formed by this card was not designed for defense; It was made to deal damage to his opponents.

After a very brief moment, he decided that he would counter attack with his shotgun. After requesting aforementioned chip, Rose promptly sent it to him, and he held the card that it materialized as briefly. He then activated it and held the gun against his shoulder as he leaned against the tower.

Glancing briefly over his shoulder, he turned on his outer heal and put himself into kneeling position, pulling his gun to eyelevel as he did so. Lining up his shot with his target, wherever she was now, he pulled the trigger and fired a shot that he expected to nail her dead on. After this shot was fired and the Shotgun disintegrated back into data, SummonerMan rolled over his shoulder, away from the turret.

Rolling onto his feet, as the physically talented are sometimes able to do, he quickly glanced around to try and locate Koumori. Once he had a good idea of her general position, and where she would be attacking from, he prepared himself to avoid an attack, using whatever acrobatic feats he had at his disposal.

At some point between its appearance and SummonerMan's roll, the arrow tower had prepped itself, and now fired its arrow towards the enemy. SummonerMan heard the distinctive firing noise, and though instinctively tempted to, didn't turn towards it. "Not only is it effective," SummonerMan thought, slightly satisfied, "but she's also never seen it before."

And with a quick smile, SummonerMan went back to plotting his next move.

Summ's Actions:
1. Summon: Arrow Tower [60 HP + 1 per Round 20 dmg Arrow, +2 rd Busterlock; 3 TCD]
2. Shotgun at Koumori [50 dmg, Spread1]
3. Side-roll [Dodge]
4. Prepare to dodge [dodge]

Fire one 20 dmg arrow at Koumori
"Not bad..." Koumori mumbled under her breath as she looked over to the commentator. "Shut up why don't you?" she mumbed again before looking at SummonerMan as Kedamono slotted in a cannon battlechip. not wasing her time is she? she thought but shrugged off the feeling before accessing the data.

Quickly bringing out the cannon data, she quietly formed the data behind her back and reaided herself to strike quickly as she jumped up into the air again and quickly taking aim at SummonerMan before sending a large ball of red data towards SummonerMan with great speed, hoping to hit him as hard as possible.
Quickly, she glided on slight air currents that had circulated around her body, gliding towards SummonerMan with as much speed as possible before she licked her lips in antisipation and opened her mouth wide before attempting to bite into SummonerMan's neck like a true vampire, attempting to drain as much data as she possibly could before releaseing her grip and heading back before she began to try to use the air currents as a means to evade SummonerMan's attacks.

Cannon--> SummonerMan (40)
Swoop, bite and drain--->SummonerMan (30drain)
As Koumori beckoned Pearl to be quite, the announcer navi sighed, wagging her finger at the bat.

"Hey girl, I don't like it either. But I get PAID to do this," the colosseum host reminded the white bat as she leapt into the air, firing a Cannon at SummonerMan, who deciced, at that moment, to summon his Arrow Tower, which was promptly blasted by the attack.

"What's this, folks! SummonerMan summoned something! It looks mighty dangerous! Oh, watch as Koumori goes in for the kill! The angle of that dive, the elegant swooping motion, look at her go, folks!" Pearl commented as the white bat initiated HER signature attack, vampirically biting down on SummonerMan's bodice. (30)

Unfortunately, this put her in point-blank range of the navi's Shotgun, which quickly blasted the animal off the summoner's body. (50) An arrow was launched from the tower at Koumori, who managed to sidestep it a bit, the tip ripping into her wing somewhat. (10)

"Ooh~! The excitement of the battle, the heat of the fray, these warriors are totally into it! Just watch them go at it, folks!" Pearl exclaimed with glee.

SummonerMan.exe: 55 HP (3)
Arrow Tower: 20 HP

Column: 40 HP
Terrain: 100% Normal

Koumori.exe: 40 HP (3)
"Ok..." Koumori breathed as she took the attacks head on, jumping backwards before looking at SummonerMan and his summons. Not bad...little man...she thought before requesting the guard1 and recovery10 they had. "We end this Summoner..." she mumbled before the recovery10 took effect, healing her slightly.

Quickly, she brought up one of her wings in front of her body, quickly, the guard1 data took effect, making her wing a makeshift shield, quietly, she hoped for an attack by SummonerMan to hit her 'shield' and counter with the shockwave.
As the shield data disapated, Koumori quickly went on the attack as she bolted from her current position and quickly jumped towards SummonerMan, quickly trying to plunge her claw directly at his chest, would do the job it's supose to.

Recover10 (heal 10HP)
Guard1 (reflect up to 60 damage to attacker)
Buster attack--->SummonerMan (8)
SummonerMan was bit, but he didn't have much time to think much on this. After mentally releasing a few expletives, he was able to fire the Shotgun and get the crazed vampiric Navi off of him. "I don't know what you were thinking, but I'm not planning on ever getting that close to you, honey." SummonerMan scoffed backhandedly at his opponent.

However, he didn't wait long before proceeding with his plan. Quickly pulling yet another card out of nowhere, he glanced at, or more correctly "through", Koumori and aimed his card just behind her. Wherever it was to land, this was the wall card, and as a result, that is what it would summon. The point of this wall, contrary to how it was used most often, was to block off the fastest and most immediate route of escape for the enemy; retreat.

He then requested the fire chip that he had available to him. The card appeared, and after aiming it, he activated its energies. Having been targeted at his enemy's feet, the card spawned a fireball which blazed through the air. "Cut off retreat, then throw off her battle plan, by using fire. Targeting her feet, I'm more likely to distract her. Besides, her being on fire could be a bad thing." SummonerMan reviewed his plan thus far very briefly.

He then leaned forward, and began running towards his opponent while he called for a sword. His dash, low to the ground and speedy, would hopefully be useful in avoiding attacks. In this position, it wouldn't be that hard for him to roll out of it.

The Sword's summoning card appeared in SummonerMan's hand, and he activated it without hesitation. He neared his enemy as best as he could, and if possible placing her between him and the wall. He then pulled his right hand in a quick upwards slash, carrying it across his body from right to left, as he attempted to deal serious damage to this enemy. He attempted to stop as he pulled off the slash, so he hoped that transferring the kinetic energy that he had been using would give the blade a little more edge.

At some point during this, probably between when he began running and when he attacked with his sword, the Arrow Tower fired off yet another arrow at Koumori.

Summ's Actions:
1. Summon: Wall behind Koumori (Cut off immediate retreat) [40 HP object]
2. Heatshot at Koumori (Target at feet, mainly as a distraction or to ruin concentration) [[color-red]40 dmg[/color], Spread1]
3. Run in at Koumori [Tactical Movement/Dodge]
4. Sword At Koumori (Slash her) [80 Slashing dmg]
- - -Untapped Power (Use momentum to aid slash) [+10]

1. Fire Arrow at Koumori [20 dmg]
"This is it folks! This might be the last exciting exchange of attacks these combatants have to offer! Let's sit back and watch!" Pearl announced, overtaken by the fervor of the battle.

SummonerMan quickly projected a Wall behind Koumori, who had no notion of running away and simply healed herself. The medieval navi blasted a Heatshot at the white bat's feet, who threw up a Guard, sending a shockwave back at her charging opponent. The White bat lashed out with her claws at SummonerMan, who soon regained his senses and stepped forward, sword generated, and slashed with all his might at the white bat, leaving a gaping slash wound across her entire chest. The white bat had gotten in her attack too, three slash marks carving cleanly into the summoner's face.

"Did you see that, folks? They're at their last wits! How will this battle end- Oh..." Pearl started, but pouted as the Arrow Tower launched another round at Koumori, forcing her to emergency jack out.

"That was... horribly anticlimactic... Oh well, the Winner is SUMMONERMAN.EXE folks! Give these two a round of applause!" Pearl yelled, the audience roaring cheers over her announcement.

SummonerMan.exe: 7 HP (1)
Arrow Tower: 20 HP

Column: 40 HP
Terrain: 100% Normal

Koumori.exe: EJO (1)
Wall: 40 HP


((Please take the Colosseum battlechips out of your signatures and go on with your lives. Thank you and have a nice day.))