Valkyrie VS Druidman

Valkyrie arrived to the net in a bright pillar of light. The stream of data dispersed to leave only feather like junk data in its place, as usual. Standing on the field of battle, she felt better with the every passing second. She started to think about the upcoming challenges, and that made her forget why she was so down in the first place.

- I see, you're better just being in the open? Good for you.

What a wimp. What kind of man he is, unable to bear the presence of others. Warriors, even! Well, there is no helping it. It will be a tough cookie, but Valkyrie had already decided to make a man out of her operator, for the sake of both of them. You can't fight with someone as weak backing you up, can you now? Not that she needs backing up by anyone...

- This place... feels like a home to me. A sanctuary if you wish.
- This is your kind of temple, huh?

Valkyrie let out a small laugh. Yep, she was feeling alright. And Sieg also started to feel gradually better, so it seems. Maybe this will be easier than she initially thought.

- Yes, yes it is. And I'll show you my prayer soon enough.

Now all that is left is to wait for her challenger...
A gust of wind blew across the net, bringing in leaves that swirl to form... DruidMan.

From his stooped position, Druidman extended himself to his full height, anf folded his arms as he glanced about the arena he was standing in. While it was stark and empty now, he knew that the Coloseum has advanced terrain-generating technology, able to alter the enviroment to almost any fathomable situation. Druidman hoped that the conditions would be favorable to him, because having the element of suprise would be essential to his victory.

Suddenly, he took note of the Navi standing opposite of him. She was wearing full body armor, and it was clear that this was Valkyrie. She was wearing a winged helmet out of Norse mythology, and carried a large lance, and looked very much indeed like a tough opponent.

Stepping forward, Druidman extended his hand. "Hello, dudette. I am Druidman. Shall we get started?" he said with a friendly air about it.
As the two navis examined the surroundings, something seemed... well, slightly off. For one thing, the normally-drab stands were overlaid with a simulated marble graphic model override. The ground seemed to simulate a beach setting, with the nearby ocean shimmering in the soft lighting. Most confusing of all was a large golden arch with an altar at the front of the chamber. If Druidman and Valkyrie didn't know any better, they would have thought that they had wandered into the wrong arena... heck, even though they DID know better, the thought crossed their mind. Before either could react, however, a booming female voice erupted from behind the stands.

"What do you MEAN they cancelled? I like, set the two of them up myself! How could they do that after I had like, used my peerless matching technique?!"

"S...Sorry, Miss Matchette, I thought you got the memo earlier this week. I h-had no idea you had already set up the arena for the wedding"

An attractive-looking female navi emerged from the tunnel, talking angrily to a brown normalnavi. "Matchette's" shoulder-length pink hair was tied into an ornate-looking ponytail with a long silver ribbon, and her purple, form-fitting bodysuit was accented by small pink hearts on her shoulders. Pink lines traced the shapely contours of her body, and her transparent-pink glasses sparkled in the light. "See, that's the thing. They, like, said they WANTED to get married, and it was SUPPOSED to be like, totally perfect because I had like, PERSONALLY set them up!" she cried, causing the brown normalnavi to draw back in fear, "If I had my way, I would..."

She paused, turning to the two combatants and looking between the two of them. Wrinkling up her nose as she scrutinized the two navis, she shook her head. "Oh... are you two like... here to battle or something? Cause I like... totally don't dig your costumes at all, especially with all the work I like, put into this landscape," she said, gesturing a pink-gloved hand across the arena, "Is it okay if I like... make you guys at least look presentable?"

Before either could protest, Matchette thrust both arms forward, firing a pink burst of light toward both navis. "GMO Override!" she cried, "Don't worry dear, I'll restore those animal furs as soon as we finish up here, but let me tell you, if you're ever going to get a man, you should like, ditch those furs for something a little more form fitting. OOOH, we could like... totally go shopping together after this!" Druidman looked down at his body, as he found himself wearing a rather frilly white wedding dress. Surprisingly enough, it was strangely comfortable.

Turning to Valkyrie, who was now clad in a black and white tuxedo that managed to hide the curves of her body, Matchette cleared her throat and began lecturing. "That battle armor makes you look like a girl," she said, adjusting her glasses as she adjusted Valkyrie's bowtie, "This should suit you a little better. Trust me, sir, you like... need to seriously work out more or something. Girls really enjoy that sort of thing. Unless like... you're into those fangirls who like the whole girly-guy look. In that case, I'd suggest like... maybe just wear an open button-up shirt .GMO, or to just go shirtless completely."

"Uh... Miss Matchette, I think you got their genders...." started the NormalNavi as Matchette took an image file of the event.

"Like, totally not," interrupted Matchette, "The one in all the animal furs is like... totally a girl. You can see it cause of her hair. She's a bit butch, but it fits like... totally perfectly with that girly-looking guy over there." Turning to the navis, she cleared her throat, "Well, I'm like... new at this thing. I usually just do like... the weddings and funerals and other events here, so battle's not really my thing but... I suppose we should get this started." She thrust up her pink-gloved hand into the air, adjusted her pink glasses, and cried out.

"Battle Routine Set! Execute!"


1/3 Sea Panels
-Causes Fire Navis to lose HP by (Level) per turn.
-Slows movement of all Non-Aqua Elementals.
-Allows Aqua Navis to Submerge, enhancing dodge slightly.
-Changes to Ice when an Ice type Aqua attack is used on it.
-Doubles Elec Damage, revert to normal after.

2/3 Sand Panels
-Slows all characters down.
-Dodges are only half as effective.

Wedding Altar has enough space for 1 navi, Holy Panels are in effect on the Altar.
-Halves Damage received.

Wedding Altar: 300 HP

DruidMan - WeddingDress.GMO: 210
Valkyrie - Tuxedo.GMO: 120
Valkyrie was expecting an older looking navi, possibly in a white dress. What he got instead, was a fierce looking warrior with a scimitar (and a pouch) on his belt, covered with animal skins. Although, that was more to her liking. But... dudette? She was called girl, lady, lass, even bitch, and many more before, but dudette... that was definitely new. A nature wizard in the realm of technology and science, that didn't really bother. After all, she was a personification of death on the battlefield, in a pacifist world, where no one really lived in the first place. She was about to ask "Where did you leave the dress?", just out of mere curiosity (and maybe looking for a bit of playful smacktalk before the fight) when Matchette appeared and IT happened. Actually not a bad scenery for a showdown. And the clothes... well, her clothes weren't suited for battle, made from some weak material, but at least it was easy to move in it. (She did, however, remove the bow tie as her first move. There are limits, even to silliness) But the one that Druidman got, had all those frills, and the tailoring was so absurd, it wouldn't hold out for a minute in a rough situation. It must have been a joke, no one in the right mind would wear something like that. It was so hilarious that she couldn't help laughing out loud.

- Ohohoho, thats more like it!
- I didn't know you liked cross dressing...
- Cross dress... what do you mean?
- Figures...

However, she couldn't really decide on what to do next. There isn't any seriousness left in this situation... not to mention that her opponent had lost just enough dignity for the day. Also, the environment was working against her, both the sand and the water holding her back, making it hard to get in reach of her enemy. Still, she was here to fight, and there is a prize for the winner, that she was planning to get. In the end, what finally made her set on winning this fight was just a faint sound... she didn't even realize what it was at first. She could hear, but she did not understand the importance...

- You're breathing hard... whats wrong?
- I will be fine, I just... I don't like this place, all... all these people.
- What are you...?
- Nothing. You however have a fight to win... don't let me distract you. Can't you feel it? The altar!

He was right, the arch was radiating with energy. Energy so familiar, yet so strange. Why she couldn't feel it? Was she too deep in her thoughts? Thats a flaw her enemy could exploit easily. And that boy could tell so easily! What a shame. But the irony of the situation did get to her. Such a fitting scenery for her prayer.

She knew what she had to do, and it didn't exactly make her happy. Valkyrie was hoping that she wouldn't have to use it so soon, but the opportunity was there, and she'd have been a fool not to use it. First, she had to summon powers... it was slow, in the heat of battle it would've been a waste of precious seconds; but they were just beginning, the time was still young. The force filled her body from the inside, like a sneeze, the chill crawling up her spine. Yes, that was it. It was incomplete, but she didn't have time for more, she had to move it fast. She focused... the boosters were on her back once again. What happened to the suit... she couldn't see, and frankly, she couldn't care less. The power she conjured was under her control, tightly in her grasp. She used it to activate her accessories, that burst with white flames and intense heat, propelling her forward to her target...

... which was the altar. She had to get there faster than her opponent, who was probably aiming at the same spot. He'd be a fool not to. Good that she had mobility on her side at least, even if her "wings" were useless otherwise. A small programing error, turned to her advantage; just one small mistake with a variable, boosting the output, but draining more energy than whats possible to supply for more than mere seconds.

She could feel the divine protection as she neared the spot. Is this what it feels to be home? None the less, she was in reach, she might as well begin.

Last time she gathered strength it was like turning a tap; the steady flow of power slowly quenching her thirst. But what she was about to do now is more like breaking down a dam, so that she can drink herself full. Valkyrie grit her teeth and initiated the program.

The shock was intense, draining and satisfying, but above all, painful. Pain that almost made her cry out loud, pain that made her whole body shake, and pain that reminded her why she was born. Pain, that was followed by sudden euphoria, as her newfound might finally took shape. Her hands were still shaking, and so did the lance she was holding; not from the shock, but the charge of pure energy she couldn't withhold much longer. She didn't have to. She was near her own turf, a sacred place; it helped her concentrate and shape it as she wanted. With some final efforts she channeled every ounce of power that had been summoned, filling the lance with vibrant energy. The way of the force could be clearly seen even by someone who is not an adept fighter; the cloth she was wearing tore into shreds on her arms and back, hardly leaving enough to cover her body. Not that it did any good for her anyway; but the weapon shined with brilliant light, as Valkyrie turned to Druidman. Swinging it in a crescent arc, she sent off a blast off light aimed at the fellow warrior, while shouting at the top of her lungs. This is it. This is why she found her way into this world. The thrill of the battle, the will to win... even in a pathetic clone of reality, she could feel it.

- Amen, bitch!

1 Charge
2 [Free] Ride (sig1a, uses up charge) -> move/dodge to altar
3 [Free] Skogul's sacrifice (sig1b, self dmg 15) -> Charged Attack Druidman (5x3x8=120)
Steve and Druidman stood perfectly still, completely stunned and flattened by the new course of events. For what seemed like an eternity, Druidman just stood there, looking around with a look reminicent of a cow about to be struck by a train. The silence was broken, finnally, by the soft snickering of Steve.

"Oh, I suppose that this is hilarious to you, dude." Druidman said grumpily, hiking up his dress so that he could move into a more favorable posistion. Looking around, he knew that on a beach, he wouldn't be able to pull much of an advantage out of the terrain, but maybe if they managed to get into the sea... Druidman paused, his concentration broken by what was now a roar of laughter coming to him from the real world.

"Oh, shit..." Steve laughed, wiping a tear away from his eye. "I need to know, though, Druidman... Did you save yourself for today, or were you a naughty little girl in high school?" With this, Steve almost fell off of the platform, doubled over at his own Navi's plight. What a jackass.

Druidman, now getting angry, "Man, if can't help me, why don't you just stuff it, dude?" he yelled back. Turning towards his 'foe', he decided his best coruse of action would be to get Valkyire into the water. Optimally, he'd want to be standing on the altar, but he knew better than to waste energy to try and hold that position. He started to hum, which, for some reason that infuriated him further, came out as the wedding march. A soft wind blew across the beach, starting small ripples to coruse through the sand. Holding one daintily golved hand outwards, he yells out, "RAZOR TORNADO FORCE!!!" Immediatly, a burst of leaves, sharpened by the wind and sand, launched over Druidman's head, flying towards the Viking Warrior. Flipping his hand casually over, the winds grew tumultious, and a massive desert twister formed, flying past Druidman, and, once again, aimed at Valkyrie. At this Druidman paused. "Hmm... I'll give it this, dude, I kinda like the breeze..." Druidman could only hear a gagging sound in reply.

Ignoring Steve's 'help', Druidman began chanting again, a quick chant that abruptly cut itself off, shorting himself. As he spoke, the remmanants of his tornado swirled upwards, forming an updraft that gathered power as it rose, thinkening into a dark mass of nimbus clouds, cracking to the brim with unspent electricity. Druidman held both lacy arms outwards, and screamed out once more, "DRIVING STORM FORCE!" As these words passed through his (now glossy) lips, a thunderous roar issued from the heavens, sending a sweltering bolt of lightning arcing down towards the ground. Not even bothering to see the results of this bolt, Druidman reached down for the ground, and, pushing the excess of fabric away, pulled up a huge piece of sharpened driftwood, and, without a second's hesitation, hurled it at his opponent.

Deciding not to push his luck, Druidman made ready to get out of the way, but walking on sand in heels is highly awkward for even a real bride, and poor Druidman was zig-zaging all over the beach, trying to move with at least some swiftness, before, with a great lurch, his feet lauched up out from under him, and with a soft thump and a delicate "Oof!", he was sitting in the sand flat on his butt. "Oh, maaan." he moaned. "I think I got a run in my pantyhose... Well, can this day just possibily get any better, dude?"

Then, Druidman's feet felt like he'd stepped in two buckets of ice for a reason he couldn't explain. He decided to ignore it. What would his mother say?

1.)Razor Tornado Force to Valkyire. (45Wood, 45Wind, Knockback to the Sea Area/Off Altar?, Possible Sandstorm?)
2.)Untapped Potential:Driving Storm Force to Valkyire. (65Elec (130 if in sea), 55Wood)
Upon hearing Druidman speak, Matchette's face fell and she drew both pink-gloved hands to her mouth in surprise. The pretty pink navi scratched the back of her head awkwardly as she watched the battle unfold. "Oh... like.... oh my god," she mumbled, looking downward through her pink-tinted glasses, "like... I totally messed this one up, didn't I?"

The two combatants, however, wasted no time focusing on the battle in spite of the questionable situation they had been forced into. As Valkyrie rocketed toward the Altar at an incomprehensible rate, Druidman found his leafy vortex missing high and wide as it barreled across the battlefield and dissapated over the azure ocean. The Razor Storm Force technique, however, managed to kick up a great deal of sand into the air, obscuring the battlefield in a thin veil of sand. Valkyrie, in the meantime, took command of the Altar, charging up her spear with incredible energy. Druidman responded in kind, calling upon his mastery of the elements to strike down with a thundrous force.

The two blasts arced toward each other, causing a massive explosion as the two attacks of equal power met each other in the middle. Driftwood, electricity, and destructive energy scattered across the battlefield, damaging the neatly-arranged chairs and littering the ocean with debris. Druidman's awkward evasive maneuver protects him from the full brunt of the blow, but a stray blast manages to catch him in the side (60). Valkyrie meets a similar fate, (60) but the panel beneath her feet glows bright white, absorbing the brunt of the impact as a softly shimmering aura surrounds her well-dressed form.

New Weather Condition: Sandstorm! Reduced Accuracy on All Attacks!

Wedding Altar: 300 HP

DruidMan - WeddingDress.GMO: 150
Valkyrie - Tuxedo.GMO: 60
The powerful blows met, opposite forces, but both called into being in order to destroy. Thats probably why they have exploded upon contact; like energies of the same polar charge, no matter how great the force behind them, they can never touch. The blast hit Valkyrie, and even though she was protected by the holy radiation, it did wound her. Not critically, but enough for an average navi to feel uncomfortable. Then why is she smiling? On the outside, she looked awful, compared to what her "dress" was like when the battle started. Then why? Trembling, but not because of the few bruises, or the burns that the explosion caused. She was trembling with excitement. Her enemy was controlling the power of nature; he could cause a sandstorm on a whim, he sent lightning and summoned plants to attack him. Just like their powers, they were similar and yet, as far as possible. Both powers of nature, but on the opposite ends of the spectrum; life and death, finite and infinite, energy and entropy. Or to be more on topic, one and zero. And to boot, it seemed that they were evenly matched. In the end, it will be decided here and now. Was it fate? Or mere luck? Doesn't matter. Not for her. She was overjoyed just to think that she had found someone who is as strong as her.

Its about time to show him the true nature of power!

The thought triggered the subroutine, almost instinctively. Some people would've said that thats a pretty bold move, and she should have simply used the protection of the altar to recover.

- That's a pretty bold move.- Sieg was still nervous, she could tell that much from his voice, but he was getting used to the situation. He is probably getting lost in the battle just as much as her. Which is a good thing. He is still a wimp though... - You should have simply used the protection of the altar to recover.
- I'm here to fight, and not to play around, boy!- Valkyrie hissed, as a reply. Not having any "s" sounds in the sentence to hiss was a problem she overcame without much of difficulty. Quite frankly, it didn't hurt that much this time; or rather, compared to the injuries she already suffered, it was nothing to get rid of some of the remaining energy. Maybe she was simply over the point where she cared about that. Valkyrie shifted her balance and prepared to send off another blast at Druidman... although she only had a vague idea about where he was. The sandstorm obscured her view, so that she could rarely see anything without getting some sand in her eye. Well, her eyes better get used to it fast, cause she had no intentions of closing them.

The navi raised the lance and aimed at the blurry figure (that might have been Druidman as well as anything else), then with a wide swipe, she sent off another blast at... the thing. The attack had quite some recoil though, enough to make her take a step back. Taking a step back on an altar that is less than a long step wide might be one of the best, and most certain ways to fall off. It's also pretty embarrassing. Thank Gods, the thump and the fail was probably hidden from viewers by the sandstorm, same way it hid Druidman from her.

-Hehe... hkm, you alright?- Then again, maybe not.

On the flip side, she is in relative safety there. The altar was standing between her and Druid like a durable, protective, and above all, enchanted wall. Once this annoying sandstorm is over, she will go and get him; or if he wants something, he'll probably find her. Right. It's not like she could do much without out seeing where her opponent is. Valkyrie sat up, and started concentrating on empowering her next attack, while waiting for Druidman to make his move, or for the sandstorm to fade away. Should either happen, she will be ready.

1 [Free] Skogul's sacrifice (sig1b, self dmg 15) -> Charged Attack Druidman (5x3x8=120)
2 Dodge/get behind altar
3 Buster charge
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"Nice of you to notice that..." Druidman mumbled, as Matchette realized her error. Putting it out of his mind, he got back to the situation at hand.

His attacks were more or less effective, although the sandstorm was now an equal hinderance and help. On the one hand, Valkyrie couldn't see him as well as she would have, but she sould also be sneaking around for a sneak attack. Thankful that he was wearing a heavy veil to keep the grit and sand out of his eyes, (not that it helped his ability to see.) Druidman started to bolt off, away from the altar.

"Uh, Steve dude? You recovered enough to help me out here?" he asked hopefully.

Steve, meanwhile, had recovered. Still massaging a stitch out of his side, he looked at what was happening. "Well, taking the enviroment into account... Valkyire is probably still on the altar, but we can't waste resources to nuke the altar... wait... or can we?" racking his brains for his old Geology class... what had his professor said? He couldn't remember, he was pretty sure he was sleeping though that class... "Wait!" he screamed "I've got it! If you trigger an earthquake on a sandy beach, the loose, airy ground will shift, making quicksand! Go for the water, you may have to tread for a bit. with luck, you can pull that altar down underground, and maybe even pull her with it!"

Druidman nodded, and bolted to the water, "Man, dude, I'm sure that this lacy silk will chaffe like mad once it's wet..." he grumped, but he sloshed into the shallows anyway. Stopping at about waist height, he began to stomp his foot up and down, to a steady beat which coincided with a soft murmur that barely escaped his lips. With a mighty heave and a grunt, he roared out "ENCROACHING EARTH FORCE!!!" and brought his foot down. Feeling the earth tremble beneath his feet, he began to swim outwards, away from the beach. Druidman couldn't even look back, he concentrated on getting to deeper water, he kept slipping under, though, that stupid dress was weighing him down.

And to top it off that stupid chilly sensation was STILL in his feet. Maybe he caught a bug?

1.)Dodge randomly/get to water.
2.)Untapped Potential: Encroaching Earth Force to Valkyrie. (60Break/30Wood, possibly causing quicksand to sink altar/Valkyrie.)
3.)Tread away/Dodge.
Druidman's groundbreaking gambit pays off as a shockwave bursts from the forceful fissure, sending an unsettling ripple across the golden sands. Slowly but surely, the sand began slipping into the ground, transforming the tranquil beachside scene into a terrifying sinkhole. Though the unnatural water caused him to eat a portion of Valkyrie's savage attack, (60) Druidman was clearly Everything was going according to Druidman's plan. The altar was the first to go, spiraling down the vortex into the depths below. Valkyrie found herself struck by roots of Druidman's Encroaching Earth Force as well (30), their sharp edges tearing cruelly into her well-dressed form. For a while, everything seemed to be working in his direction...

...until everything suddenly went straight to hell.

"Er... Miss Matchette?" stammered the brown NormalNavi, turning to the pink-clad adjudicator, "Exactly how much sand did you put in this stadium?"

"Um... like, I don't really know," said the attractive young navi, placing a thin finger on her lip and looking upward in thought, "But like... you know we're like... on the topmost floor, right? So I'd say like... umm... maybe enough to fill most of the smaller arenas, and then some." Noticing her counterpart's shocked look, she placed her hands on her hips and leaned inward, "Hey, like, they said they wanted a beach scene, right? That's totally like... what I did, you know?!"

Soon, everything was being sucked into the massive sandy vortex as the center of the arena gave way, sending a cascade of digital sand flowing downward toward the lower floors. The two combatants could scarcely make out the ground as they both struggled to avoid being buried by the rapidly collapsing arena. Suddenly, a flash of light caught them both off guard as their ridiculous costumes dissapated in a burst of data. Matchette hovered above the two combatants, holding the .GMO override data in her delicate hands as she glanced from person to person through her rosy glasses. "Like... I'm so totally sorry about the mix up," she said, bowing ever so slightly, "but for what it's worth, you're both like... totally awesome fighters, you know? I'll be like... completely supporting both of you to the very end! This is it, yeah?"

Valkyrie and Druidman glanced at each other from opposite sides of a collapsing arena.

((RP Well kids, this is for the win!))

New Weather Condition: Sand Vortex (Makes dodges suck.)

Wedding Altar: GONE

Valkyrie: 30 (In vortex, Dodge ability sharply reduced)
DruidMan: 90 (In vortex, Dodge ability sharply reduced, has the high ground)
The sandstorm had died down, and Valkyrie was ready to make her move; she was almost at full power, waiting for a chance to strike. Searching for DruidMan with her eyes, she finally found him in the water. Apparently, her last attack did hit him, probably dealing some serious damage, since her opponent was paddling into the deepness of the sea, probably to escape her. HA!

- Running away from ME?! You little....

The roots erupted from the ground suddenly, piercing her cloths and the skin underneath. The tendrils hurt her pride more then the wounds they opened, as he caught her off guard. And this made her mad. She should have been expecting this; it was in the power of her opponent to control nature, and it seems that he is even powerful enough to create "life" out of pretty much nothing. She cried out swearing to get Druid, when, not too suddenly, the altar she used as a cover earlier, and right now she was peeking over, started to sink into the ground. Then it started to sink faster, just as the sand rolled into the middle of the arena at an accelerating rate. Not more than mere seconds have passed, and she was trying stay afloat of this sandy landslide. It seems she underestimated her opponent. He is on a whole other level; not just metaphorically speaking, since BrideMan had a more stable position, standing almost on top of the sand.

- Great move Machette...

She almost forgot about that annoying woman. Why do they even let people like that in here? Keeping a wedding here, though thinking about it, Valkyrie found the idea pretty interesting as a concept... but anyway, having a wedding LIKE THAT here was pretty much desecrating this place. However from the words of the match maker, she concluded that this place was basically a giant sandbox, with some more sandboxes under and that there was kind of hole on the bottom of it... which means that his opponent is only in control of these events as much as she is. Just as she finished this line of though, her clothes disappeared, only to be replaced by her normal armor and the black bodysuit.

The vortex of sand didn't seem to stop; it was becoming bigger and bigger, increasing the force of the spiraling sand moment by moment. It was probably because the hole on the bottom, which was the cause of this disaster, was becoming wider, swallowing the sand at a much faster rate. There isn't much time left. This Duel will be over soon enough, one way or another. Getting sucked into the sand now wouldn't resolve anything however...

She didn't have the power of the sacred altar anymore, so her attacks couldn't exceed the range of her weapons reach. Nonetheless, she concentrated and half of her remaining power into the lance. It didn't hurt anymore. Nothing did; she was numb all over, this last decrease in her life force merely left a weird emptyness behind. It was a risky gamble but she had to try. The sand was pulling him closer to the middle of the arena, and so it did with her opponent. Only spending a split moment second to aim, she pulled her lance behind her head, as getting ready to swing, then finally...

- Did you just throw your lance at him? Thats... pretty unusual...

The weapon was spinning wildly in mid air, as some kind of crazy steel boomerang that had straight A marks in spinning wildly and hitting stuff in the head very hard, but failed the classes which include the "return" lectures.

Valkyrie didn't take time to confirm the hit; instead, she quickly took down the helmet and weighed it in her hands. Yes, should be around right... It didn't weigh much, but a hit in the face could be enough...

- And now you threw your helmet? What the hell?

She might have been simple, but she was no fool. Most navis are equipped with safety programs; programs that one hit won't penetrate. However, should both of the hits land, it might just do the trick. There is only one thing left now. Valkyrie took a deep breath.

- And now you... Val, you may be already aware of this, but you are sinking!

Its really just the matter of endurance now. If those didn't hit, they will be both swallowed up by the ground. The first to suffocate, or get squished by the pressure of sand will loose. She might as well get a headstart. She wasn't worried by her equipment; those were part of her, and once she jacks out, those will follow as well. The only thing she hoped that the sand in her boots won't. Its really a pain to get rid of it, since the boot had several fasteners that took a while to get rid off, and after getting rid of the squishy substance, put back on.

- Goodbye my beloved Airshot... it was good knowing you...
- HEY! What about mrrbrglre?
- With my luck, you'll do just fine. Just don't swallow too much sand.


1. Skoguls' + Charged Buster Attack (120)
2. Throw helm at Druidman (When I said she can use parts of her armor as weapons I didn't mean it like this... so I guess thats a 1?)
3. Take a deep breath and "dodge" into the sand.
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"Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude~~!" was the only echoing noise that Steve could hear over the swirling vortex of collapsing sand. "Druidman! Are you okay?" Steve asked anxsiously, his eyes darting around the remaining area for his own Navi. He thought he saw a glint of metal, but ignored it. He couldn't abandon Druidman like that.

Why had he agreed to a chiplocked fight? His hand was twitching over his chip binder, and he knew of about three or four ways to help Druidman with them, but they were of no use. He doubted that the arena's computer would even recognize battlechips if they were disabled, and he wouldn't allow himself to be labeled a cheater. But, in this situation, which, he reminded himself cruelly, had been his fault to begin with, any action he could think would be either desperation, or forefit.

Oh well, if it was a choice between cheating, losing, or luck, he would choose luck.

"Druidman, I'm not sure if you can even hear me, but listen up. We've got nothing to lose now, so draw steel and go for close quarter combat." sweat began to pop along his brow. "LEAP INTO THE VORTEX, DRUIDMAN!"

By some miricale, as Druidman skidded down the sides of the funnel, he could barely make out his operators instructions. Using one hand to steady himself, he used the other to draw forth his trusty scimitar. Spiraling out of control, he closed his eyes, began to chant quickly, and let go, pushing off with his legs, into the vortex and towards Valkyire, who was struggling similarly on the other side of the slipping sands.

"ENTANGLING HEAT FORCE!!!" Screamed Druidman, and as his jump peaked, his blade erupted in flames, scorching a few gusts of sands, raining minatire shards of glass into the gaping maw of oblivion. Holding his hand outwards to his opponent, he sliently prayed that the vines in his spell would actually emerge from the shifting sands, to hold her down long enough for Druidman to finish this...

With an explosion of heat, sand and flames, Druidman crashed, blade first, into the opposite wall of the funnel. With out even waiting for the dust to clear, he made several wild stabs into the general area he thought he saw Valkerie last, then, looking down, realized that he was seconds away from the bottom of the pit.

"Well, that was a good run, dudette!" he yelled cheerily as he fell into the raging sands...

1.)Untapped Potential: Entangling Heat Force to Valkyrie. (45Wood/65Fire)
2.)Normal Attack to Valkyrie. (8Norm)
3.)Normal Attack to Valkyrie. (8Norm)
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It was a dramatic, beautiful fight to the death between two deadly navis, one hurled a lance, another molten shards of glass. The sand swirled about them, and the lance pierced through the and, taking Druidman through the shoulder (120) as the molten glass hit the sand and did nothing, Valkyrie felt the lashing tendrils of druidman's creation whip into her armor. (45) The helmet was whipped away in the winds of the arena, and the lance stabs were for naught, the sand was too deep.

With a crack, marble pieces of the stadium began to topple, the Ms. Matchette navi letting out a surprised "Eek!" before quickly ducking out of the way, the brown normalnavi almost crushed by a falling piece of rock as it almost literally bounced past.

"What did you do, sacrifice the entire stability of the arena so it would look prettier?" The navi yelled as the ground began to shake, the entire arena creaking and slowly slipping apart.

"Uh, well yeah, of course. Like, why would I make it all stable and ugly?" She asked, totally oblivious of the fall of her entire arena.

With a "thud", a piece landed straight onto the sand where the two were last seen. (30)

"Oh, who won, who won?" The matchette navi asked, as the arena quickly reset itself to its previous state of "perfection."

"Uh, it says here that neither navi did, Miss Matchette. Apparently the stone crushed both of them into Emergency Jack Out." The navi spoke, tugging at his "collar" slightly.

"Oh, that's no fun, they deserve some type of reward, doncha think? I mean, I've got the zenny from the people that canceled..." The navi considered this with a slightly evil smile, as the brown normalnavi sighed.

"I'm sure they'll be wanting that money ba-" He was cut off by a triumphant Matchette, as she spoke.

"The rewards shall be zenny to you both for uh- Spectacular performances! Come again to the arena some time!" She waved at the operator windows, then shut down the viewing into the arena.

Rewards: 3500 to both.
From under the giant chunk of derbis, a few sparse, tattered leaves fluttered outwards, then off into the air...
From under the debris, a soft, quiet voice is heard. A voice of someone, who fought for the best of her ability, and now, after the fight is over her body is crushed... can't move his arms to lift the heavy block that makes breathing, let alone speaking, almost impossible.

-Oh, oh I see. Running away, eh?! You green bastard!!! Come back here and take what's coming to you!!!
- What are you going to do? Bleed on him?
- 'Tis but a scratch.
- A scratch?! Your arm's off!
- No it isn't.
- Well, what's that then?- The warrior took a moment before finally answering, as if she was checking her condition.
- I've had worse.
- You liar!
- It's only a flesh wound.

From deep with in the ruins of the arena, a ray of light escaped towards the nonexistent sky.