Edgar VS claw

Edgar appears in one of the Battling areas... Upside down... with propellers on his feet spinning, and it somehow keeps him from hitting the floor... Seems like he might be trying to release some steam.
Claw enters the arena with a sudden drop the stops a foot from the digitally tiled floor as the rocket boosters keep him at a hover. "GYAAAAAAAGGGHHRAAAAAH!!!!" Claw screeches, with a smile driven insane by the adrinaline of the battlefield and his arms shaking wildly like a madman with the spasm of his anxiety.
Edgar is still upside down, and he looks at his foe."Seems your eager, and I take it you are Claw correct? Anyway, hope this turns out to be a good fight." He said, as he put his hand out towards his opponent, probably for a handshake or something.
Claw's eye shifts from an 8-shape to a jagged spiral, he then opens his mouth, his teeth overexaggeratingly sharp, then dove in to bite Edgar's hand... yet a split second before the attack could be executed. It looked like his entire mood ceised and was replaced with an annoyed irratation. Claw hears his opperator. "HEY STOP! He's simply handing a simple handshake..."
"You just have to wait a little while longer, you can use that irritation as fighting energy, just let it build up inside but time it right when you release it. Every second makes you -"
"Truth be told, I feel pretty anxious too, just try to be a good sport till a moderator comes."
Claw grasps hold Edgars entire forearm in his massive hands and shakes it wildly like a lightweight broadsword, probably shaking edgar off balance.
"HOW ARE YOU DOING! I'M AS HAPPY AS CAN BE!!! (breath pause) HOPE WE LIVE THROUGH THIS LAG DANEH!!!! (sucks teeth) BROTHER!!!" he shouts in a false joy slightly fueled by a real joy.
Instantly, the two combatants are showered with a volley of confetti and flashing lights as a slender navi spiraled downward to the center of the arena. The newcomer was clad in a festively-colored, form-fitting bodysuit with neon orange highlights extending from the soles of his feet to his shoulders. A peculiar smile crossed his features as he brushed his long, black bishounen hair to the side and raised his arms into the air, prompting a shower of sparks to erupt from the ground around him. The crowd, naturally, went wild.

"Oh my gosh! It's him! It's actually him!"

"It's Prizeman! I can't believe it's really him!"

"I heard he and his operator worked with GameshowMan all those years ago! "

Extending an arm to both contenders, Prizeman shot both of them a brilliant white smile and said in a deep, attractive voice, "Thank you, Thank you, you're too kind! I would like to direct you all to the main attraction!" the crowd cheered again, though whether or not it was for the two combatants or Prizeman was unclear, "The main event will now unfold as both combatants come to the center! In this corner, we have..."

Prizeman looked at his cue card and swore under his breath. "Dammit, this isn't going to sell at all. Count Edgar and Claw? What the hell kind of names are those?" he muttered, "Looks like I'll have to improvise a little." Flashing a confident smile to the two navis, he turned once more toward the crowd.

"Ahem... in this corner, we have the supreme slicer! The commander of cutting! The ruler of rending! The one! The only! HOOOOOOOOOODED SLASHCLAAAAAW!"

The crowd went wild, oblivious to the fact that "Hooded Slashclaw" possessed neither a hood nor any appendage that could possibly cut anything. Whirling around, Prizeman began moving toward Edgar, his shining eyes burning with intensity as he introduced the other combatant. "In this corner, we have a pale hottie that's not afraid to get naughty! A red-haired hero who's sex drive sure ain't zero! He's always ready to 'battle routine set, sexycute!' Let's all hear it for COUNT ED-GRRRRRRRRRR!"

Again, the crowd erupted in cheers. Before Edgar could correct the gross mispronunciation of his name, however, Prizeman cut him off. "The rules are simple: THERE ARE NO RULES!" he cried, sending one gloved hand into the sky, "Well, actually, there are some rules, but I mean... just freaking use your brains, people! LET'S GET READY TO NETRUMMMMMMMMBLohwaitjustaminute!" Prizeman quickly clapped his hands together as the arena itself began to buckle and bend, transforming itself beneath the combatants' feet. "I almost forgot, I've been asked to do the boring terrain stuff," he said nonchalantly as the ground quickly turned to a thick, swamplike lake, "There we go. Pungi arena activated, so without further ado, LETS GET READY TO NETRUMMMMMBLE!!!"

Battle Routine Set! Sexycute!

Arena: Pungi - watch out for bamboo spikes! Three raised rocks cover the arena.

RockA: 100
RockB: 100
RockC: 100

Count Ed-grrrr: 160
Hooded Slashclaw: 100
Edgar was on his feet when Prizeman did the introductions, and semi blushed at how he did his. Even tough butchered his name some... "a pale hottie that's not afraid to get naughty! A red-haired hero who's sex drive sure ain't zero! He's always ready to 'battle routine set, sexycute!''" That defiantly was not something he would have expected. But since this was a match for fun, with nothing on the line, mine as well act the part. "Ladies, Gays and Bis! I will most likely be back tonight for some more FUN!!!!!!!!!!" Ed-grr shouted at the top of his lungs with his hands raised high...

...And in the real world, Anthony is just in shock as to what is going on. "Wha? What the hell?" He nearly shouted, looking at his PET and at Edgar's apparently stupid act. That was when a small text massage popped up asking for Anthony to "Slot in a rageclaw if he had that chip" Anthony begin looking at his chips, not sure what is there as last time he just slotted them in randomly. He saw a chip that had what appeared to be a claw on it. He slotted that in...

And back at the net, Ed-grrr's hands suddenly had red gloves form around them. Well, since it seems like the personality know as Ed-grrr is driven some by Sex... he probably would fight using his hands. So that means... was the reasoning behind asking for that chip. "I'll teach you to try and bite my gorgest hand!" He shouted at Claw, as he quickly did a palm strike at Claw's groin region. In moments after that strike, Ed-grr retracted his hand and quickly started to side-step behind Claw. "It seems like this will be a fun match to say the least" Ed-grr said softly, as he aimed two Palm strikes at Claw's spine.

((1normal strike 12 damage
2rageclaw 40 damage
3rageclaw 40 damage))
"Alright Claw 7705! Let's give them a show they won't ... huh?"
Claw has already tranced into a rage as he pursues his opponent head on! "Remember, time it right! Use this shotgun!" Akio inserts a shotgun battlechip into Claw's PET. Claw's intentional punching fist sunk into his arm and was hastily substituted with a large gun barrel which shined in the digital sunlight and growled with purple energy harnessed inside, anxious for its escape. He fired the powerful cannon when his arm fully extended with his punch which was simultaneously thrown along with Edgar's palm strike. The blast flashed with a scolding blast instantaneously. After the strike, Claw darts onward, dodging past, in a dragonfly's jagged spiral, any attempts of a counter attack from Edgar. Claws rocket jets calm from a flaming burst to an small murmur as he strategically lands at a far rock of the swamp arena.

((shotgun to Edgar(50 plus splash)
move to rocks)
PrizeMan leaped out of the way, floating on a strange silver platform that hovered a short distance above the battlefield. Clearing his throat as the two combatants raged against each other, he began to give commentary in his excited voice. "And they're off! Neither of them appears to be using any signature techniques... perhaps they're saving them for a set of ultimate finishing techniques!" As Claw fired a round of shotgun ammunition directly into Edgar's chest (50), however, Prizeman sighed and sat down on his hoverboard. "How boring," he muttered, watching Edgar retaliate with a palm strike (12), "Wish they'd do something more... well, glamorous."

Edgar wasted no time, brandishing his rageclaw expertly, he lunged at Claw, catching the strange-looking navi with a powerful slash (40) that caused the audience to gasp in awe. The aristocratic assailant's second strike missed wide, however, striking the rock that Claw stood upon and shattering the rageclaw on contact. Before he could react, several spears of bamboo shot up from the ground, striking the count and puncturing his skin at the contact points. (40) Claw, standing atop one of the rocks, manages to evade his own bamboo trap.

"OOOOOhhh, looks like Count Ed-GRRRRR ran into a little "Mess-and-M" action," laughed Prizeman, sending a shower of sparks from his platform as he made his esoteric joke, "Can this soldier of sexy turn things around? Or will the sinister Hooded Slashclaw continue on to an upset victory?" The bishounen-looking navi brushed his black hair to the side and winked at the audience, "Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen, because it looks like things are about to get messy!

Arena: Pungi - watch out for bamboo spikes! Three raised rocks cover the arena.

RockA: 60
RockB: 100
RockC: 100

Count Ed-grrrr: 70 (Rageclaw Broken)
Hooded Slashclaw: 48 (on RockA)
"Whoa! Did you see that?"
" Yeah! That trap got him good, a couple more hits and we win DANAH!!!"
"But that platform, it wasn't harmed by the traps and it has a spark effect. We have to make it there quickly, On hit from him and we'll probably be done for, so... we'll use this chip." Akio inserts a cannon battle chip.
Claw sees the platform and realizes that there are more possible outcomes. His vision turned to a more yellow shade and he could feel a warm radiation's pulse in his mouth as if he were holding a beating heat in his jaws. "Now let's try to fly over to that platform, whatever you do. Don't let him touch you!"
" Akio, there's only one way to make sure of it," Claw replies now possessed by a trance of pure determination,
"Trap or no trap we could take him down right here and now. Now's the time! DAZOH!!"
"Then I agree, if it doesn't work then we're gonners anyway, Give it your all! DOOMSDAY PUNCH!!!!"
Claw's Jet pack flared with wild energy. Streams of lightning escape his back mounted as a burst of energy anxiously charges. "DOOMSDAY!" he rockets faster than anyone could hesitate blinking even Prizeman. A vicious hasty beam had shot toward Edgar with a flaming red fist as it's head. The speed was startlingly inescapable at this point. The flashing golden beam was coiled with a blinding rainbow helix of colors and the surroundings became hazy and blurry like a mirage for the moment... a beautiful sight to behold but too much for the beholding eye to accept within much less than a second which probably caused a few seizures and leaving others in shock. The impact of the great blast steals Edgar's breath away and all the feeling and anything that left him control of his body suddenly vanished. Claw's trail beam sunk back into his body and escaped through his massive fist which is still lunged in Edgar's The wicked flash of hostile energy shot into his corpse tossing back like a lifeless rag doll. The shock of weighed him down to the ground which seemed more comfortable under his current condition. The sudden assault left the atmosphere with an state of catastrophic helplessness. "Let's finish this Claw!!!!" Claw then fires a burst of yellow energy which he still held in his mouth for the whole while to finish the stunned Edgar with all a warriors bravery could hold. Edgars body jumped in response of the blast then lied still whether under stun or defeat to log out. Claw then flew to the flying prizeman's flying platform to avoid any traps or suprises.

((Signature attack: Doomsday Punch (50dmg+stun effect)
Cannon to Edgar (40dmg)
Move to silver platform.))
Well... It seems like Ed-grr made an error in his attack... as there is not a bamboo spear sticking out of his right foot. Minor setback, but that Prizeman is sort of getting on his nerves. He is making this more then what it probably should have been. Well if he wanted a show... then he will get one. In moments blood flowed from his foot and created a bubble around Ed-grrr. With luck this should keep me around for a bit. He figured, seeing as this allows him to be on the defensive and effective. Might be out of character for ED-GRR, but I'll do that in a bit

Anthony was still trying to figure out what was going though Edgar's mind, when a call for a heatshot came in. Anthony looks through the chips again, seeing three that looked like something shooting a fireball. Since Edgar called for a "Heatshot" and fire does heat... It might be one of those. He quickly slotted it in, waiting for something to happen.

And right after Anthony Slotted in the chip, a burst of albino flames shot out from Ed-grrr's body towards the direction that he thought Claw was in. Whatever he hit, it was now in bright white flames. "Was that... "too hot" for you?" He asked, in the most sexy voice he could muster. He then started to back flip to one of the unharmed Rockcubes, seeing as the traps did a good deal of damage. When he almost arrived at his disanation, he did one more backflip, in hopes that he will land on the rock and be safe.

2Heatshot Claw 40 fire
3Get on rock))
((Watch autohitting, 8BallHead))

"I don't believe it!" cried Prizeman, circling closer to the battlefield on his silver platform, "It looks like we're about to see Hooded Slashclaw's ultimate death technique! The sinister slicer seeks satisfaction with his powerful prismatic plasma! Is Ed-GRRRRRR down for the count?" Chuckling to himself over his own pun, he sent yet another shower of multicolored sparks across the arena, "Even I don't know how this battle's going to end!" he cried.

As the colorful blast erupted from Claw, "Ed-grr" managed to dive out of the way in the nick of time, tumbling over the deadly grass panels as he went. The blast sailed harmlessly overhead, and exploded in a luminous burst of color behind him. The yellow burst of energy from the cannon chip, however, tore directly into Edgar's side, causing him to stumble and wince in pain. The pale count's firey counterattack struck Claw square in the chest (40), causing his gutsy leap for the announcer's platform to fall short. The singed and blackened navi struggled to his feet, having landed on a nearby rock.

Almost as if on cue, bamboo spears shot up around all sides, striking the rocks at an odd angle as though they were reaching for the two combatants. Fortunately, both navis were positioned upon the rocks. Unfortunately, it didn't look like the rocks would last much longer...

RockA: Destroyed!
RockB: 40
RockC: 40

Count Ed-grrrr: 30 (on RockC)
Hooded Slashclaw: 8 (on RockB)
Claw, now covered with fatigue and a few steps short from deaths door, shoots a scorned stare toward Edgar. He was all but dead and he's way too desperate to take the fall. Akio on the other hand finnally looks up after a brief point of depression. Many moments of humiliation devastation have clouded the two's heads. "Claw?....don't you dare..... DON'T YOU DARE DIE ON ME!!!!!" Akio slammed his side of the arena hard enough to make the screen skip a little. He was on the threshold of losing his mind and he first match. He grew outragiously out of character. His usually slant cheerful eyes turned large and wide and his pupils grew microscopic. His body was drenched in boiling sweat and his mouth has chilled to an uncontrollable shiver. He cried oceans and let loose a small slitthrering yellow stream down his quaking legs which grew so violently that he fell to the ground still tossing in a dramatic spasm.

Likewise Claw stay mounted on the crumbling hunk of rock that kept him safe from the quaking violent with a wild aura that engulfed him like fire. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" He roars with a warriors last shot of courage. His 8-shaped pupil shrank to a to a single pixel. His face opened wide showing a menacing insanity yet crying toward the final epic climactic explosion of his life. His claws fully extended and his horn shaped boosters mine the rock beneath him like a mindlesss barbarians left captive. " TEAR THAT WHORE TO OBLIVIAN!" Akio screams cramming in a rageclaw battle chip deeply into his PET then gasping for air afterward. Claw's metal fingers now flash violently to a blinding violet radiation.

The moment fealt like the first time that Claw and Akio become one entity. With a simultanious battlecry and a proppelling explosion that could of obliterated the platform rock before them, Claw and Akio charge for their last and most heart-fealt strong blow towards their erragant menace of an opponent. " GO TO HELL!!! EDGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLGH!!!! " They shout simultaniously as claw spins seemingly out of control with fevering rage that would make the entire arena a bit hotter. The drama slowed time down till seconds became hours as this would, win or lose, become a moment that would be deeply branded in their memory. Claw darts his three pronged hand toward Edgar and his rock. If it didn't stab Edgar dead then the rock would probably explode for that Claw would aim to strike the most powerful swing with the other hand as quickly and deeply as his confidence anger and spirit could take him toward Edgar who would one way or another probably be in mid -air. It really fealt like his last moments to live... and he wanted to go down fighthing.

Edgar had to die, Now of Never! They simultaniously thought. The last few seconds of their match and conscienceness depended on that last attack.

1: Race toward RockC and Edgar! Your life and pride depend on it
2 rageclaw to Edgar maybe rockC if it were to miss. (40)
3 rageclaw to Edgar, the final blow. It's in fate's hands now. (40)
It seems things are drawing to the Climax... I better make this good.
Popped into Edgar's head. The two cubes he and his opponent were standing on were almost destroyed. Edgar was also pretty banged up, you can see under his skin around the left side of his chest. Claw seemed worse off, but it was becoming a close match. He needed to end it fast, as Claw just roared out. Since Anthony seems to take too long to get the chips... Edgar had to rely on his power now, and the power blessed upon him by the lord almighty.

In seconds, the wound on his chest started to glow from the strength the lord has given him. Edgar looked at his foe, whom seemed ready to charge at him at any moment. So Edgar quickly uses his blood to form a long chain with a sickle at the end... a Kasuri-gama. This range weapon should do Edgar fine for the moment.

Edgar quickly swung the device at Claw when he started his charge, hoping it slashes him or wraps around his leg. Then, with a quick pull of the chain, and the control of his weapon from his power over his blood, it made a return trip to Claw. It seems like Edgar is not letting this go down easy. Claw was almost on him when Edgar made what might be the last move. He quickly twirled the Kasuri-gama's chain around Claw, and grabbed part of it. He then pulled with all of his might, to tighten it, hopefully catching Claw in the center of it in order to squeeze the life out of him. With luck Edgar will come out of this victorious. Only time could tell what is it come.

((0Holy strenght
1Normal attack 12+20
2Normal attack 12+20
3Blood Pummel 60+20 break))
((Way to make it tough for me, guys))

The final round of combat was almost poetic and surely epic as the crowd cheered for the two combatants. The holy energy surrounding Edgar seeped into his wounds, reinforcing themselves throughout his body and engulfing the Count in a brilliant white aura - which was naturally contrasted by Claw's passionate burning aura. Screaming battle cries, the two charged toward the middle, ignoring the dangers of the wood-elemental arena and eliciting a surprised gasp from Prizeman above. "OOOOH YEAH!" cried Prizeman, leaping off his orbital platform and pressing a small button on his wrist, "IT LOOKS LIKE THIS FIGHT IS COMING TO A CLOSE, BUT WHO WILL WIN?" The silver platform exploded in mid-air, sending a brilliant shower of colored sparks across the arena and building the crowd's excitement to intolerable levels. "Will it be the Supreme Scion of Sexy, Count Ed-Grrrrr? Or will the devious Hooded Slashclaw slice his way to victory? Only time will tell folks," he cried, brushing a lock of black hair away from his flawless face, "only time will tell..."

Both combatants' auras surged to an incomperable brightness as the two engaged in their final strikes! Edgar's first blow missed wide, and the count tasted blood as Claw's claw raked cruelly into his chest (40 - Edgar at critical!). The displaced air from Claw's attack shattered the rockcube behind the two navis and both Edgar and Claw found themselves tumbling into the deep peat bog. Sensing victory, Claw readied another strike, but Edgar managed to sneak in his own holy-strength-assisted strike (32 - Claw at critical!), knocking the Hooded Slashclaw cruelly to the side. As Claw struggled to his feet, he saw the chains of Edgar's kusari-gama surround him...

...there was a flash of crimson that obscured vision, and for a long time, the stadium grew silent...

...and then erupted into cheers! Edgar stood victorious, life hanging by a thread, with his opponent having been ejected from combat. "AND THE HOODED SLASHCLAW GOES DOWN IN A... A... WAIT! WHAT'S THIS?" cried Prizeman, watching the ground shake "Looks like Ed-Grrrr didn't calculate for the traps to trigger!" The bloody count was forced to jack out as several spears of bamboo erupted beneath him, catching the Count in their deadly embrace. Clearing his throat and waving to the excited fans, Prizeman addressed the crowd. "It seems that because the Hooded Slashclaw went down first, Ed-Grrr is the winner!" he cried, thrusting a fist into the air, "Unfortunately, because he was jacked out by his own error, he is technically unable to claim the Grand Opening Sweepstakes reward of twenty-thousand Zenny for being the 100th victor in the newly-opened colosseum! Tough luck, Sexyman! Join us next time, same time, same place! Love ya!"

Tough luck indeed, Edgar. You should have dodged :P.

RockA: Destroyed
RockB: Destroyed
RockC: Destroyed

Count Ed-grrrr: EJO! (Winner)
Hooded Slashclaw: EJO!