DubloonMan beamed down into the network and looked around. There wasn't anyone else in the area, but he did recognize the landscape as the place he had recently been blown out of. He also felt a little differently than before; as if new tactics and techniques flowed through his mind. Cannonball was looking a little heartier than usual as well and sort of weighed down his shoulder a little more than usual. The only thing that was missing was his opponent.


"Friendly fight!" Roger repeated.

DubloonMan waved off his operator's nagging and kept his eye out for his supposed challenger.
Cambiare arrived onto the network shortly when Dubloon was screaming out for him, causing the nervous navi to flinch. "A-ah! Who was that!" The navi saw a large figure ahead of him, dressed in a red coat with a hook for a hand and a cannon for a leg, inspecting Dubloon for few seconds before it finally struck him.

"A p-p-pirate? F-first is a clown, then some m-mafias, now, out of a-all the people, I have t-to fight a pirate?!" said Cambiare as he began to step back.

"Oh come on. Man up! You won all those two fights before, right? What's stopping you from your winning streak now?" Finny tried to encourage her navi as much as she could, but in the end it was simply her ploy to get him started in the battle. "...I-I guess you're right." Cambiare replied, unfortunately taking Finny's bait.

The nervous navi approached Dubloon cautiously, still unsure as to how "dangerous" he may be, and stuck out a trembling hand for a handshake. "H-hihihi-hi...Hi, I'm C-Cambiare."

DubloonMan looked down at Cambiare's extended hand with his eye wide open in disbelief, "Ye? YE be th' one what has th' mizzenmast t' challenge th' like o' ME!? YAAAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!"

He nearly fell over in laughter, clutching his sides while Roger chuckle awkwardly at his navi's antics.

Wiping away a tear away with his hook, he shook his sharp prosthetic at Cambiare and said, "LOOKIT YE! Ye've barely come off yer mother's TEET and ye think yerself a MAHN? YAR HA-HAR! Ohhhhh, lad. Leave yer valuables, walk away and MAYBE I'll consider not feedin' ye t' me parrot."

As if on cue, Cannonball let out a loud, "SQUARG!" flapping her wings in a fierce and indimidating display.

"DubloonMan! We're not ROBBING him!" berated Roger, "It's just... It's a FRIENDLY fight! For fun!"

DubloonMan's face went somber, almost sad, as he looked at Cambiare and slowly shook his head with a sigh, "...I suppose ye best inform yer next o' kin. But look on the bright side - me parrot will be well-fed tonight."

"SQUARG! WELL FED!" Cannonball echoed.
"Oh man, are you gonna take that, Cambi? You gonna just take that smack talk?!" Finny was still doing everything she could to push her navi into fighting DubloonMan, despite the fact that he was much stronger than Cambiare. "S-so rude..." The navi whispered to himself. "I-I can't stand this!" Taking back his 'friendly' hand gesture, Cambiare was, for the first time in a long time, actually angry about something.

Though all the other situations he faced before also had the opponents looking down on him, but this pirate, he was going all out with it! Cambiare honestly believed that he became stronger through the trials and tribulations he had to go through, and it really hit the nerve when some stranger was talking as if he never even stood a chance against his parrot. His parrot for goodness sake! "Finny, w-we're gonna do this!" The Creamland girl had a devious smile when she head those words, looking up at Roger as she began to giggle. "Oh boy, you're gonna get it, Roger~"

Cambiare took few steps back before he furiously pointed his finger at Dubloon. "You p-pirate!...I don't even k-know your name, but y-you're gonna regret all that talk about your parrot and things!" Gritting his teeth, the navi readied himself for battle, slowly starting to have regrets for all that he has said so far...

"Yar ha-har! So ye really DO have a spine in thar somewhar." DubloonMan continued to taunt, though his tone had changed to a slightly more serious one, "Good! It'll give me somethin' t' look fer when I gut ye like a fish."

Dubloonman gave his beard another scratch and stood up straight, his height and build clearly superior to Cambiare's. However, his stance was still more casual than battle-ready as he still thought of this fight as a joke.

Yawning, he added, "...Well? Come on then!"

((Netbattle ready))
Cambiare and DubloonMan faced off on Scilab Net; no viruses interrupted their fight and no navis watched on. The net was deadly silent, for whatever reason, apart from the boasting of the large pirate and the stuttering of his opponent.

The net that they stood on was primarily featureless, sterile tile, fitting for ScilabNet. To the right and left, there were street lights to illuminate the path they were on, although the sky was currently a rainy sort of gray. A fountain sat in the distance, but it wasn't activated, so no water streamed out. It seemed pretty likely that they'd ended up in an old, forgotten segment of the park. As such, it was really even more surprising that no viruses were around...

... That potential threat seemed to be all the more reason to finish the fight quickly.

DubloonMan: 170 HP
Cannonball: 80 HP

Cambiare: 140 HP

LampPostA: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostB: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostC: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostD: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostE: 40 HP (to west)
LampPostF: 40 HP (to west)
LampPostG: 40 HP (to west)
LampPostH: 40 HP (to west)

Terrain: 90% Normal, 10% Metal (only standing in fountain to north)


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DubloonMan charged ahead, leaving his parrot hanging in his wake. Without warning, he had gone from looking apathetic and bored to becoming a bloodthirsty berserker in an instant.

"NOWHERE T' RUN NOW, LAD! YAR HA-HAR!" he howled. In what little remained of his coherent thought processes, there was no mercy for someone this weak. In fact, there was to be no mercy for anyone. The sooner he ended this fight, the sooner he could move on to something else.

It wasn't hard to figure out his navi's mindset at this point and Roger had already anticipated DubloonMan's 'strategy' of rushing in blindly. He had also prepared the DashAttack and Mudflop chips to compliment his navi's actions. He slotted in the DashAttack first, rapidly speeding up DubloonMan's run until he was rocketing across the field with absolutely no concern for his well being or anything else but bringing down his target. Carried by the inertia of his dash, DubloonMan leapt forward in a flying tackle just as Roger slipped in the second chip. Whether it was intentional or not, DubloonMan's body flashed with a silver sheen, temporarily reinforcing it and adding to the force of his attack. He landed hard in a spontaneous burst of brown muck that spread all over the street. Surprisingly, the mud provided just enough traction for DubloonMan to quickly turn to Cambiare's position and lunge forward with his outstretched hand.

"What're ye tryin' t' pull?" DubloonMan growled, clearly not impressed with Cambiare's tactics or weaponry up to this point. In practiced motions falsely indicative of years of training and experience, DubloonMan's arms darted for key points in Cambiare's form, striking at them with expert precision, shocking everyone witness to it - DubloonMan included. With his pre-programmed martial proficiency, he finished up by slamming his knee and elbow together in an attept to disarm his opponent. When he was done, he had somehow claimed something in the process, though he was still a little too surprised about his own ability to immediately recognize what it was.

"DubloonMan! Rope!" Roger said, slotting in the chip and snapping his navi out the daze.

He reached for his belt, his filthy coattails flapping back slightly from the speed of his quickdraw. Wielding the freshly formed tether, DubloonMan haphazardly attached it to his ill-gotten quarry and whipped the newly weighted end forward to try and ensnare Cambiare and bind his movements. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, this fight was turning out to be more fun than he originally expected. DubloonMan took in a deep breath.

His voice boomed throughout the park, causing the lampposts to flicker and dim and the ground to shake, "YAR HA-HAR! DO YE THINK ME THREATS BE BUT IDLE WORDS, LAD!? CANNONBALL!! IT BE TIME T' FEAST!"

Across the field, the bloated green bird almost grinned at the command and dove forward, eager to follow her owner's command. Wings spread wide, Cannonball was relentless as she swooped in and began to ravage away at Cambiare. The air filled with shed feathers, loud squarging and the sound of DubloonMan's sadistic laughter.

Meanwhile, Roger was starting to feel bad about putting Finny and Cambiare through all this.

1) Dashattack Cambiare (90 damage + Impact + LineAttack5) {C}
2) MudFlop Cambiare (60 + Impact + Slow + Medium Mud Terrain) + Break {B}
3) Plunder Cambiare (Disarm + Strengthen 40) {B}
4) Strengthened Rope1 Cambiare (40 damage + (50 damage + Hold) for 3 turns) {A}
5) Panic Attack (Nova4 Stun) {B}
Cannonball - Attack Cambiare (20 damage) {B}
Cannonball - Attack Cambiare (20 damage) {B}
Cannonball - Attack Cambiare (20 damage) {B} (Gatling)
"Are you ready, Cambi?" said Finny, barely containing her excitement.

"...O-on second thought. N-no! Not really!" All of Cambiare's anger quickly changed to regret, much too flustered to do anything on his own after seeing DubloonMan make the first move. "Sigh...I expected this to happen...Cambi, just follow everything I say and everything will be fine!" Finny rummaged through her pocket to pull out a blue program drive and slotted it into the PET. A blue cylinder suddenly appeared over Cambiare and disappeared in an instant, revealing the navi in his brand new blue form. "Huh? Finny, w-what is thi-?"

"Uh-uh, no time to be in awe of your new form. Fire a laser from your forehead!"


"You heard me! Be sure to yell something out when you're doing it!"

Still confused with his new form and the strange command, on top of the sheer pressure DubloonMan was giving off, Cambiare simply had no choice to follow the order. "C-C-CAMBIIIIIMUUUUUU!" The navi crossed his arms across his chest while keeping his hands flat, causing a sphere of light to gather around the navi's forehead crystal before it fired towards DubloonMan.

"Pffwahahaha! You actually did it!" Finny couldn't hold down her laughter after watching her navi perform the ridiculous stunt, grabbing her stomach as she leaned forward. "Ahaha...Oh...Good job, that should at least soften up his attack. Now lets make sure his attack doesn't hit at all." Slotting a chip in, a giant Wind virus appeared in front of Cambiare, blowing powerful gust of wind against Dubloon.

"Are you s-sure this is going to work?" asked Cambiare, still unsure of the battle. The operator shook her head with confidence, even adding a small thumbs up. "Of course!" From the very start, Finny knew that she would be at a disadvantage. Seeing all those upgrades Roger bought on the store was a clear indicator that his navi was almost a league ahead of Cambiare. But she still had faith in Cambiare, despite all the failures he faced before, and she also knew that he was much more than he looked...or talked.

"Move to the right! Get behind those lamps!" The nervous navi did as he was told and began to run towards the eastern lamps, but something happened that caught him by surprise. The rectangular ports on his boots began to sputter as blue embers began to flare out. In an instant, the boots formed two blue rings beneath its soles to created a make-shift rollerblade for the navi. "A-ahh, wowoowoah! Ah-h-help!" Having no previous experience with the skates, Cambiare struggled to keep balance as the boot moved the navi forward without his consent. "S-s-stop!" The boot did as it was told and stopped stopped, disengaging the energy rings and dropped the navi down to the ground with the lamps surrounding him.

Though Cambiare clumsily fell, he immediately got back up and turned towards DubloonMan and awaited for more commands. "W-what now?" Finny took out a chip from her pocket and slipped it in to the PET, crossing her arms afterwards. "Now's the time to attack! Give 'im hell, Cambi!" Finally, Cambiare thought, after all the running and skating around, it was finally his time to attack. He held his arm up to the pirate as the bracelet's ports began to let off the same blue ember as his boot did, a sign that it was warming up. "Now's the cool part. Hold up your fingers like its a gun and fire it!" Cambiare was given another strange command, but the navi had no other choice since it seemed Finny had more knowledge over how the new form worked. He formed his hand to the shape of a gun and aimed it towards Dubloon as he held it up with his other hand to stop the trembling. "Umm...Err...B-bang?!" The ports on Cambiare's bracelet fired a pair of energy pellets at DubloonMan like some strange, old school sci-fi flick weapons, not bound by common logics and physics while just doing what it was suppose to do.

"Now get moving! Move, move, move, move!"

Cambiare had no problem following this order, moving through the lamps in order to dodge any more attacks heading his way. The worst case scenario, as the had imagined, was being defeated in a single turn...And there would be no embarrassment bigger than being defeated so quickly after talking big.

* Debuff: -16 Damage @ Dubloon
* Change: Grazioso Form
1. Wind [Push | Reduce Accuracy | To-All-Clause (Enemies) | 100 HP] {S}
* Allegro: Movement towards eastern lamps
2. Shotgun [50 | Spread1] {A} @ DubloonMan / Cannonball
3. Dodge
4. Dodge

Cannonball attacked Cambiare in a flurry, pecking at him recklessly but failing to chomp off much of his tender, juicy navi flesh [20]. DubloonMan's enemy quickly upset the match by raising a windbox, which would ultimately make the pirate's attacks hard-pressed to find their mark. A debuff from the astounding Cambeamu worked its way into his system, further disabling him [-16 debuff]. Worst of all, Cambiare managed to peg him with a shotgun, the spread of which hit his faithful bird companion [50 + spread].

The pirate powered his way through the troublesome windstorm, but Cambiare managed to dodge his attack using the speed of his Grazioso form. DubloonMan attempted a second attack, flying at his opponent with both arms, but Cambiare continued to evade. Even despite the wind, DubloonMan's body attacks had given him just enough momentum to reach his opponent. Finally, he grabbed Cambiare roughly, then scissored his body between his knee and elbow, managing to score a hit [self-strengthen 40 + disarm].

As Cambiare struggled to get back up, DubloonMan wasted no time, whipping a length of rope off his belt to catch around his foe's legs to tie him down [90 + hold x3 + delayed damage x2]. With the enemy thus restrained, DubloonMan let out a loud roar, which reverberated in the very bones of Cambiare (and also DubloonMan's own parrot) [stun]. Face-down in the mud, could Cambiare hope to get back up after that fearsome display?

DubloonMan: 120 HP (16 debuff) (slow) (caught in wind) (mud)
Cannonball: 30 HP (stun x1) (mud)

Cambiare: 70 HP (Rope1: 50 damage x2 + hold x3) (stun x1) (to east, 1 move away from DubloonMan) (mud)
Wind: 100 HP (1 move away from DubloonMan south)

LampPostA: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostB: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostC: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostD: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostE: 40 HP (to west)
LampPostF: 40 HP (to west)
LampPostG: 40 HP (to west)
LampPostH: 40 HP (to west)

Terrain: 70% Normal, 20% Mud, 10% Metal (only standing in fountain to north)
"Cambi, are you alright?! Get a hold of yourself!"

Finny watched her navi being frightened to the core, unable to neither reply nor move as he was partially drowning in the mud. "Argh, Roger and whatchamacalllitman is better than I thought...And here I was thinking that careful planning could outwit some barbaric pirate!" Swapping the blue program drive with a red one, Cambiare unwillingly changed into his Brio form, giving the enough "push" to awaken the frightened navi.

The nervous navi gasped for air as he lifted his head out from the mud, wiping down his face to clear off his visors and his mud-covered mouth. "Pffft...Patooo...W-What happened? What's goi-...H-huh?" As if being covered in mud after waking up wasn't confusing enough, getting the legs tied up by some questionable belt was simply pushing it. "...T-this doesn't look good, Finny." said Cambiare as sweats began to drop from his muddy cheeks. "You don't have to tell me about it..."

The once-outgoing girl was gritting her teeth trying to find a way to get out of this mess. The obvious way out would have been to cut through the rope and recover from the attack, but DubloonMan and Roger wasn't going to let them go so easily. Urrrgh! Nothing's going according to my plan! Those stupid lamps didn't help, all those dodging barely did anything, and why is this 2v1 match! Stupid pirate-wannabe was lying about this being a friendly match! The more she thought about how to get out, the more she began to doubt its success. She was at the edge of pulling her own pigtails down in frustration till a simple idea came up in her head.

"Cambi...Looks like we have to do this hard way."

"Huh? I-It's already kinda hard as it is right now?"

"No, you retard! We don't have much of a choice right now, it's sink or swim, do or die, fly or fall, succeed or fail!"

"I don't like the sound of any of t-that..."

Finny took out a pair of battlechips from her pocket and began to load it through her PET. The Markcannon battlechip transformed Cambiare's right arm into a buster with a long gun barrel and a targeting screen placed on the side, while the Machinegun chip transformed the navi's left arm into a multi-barrel gun with a large magazine placed on the top. "I know, Cambi. I know you're not gonna like the sound of this plan, but we have to do it if we're gonna have any chance of winning." Cambiare gulped as he listened in on Finny's plan. "Just attack the pirate with everything you got. From the look of it, he looks dumb enough to attack blindly against you...Unfortunately, we don't have any elaborate attacks we can use to counter, but we just have to make due!"

Cambiare, obviously, didn't like the sound of the plan at all. But sitting around in the mud with his legs tied up certainly wasn't going to make any progress as well. The orange stripes on Cambiare's body lit up as it shined through the layers of mud that covered the navi, giving him a boost of strength for this unstable tactic. "D-do or die...R-r-ri-right!" Cambiare raised his Markcanon up towards DubloonMan, lining up the targeting screen's reticules on the pirate till it locked on.


The cannon fired a highly accurate shot as it sent the navi's arm flying up from the recoil, but the nervous navi immediately switched off into his left Machinegun to follow up with his attack. "Go, Cambi, go!" Cambiare was in the zone, barely thinking straight as he focused everything in attacking DubloonMan, ignoring everything that was heading his way. The Machinegun fired all over the place as the recoil sent the navi's arm flailing. Accuracy wasn't a luxury Cambiare could afford, rather, he could only hope that the few stray bullets would be enough to finish off the pirate following the Markcannon attack from before...

Exhausted, Cambiare dropped both of his arms down to the ground as the guns were dismantled, leaving the navi up to fate's will...

* Buff: +16 Damage
* Change: Brio Form
1. Stunned
2. Crescendo [Strengthen 80 | 2 TCD]
3. MarkCannon [70+[b]50[/b] | Seeking | Lock-On] {A} @ DubloonMan
4. MachineGun [30+[b]5[/b] (+45) x 9 Shots | Spray Fire | Buffed] {D} @ DubloonMan

Crescendo: USED
Shin-deep in mud, DubloonMan struggled to wade his way to Cambiare. Dredging his cannon prosthetic forward was hard enough without having to deal with the inconvenient drain of energy that accompanied his loud boasting. Moreover, the sound and pressure from the constant artificial wind was grating on what few nerves he had left. After a single step, he dismissed the task at hand with a wave of his arm and ordered Cannonball to do his dirty work for him, "Yar, Cannonball! DIG IN!"

His parrot's eyes were still rattling around in her head from enduring his shout. At his simple command, she instantly regained her senses and lunged at Cambiare, beak snapping wildly, ready to rend and devour the navi's digital flesh. Her small wings acted more like claws than anything else, as the green support program crawled her way across the filth to get to the crippled navi.

However, something else was wrong. DubloonMan clutched his head, a little woozy from what Cambiare must have done to him. He thought back to that odd beam that he had shrugged off earlier. He realized he didn't have time to dwell on what could have caused his predicament and simply shouted, "Roger! Me flintlock!"

His operator was eager to end this fight soon and quickly slotted in the Machinegun chip at his navi's request while readying the other two. DubloonMan reached into his muck-encrusted coat and withdrew his muck-encrusted weapon, giving it a quick shake to clean it.

"It be... Time t' end this." DubloonMan stammered, and began to unload the volley of leadshot at Cambiare.

The first shot he fired seemed to be weaker and slower than usual. All the while, the wind worked against him, skewing his aim and forcing him to blink and wince. As he discharged more rounds from his gun, he felt himself returning to normal but was still enraged that he had been subject to some kind of curse. He yanked on the end of the rope binding Cambiare, tightening its crushing grip on his body.

"WHAT DID YE DO T' ME, YE FOUL BILGE RAT!?" Dubloon snarled.

The wind picked up a bit, tipping his hat forward, forcing DubloonMan to slap it back on his head. He stared directly at the windbox and shouted, "BLASTED MACHINE! T' TH' SCRAPYARD WITH YE!"

Though Roger had the two Machinegun chips in his hand, they weren't the best chips for dealing with that problem. He needed something much more accurate and looked for his Shotgun, "DubloonMan, Betty's on her way."

Still armed with his flintlock in one hand, the pirate drew the wide-mouthed blunderbuss from his coat, managing to wield it with his hook. It glimmered with a metallic brilliance for a moment just before DubloonMan fired, showering the air with shiny steel pellets.

DubloonMan needed a break. There was too much going on and while that normally didn't bother him, he felt like he could really use a drink. He gave his blunderbuss a quick kiss before sliding it back into the seemingly infinite confines of his jacket and pulled out a small flask. Uncorking it with his teeth, he downed the contents in one swift gulp.

Roger waited with bated breath. Out of all of his navi's signature abilities, he had tinkered with Groggy Grog the most. The self-repair capacity had been increased nearly two fold and now provided a brief boost in strength but at a heavy cost of compromising some key systems in the process.

DubloonMan wiped away the remnants from his lips and took in a deep breath. He almost felt completely renewed and laughed, "YAR HA-HAR! TH' SWEETEST NECTAR!"

He quickly trained his flintlock back onto Cambiare, noticing that Cambiare was doing the same, "Ye fancy yerself a better shot than I? I may yet be wrong about ye!"

The battle had practically just started but it was already the endgame. Roger sighed and slotted in the two Machineguns, back to back. DubloonMan's gun reloaded itself and he began to pepper the landscape with his wild gunfire. All the while, he laughed maniacally, ignorant of the damage he was enduring. Mud splattered up from the stray shots and smoke and dirt filled the air in obscuring clouds around both navis. It became impossible to tell who was firing as the sound of opposing gunfire melded together in a cacophony of war.

Soon, the last shot was fired and silence filled the park. Both navis were still obscured from view leaving Roger and Finny wondering who had won. Either way, it had been a closer match than Roger expected.

Cannonball - Dig In Cambiare (40 drain) {B}
1 - Machinegun1 Cambiare (9 x 30 damage + Spray-Fire) {D} (-16 Debuff) (+10 strengthen)
Rope - 50 damage + Hold {S}
2 - Shotgun Wind (50 damage + spread 1) + Break {A} (x2 from break vs object)
3 - Groggy Grog (Heal 150 + Strengthen 10) + Off-Target + Action Recovery
4 - Machinegun1 Cambiare (9 x 30 damage + Spray-Fire) {D}
5 - Machinegun1 Cambiare (9 x 30 damage + Spray-Fire) {D}
* - Save strengthen10
The rope around Cambiare's leg dug into the wound and mud mixed in further, causing a surge of pain to run up the navi's leg as he tried to bear with it. DubloonMan's man-eating parrot only made things worse, biting Cambiare hard with his silly parrot beak. Cambiare would probably never believe DubloonMan if he told someone that his pet was safe to be around again [40, self-heal 20].

Cambiare built up strength, preparing to launch another attack. Unfortunately, DubloonMan needed no such time to prep. He unleashed a flurry of gunfire from his filthy, filthy gun upon the unfortunate navi, landing hit after hit. [14] [30]

As Finny's PET lit up with CRITICAL CONDITION and belted out hand-cannon noises, it seemed it might be in everyone's best interests to call the match to a halt.

DubloonMan: 120 HP (caught in wind) (mud)
Cannonball: 50 HP (mud)

Cambiare: 1 HP (Rope1: 50 damage x1 + hold x2) (to east, 1 move away from DubloonMan) (mud)
Wind: 100 HP (1 move away from DubloonMan south)

LampPostA: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostB: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostC: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostD: 40 HP (to east)
LampPostE: 40 HP (to west)
LampPostF: 40 HP (to west)
LampPostG: 40 HP (to west)
LampPostH: 40 HP (to west)

Terrain: 70% Normal, 20% Mud, 10% Metal (only standing in fountain to north)
The wind helped clear away the smoke and revealed that neither navi had been defeated in the fight. Though from the beeping coming from Finny's PET, Roger could tell Cambiare was on the verge of being finished. This seemed like a good time to end it.

DubloonMan saw Cambiare, ruined and defeated, and had to suppress every urge to grind his heel into the navi's helmet. He loosened his grip on the rope and extended his hand to his downed opponent, Roger's words still echoing in his mind, "Friendly fight! Friendly fight!"

"Yer tactics be every bit as pathetic and cowardly as ye look," DubloonMan spat, "But... I suppose ye DO fight somewhat like a mahn when yer ship be sinkin'. Learn ye t' fight like that more often and maybe I'll crush ye by a smaller margin next time."

His face held a grim seriousness that hinted at an extremely tenuous and fleeting respect for Cambiare that was completely undermined by Cannonball perching herself back on DubloonMan's shoulder. She glared at Cambiare, slowly chewing something light gray. Swallowing the morsel, she licked her beak while maintaining her gaze at the navi.
Cambiare stared blankly into the technicolor sky, still unsure as to what had happened so far. He thought he had two chips ready. He thought he was going to make his last stand. He definitely thought he fired both of his guns at DubloonMan with everything he had...But that wasn't the case. He was defeated before he could act at all and utter humiliation was most likely followed with this bitter end as the navi heard foot steps edging closer...


He tried to turn his back against DubloonMan, but the fact that he was nearly-deleted made the navi unable to move from the sheer amount of pain. But to his surprise, rather than some foot grinding against his temple, Dubloon offered a hand along with few borderline compliments. "...Y-you b-beat me good, I guess. Good job?" Maybe it was out of courtesy that Cambiare returned the compliment back, or maybe it was fear of getting beaten up even more, but nonetheless, he was relieved that the pirate stood down from attacking any further.

Cambiare took DubloonMan's hand and raised himself up, stumbling to regain balance as he faced the pirate. He gulped, still uncomfortable in the presence of his offender, and gave a proper bow. "T-thanks for the match." The navi stumbled once again, butting his head against Dubloon's chest accidentally before the nervous navi quickly backed away in fear of sudden retaliation. "Ah-aaah, it-it-it was an accident!"
DubloonMan barely noticed the headbutt and grunted, "Roger! This port be losing its appeal. Time t' set sail!"

Roger agreed that he had spent enough time in the shop and jacked his navi out of the network. DubloonMan was able to pass one more glance at Cambiare before he and his parrot disappeared from the network in a pillar of light.

"...Ahah...G-glad that's over with." Cambiare shortly fell down to the ground once more with a big thud, simply too exhausted to do anything else. "Finny, jack me out, please..." With a sigh of relief, the navi disappeared from the Scilab network in a pillar of gray light.