Final prep before the Rings

A large beam of light broke the silence of this section of the scilabs nets. Trent and Sasha were all that remained as they stepped out of the light and were left behind as it faded. The two looked around quickly, unsure of why this area of scilabs was so empty. Must be because of the remote computer that Mark had jacked them into. Most of their other adventures through this terminal started off by going through internet city first.

"Ok we only need that small amount of zenny then we can head out of here. Look for something to fight for it, 515 shouldn't be hard to come by."

Trent nodded and set off though out the old terminal looking for viruses.

{Battle 1 please}
The small terminal network didn't really have much in the way of viruses. Four Champus strolled around in solitude, with one of them eyeing a rather shiny green crystal in the corner. However, they spotted the duo coming into the network fairly quickly, and readied themselves for battle!

Champu A: 60 HP (Metal)
Champu B: 60 HP (Metal)
Champu C: 60 HP (Metal)
Champu D: 60 HP (Metal)

Green Mystery Data: 20 HP (Behind Champus/Metal)

-- ALLIES --
Trent.EXE: 190 HP (Metal)
Sasha.SP: 40 HP (Metal)

70% Metal (Platform)
30% Glass

Trent and Sasha both stopped in their tracks when the Green mystery data came into play. Even Mark leaned forwards in his chair. With such a small terminal, that they were connected to directly, these viruses and this green mystery data could be all that they fin for a while, or at all, here. They have to keep the data safe. Mark quickly started to sort though the chips to find something to protect the data, but came up empty handed. And Sasha's collar barrier was limited to say the least. "I guess you are just going to have to drop them quickly. I will send as many clear target multi hits as I ca-" Before Mark could finish the sentence he saw the Bubblestar. "I had forgotten all about this. I am going to slot this in and the metagel. Take a moment to see what it left standing...or floating in bubbles...then carve them up with this." Mark slotted in the Aqua Knife.

Trent was happy to have the blade in his arsenal for this. He always felt better when a sharp edge was involved. He turned to Sasha, issued an order, and turned back confident the dog would complete this task. It was one that the dog was used to at this point, his large front paw swiping up at his collar right behind his ear. The tiny cube dropped from the collar, falling to the ground with a sound, before the dog stepped on it to break it, and became encased in the bubble barrier. It disappeared, but left its effects on the dog.

While Sasha was handling this, Trent opened with one of the two chips. Both of them were meant to hit many targets, but they weren't wide open attacks. Both were attacks meant for certain targets. There shouldn't be any flying bullets or swinging blades to slip unto that mystery data. Trent pulled out one knife and it wasn't one of his usual blades. It was a blade granted to him by the bubble star chip. Before he used this attack though, he started with the metagel. As the chip was activated, the three gels formed in the air above the champus, and plummeted down to the netways below. Upon impact with either the ground or the viruses, the gels would explode and coat the area.

Trent started with the bubble star, as he pulled his arm back to throw the blade it split into three different weapons, each becoming more and more transparent as he readied the attack. Once he let the three attacks fly, they turned fully into a liquid blade, seeking to coat the viruses in bubble solution before expanding.

"I feel like I've seen that type of situation on a kids show before," Mark remarked. "What was that show? Something with a fruit and a sea coral? No no that's not it. Hrm."

While Mark was lost in thought, Trent uploaded the aquaknife chip to both his freshly drawn blades. He held each in his classic grip pattern, one reverse and one forwards, then moved in on the champus. He took a moment to determine which of the champus were left alive after the attack. Once this information had been processed he moved in on the targets, and quickly delivered swift aquatic blades. Each slice left pools to water on the net paths where Trent had swung his weapon. Trent backed off and dodge away, back towards Sasha, who had his haunches raised and his teeth bared.

1) Protective Collar -30 HP barrier to self-

1) Metal Gel to Champu A, B, C (90 + Slow + Aqua + 3 Targets)
2) Bubblestar to Champu B, C, D (20 + Bubble Trap + x3 Targets + Aqua)
*Free Action: Tactical Movement Towards Champu
3) Determine which Champus are left alive
4) Aqua knife to a living Champu (60 + Slashing + Aqua)
5) Aqua Knife to a living Champu (60 + Slashing + Aqua)
The falling gels was surprisingly effective on the viruses, immediately deleting the three targeted viruses. The Bubblestar, however, was far too slow to catch up to the last of the Champu. Being the last one left, it became desperate and began to swing its fiery fists, successfully landing two solid hits onto Trent...Shortly before it was deleted by flurry of knife cuts.


Green Mystery Data: 20 HP (Behind Champus/Metal)

-- ALLIES --
Trent.EXE: 170 HP (Metal)
Sasha.SP: 40 HP [30 HP Barrier] (Metal)

70% Metal (Platform)
30% Glass

350z, 12 BugFrags

OPEN G.M.D. : Y / N
{I added 12 Bugfrags to my total, if this is the wrong amount please tell me I will change it.}

The blows that were landed by the virus were glancing at best, but they hurt his pride more than anything. Trent wouldn't be happy until he could perform more flawless battles. He returned his blade back to it steel form, discarding the aquaknife data back to the chip, ejecting it from the PET. Trent moved in quickly on the scrap data, pulling out all the zenny he could. It wasn't enough on its own. Mark, Trent, and Sasha all looked at the Green mystery data with a hungry eye. Mark wanted that final bit of zenny to be in there.

Trent sent Sasha on his meal, searching out the bugfrags in the area, his nose to the ground gobbling the spare data. The fighter himself moved up to the crystal and placed a hand on it. When prompted with an open response, he pushed "Y".

{Open Mystery Data}
The Mystery Data decrypted itself to reveal...

[GMD: [Boomerang1] Battlechip]
Disappointed, Trent gathered the data for his similarly disappointed operator. Mark leaned back in his chair and blindly slotted in a free chip for the data download. A heavy hand fell on Mark's forehead and a deep sigh was released as he spun slightly in his chair. He pulled one leg up to rest on the seat. He said nothing until the data download was finished and automatically ejected the data disk. A few moments passed as he spun in silence, both Trent and Sasha stood in silence, neither moving more than simple shifts of weight.

Mark leaned back in and said, "You aren't ready." With that he Jacked his navi out of the nets. Even with the Fault not falling unto him with this one, ever since the fight Mark has been losing a sense of faith in Trent. There was no way he would reintroduce him to the rings, after losing his fight and being unable to turn up a small amount of zenny. Regardless of the fact that it was dumb luck, he couldn't help himself from being slightly disappointed. "We are going to start more training. We need to get a sharper understanding of each other, and you need more upgrades to make it even close to the rings. Tell me again how you survived?"

Trent gave no answer, merely sat in the middle of his blank homepage, Sasha resting against his side.

{Jack out}