NP Mission: Nodical Investigation

[Using SCL-0145P.DAT]

Zooming through the net pathways, Red came to a stop at the designated node and looked around. She didn't notice anything strange at first, but the proof was in the pudding, as they say.

Suddenly, Myun shot down right next to Red, giving the crimson crusader a start. Myun blinked wordlessly as her master let out a sigh. Facing the heavens, Red blew up her face, pouting at Shin as the operator chuckled, waving his hand lightly at Red.

"Come on Myun, let's see what's wrong here," Red suggested to her Support Program, who nodded and bounced along with her master.

[Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 230 HP]
[Myun.SP: 100 HP]
[Ready for Mission]
Riding the net pathways, Red found herself at a small side road off the beaten path. The place was practically devoid of any sort of activity; the cracked metal tiles attested to that. A check on the coordinate datafile revealed that the coordinates she was given apparently lead to an open space out in the internet, and not the node itself; a second set of coordinates showed the way to the portal. Walking for a while on the road, she then found that the road seemed to end at a dead stop. However, due to her stature, she found that there was a floating island platform about 12 feet below, not connected to any road she could see.

In the middle of the platform, Red could see the portal indicated by the coordinates, but there was a problem. There was someone guarding it, two to be precise. One was a Swordy-N, patrolling around the portal. It was clearly of the Rogue variety from its different color scheme. The other was a HeelNavi, but he seemed to have decided to doze off for a while. They both hadn't noticed her presence yet.
"Hmmm," Red pondered, peering over the edge of the road at the situation. It seemed that she could access the node using the portal guarded by the Swordy and Heelnavi, the problem was how to get in there unnoticed. It seemed pretty hard....

...just kidding. Letting out a small giggle, Red covered herself with a giant magical hat and dropped down toward the platform. While the guards take the bait, the red-caped wonder warped herself into the portal and accessed it immediately, courtesy of her signature program.

Turn Summary:
1. Magic Trick [Decoy: Drop giant magical hat down toward platform. Teleport to portal]
2. access portal.
As expected, the Swordy immediately went for the gigantic hat in front of it and took the bait, as Red safely teleported to the... teleporter, and disappeared in a flash.

Shortly after that, Red rematerialized in another place from a similar teleporter into the target location. Surveying around, her observations seemed to not match the information given. The place seemed like any ordinary small computer, with normal tiling and a tiny area. Blank sky suggested the owner didn't feel like decor for that either.

Even stranger, the place even seemed devoid of viruses... except for one. It was placed in the corner, and escaped her notice for a bit. A small KillerEye's detached eye it was, sitting in the corner. Missing its limbs, the small spherical eye was very inconspicuous. It blinked emptily, not seeming to have noticed Red and Myun's arrival.

KillerEye sans limbs: 100 HP

Red: 230 HP
Myun: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal
Red looked around quickly, sighing in relief as it seemed the guards had taken the bait.

Walking in, Red noticed the place seemed pretty barren. It was a mystery as to why there would be a need for investigation. The crimson crusader froze as she spotted the KillerEye, but it made no indication that it had done the same.

Another question was... where was Myun? A muffled sound from behind made the red-caped wonder turn around to find...

...her support unit was hiding in her cape.

Sighing, Red faced away from her entry point again and just started walking. A thin line went across her cloak, readying it for any incoming attacks as Red proceeded forward.


"One special and a cup of borscht, is it? Thank you very much, your order will arrive shortly," the waitress said to Shin as he finished ordering from the restaurant. Sighing, the self-proclaimed ace checked his PeT.

"Any luck?" Shin inquired, sipping a glass of water while a group next to him was getting pretty jovial and drunk.


"Not yet, there's a KillerEye here, but I don't think it's noticed me yet," Red replied, keeping her voice low.

"Well, tell me if you need anything," Shin mumbled, closing the holoscreen and leaning back in his seat. His stomach grumbled as he waited on his order.

Turn summary:
*Blood-Soaked Cape: Passive 20 HP Casing
1-6. Move forward

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Follow Red
1-3. Follow Red
Moving towards the KillerEye sphere, Red and Myun proceeded cautiously. As they moved into the eye's range of sight, the virus turned its focus on them, but didn't fire. It did have its red laser sight still pointed at them, but no crackle of electricity was fired on them. For a while, the eye simply followed their path with its unfaltering gaze, its red laser trained on them all the while.

Suddenly, a ball rolled up to them from behind, and detonated in a flash of light! Red's cape protected them from the damage, but a sudden shock traveled through their systems, bringing them to their knees and paralyzing them! Two figures from behind ambushed and pinned them in flawless tandem, further paralyzing them. Their necks were then brought close to two gleaming blades, after which they were pulled up.

"Eheheheh. Well, well, well. Look what we have here," a voice from behind Red spoke. It was unmistakeable as a standard HeelNavi's synthesized voice, and one could guess that the figure holding Myun was the Swordy from earlier. The HeelNavi spoke again. "Don't off that rodent yet, boy. Might get something out of this." The Swordy did not reply, but turned its blade slightly away from Myun. The Navi then pressed the blue sword closer to Red, whispering, "Now, if you'll just answer one teensy little question, little girl. What's your business here?"

The KillerEye in the corner continued to blink silently, its laser focused on Red's body.

KillerEye sans limbs: 100 HP
HeelNavi: 200 HP (Holding Red) (Equip: RArm-Sword)
Swordy-N2: 120 HP (Holding Myun)

Red: 230 HP (Stun!)
Myun: 100 HP (Stun!)

Terrain: 100% Normal
Well, poopy, Red groaned internally. That KillerEye was probably a camera of some sort, she should've taken it out when she had the chance. Good thing she still had her awesome cape. Yeah, it was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, she couldn't answer the HeelNavi's question right away, seeing as the shock had pretty much paralyzed all her functions for the moment. Myun didn't seem to really care that a sword was held right at her neck at the moment.

Shaking out her arms to get herself back into action, Red tried turning her head toward the Heelnavi and smiled cheerfully, completely unfazed by the situation she was in. "Welll... some guys at the top thought this place needed a cleanup for junk data, since it was left alone so long. Well, left alone by the higher ups, it's not like they monitor everything, so I guess you're doing something cool here? That's interesting. Do I get to see it?" Red explained, giggling girlishly.

Her cape assumed the regular density, and unknown to all parties, Red's skin was slowly becoming covered with honeycombs that would launch some bees on contact if she was attacked.

In the real world, Shin downed some warm borscht, smirking as he viewed the RiskyHoney data he had just entered into the PeT.

Turn Summary:
1. Stunned
2. Bluff
*Blood-Soaked Cape: 20 HP Casing on Red
3. RiskyHoney1 [Block 1 hit and Counter with 5x10 +25 Wood DMG]

Myun's Actions:
1. Stunned
"Junk data...? Psh, as if I could buy that little story," the HeelNavi sneered, his eyes narrowing as he spat (sorta, he had no mouth) at the floor. Holding the Sword a little bit closer to Red's neck, the HeelNavi continued. "Now... I could... let you go. No questions asked. But of course, that's going to take some persuasion. A little yellow, a little green, if you know what I mean. Hah, I rhymed there. Hahahaha," the purple Navi laughed at his own joke. His head went to the side of Red's body, and his eyes looked her up and down.

"Or..." he continued, a little more spite in his voice. His purple-armored hand went up to Red's cheeks and gave them a light pull teasingly. Because of the small nature of the gesture, the honeycomb underneath her skin did not register it as an attack, though the Navi was still oblivious to the fact that there even was anything there. "You've got pretty nice visuals here, girl. Your programmer must've liked that kind of thing. Maybe I should just... keep you. For all my hard work here. Hahahahaha."

Then, just as things started to look as if they would be turning for the worse, a small sound of the teleporter behind her being used saved her skin. The HeelNavi turned around at the sound, immediately grabbing Red and turning her around to face the portal. The Swordy did the same, imitating the Navi. With all of them facing the portal, their eyes met a figure that was standing at the portal, scratching at his greyed hair sleepily with both eyes closed.

The figure seemed to be an old man, with greying scalp and gnarled face and walking cane and all the things that came with the self-respecting septagenarian. A sweeping black cloak, dotted with blue stars was the man's garb, what was underneath was unclear. The old man kept scratching at his scalp, not saying a word with his eyes still clamped shut. It took a while for him to open his eyes and notice the company that was inside. Puzzlement came over him as he saw the two intruders. Lifting his cane, he pointed wordlessly at Red and Myun consecutively.

"A-Ah, sir," the HeelNavi stuttered, almost drawing back but restraining himself, "I, er, found these two trespassing, sir! What should I do, sir?"

The old man raised an eyebrow, and continued scratching his head. Walking onto the white paneling of the netspace, Red noticed something odd about the old man. The terrain underneath his feet seemed to change constantly as he stepped on it, shifting from Normal to Grass, from Sand to Lava. The man himself was even stranger, as Red could not get a HP reading on the data entity that stood there flaking off skin from his scalp.

The man walked up to Red, and stared at her with blue eyes that seemed tired at a glance, but sparkled upon inspection. He got so close to Red's face that she could almost feel the man's long white beard. The man then drew back, raised his cane, and tapped on her chest lightly with the end. Immediately, the bees came out with a vengeance at the old man, but they were shrugged off by a barrier that protected him. Worse, Red felt her systems clogging up further, stunning her to the point that she was not able to move or do anything at all, except speak.

"Mmmmm," the old man mumbled. "You seem familiar from somewhere. I think I've seen you do something really famous or other. Am I correct?"

Old Man?: Jj7W!(J*SA#.;q
KillerEye sans limbs: 100 HP
HeelNavi: 200 HP (Holding Red) (Equip: RArm-Sword)
Swordy-N2: 120 HP (Holding Myun)

Red: 230 HP (Stun! x12) (Casing broken) (RiskyHoney used)
Myun: 100 HP (Impromptu Hold by Swordy)

Terrain: 95% Normal, 5% *NDQ01>o9
Red grimaced in disgust as the Heelnavi suggested what forms of "payment" she could use to escape. She was ready to knock his head clean off when there was a new arrival, who, without breaking a sweat, warded off most of her defenses. Though it seemed that the Heelnavi wouldn't get any smart ideas for the moment.

Shin almost spat out his soup, but gulped it down ferociously as he looked what was going on with his navi. Apparently she had been royally shut down... royally, or this new arrival was horribly corrupted. Shin would like to assume the latter, given from the state of the area that surrounded the old-looking entity.

Red gagged, she could barely feel anything as most of her functions had shut down. Though it felt like she could probably break off this effect if she tried hard enough, but she wouldn't bother, she was here for information. Myun seemed to be staring at the sky in boredom, as usual.

Finding her voice as the old man stated his question, Red tried to nod, but found it quite hard, but summoned as much energy as she could to try. "Y-yeah. I'm the tournament champion. Though it was pretty close, you know. And that arena is full of bugs. It's kind of silly how I got that far, but hey, I won it~" Red giggled.

"Who are you, mister?" Red inquired, trying to tilt her head curiously, but you know, stun.

Turn Summary:
1-6. Stunned and Talking and try moving head

1-3. Be Bored
"Ahhhh, that's right, it was that tournament. It was a nice thing to be held, that NetBattle tournament," the old man croaked, looking upwards into the blank sky as if reminiscing something. Then, his face screwed up in discontent as he spouted, "Too bad it was a horrible battle! Everything was gone off wrong! Even the last battle seemed so boring! I would've done it better, hmph!" The old man continued to spout nonsense about some other stuff for a full minute before the HeelNavi came up to interrupt.

"U-Um, sir? S-Sorry to interrupt, sir, but I'm getting tired..." he whined.

"Shut your yap!" the man said, whacking the HeelNavi on the head with his cane. The purple Navi yelped in pain, holding his head. The cloaked old man sighed heavily in response. Tapping his cane on the floor, he scratched his head again. "Well, I guess I should help you get off my homepage, seeing that you're lost here somehow," the man said. Gesturing to both the Navi and the Swordy, the man walked up to the portal and disappeared, and the other two followed suit.

Now they were on the isolated platform again, with the old man waiting for them. The man smiled as he saw the other two arrive. He tapped his cane on the platform, and immediately, a brilliant light blinded everyone's eyes. When they could see, the platform was no longer there, but a huge snowy mountain, complete with trailing pathways and snowfalls and all the trimmings. It was as if they were in Sharo, but Shin's PET still indicated their position in SciLab.

"O-Oh, I think I overdid it," the old man said, scratching his head. "Well, whatever. You should be able to leave now. See you later." He then began walking down the mountain, as the HeelNavi and Swordy released both Red and Myun from their capture and followed suit. The HeelNavi glared at Red for a moment before turning his head.

Old Man?: Jj7W!(J*SA#.;q (Walking down)
HeelNavi: 200 HP (Walking down)
Swordy-N2: 120 HP (Walking down)

Red: 230 HP (Status effects released) (Chips/Sigs refreshed) (Snow)
Myun: 100 HP (Released) (Snow)

Terrain: 55% Snow, 35% Ice, 5% Normal, 5% *NDQ01>o9
Red scrunched her face up and pouted as the old man ranted about the things that went wrong in the tournament. She begrudgingly admitted there was some truth to what he said, due to her number of wins based solely on freak accidents that occurred. When the old navi whacked the Heelnavi on the head, Red couldn't help but giggle at the ridiculousness of the situation.


Shin sighed, working around programs in his PeT as he munched on some bread. It seemed that some files had become slightly unmanageable, so he reworked the memory allocated to each bugged program, fixing the problem. Dipping his bread into the borscht, Shin pondered about the situation they were in as Red and Myun walked out of the homepage.

"Well... what.... next... Ok, that's... not normal," Shin grimaced as the part of SciLabs they had been investigating turned into a frosty mountain. Apparently the buggy navi had overdone it, but they parted there.


...Or so they thought. Red stuck her tongue out at the Heelnavi who turned back and turned around, proceeding in the opposite direction with her support unit...

...before burrowing herself in the Snow. Myun jumped back into the PeT for the meanwhile as Red suited herself up in her cold weather clothes and crawled slowly after the navis and virus, making sure she wasn't seen.

Turn summary:
1. Bluff going away
2. Send Myun back to PeT
*Activate Furs.GMO
3. Burrow into Snow
4-6. Sneak after Old Man, Heelnavi, and Swordy

Myun's Actions
-lol none because she's not here.
Red saw off the trio that she had just met with smiles and waves (except for one) and pretended she was about to leave. Of course, she was sent there for something, and she had to finish the job properly. Thus, she donned some cold-protection gear, and dove into the snow to tail the three. Her trip down the mountain took a while, but at last she came to the portal that led back into the blank world that was her destination. From under the snow, she saw the three enter the portal. After a bit of deliberation, she followed them in.

She saw the three in the small, unassuming room, with the old man bickering around with the HeelNavi. A whack on the Navi's head with the man's cane put the former in his place quite succinctly. Fortunately, their bickering was loud enough that they didn't notice Red near the portal. The man then tapped his cane on the ground, just as he did before. The KillerEye in the corner Red saw before shone yellow, then green, as a shift happened upon the area. The blinding light appeared again, and when Red could see, the area had been transformed! A large pool of lava now took up the majority of the area, with a couple of small areas of lava-base rock. The old man, Navi and virus stood on one of those, and the KillerEye on the other. These areas were bridged by a few unstable-looking stepping stones. On the KillerEye's side was a small cave leading into the ground.

The old man then effortlessly leapt over the gap of lava, and entered the cave. The HeelNavi grumbled in his place and started to cross himself on the stepping stones, with the Swordy following suit. Their backs were still turned to Red, oblivious to her presence.

KillerEye sans limbs: 100 HP (On other side of Normal)
HeelNavi: 200 HP (Walking across Lava)
Swordy-N2: 120 HP (Walking across Lava)

Red: 230 HP (This side of Normal)

Terrain: 65% Lava, 35% Normal
The trek was long, but she had managed to find her way back to the homepage and entered it after they had.

Red found the navis bickering about something, and noticed that the scenery had changed to that of a normal-ish room.

"What do you think they're talking about?" Red whispered to her operator.

"Hm, could be a number of things, but let's find out later. Try to stay hidden for now," Shin suggested.

"Alright then," Red replied, nodding firmly as she moved toward the side of the room...

...before jumping back suddenly as the homepage changed into a lava moat, which seemed to be blocking the path to a cave. The old man had leaped across the moat effortlessly and entered the cave while the Heelnavi and Swordy followed afterwards.

What Shin had noticed that Red didn't, was the action the KillerEye took before all this had happened. It was sort of strange to change colors like that, was it on high alert now? Shin couldn't tell for the moment, so he just munched on some bread while pondering it.

"B-boy, it sure is hot in here," Red panted, keeping close to the side and eyeing the Heelnavi and Swordy. "I better change without drawing too much attention to myself," Red gulped, working herself away from the lava and trying to stay far out of the Heelnavi's sight.

In another instant, Red let out a sigh as she discarded her parka, hat, mittens, boots, and scarf to reveal what she was wearing underneath.

Shin spat out the water he was drinking as his eyes bulged, regarding the ridiculousness in how his navi changed. "How'd you get all of that under there?"

"Mm... It's like a skinsuit... I guess?" Red replied. Her under-attire consisted of a short-sleeved white blouse, red gym shorts, and sneakers. The canister she had with her had miraculously grown into a cylindrical sports bag, from which she tied her hair up and kept it out of her face with a red headband.

"Well... ok, whatever. I think they're gone now, so keep going," Shin said, coughing lightly.

"No problem," Red murmured back, grinning as she checked to make sure the HeelNavi and Swordy were gone.

Turn Summary:
1. Hide near wall
*Change into Sports.GMO
2-? Wait until Heelnavi and Swordy enter cave.
As Red changed from her cold-resistant gear into a more heat-suited outfit, she waited for the rest of the three to enter the cave. The Navi and virus didn't notice anything as they leapt across the lava on the stepping stones, being careful not to fall in. As the two entered, the KillerEye beside the entrance blinked green again, then yellow. Its focus was not on Red, as it had not noticed her yet.

KillerEye sans limbs: 100 HP (On other side of Normal)

Red: 230 HP (This side of Normal)

Terrain: 65% Lava, 35% Normal
"....Ok, they're gone," Red sighed, wiping the sweat from her brow. That lava sure looked hot. She was sure that if she fell in it even once.... Ok, it was lava she was talking about, not acid, though that was equally as bad.

For the moment, she needed to get to the other side, and it seemed the KillerEye would notice her if she went across the stepping stones, so...

"Shin! Areagr-... Nevermind, I'll do it myself," Red mused, tapping her sneakers on the ground.

"Do you still need something though?" the self-proclaimed ace inquired, taking another spoonful of borscht.

"...Yeah, I guess so, give me the BambooKnife," Red requested as Shin nodded, slowly chewing on a carrot while sending in the requested chip. Gulping it down, Shin wished his navi, "Good luck out there."

"No problem," Red replied, licking her lips as a giant top hat covered the area... is what we'd like to say, but it probably just appeared in the middle of the pathway. The crimson crusader took this chance to materialize behind the KillerEye and thrust her BambooKnife right at it.

Disregarding whether she hit it or not, the wooden maiden snapped her fingers, summoning Myun to her side. Nodding at each other, both navi and support unit progressed into the cave, a red mantle covering the former as she headed in.

Turn Summary:
1. Magic Trick [Decoy + Teleport behind KillerEye]
2. BambooKnife to KillerEye [60 +25 Wood DMG x2(Weakness) = 170 DMG + Slashing](6 uses, used 1, now 5/6)
3. Summon Myun
*Blood-soaked cape: [20 HP Casing on Red]
4-6. Head into cave

Myun's Actions:
1-3. Head into cave
Teleporting to behind the KillerEye, Red got to assassinating the virus without much problems. The virus was deleted quickly without trouble, and she summoned Myun to her side to enter the cave. Everything was going well. As the caped crusader walked into the cave, she walked down far into a deep tunnel, the darkness of the place lit with intermittent placing of dim lanterns. The tunnel was steep, though some earthen stairs helped ease the descent. There was no sign of the earlier group; they were probably much further in.

Then, Red reached the end of the long tunnel, and found herself in a place that did not look like it had a very cave-like interior. Instead, sprawling forest spread out before her, buzzing with life. Viral life, of course, and teeming with it. The cave exited out into a small clearing, which showed the way to a cobblestone path leading further into the forest. However, as she was about to walk towards the path, she heard some rustling from within the trees that encircled the clearing.

The noise came from a gaggle of viruses that presumably came to greet her, though they didn't look too appreciative of her visit. She had her back to the cave, and could probably take cover inside. The edge of the clearing, where the forest started, was close enough that she could probably make a break for it, were it not for the viruses in front.

Bunny A: 50 HP (Left) (Soil)
Bunny B: 50 HP (Right) (Grass)
BunnyEX A: 60 HP (Left) (Grass)
BunnyEX B: 60 HP (Right) (Grass)
Ratty A: 60 HP (Front) (Soil)
Ratty B: 60 HP (Front) (Grass)
RattyEX A: 80 HP (Further back) (Grass)
RattyEX B: 80 HP (Further back) (Soil)

Large trees densely packed around the clearing, leading further into forested area.

-- ALLIES --
Red Riding Hood.EXE: 230 HP (Grass) (20HP Casing) (BambooKnife 5/6)
Myun.SP: 100 HP (Grass)

60% Grass (The clearing itself. Semicircular.)
20% Soil (Scattered around clearing.)
30% Thick Forest (Thick, but not impenetrable.)


[Magic Trick on cooldown.]
"Piece of cake," Red giggled as she headed further in. Myun just nodded wordlessly as she followed her master.

"Be on your guard, who knows what's inside here," Shin warned, his partners replying in affirmation of his comment.

It seemed the tunnel went on for a while, with no sign of the group before them. Maybe she had waited too long? At any rate she had to hurry.


"...Wow," Red gasped, in awe of the breathtaking forest they came into. Knowing their targets, this was probably the unconscious work of the old man.

"I've gotta say, for someone so random, he sure can make nice scenery," Shin remarked, pulling up a holoscreen to observe the area in finer detail. "...!! Hey! Watch out!"

"Eh?" Red gasped, straightening up, startled, and looked around before many viruses approached them... and they didn't seem friendly. What Red noticed next was she could probably break into the forest if the viruses let her pass... which didn't seem like it was going to happen.

Holding her arms over her head, Red sweated nervously as she glanced around at the host of viruses that greeted them. "T-there isn't, by any chance, some way you guys could just let me go, right?" The viruses' raised gaggles told her she was right on the mark.

"Well, I guess that's too bad," Red sighed as Shin got into a taxi and directed the driver to a hotel. "Hey! It looks like most of them are on grass~" Red commented, shrugging her hands out and putting on a comical face.

"Spice... Boomerang.... and PhoenixShot. That should do it," Shin mused, sending the chips in.

"Alrighty! Let's get this started." Red grinned, slamming her hand into the grass below her, causing virulent spores to erupt from every blade of grass in the area.

"Aaaaand!" Red called out, pulling out a hockey stick from out of her sports bag and spinning around furiously while building up a small yell before bellowing at the viruses and sending the sports equipment flying toward the first Bunny and Ratty.

"It's not over yet!" the crimson crusader yelled, a crossbow attaching itself to her right arm while she held the knife in her teeth. Taking a stance, Red dashed off toward the Ratty in the back, kicking off the ground and leaping toward the virus mid-run and aiming her crossbow at the virus, pulling back the bolt with her left hand while shouting something incomprehensible as the bolt lit on fire before she released it. The projectile burst into the form of a phoenix and crashed down toward its prey before extinguishing itself from existence.

"I think you overdid it there," Shin remarked, chuckling lightly as snow beat against his window.

Landing in a crouched position, Red glanced around for any remaining survivors, and, upon spotting one, quickly drew the BambooKnife from her teeth and sent it flying toward the designated target. Spitting on the ground, Red snapped her head up to reply to her operator's earlier comment. "You think so?" she asked curiously, glancing around to see if anything else was left and preparing to avoid any oncoming attacks.

"Well, it's good to go all out sometimes I guess," Shin shrugged as Myun searched for any more survivors and bounced with in melee range of them before trying to give whatever it was a good whacking.

Turn Summary:
1. Spice1 [80 +15 Wood DMG + Confusion To-All Enemies Grass]
2. Boomerang1 at BunnyA and RattyA [60 +15 Wood DMG]
3. Dash and Jump at RattyEXB [Movement, Intimidation Factor]
4. PhoenixShot at RattyEXB [70 Fire DMG + Wide Attack]
5. Throw BambooKnife at any Survivors [80 +25 Wood DMG + Slashing]
6. Dodge

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Get into melee range of a survivor
1. Attack Survivor [50 DMG + Break]
*Rhythm Boxing to Survivor [2x10 DMG]
2-3. Dodge
Starting off with a devastating attack, Red released the Spice battlechip to the grassy field, inundating the place with spores everywhere. It hit a lot of them, but some managed to take cover in the trees just before it hit. It was a painfully small amount, however, while Red continued on with her attacks. A Boomerang cleaved two of the surviving viruses in half and deleted them. A couple of surviving Bunnies shot their electrical rings at her, but they were absorbed by her blood-red cape. A fiery explosion met the face of one Ratty further back, deleting it before it got to attack. The Bunnies that had attacked Red were taken care of by a BambooKnife and some Myun-dealt punching.


Large trees densely packed around the clearing, leading further into forested area.

-- ALLIES --
Red Riding Hood.EXE: 230 HP (Grass)
Myun.SP: 100 HP (Grass)

60% Grass (The clearing itself. Semicircular.)
20% Soil (Scattered around clearing.)
30% Thick Forest (Thick, but not impenetrable.)



[Ratton1] Battlechip, 840z, 26 BugFrags
"Phew, hi-five!" Red cheered, hi-fiving her partner before they looked around and determined that they should proceed through the forest. "We're going forward, kay?"

"No problem," Shin replied, signing some forms at the hotel front desk and picking up his keys. "Still, be careful."

"Gotcha!" Red giggled in reply, making a fake salute with her SP as they both ventured out of the clearing and into the forest, trying to make sure they weren't ambushed by anything.

[Go into forest]
Continuing further down the path, Red found the cobblestone path getting larger and larger, with the stonework on the path getting more colorful. The path then led downhill for a bit, then steeped further down. Eventually, she happened upon a large clearing in the forest at the end of the path. From her perspective, she had a bird's eye view of the place from atop a modest hill.

What she saw looked to be something akin to a large gathering of small and simple box-shaped houses. The houses were made of white paneling, the same as what you would normally see as Normal terrain on the networks. However, what was even more surprising was the inhabiting population: viruses. She saw Swordies mingling with Quakers, Volgears preparing some food (the drifting smells were intoxicating), tiny little N.O. chasing each other around box-houses-- what you would normally find in a typical village.

Then, suddenly, one of the N.O. ran into her, far outside the outskirts of the small village. It seemed to be looking for something as it hunched down on the ground, rubbing around. Suddenly, it sensed Red and Myun's presence, and jumped back slightly. Observing the two, it ran to hide behind one of the trees that encompassed the thick forest at the side of the path.