Searching for virii

A beam of red light shoots down from the sky, and coalesces into the form of a navi as it hits the ground. Delta looks around the area, then sends a message to his operator, "Alright, I'm going to look for virii now. I'll let you know if I find anything."
"Roger that," is Henry's overly cheerful response.
Delta begins to wander around, looking for virii as he does.
[Battle 1]
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Wandering through the Science Labs network of metal and glass, Delta did not go very far from where he came when he came across a trio of turrets spread apart by about ten feet, all pointing their muzzles in his direction.

CannonDumb: 50HP (Left)
CannonGuard: 60HP (Middle)
Gunner: 60HP (Right)

Delta.EXE: 100HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

-- BATTLE 01, START!! --
Delta surveys the guards, then silently arms his buster and firs off two shots at the turret on the left. The recoil from the shots shoves his arm back a bit, but not enough to cause problems for him. As he finishes shooting, he sidesteps to the right to avoid an attack, then says, "Alright, send me a cannon."
Henry slots the chip in, then says, "You should be able to take either of the other two out with one shotgun blast."
Delta responds, "This shouldn't be too hard then," as his buster loads the chip. He aims his buster at the unfortunate turret, then fires.

1. Buster Shot (3*2*2=12 damage) @ CannonDumb
2. Dodge
3. Cannon (40 damage) @ CannonDumb
The CannonDumb took Delta's buster shot head on, simply because it couldn't move out of the way. The navi continued his attack by stepping away from his current position, but the other two sibling turrets quickly swiveled their heads and open fired. The CannonGuard's lock-on targeting made it easier for its bullet to hit the evading Delta while the Gunner's inaccurate machinegun was scattered all over the place and only one out of its 9 shot burst pegged the navi's leg.

The wounded CannonDumb also turned its head at Delta, ready to fire, but its head was blown off clean by the cannon chip's attack.

CannonDumb: DELETED
CannonGuard: 60HP (Middle)
Gunner: 60HP (Right)

Delta.EXE: 80HP

Terrain: 100% Metal
Getting shot hurts. Delta yells in pain, then lifts his buster up towards the gunner, "I'm taking out the accurate one first. Those shots hurt!" as he finishes speaking, Delta fires a burst of shrapnel at the turret, then dives to the side to avoid an attack. He keeps moving as he gets up to avoid any further attacks.
"Two down, one to go," Delta says.
Henry responds, "I'll load up a minibomb."

1. Shotgun + Buff ability (50+15=65) @ CannonGuard
2 & 3. Dodge attacks.
As Delta raised his gun to fire, the CannonGuard turret saw the shot coming, and shut its front with a protective shutter, causing the shell to deflect off the metal shield. It continued to protect itself, not intending to attack any time soon. Unfortunately, its Gunner brethren was, and did not hesitate to pound into Delta's body with a few rounds. Fortunately, he had the sense to leap out of range, causing him no harm.

CannonDumb: DELETED
CannonGuard: 60HP (Middle)
Gunner: 60HP (Right)

Delta.EXE: 80HP

Terrain: 100% Metal
Delta drops into a roll, then quickly stands up and surveys the battlefield. Surveying the battlefield, he sees that the middle turret has shielded itself, blocking the shotgun. He then loads the minibomb battlechip, manifesting a black sphere in his left hand. He then throws the explosive towards the gunner, the bomb arcing as it flies.
"Well, I wasn't expecting that turret to shield itself, but-" Delta is interrupted as a glow spreads over his armor, then fades, leaving the armor repaired.
"-I think I know how to deal with the shield. Thanks for the recovery chip."
"Thank you," Henry replies happily, "Let me know if you need more chips."
Delta looks at the shielded turret, "No thanks, I think I can do this." With that, Delta begins to grin.

[spoiler=Turn Summery]
2.Minibomb (60, blast 1) @ Gunner
3.Recover10 (Heal 10) @ Self

Signatures: All ready
Chips used: Cannon, Shotgun, Minibomb, Recover10
Dropping into a roll, Delta managed to avoid yet more bullets from the Gunner as it went into overdrive, trying to hit the speedy Delta. In the end, only one of its bullets hit (10), and it was spent from the overdrive. Temporarily disabling its machine-gun, it lowered into a defenseless state. This made it easy for Delta to lob a little bomb in its direction and destroy it. The CannonGuard, alerted by the explosion, opened up its shutters, and fired onto the Navi, taking him by surprise! (15)

CannonDumb: DELETED
CannonGuard: 60HP (Middle)

Delta.EXE: 65HP

Terrain: 100% Metal
At least there's only one turret left, Delta thinks to himself, then sends a messae to his netop.
[I've changed my mind. Give me a firehit and I'll finish this.]
Henry quickly loads the chip, then responds, [Done.]
Delta approaches to within melee range of the turret, weaving to avoid any further shots, then loads the firehit, causing his hand to ignite.

Once the chip is loaded, Delta clenches his hand into a fist and pulls his arm back as far as he can, than punches the turret as hard as he can. As he punches, the fiery aura around his fist flares, and then goes out. "There. I'd like to see you block that."

[spoiler=Turn Summery]Actions:
1 & 2. Dodge
3. Firehit (60) @ Gunner
HP: 65/100
Signatures: All Ready
Chips used: Cannon, Shotgun, Minibomb, Recover10[/Spoiler]
Delta rushed in. The CannonGuard remained open, hoping to get another solid hit in against Delta before the Navi reached him.

Luckily for Delta, this wasn't the virus's day. It missed by a long shot: a very long shot.

As Delta closed in he likely wouldn't have noticed the shot that had been fired, if he hadn't watched it escape the CannonGuard.

Once he was in range, he unleashed a fiery fist at the stationary target. Since the target wasn't moving, it wasn't very hard to hit. It was instantaneously incinerated.

Delta was right, it couldn't block that.

Battle Summary:

Delta.EXE: 65 HP

Canodumb: -DELETED-
CannonGuard: -DELETED-
Gunner: -DELETED-

100% Metal [Everywhere]

Battle Won!

RewardData: 240 zenny

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Delta stood there for a moment as the last turret crumbles away as ash, breathing heavily. He then stepps forward and picks up the reward data, examining it. [Looks like zenny,] he messages to Henry, forwarding the data to his PET.
A floating window opens next to Delta, showing Henry's face. Henry asked, "So what do you want to do, press on, or turn back?"
Delta looks himself over, then says, "If you use the recovery chip again, I think that I can press onwards."
Henry takes a sip of his drink, then slots in the recover10 chip, creating a green glow on Delta's armor for a moment before it fades away. "There, that should do it. Let's see what else we can find."
As the glow fades away, Delta continues on his journey.
[Heal delta for 10HP with the recovery10 battlechip, exhausting it for the next battle, and...]

Henry attempts to slot in the battlechip, however, the chip folder is still resetting its memory. "Sorry Delta, not working. Press on anyways."
[Battle 2!]
[Recovery between battles is limited to subchips and special cases only. Recovery with battlechips has been eliminated.]
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Delta became aware of metal clacking beneath his footsteps as he proceeded. As if in response to the navi entering their territory, various cannons began to elevate out of the metal hatches covering the battlefield until Delta found himself nearly surrounded, with only one opening left at his back to escape into! The cannons all began to mark their targets, obviously preparing to open fire.

CannodumbA: 50 HP
CannodumbB: 50 HP
CannodumbC: 50 HP
CannonguardD: 60 HP

Delta: 65 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Delta looks around as the cannons begin to emerge from their hiding places. "Another ambush? I guess that there really isn't much you can do with stationary virii, but still."
Henry puts down his drink and messages Delta, [Sending a firehit and minibomb. Try to whittle down their numbers ASAP, you won't be able to dodge six shots at once.]
Delta nods, then loads the minibomb. As the black sphere of the explosive appears in his hand, he draws his arm back to throw, and then hurls it at one of the cannons. That done, the navi drops into a diving roll to approach another turret, this one of the same type that had closed up against Delta's attacks in the previous battle, before loading the firehit. An aura of flame bursts into existence around his right hand, and Delta punches forward at the unfortunate turret, creating a burst of flame.

[spoiler=Turn Summary]Actions:
1. Minibomb (60, blast1) @ CannondumbB
2. Diving roll (dodge and movement) to get close to the cannonguard
3. Firehit (60, fire) @ CannonGuard

HP: 65/100
Signatures: All ready
Battlechips used: Minibomb, Firehit[/Spoiler]
Delta fearlessly took the initiative against the ambushing turret viruses, hurling the bomb at his target in front and immediately took a dive at his next. Though it looked fine as of now, the navi was surrounded in all sides. As soon as Delta stopped in front of the Cannonguard, it opened its shutter and blasted a bullet right in the navi's face and another Cannondumb managed to hit the back.

Ignoring the pain, Delta threw his fist in between the Cannonguard's exposed barrel and promptly destroyed in a blink of an eye.

CannodumbA: 50 HP
CannodumbB: DELETED
CannodumbC: 50 HP
CannonguardD: DELETED

Delta: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal