Random acts of destruction

Gear appeared in a random uninhabited part of the Scilab's network and looks around. After about half a minute, Gear decides there is only one reason Shamus would jack him into a network it hasn't been in... And that would be blow the crap out of whatever crosses his path. So as any navi wanting to destroy everything would do, Gear starts moving in a completly random direction looking for something worthwhile to break.
Gear quickly found some weird things, some floating metal things, to break. As soon as they spotted Gear, they lifted their front-ends up, giving the universal sign that they were ready to be broken. What luck!

BoomerA: 60HP
BoomerB: 60HP
BoomerC: 60HP

Terrain: 100% Normal


What is this? What are the lame and stupid looking viruses trying to do? Are they trying to taunt the machine of death and destruction? Are they trying to tell Gear to f itself? Whatever short of madness these dumb virus are trying to pull, it is ticking off Gear. Oh how Gear shall relish the sight of their weak bodies being pierced by its mighty gun! The glee of the pretty light-show of destruction Gear shall inflict upon these jerks shall be great! The excitement that shall come from the bombardment of death that Gear shall bring to the table! Oh just the thought makes Gear wish that Shamus would hurry up and send the chips that shall bring forth the death and destruc-

...What is this? No Shotgun!? Shamus, how lame can you get! Don't you realize how integral shotguns are to all of my plans!? Why don't you take these horrible engrybombs and shove them up you- Wait, hold on. They, they go boom? It does more damage then a shotgun? Don't worry Shamus, all is forgiven. Infact, I'll go use it rig- wait, no, it is a much better tactic to use it after the pretty lightshow of destruction.

The large machine leans backwards, opening it's mouth to allow the tip of a cannon to extrude from it. The targeting systems kick in, making calculations for the projectorie before furthering adjusting the body's position and cannon angle. After the few seconds getting everything at the best angle and direction as can be achieved by the current software, the cannons fires it payload with a roar.

The explosive makes it journey trough the air, whistling loudly as it approves the middle virus. The payload connects with something, and erupts in a cloud of sparks and flashes of horribly bright lights. Yes! Ye- Wait, no! Must, resit urge, to clap! Must fire at other two! Must, make them, go boom!

Keeping the same angle it had for it's previous shot, two compartments on Gear's chest swing wide open. The front of a cannon pokes out of each of the openings. After the duo cannons move to point at the Boomers at the side, they both fire their explosive rounds. The bombs soar trough the air, detonating with a near deafening boom upon contact with something solid. Oh the joy Gear receives from the explosion, and just imagine if his lame and stupid looking opponents were trapped in the blast. Gear would probably do a dance at the thought of that... Well, if he had those things called legs...

((Passive: Takeaim action 1
Smash: break on action 1
1Magbomb1 BoomerB: 30 elec+stun1+break+blast3
2engrybomb BoomerA: 3 hits of 40 + blast2
3engrybomb BoomerB: 3 hits of 40 + blast2))
The Boomers tried to move out of the way, but they got hit by the blast coverage of the mighty Gearsplosions, sending two of them into oblivion and the other too overwhelmed by the pretty Magbomb explosion. It just sat there, just kind of whirling its head around like you see in those cartoons when some guy gets hit on the head. The only thing missing would be the birds around the virus' head, but that would be inappropriate. There should be MORE EXPLOSIONS INSTEAD!

BoomerA: 30HP (Stunned!)

Terrain: 100% Normal

What!? It survived the bombardment!? Ptth, lame. Doesn't it know that all the cool viruses get blow up by this point? Gosh, just how lame can it be? I should just blow it to kingdom come just to get rid of the lameness! But I would need more explosives, and what are the odds that Shamus has more left?

Just then, Shamus slots in a single minibomb.

...Pretty high it seems...

The two cannons extruding from Gear's chest reside back inwards, the compartment doors closing. Leaving only the cannon in the mouth visible. Gear pivots its body towards the boomer, the targeting systems further readjusting the projectory to a greater accuracy. Upon achieving a satafiactering projectery with a favorable chance of Error, the cannon releases a second shot.

As the projectile makes it journey to the stunned and lame virus, Gear can not help but feel joy at the thought of it's destruction. Oh the splender that will be had as the virus is blasted. The wonder that will be had as the pieces fly away while turning into smaller and smaller bits of data. The fun of grinding the remains into smaller and smaller bits of data will keep Gear entertained for a long while.

Of course, that is if the bomb would hit it's target....

((Passive: Takeaim action1
Smash: Action 1
1minibomb BoomerA: 60 + Break + blast2))
Gear destroys the poor Boomer with a nice explosive. Good job.


Terrain: 100% Normal


Battle 1 - Explosions are awesome!
Rewards: [Boomerang] Battlechip, 200z
Wow, that was completly overhyped... expolsion totally wasn't cool.

Gear thought, stareing at the remains. After collecting what data was left, she contenues onwards, for cooler viruses to break asunder.

((Battle 2))
Gear comes along to some viruses, mocking the destruction machine for not deleting them on sight, laughing in a scattered, static-y droll. Gear should break them immediately for such insolence.

HardHeadA: 60HP
HardHeadB: 60HP
HardHeadC: 60HP
HardHeadD: 60HP

Terrain: 40% Normal (Gear's side), 60% Metal (Hardhead side)


...Looks easy enough to break, just will take some time... Gear thought, looking at the new set of viruses. From the looks of things, the viruses lack a means to move as far as the destructive navi can tell. No visible wheels or legs, and they don't look all that mobile anyways. Infact, they might be trapped on those metal... panels... forever... Boy, that sure gives Gear an excellent plan.

"Need a magbomb over here!." appeared on the PET screen. Shamus complies with the request, slotting in the chip. Wondering if this was part of a plan... or his navi just wanting to see a pretty lightshow.

Of course, it could have been both.

Now that Gear has the chip, it is time to implement her simple, but deadly, plan. Like the battle before, she opens her mouth to allow the cannon to prod out. Leaning backwards, Gear has her targeting systems run the calculations for the best firing angle. After adjusting the body's angle and direction further, Gear fires the magbomb. As the bomb arcs trough the air, Gear can't help but feel some excitement. Because while the bomb's damage is horrible, she is sure that fun stuff would happen when it explodes on metal terrain.

((Passive: take aim action1
Smash: action1
1: Magbomb HardheadC: 30 elec + Stun + break + Blast3))
Smashing, Quite smashing, literally, as Gear launches a Magbomb towards the HardHead group, which ends in a moderately-sized yellow sphere explosion thingy. It flashes, it smashes, it crashes! All of the metal heads suffer the consequences of Gear's very shiny bomb. In other words, they die a horrible, horrible death.

HardHeadA: Explosions
HardHeadB: Are
HardHeadC: Just
HardHeadD: Awesome

Terrain: 40% Normal (Gear's side), 60% Metal (Hardhead side)

AGWS.EXE: 100HP (2 Turns Left)

Battle 2 - Solved by the Power of Explosions!
Rewards: 480z
That was clearly fun for Gear, watching the viruses be destroyed in a single attack. It is moments like these that make Gear glad it existed... but this isn't enough. After this run, who knows how long it will be until Shamus jacks the navi on for some destruction. So after gathering any data that remained, Gear continued onward for more things to break.
(battle 3)
Gear moves on for more things to break. He finds viruses, which are most suitable for breaking. We should get to the breaking part as soon as possible. With shiny explosions, if possible.

This is most definitely broken.

ElecOgreA: 120HP
ElecOgreB: 120HP
EleballA: 80HP
EleballB: 80HP
EleballC: 80HP

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (Viruses' Area)


Ptth.... stupid terrain advantage won't save them.

AGWS looks at the band of viruses, not being phased at all by the terrain. While the magnets will keep the navi from being effective at close range... that won't effect it at all. With AGWS's great ranged arsenal, these foolish viruses will be destroyed.

Shamus certainly finds AGWS's predicament entertaining. As soon as it annihilates the last band of viruses in a single blow and moves on, it heads right into a band with the advantage. Well, going all out worked so well the last two times, mind as well just keep that tactic. Shamus slots in three battlechips, a magbomb and two energybombs, and just watches the carnage that is about to happen.

Gear's mouth opens, the head of a howitzer poking out. Then two compartments in the navi's chests opens wide, two howitzer muzzles peek out. AGWS's body tilts back, the artillery pieces move around slightly.

The targeting systems do their part, further pivoting the body to get a better angle, with more resources being allocated to the aiming of the mouth cannon. The head turns, the chest howitzers move slight to the left and right, and once the amount of force for firing the shots was determined... Once the angle of fire has been achieved...


((Passive: Take Aim action 1
1: Magbomb1 EleballA: 30 elec+ stun + blast3
2: Energybomb ElcogreB: 3x40 + blast2
3: Energybomb EleballB: 3x40 + blast2))
The unfavorable terrain did not bother AGWS one bit as he armed himself with several bombs. The ensuing cannons prepared to fire, aiming at the viruses carefully. Once they had their targets, the three bombs were shot straight into the group of viruses and all hell broke loose.

The more carefully aimed MagBomb hit the targeted Eleball head on, stunning it instantly and catching another Eleball in the blast. The first EnergyBomb landed just shy of the ElecOgre, causing the blasts to spread across more viruses. The final bomb hit its Eleball target as hoped, centralizing the blast and completely deleting the only virus that hadn't been hit yet.

Suffice to say, the viruses were now in chaos thanks to the explosions and very annoyed. They would probably be attacking soon.

ElecOgreA: 80HP
ElecOgreB: 80HP
EleballA: 10HP (Stun)
EleballB: 50HP (Stun)

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (Viruses' Area)

Things could have gone better ya know... could have been less viruses left standing... but that doesn't bother AGWS that much. All it means to it is taking more time to break them, and sometimes that is a bit more fun than breaking them quickly.

Shamus looks, and decided to slot in a single minibomb. While giving his navi more firepower then that might be a better move, Shamus figures that he should wait a bit and see how much more his navi would need.

The two cannons in the chest retreat back into AGWS' metallic body, the compartments closing, leaving the mouth cannon the only one left. The navi's head turns, and the body pivots as the targeting systems calculate the best angle of projectery. Oh yes... once the calculations and positioning have been completed... those ogres will be closer to being destroyed.

Once all the positioning and calcs have finished, a single shot fired from Gear's mouth. The explosive projectile whistled trough the air at it's target, ready to detonate upon contact with anything. Soon Gear will have the joy of watching them be caught up in the blast.

Assuming... that it had better aim then its last shots.

((passive: TakeAim action 1
1: Minibomb ElecogreB: 60+blast2
AGWS aimed his attack carefully, and placed a well-aimed shot directly into the face of one of the ElecOgres. The blast was significant, and caught it's comrade in the blast.

ElecOgreA: 20HP
ElecOgreB: 20HP
EleballA: 10HP (Stun)
EleballB: 50HP (Stun)

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (Viruses' Area)

AGWS.EXE: 100HP (2/3 actions remaining)
If the navi's face was capable of showing emotion, Gear would be showing excitement. It is moments like this, when the smoke settles from a devastating blow that AGWS is happy. The thought of the foe's remains afterwards is always a good thing in Gear's book, but sadly the remains are still ticking in this case. Gear already knew that the minibomb would not have finished them off, but the fact that they are much closer to being completely broken? Well, let's just say that is good enough for the destructive navi at the moment.

Well, it seems Shamus decided to send AGWS one more chip, a single Shotgun. After figuring out the best stop to fire this chip from, AGWS started to move there. Heading to the area outside of the magnet terrain, making sure not to cross over onto the magnets, to a spot where the balls are lined up nicely for his attack.

Its mouth cannon finally recede back into the navi. But in its place two metal rods begin to protrude from the mouth. AGWS's head begins to turn towards the viruses, and electricity starts to course down the metal. A second after that, a deafening boom is heard, as a small piece of metal rides the electrical currents between the rods. This object continues past the ends of the rods, flying at a high velocity at the poor, stunned viruses.
Tis gonna be fun.

((Smash: Action3
2: Move to spot where Eleballs are more lined up, avoiding magnet terrain
3: BAWLBUSTA~: shotgun EleballB: 50+break+spread2(elecballA and ElecogreB)
The balls were busted quite easily with the aid of a mouth-aided shotgun blast. The ogres were unsatisfied with this sudden development, however, and lowered their horns onto the metallic surface. With their collective strength, they shocked the weapon-system Navi with extremely powerful energies. (30x2x2Metal)

ElecOgreA: 20HP
ElecOgreB: 20HP

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (Viruses' Area)