Find That Navi!


As Meltdown jumped down into SciLab, he looked around this new area. Nothing out of the ordinary. What could be the problem?

Meltdown, you there? Alan called out to him.

Yeah, what's wrong? Meltdown replied.

A lot. You and Robert's navi Arch were going to make a presentation today for the grand opening, right?

Yeah, so?

Robert just called. He sent Arch to do some last-minute errands in SciLab and now he can't get in contact with him. He knows Arch is in SciLab because that's where the data path is still connected to, but he can't get a response through his transmission. Find him please, Robert's worried something's gone horribly wrong.

Got it. You'll have to bust any virii that get in the way though. Meltdown reminded him.

Yeah, I'm ready. Alan replied. Let's go.


*grabs random member*

You know the drill...
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Two Yo-Yo wielding Yorts and a Beetank halted Meltdown's progress as he raced to his appointment. They had no intention of letting him pass without a fight. What a pain.

YortA: 90 HP
YortB: 90 HP
Beetank: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Meltdown: 120 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
As the three virii blocked his path, Meltdown tried to step around them. Unfortunately, there was only one way through, as he quickly came to realize. We'll have to take them out.

Okay then, we'll give them a Shotgun-Heatshot tagteam, see if that works. Alan said as he quickly flicked through the battlechips. Shotgun and Heatshot, downloading.

Once again, the reliable devastating combo took its form on Meltdown's body. The lava-type Heatshot took over Meltdown's left arm, causing a small tube of searing-hot magma to bubble forth, while the Shotgun took form on his right arm, locked and loaded with a packet of pellets.

Data transferred. So, where do you think I should start? Meltdown half-laughed sarcastically.

Aim for the centre, then take care of the stragglers. Alan replied, not catching the tone of his navi's voice.

Umm, no duh Alan. Meltdown muttered quietly. Holding both arms together, Meltdown took aim at the the middle target, a Yort with a very nasty bladed disk sitting in its holder. That looks like it could hurt. Meltdown though to himself. I have to make sure I avoid that. Charging up both units together, Meltdown released both cannons and let the contents spew forth onto the battlefield. The Shotgun's pellets and the Heatshot's magma quickly combined, making the attack seem like a shower of lava and metal. However, the Shotgun blast seemed to recoil more than normal, and naturally, as soon as Meltdown lowered his Heatshot cannon, a spark of heat shot out of his body and chased after the fury.

I thought you fixed that. Meltdown growled.

I guess not. came back Alan's voice.

You guess not. Meltdown snapped back. Did you rig that Shotgun chip? he asked.

Yes I did. Need to make sure that it'll stop them straight away. Be ready, these guys could do some serious damage.

Whatever, I'll do my best. said Meltdown, a little annoyed that Alan didn't believe in his ability. Wait a minute, why can't I just use the Guard chip? Isn't that what it's for?

I completely forgot about Guard. Downloading now.

As the Guard chip came through, Meltdown instanly raised and deployed the shield. Geez, what were you thinking, Al? he again muttered to himself.

[Fire Lv0-4] All Fire-type Battlechips +5 Damage
[P.Ab] Mass Destruction (+1 Coverage To Area Battlechips)
[A.Ab] Smash (Once Per Turn, Add Break-Effect To Battlechip)

[1] Shotgun [50 Damage + Spread (1+1=)2 (+ Break)] => YortB => YortA + Beetank
[2] Heatshot [(40+5=)45 Damage + Spread (1+1=)2 /Fire] => YortB => YortA + Beetank (if still alive)
[3] Guard1 [1 Hit, Reflects 0-60 Damage]
[Passive] Heating Mismanagement [10 Damage /Fire] => Random Enemy

Meltdown: 120 HP / 120
Raising The Heat [2/2] Charged
Potential Fuel Source [1/1] Charged
The Shotgun was a full success as it wounded the two Yorts and destroyed the Beetank. The Heatshot after deleted the main target Yort, but the stray bullet heading towards the virus was instantly deflected when it fired its powerful yo-yo! The Guard was set up as the attack was heading towards Meltdown, but only the first was deflected back along with the navi's Heating Mismanagement and made a one painful cut on the navi's torso!

YortA: 10 HP
Beetank: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Meltdown: 100 HP [Guard Destroyed]
It had been a while since Meltdown had experienced pain, but when the sensation returned Meltdown felt cut... literally.

What, those things go back? he growled.

Apparently. said Alan. Watch yourself. Next battlechip coming, Break-modified too.

The pulsating yellow charger constructed itself around Meltdown's hand, creating a small yellow light. Meltdown knew this chip. We can modify any chip to Break-status? he asked.

Not me, you. Alan replied. I just put a marker on it and your magical body adjusts for it accordingly. Of course, you could instigate the change yourself, but it's much easier this way.

Yep, more than I needed to know.Meltdown replied as he completed charging the Thunder data. Aiming it at the remaining virus, Meltdown watched as the charge took its glowing orb form and began its attack path towards its target, pulsating as it did so.

So, you think you can avoid the attack this time? Alan smirked.

Tensing his body, Meltdown put all his attention to the enemy. I hope so.

[A.Ab] Smash (Once Per Turn, Add Break-Effect To Battlechip)
[1] Thunder1 [40 Damage + Stun 1 + Homing (+ Break)] => YortA
[2+3] Dodge

Meltdown: 100 HP / 120
Raising The Heat [2/2] Charged
Potential Fuel Source [1/1] Charged
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Meltdown's Thunder punched through the Yort's yo-yo and trampled past it to delete the virus in a shower of sparks. There wasn't much left behind afterwards except for a few zenny.

Beetank: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Meltdown: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 330z
As Meltdown finished off the Yort, he checked around the battlefield. He's not here, Alan.

Keep looking, he can't have gotten far, could he?

I don't know, the network runs pretty deep... Meltdown replied. I'll keep searching.

You keep doing that. I've gotta tie up a loose end on my side, I'll be with you shortly.

Zenny: 860 => 1190

Meltdown: 100 HP / 120
Raising The Heat [2/2] Charged
Potential Fuel Source [1/1] Charged

Meltdown came across a group of electric viruses, just waiting to zap him alive. The navi was getting prepared for the battle until he felt something strange in the air...From the look of it, the source was coming from that ball-shaped virus...

MagTectA: 90 HP
MagTectB: 90 HP
MagTectC: 90 HP
Eleball: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Meltdown: 100 HP


Alan, more virii! Meltdown responded. All he heard in reply was silence. Alan?! he yelled, hoping that maybe he wasn't listening. As he was once again met with silence, he knew that he was alone for this one.

Great, just great. he muttered to himself. Ditched with no battlechips at all. Death sentence. As he looked at his foes, Meltdown felt just a little bit vulnerable. This battle was quickly heading against his favor. Make do with what I've got. Let's do this.

Grabbing hold of the swords holstered onto his back, Meltdown quickly took the handles and pressed a lever on the back of each, activating a chain reaction that made the handles suddenly curl around and create cyndrical tubes. Sliding the swords back into place, Meltdown stood still as the tubes suddenly filled with dry material. He couldn't see any of this, but Meltdown was pretty sure of what was going on; he'd practised this attack before, but never used it in battle before. He had no choice though, it was all he had.

As the canisters reached full capacity, Meltdown started the internal charge he was created for, that intense explosion of heat that worked so well for him. The heat built up, and Meltdown again turned his attention to the field. The Eleball was the best place to begin the attack, as it was the weakest enemy out on the field. Reduce the quantity, there's safety in numbers. he ran through his head as he took aim. Here's to a good attack.

Bending down, Meltdown exposed the cylinders to the field. Aimed at the field, the true purpose of the canisters were revealed; vegetation canisters, capable of covering the area with flammable material. Suddenly whirring, the cannons fired, and sprayed the grassy contents in the direction of the Eleball.

Time for the toast. he laughed to himself as his pent-up energy suddenly manifested itself onto the field. As the grass and magma instantly mixed and ignited, a sudden whirlwind of doom was heading straight for the enemy. Instantly that small flame of enthusiasm in Meltdown took form outside his body and headed straight for the field.

As Meltdown prepared for a counter attack, Alan's voice suddenly filled his ears. Sorry about that, Meltdown. What'd I miss?

[1] Potential Fuel Source [Large Area Terrain Change => Grass] => Eleball
[2] Raising The Heat [40 Damage + Spread 1 /Fire] => Eleball => MagtectB{#}
[3] Dodge
[Passive] Raising The Heat [10 Damage /Fire] => Random Enemy
{#}If standing on grass panels, 2x damage.

Meltdown: 100 HP / 120
Raising The Heat [2/2 => 0/2] Depleted
Potential Fuel Source [1/1 => 0/1] Depleted
Meltdown starts off by tossing canisters into the enemy ranks, surrounding the group in a circle of grass. He then launches a blast of heat into the Eleball and one of its allies, killing the primary target. Another small attack from the navi strikes a Magtect and burns up another small patch of grass. That target lines itself up with Meltdown and drags him in close, though Meltdown manages to dodge before the virus can actually hit him.

MagTectA: 90 HP (grass)
MagTectB: 10 HP
MagTectC: 70 HP (Grass)
Eleball: DELETED!

Terrain: 47% Grass, 53% Normal

Meltdown: 100 HP (grass)
After that last remark, Meltdown almost lost it. What'd you miss?! Not much, only my ass almost being handed to me! What the hell were you doing that was so important?! Meltdown screamed.

Oh, I'm so sorry. replied Alan, sarcasm dripping from his voice. How selfish and inconsiderate of me. Here, this is what I was doing.

As Alan smashed the newest chip into the PET in a blinding rage, Meltdown suddenly felt more calm and relaxed. Wow, that's bloody awesome! What the hell is that?! he quizzically asked.

That's why I couldn't help you. It's a Recover chip, genius. Now, channel that rage to something more useful, say, this chip.

As the battlechip transmitted to Meltdown's body, he instantly knew what it was before the data even manifested its effects onto his body. A large amount of heat that activated his automatic spread enhancer could only mean one thing.

Heatshot? You want me to burn them some more? he suddenly laughed.

A lot more. replied Alan, lowering his tone of voice. You need to make sure you take them ALL out though. Alan reminded him. Any way you can do that?

Meltdown quickly ran some possible positions through his head. I can increase the chances, yeah. he thought to himself as he quickly moved to another panel. Hope this works. he said to himself as he lined up his shot. Now that the Heatshot had taken form, Meltdown's arm was melting forth with the same magma that ran through his soul. As he forced it out of his arm, it took off down the field, picking up some of the left-over grass from his previous attack and amplifying itself twice over.

Yeah, that oughta do something. he said to Alan. As soon as the words were out of his mouth, that small insistent burst of fire that Meltdown was so intent on removing from his body did exactly that; flew off his arm and took off after the virii.

Alan... Meltdown grumbled.

Oh get over it, it's a good helper. Alan pointed out.

[1] Recover30 [Recovers 30 HP] => Meltdown
[2] Dodge / Move to better firing position
[3] Heatshot [40 Damage + Spread (1+1=)2] => MagTectA => MagTectB + MagTectC{#}
[Passive] Heating Mismanagement [10 Damage /Fire] => Random Enemy{#}
{#} If on Wood panels, 2x damage.

Meltdown: 100 => 120 HP / 120
Raising The Heat [0/2 => 1/2] Charging
Potential Fuel Source [0/1 => 1/1] Charged
Meltdown's netop returns and promptly heals his navi to full power before sending a Heatshot chip as well. Moving to a better vantage point, Meltdown fires the weapon and catches two of the Magtects in the explosion, deleting one and severally wounding another. Then, another flame unconsiously flew from the navi's body and finished off the target. The last magtect just continued to move back and forth.

MagTectC: 70 HP (Grass)
Eleball: DELETED!

Terrain: 47% Grass, 53% Normal

Meltdown: 120 HP (grass)
When the dust cleared, Meltdown was furious to see a Magtect still alive. YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME! he yelled at it, as if it was the cause for this problem.

Take a chill pill, man. We'll get this finished, Thunder and FireHit coming your way.

Meltdown's body received the data, but Meltdown didn't feel the buzz he usually did upon receiving fire-type attacks. That was a little weird. Wonder why. he pondered in his mind.

The Thunder manifested itself onto his right arm, the electrode protruding out of his buster, charged and ready to distribute harmful electricity to the area. The Firehit found its way onto Meltdown's left arm, pulsating down his arm and into his tightly clenched fist.

Stun, then slam. Let's finish this. Alan commanded.

Okay. Time to shine. he smirked as he ignited the Thunder. Putting power into his knees, Meltdown suddenly launched upward and over the Magtect. Landing on the other side, Meltdown prepared his attack.

Suddenly glowing brightly, Meltdown pointed the ball of energy at the Magtect and released the orb towards the enemy. Taking no breaks, Meltdown poured his energy into the Firehit and let it build slowly in his arm. Suddenly bursting from his arm, the energy was no longer keen to stay in his arm. Instead, it released itself from his arm, locked onto the first available target, and took off after it.

Half expecting the next move, Meltdown raised his arm. Go on, I know you won't be able to resist. he said, almost looking like he was talking to himself. A small gathering of heat suddenly exploded from his hand, manifested itself into an ember, and chased after the Firehit.

You're getting used to it now. Alan remarked.

No, I'm just letting it do what it does. Meltdown replied. You're still fixing it.

[Fire Lv0-4] All Fire-type Battlechips +5 Damage
[1] Dodge / Move into position behind MagTectC
[2] Thunder1 [40 Damage + Stun 1 + Homing] => MagTectC
[3] FireHit1 [(60+5=)65 Damage + Impact /Fire] => MagTectC{#}
[Passive] Heating Mismanagement [10 Damage /Fire] => Random Enemy
{#} If on grass panels, x2 damage.

Meltdown: 120 HP / 120
Raising The Heat [1/2] => [2/2] Charged
Potential Fuel Source [1/1] Charged
The lone virus swiftly dodged the crawling Thunder with ease, but it only left it self open for the Firehit that was fired by Meltdown a few seconds later. As if the fiery punch was harsh enough, the grass beneath MagTect lit on fire and swallowed the virus in a burning inferno. The flames instantly died down when the virus was deleted and left a small floating crystal for the navi to claim.

Eleball: DELETED!

Terrain: 47% Grass, 53% Normal

Meltdown: 120 HP

100z + [Magbolt1] Battlechip
Magbolt1 -
Damage: 90 + Stun
Accuracy: B
Description: Stuns an enemy in front of you with a magnetic melee attack.
Duration: Once
Element: Elec
Special: Magnetic Pull
Glad to see his foes defeated, Meltdown basked in the glory for a few short moments before getting back to the task at hand. I still don't see Arch, Alan. How far do you reckon he went? he asked.

I don't know. Alan replied. He's been out of contact for hours now, so he could be far into the net, we won't know until we find him.

Okay. Looking at a path of sorts, he looked into the distance to see where it lead. Might as well follow it.

Zenny: 1190 => 1290
Get Battlechip: Magbolt1
Battlechips: 11 => 12

Meltdown: 120 HP / 120
Raising The Heat [2/2] Charged
Potential Fuel Source [1/1] Charged



The eyes compel you.