A World of Elegance

With a blaze of light and silence to follow, Majesty had logged in with her Sword drawn and placed in her grasp.

She had walked about the area letting her eyes scan vigilantly. They were beautiful and blue, like sapphire. Comparable to that of her crimson shades of her dress that had white frills to dance along the edges in the usual patterns. She had been silent as she stood there letting the end of her dress waver and flag as if it was caught in an invisible wind that seemed impossible in the network.

"Something wrong?"

It was a while that she had remained silent after hearing the voice that sounded off through a communication link from the dark and confined room of young Keera. It had been a while since she logged into the network. Her family came first, and so far, they had insisted on having her birthday celebrated. The cake, the ice cream, and the works. It was not exactly a good day for her considering that she had not aged in such a faux body and Majesty had only thought poorly of her attitude towards it since she was always so quiet, so distant. No matter what.

"No..." Majesty had responded, "...nothing's wrong."

Keera had nodded her head. It did not matter seeing Majesty did not see this gesture, but she herself knew it was there. It was anything Keera would do to keep her voice from being heard being her stern self as ever.

"Very well...ready your sword and we shall begin."

The sound of metal sounding off with a ear piercing ring. Her eyes staring sharply as if she was a hawk.

"Yes, Mistress." she had said.

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As Majesty, in all her glory, walked along the relatively safe nets of the scilabs, a couple of viruses, shaped like hands ironically, float towards her majesty while being flanked on both sides by some Champu viruses, each punching at the air before going to the front lines for their "handy" friends. BATTLE TIME QUEENY!!

Front Lines
ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
ChampuC: 60

HandyA: 80
HandyB: 80

The queen herself
Majesty.EXE: 160

Majesty's sword was drawn to the point where she pulled back over her shoulder, ready to strike anytime as if she was a dog waiting for orders. Of course Keera was always her Queen to send her into battle. It was silent as the viruses aligned had made that repetitive noise that made them sound like a bunch of bumbling henchman. It was silent because it was something easily ignored by Keera and her warrior that was on standby was she shot an icy glare towards the viruses.

"Your orders?"

Keera sighed since this was like a routine for her now and again. However, she knew that Majesty would not move unless she had given the proper words for her as a sign. Her right hand lifted to present the battlechips she would use. The images vanishing from their surfaces with each load as Keera had already planned out their winning strategy with Majesty simply standing in wait, but by the time she could receive the aligned data, she pretty much read the tactic they would use.

"Get close...and then take it from there. I pretty much sent the chips necessary."

Majesty nodded her head getting the orders. Her posture lowering with a bend of her legs while she concentrated her focus towards the units before her. "Yes ma'am." she had replied as one moment she was there, and the next she kicked off as she seemed like she was simply making a jump, but that simple leap had to end as she touched down with her toes. With a simple touch, she kicked off dashing forward at full speed with her dress flagging in the breeze of her incredible dash speed she used to close the range between herself and the Champu fighting units. Quick Crimson was useful, and it was also useful for executing a quick sword poke that would paralyze the centered Champu unit.

"Pre-emptive strike!"

It was obvious without herself declaring it with a thrust toward the unit aiming to stun him. She had been quick to intercept as she attempted to keep the viruses in their formation. Her vision sharpening with that decisive blow that she carried the momentum with her accuracy increasing. The hand that carried her sword had motioned in a clockwise stroke while her left arm had overlapped the blade to transform into a large double barreled gun weapon. Her focus was on the frontline she was close at. The positioning to her advantage seeing that it was as good as point blank as one could get. With a low hum of the targeting system, it was followed by a thunderous roar of the barrels as she let out a flurry of shots toward the frontline.

The smoke from gunfire would leave a silhouette; a shadow of the royalty's right hand once again holding her sword. Whether those viruses were deleted or not, that meant nothing to her since she would finish them off if they did not die in the blaze of gunfire. She had simply kept moving, just in case there would be a counter attack, and kept attacking. Her silhouette vanishing the smoke itself being blown away from her sheer speed. Majesty had quickly moved beyond the frontline, or the remaining ashes, as she used her Majestic Mach Slash to get into range between the two giant handy viruses.

The sound of sharp metal slicing the air had sounded off, thrice with three slashes as she aimed her focus to the Handy virus. She had delivered it so suddenly, swiftly, that it seemed as if she made one powerful slash in those three blows. Eyes would not catch the other two, but they would be able to catch her next as she spun on her heel and aimed for the other Handy virus as she had set her self between the two to keep them in range of her devastating sword slashes. Even if the sword slash was strong enough to finish that one Handy Virus, she had took a mighty stab, just to make sure it did not miss its mark, only being satisfied if she would see the remnants of virus data fade into oblivion.

"Top form as always."

Keera might have spoken too soon, but she had to hand it to Majesty, she was moving fairly quickly and on her toes. Even after executing both of her Melee attacks, she had been so into her sword fighting that she had quickly tossed her body forward with a dancing side step to get from between the viruses. Her hair swaying as her eyes were scanning her surroundings in order to see any targets as she made her swift dodge. Her right hand holding onto her sword as she lifted it by its hilt in a guarding style. Her eyes peeking over her wrist as she held the end to her face staying vigilant of the counter attack.

Action 1: Quick Crimson - 20 Sword Damage (+Stun) [Closed Range] @ Champu B

Action 2: Machingun - 30 Damage (9 Shots) [Accuracy Increase!] @ Champu A/B/C (3 Shots each)

Action 3: Majestic Mach Slash - 30 Sword Damage (3 Slashes) [Teleport] @ Handy A

Action 4: Sword - 80 Sword Damage @ Handy B

Action 5: Sword - 80 Sword Damage @ Handy B

Passive Action: Swordplay - Free Dodge | Majesty Sidestepped

Passive Action: En Garde - X-Hit Shield | Hilt Guarding
After receiving her orders, Majesty gets a move on, racing accross the field and striking a Champu to momentarily incapacitate it. She then begins laying into the whole group of Champus, blasting them with her Machinegun and manages to take out all three. She then warps a bit closer to the pair of Handies, delivering a quick strike to one, followed by two more strokes, taking out both remaining viruses.

Front Lines


Terrain: 100% Normal

Majesty.EXE: 160

Rewards: Firehit1, 400z
Keera had intercepted the data from the chip and the Zenny earnings. She had downloaded it into the library while Majesty was sliding her sword into it's sheath for the moment.

"Superb!" Keera simply said as Majesty let out a satisfied, obviously prideful, muse of her pressed lips as she continued forward.

(Battle 2, that's what's crackalackin'.)
Majesty strolled on for about a good minute before encountering another set of viruses. It was a gang of Swordies, who happened to witness Majesty's superb swordsmanship and wished to challenge it! Thought it was obvious that they were going to be overpowered, they hoped to gain an advantage with large numbers! Prove them wrong!

SwordyA: 90 HP
SwordyB: 90 HP
SwordyC: 90 HP
SwordyD: 90 HP
SwordyE: 90 HP
SwordyF: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Majesty.EXE: 160

"Nine knights versus one princess." Majesty had said with a slight tilt of her head and her right hand reaching to the hilt of her sword. "It just hardly seems fair." A pull of her right hand slightly revealing the blade; enough so that a glare had shone from the distance to the Sword as if the young princess was concealing a glimmering star.

"Yes, but for which side?" Keera had replied as her eyes let off a glow while her fingers slid along her PET. She had started to load her choice of chips while Majesty had made her plans. What was available to her making her come up with a plan the moment that she had seen the choice. Majesty placed a calm, if anything amused, smile across her face as the end of her lips cracked to reveal one of her beautiful white teeth that shined like a pearl beyond her crimson red shaded lips.

"Let's find out shall we?" Saying this while her right hand whipped out her blade and whirling it with a play of her fingers and a twist of her wrist before gripping it. She had pointed her weapon as in front of her a devastating wind had picked up. Becoming so strong, soon, the visibility of three tornadoes was there before Majesty as they pulled the enemies closer while she had quickly rushed forward following behind the torrents of wind. Her silhouette beyond the gale, but that was the least of the "knights'" problems considering those strong gales of wind would cause quite the damage.

With the breeze dying down, Majesty was apparent and rushing as fast as any powerful force to be reckoned with. It was only that she was not hasting to make a tackle, but a blinding sprint and the dangerous blade held to her side to go with her advancement as she used her Blitz Fencing technique to keep up her incredible speed while she swipe to her left and right aiming for at least two of the units that were caught in the storm while she stormed across the field to ravage the Sword carrying viruses. When it came to a battle with a melee of sword wielders, she was not satisfied with simple attacks on one unit, she wanted complete domination immediately.

Her pride was on the line as a Swordswoman as well as a tactician. She had known when she did not stand a chance again an army, so she used her best traits to her advantage. This included her blinding speed she was moving in as of now, and she applied that speed to her most devastating attack as she dashed forward so quickly, it was like her sword slashes of three were like sonic boom to the ears, and to the body, deadly strikes of her blade. Moving so quickly while attacking, it was like she was dancing within the invisible wind as she cut and slash at the last line of Sword viruses while she made her pass, and appeared on the other side of the army as she still spun on one heel.

Her left foot shifting her weight as she danced on that heel, she was left with few options, but so into her swordplay, she had kept dancing, even quickly spinning once more with the shift of that same weight of the leg she kicked with to avoid any counterattacks that she would expect; that was only if her enemies were as competent as she implied.

She had danced out the way, but it was only a ploy as she connected this with another clever act. Her other hand opposite to her sword arm had the attached boomerang launched upon it. Her final foot that stamped the ground had been the end of her dance and the beginning of another as the boomerang had flown from its launched and whirled in the wind. This whole battle had seemed like her dance with the wind itself as she had kept a soothing smile on her face as if she was being pleasured by a mate who held her hand and led her into a ballroom. These were not even "knights" anymore, but simply spectators to her royal ballroom marionette, and she pulled the strings.

She was no fool. Even she knew that a simple slice of those swords would cut the strings she had woven for this battle. She had made her final move as the boomerang had swoon part her letting the breeze blow back her hair and pick up her dress slightly as if tagging her for her role in this "Dance of the Gale", an appropriate tile for this performance. She had responded as she let left arm pick up and ended the waltz with a shield that was not quite fit for a princess, nor a knight if one would be embarrassed that it was stolen from something as common as a Mettaur virus. If her defenses would fail, she would simply fight on with her own blade in hand as her sword in her right hand as she grasped the hilt ready to use it to defend like a real sword wielding princess would.

Action 1: AirStorm1 - 50 Damage (3 Hits + Pull Enemies Close) @ SwordyA|B|C

Action 2: Blitz Fencing - 40 Sword Damage (2 Hits + Haste) @ Swordy A|C

Action 3: Majestic Mach Slash - 30 Sword Damage (3 Hits + Teleport) @ Swordy D|E|F

Passive Action: Swordplay - Free Dodge | Majesty attempts to "Dance" out of the way.

Action 4: Boomerang - 60 Wood Damage @ Swordy D|E|F

Action 5: Guard1 - Nullify Up to 60 Damage (+Reflect Damage) @ {The Attacker}

Passive Action: En Garde - X-Hit Shield | Hilt Guard with thrust!
(3 Day Royal Bump)
Majesty manipulates the winds to move three opponents closer, sucking them into miniture whirlwinds to deliver a decent chunk of damage. Then, increasing her own natural speed, she moves in and stabs two of the three, finishing off the pair of viruses. She moves on to the rest of the group, instantaneously, nailing each of them with her sword once. Then, moving away a bit, she chucks a boomerrang, which hits and deletes two more Swordies. She puts up a Guard, which is soon struck by a Swordy, though the damage it returned upon the virus.

SwordyB: 10 HP
SwordyE: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Majesty.EXE: 160
Now to send the next set of battlechips.

Hearing that as Majesty's guard was lowered, she had simply cracked a smile on the edge of her face. She could only ask one thing as she gazed at the enemy units that were only two remaining to herself in ratio.


An excellent question. Keera had been caught off guard by that one word as she had placed a small smirk across her face and changed the variable of battle chip data she was to send. "You're right." she had said, acknowledging that one words, that simple question. She simply prepared the Sword Data as Majesty had reached to draw her blade. With a sound of the steel ringing with the draw of her blade she had quickly rushed forward amidst the battle that was about to reach it's climax.

Her right hand lifted her blade, pulling it back over her shoulder with a dash forward that made it seem as if she was flying. She positioned herself in order to close the distance between her and the distant Swordy Virus. With her feet touching down and a thrust of her sword, she had aimed to stun the sword wielding virus while she wound her right wrist before swiping through the air for a slash at the second virus. She did not stop, and probably could not stop if she wanted to; that was how a great dance worked for the one who was enjoying it like pure ecstasy.

She had spun aiming to slash once more, the close combat was very tense as she constantly changed the targets looking to lock blades or perhaps make a dead on strike for the body blow. After her second swing of her sword, she had quickly spun her body for an elegant dodge hence to her "Swordplay" ability that was literal seeing how she swung that weapon as if it was her "joystick." She swung once more as she aimed for one of her targets, but her right hand pulling back to get on guard soon after. If she was too over confident, then she knew to pull back as she guard and danced onto her toes readying to push herself back for a dodge to escape the close combat if need be.

Action 1: Quick Crimson - 20 Sword Damage (+ Stun) [Close the Range] @ Swordy B

Action 2: Sword - 80 Sword Damage @ Swordy E

Action 3: Sword - 80 Sword Damage @ Swordy B

Passive Action: Swordplay - Free Dodge | Swift Hip Toss

Action 4: Sword - 80 Sword Damage @ Swordy E

Passive Action: En Garde - X-Hit Shield | Lift hilt to Guard!

Action 5: Dodge | Get Outta' there!
Quick Crimson manages to finish off the weakened Swordies before the remaining enemies can react. Majesty then activates a sword chip and takes a couple of swings at the last enemy, making short work of him.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Majesty.EXE: 160

Rewards: 850z
Majesty had transferred the Zenny data while tapping her shoe's nose against the cyber terrain and checking her heels for gunk. After doing so, she proceeded forward ready for battle...

(Charge +1 Navicust Data applied.)

((Battle 3, getting' the hang of this again.))
As Majesty gracefully walked along the SciLab network before finding something odd about the atmosphere. Every time she moved, her whole body felt heavy and very stingy. Before looking further into it, she saw the group of viruses in front of her! There were Kabutanks that was prepared to fire at any given second and the strange virus that was covered in electric auras! That must be the one who's doing this!

KabutankA: 80 HP [Kabutank A,C: Prepared to fire!]
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
EleballA: 80 HP [Causing Static!: 5 Damage per actions spent]
EleballB: 80 HP
GunnerA: 60 HP
GunnerB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Majesty.EXE: 160

"T-this is bad."

The Crimson Princess had said stated the obvious. Her right eye twitched and she winced with each time she reached to her side, her handle was simple finger touches away, but it felt like the surge of energy from her body denied her the right to live up to her name. She had tried to erase all negativity from her mind to keep her calm focus, but at this point, she had said to herself over and over that she was screwed somehow. She knew this was not true; if it was, Keera would be more than displeased.

She would be utterly pissed.

A slam of a curled fist hit the arm of the seat nearby. The young woman had crossed her legs back at her domain and dangled her black heels as she glared towards the screen with slight disgust. She had almost lost her composure for a mere complete second. She missed it by one point off the decimal leaving her with a smile as she spoke hiding her minor frustration.

"That's all?" she had said calmly looking towards Majesty's status of her body before glaring towards the distant enemies seeing one who caught her eye with a silly grin and an unusual composure.

"Very well then...let's play." her right hand tapping across the seat while her eyes flew across in a scan thinking about the batltechips in mind before she slipped her thumb to her PET while letting a chime confirm the access of the particular set that she wanted to use. She had smirked as Majesty had received the incoming data. She assumed battle position as she let her heels etch into the ground while she had gazed towards her enemies.

"The "problem" will come last. Time for a defense against those bothersome tanks." Majesty had noted as her right hand lifted and she held her palm outward.

In a pixilated composure of data that had came before her, a massive mechanical fan had appeared right before her. A light hum had started to sound off as the blades spun. The enemy in front of her was no doubt to be hit by the bombarding winds that built up as they rushed over the field and Majesty stood behind the source with no worry. Her eyes had been slightly blind behind the ground, so she peeked behind to keep a good view while she prepared herself for stage two of the plan.

"Now for the "problem" to take care of."

Majesty had let her right hand lift into the air, her left to her side. She had formed upon the left a launcher that had held a massive green curved slender piece of wood that looked like a Boomerang while the left had held a cob that was coated in a green ear. Her left hand had cast out the green curved piece of wood, her body feeling a surge as she gritted her teeth. She was irritated by the pain, but more of the reason to continue her assault as the ear had unraveled and exploded with two powerful whole pieces of corn that bombarded the electric virus.

Her body felt another jolt, but she felt as if her plan was not to fail. The winds carrying her bombarding assault, but she was in a bit of pain to pride herself. The only thing left of her to think of now was the possible counter attack, and so she prepared herself as she had lowered her posture enough so that she would spring herself about the battle field.

It hurt her to reach for her weapon, but she had no choice. She had quickly reached and snatched her blade as she spun it around until her hilt was in her grasp and ready to intercept anything her enemy would throw at her. She refused to suffer to death and make that her inevitable end against a battle against lightweights.

Her mistress and her pride would not allow it.

Action 1: Wind - Summon (100 HP Barricade + Reduce Enemy Accuracy) @ All Enemies (Disrupt aim of Kabutanks)

Action 2: Boomerang - 60 Wood Damage @ Eleball A|B| Gunner A

Action 3: CrnSht - 50 Wood Damage (x2 Hits) @ Eleball A

Action 4: Dodge | At Counter Attack

Action 5: Dodge | At any other Counter Attack

Passive Action: En Garde - X-Hit Shield | Standin' Ma Ground!
The Wind was summoned just in time when the Kabutanks fired its bomb towards Majesty. The strong gust literally pulled the bomb in reverse, bombarding the Kabutanks with their own bombs. The Boomerang sliced through the troublesome Eleball and a gunner before it could make anymore havok, but the second Eleball barely dodged the attack and started to emit static too!

KabutankA: 50 HP
KabutankB: 50 HP
KabutankC: 50 HP
EleballB: 80 HP [Causing Static!: 5 Damage per actions spent]
GunnerB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Majesty.EXE: 155 HP
Wind: 100 HP