Bards Back On the Net

On the netways a collection of music notes and staff appeared and began to clump together. In a short flash the notes formed into Bard.exe. Bard looked around the nets and streched out her arms. "It has been a while since I have been on here," she said. "Indeed it has. We need to get wo-" Leo suddenly ceased speaking. Bard looked up and wondered why Leo suddenly stopped talking. Moments later Leo came back over the headset and said in a whisper. "The librarian got on me for talking loudly." He gulped loudly before saying, "Remind me to be quite in here."

Bard wicked smile crossed her face as she said, "Of course. Not a problem." Bard pulled up her bongos and set them in her lap before setting the piccolo to her lips. She straighted her back and played the spell for her movement disk and began hovering through the nets, ready to try to find some viruses to bust on the net.
As bard goes through the net, she is suddenly assaulted by a trio of viruses called bunnies, each hopping around like they were "hopped" (oh god. I made a pun. the world must be coming to an end) up on some sort of new drug that only viruses could use, either way, the trio began to close in on Bard for some sort of crazy drug induced navi on virus scene. On the bad side, the entire area was covered in metal panels.

BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
BunnyC: 50

Bard: 190

Terrain: 100% metal

Bard was moving through the netways while speaking with Leo. She soon noticed the change in terrian and quickly became on gaurd. Once the bunnies came into sight she stopped her movement and said, "Leo. I am on all metal. And those things up there are sparking with electricty." She gulped loudly and said, "This could really hurt." Leo Looked at the display and said, "Don't worry Bard, you are more than strong enough to down these guys fast. We have the means to end them quickly. No worries." Leo was trying to calm down bard because he could tell she was already worried about the possible pain. "Ok so heres the plan, move closer and use the confusion attack. We will confuse the target that is farther away and then have the front two basiclly surronded by enemies...Or at least one target likely to hurt them."

Bard bought into the plan and calmed down slightly. She moved closer to the bunnies and lowered her hovering disk and sat on the ground. She quickly stared at the enemy with the most distance between her and set herself up. She pulled the piccolo to her lips, one hand on the bongo, and started the most horrid song possible. She was directing this terrible off beat mess to the enemy. "La, Da Fa Ma Ta La" This is what Bard sang in between her terribly high pitched piccolo and awefully tempoed bongo. Once the song was over She looked at the enemies and said, "Leo I need chips!"

"Here ya go. Shotgun in! You need you set up your dodgeing spell after you use this." "Of course!"

Bard soon recieved the chip data. Once she felt its presence in her programming, her raven flew from her shoulder. The raven flew towards the closer bunnies and cawed loudly before its mouth opened widely. Unaturely wide. The raven jaw looked to be dislocated and made of a dark mist. From the mist arose the barrel of the shotgun, which soon fired it terrible blast towards the bunnies, hopeing to catch both in the attack. The raven returned to normal after the attack was finished. The Raven flew up higher on the field and looked down. Bard was busy pulling her piccolo to her lips to play the short spell required to have her move incase of an attack.

"Ok Bard. That should have set us up nicely for the needed damages."

Turn Summary
1) Use Syncopation Sig attack on the enemy that has the most distance between Bard and it. -Confusion-
2) Shotgun the closest Bunny -50 Splash-
3) Dodge
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Bard's piccolo made quick work of the Bunny virus, causing it to wobble to side to side and fall to the ground, laughing in hysteria. It was almost sad to watch this virus in this horrid state. However, Bard didn't care too much and proceeded her attack with the Shotgun, deleting the two Bunny in a blink of an eye.

BunnyC: 50 [CONFUSED]

Bard: 190

Terrain: 100% Metal
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Bard smiled in glory as the shotgun landed perfect with her targets. The crow returned to her sword in a caw of glory. Bard watched the last target in its sad sad state. "Guess I should just finish this one off and put it out of its misery. "I am not sure about that he seems to be having a great time there," Leo said in a joking manner. Bard laughed and this, and even the crow seemd to join in on the cruel taunting of the very confused virus. "Ok here comes the sword chip. Use that and the binding to ensure the confused creature can't escape in its current state."

Bard nodded and pulled her piccolo to her lips. She waited until the chip data was fully with her before she sent it to her crow. The crow flew from her shoulder and once again the ominous black mist began to pour from its mouth as it unnaturally twisted its beak and opened its jaw far normal ability. The Sword began to form inside of the crows throat, sliding out and bringing blood from the crow on its tip. The beak of the crow was now flipping around and the sword appeared to be the ominous creatures new maw.

While this was happening Bard began her song to hold the virus in place. The music for this spell started out sweet and soft, to lower the guard of the creature. In this instance however, that step was useless against this stumbling, defenceless virus. Soon the music began sharper, with faster rises to its peaks and ficere notes now emitting from the piccolo. Around Bard the music she was playing from her head was now present in front of her eyes on a physical large music sheet. The staffs and notes from the sheet began to peel off. As bard finished the song they launched themselves at the confused target, trying to tie it up and prevent it from stumbling out of the way of the final blow. The crow flew in after the staffs and made a diving attack at the enemy. After the inital dive bomb it flew back up for another hit and run sword attack. Once this was done it dropped the sword data and returned to normal, now flying over Bards head. "That should take care of that last virus," Bard said with a great smile on her face.

Turn Summary
1) Musical Bindings Sig On Last Bunny -Hold on last bunny-
2) Sword to Bunny C -80-
3) Sword to Bunny C -80-
Bard restrained the already confused Bunny with her musical spell and destroyed it with her Sword chip. The remaining part of what the bunny use to be laid on the ground, surging the electricity through out the metal area. Thankfully, the electricity wasn't too strong to affect Bard and the remain turned into the battle's loot.


Bard: 190

Terrain: 100% Metal

200z + [Zapring] Battlechip
Bard smiled wickedly as the bound and confused enemy was quickly sliced in half. She watched as the data from the virus was deleted and the new infomation was left behind. She looked at her raven and send a nod towards the information. The bird flew from her shoulder and flew towards the data. Upon grabbing it, it returned to Bard, dropping the items at her feet, and then sitting back on her shoulder. Bard picked them up and said, "Some zenny and a new chip. I am going to send it to you so you can tell me what it is. Leo looked at the chip and added the zenny to his total. "This is a zapring1 chip. It does electric damage and also has the possiblity to stun. Not bad, might come in handy. Ok lets look for some more virus, we haven't been online in a long time. We are still very rusty, wouldn't you agree?" Bard scoffed at the comment and said, "Like I need to stay in practice. Me at my worst still owns these sad virii."

{{Battle two please}}
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Bard continued forward into the network, her footfalls made light clanking sounds as she traversed the all metal terrain. She noticed some figures in the distance, and picked up the pace to investigate. After closer inspection, there was a group of cannon type viruses that surrounded a DBLCUBE virus. The cannons swung towards Bard and attempted to draw a bead on the Navi.

Viruses Identified!

CanodumbA: 50HP
CanodumbB: 50HP
CanoGuard: 60HP
DBLCUBE: 100HP [Surrounded/Protected by above viruses]

Bard.EXE: 190HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

<(Battle #2: Cannon Protection. Ready, Fight!)>
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"Leo, I haven't even seen some of this viruses before! What should we try?" Bard asked while lowering herself to the ground from her disk. She saw at once that the cannons were attemping to Draw a line on her and screamed in a bit of panic. Basically in reflex Bard begin singing her dodge spell as the watched the cannons draw a target on the mostly stationary Navi. Leo let out a loud sigh and said, "Bard get control of yourself! You can't be losing focus this quickly! Here use this quickly and try to drop both of the cannons before they are able to attack!" Leo quickly slotted in a cannon chip and watched to see if his Navi would be able to handel this calmly.

Bard felt the data for the chip enter her programming. She had used it many times and much enjoyed using this good chip. The sent the data for the shotgun over to her raven, which promptly flew from its usual place on her shoulder and into the air. Without missing a beat Bard pulls the piccolo to her mouth, and the drums between her legs. The raven got the data and hovered ominously over the cannons. The shotgun barrel formed this time from its chest, quickly breaking and bending the form of the bird. It seemed to have its back break as the shotgun came forwards. The shotgun quickly drew a bead on the first cannon, and hopefully the raven was able to line it up well enough to hit the other opponets. When the shotgun fired its kick sent the raven back into its normal posture and back towards Bard once again.

Just as Bard was about to start the song for her sig program Leo stepped in to stop her. "Wait! Use this instead. When you get the data aim it around and behind the cannon gaurd as best you can. This is the best tool we have for doing just that." Leo slotted in the boomerang chip and said, "Aim well."

Bard looked confused for a moment. To her the process attack program would have worked a lot better. She was a bit flusttered but still in enough of herself to listen to Leo. She processed the data and grabbed her piccolo by the back end. She turned her body to the side and quickly chucked it like a boomerang. Once it left the hand of the musical navi, it changed into the wooden boomerang. Bard attempted to send the attack around behind the defensives of the canoguard, but around the cube as best as possible. Bard watched the tower of enemies before her as she said on the ground, ready with her simple bongo to end these viruses.

1) Dodge Spell prepared for incoming attacks from cannons.
2) Shotgun to Canodumb A from raven attempting to get other canodumb -50 splash-
3) Boomerang thrown to try and hit the canoguard from behind -60 wood-
As Bard put her self in the Evasion Spell, the cannon viruses seized the chance and fired continuously at the navi. No one knew what exactly happened, but Bard was able to dodge each and every attack and proceeded to destroy the virus protecting the strange cube. The Shotgun successfully destroyed the two Canodumbs and the boomerang's tricky arcing bypassed the CanoGuard's shield and sliced it in half.

But then suddenly...

A blood red light appeared just above Bard and struck the navi in a devastating laser. It wasn't too bad for the navi's overall health, but Bard's right hand was somehow rendered useless and couldn't even lift a finger...This isn't looking to well...

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
CanoGuard: DELETED
DBLCUBE: 100HP [Color: Red]

Bard.EXE: 170HP [Unable to play music?]

Terrain: 100% Metal
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Bard grabbed her piccolo as it returned in its ark to her. She looked at the field, seeing her attacks had pretty well managed to delete the present enemies. With a slight smile on her face she turned to face the last enemy. Before her gaze could be fully fixed upon the cube before her, she saw the area above her changing to red. As the attack zapped her she felt her arm go numb. In a panic she attempted to raise it up again, finding herself unable to do so. Quickly, with out the ability to use half of her music making ability, Bard felt lost. She felt disconnected. Bard quickly broke out into a cold sweat and Leo could tell she was on the verge of going insane without her connection to the world. "Bard! Listen to me! You still have your Raven! And you still have your voice as well!"

Bard was still breathing heavy. She didn't like this musicless feeling she had. In a bit of a shakey voice she sang a quick scale to remind herself of what musical connections she still had. Once the inital shock of not being able to play her piccolo or bongos was gone, Bard quickly gained a face of determation and rage. "Send me chips! Now!" Bard yelled. Leo quickly slotted in the chips he thought would be best, knowing bard would simply throw them towards the cube, unable to react any other way. "Here ya go."

Bard felt the infomation for the chips running through her, and she quickly sorted out which one she wanted, and which would be best handled by the raven. She found a sword, a zap ring, and a firehit. She sent the zapring and the sword to the raven, and loaded up the data for the firehit for herself. The raven flew up above the cube and loaded the zapring. The raven's feet began to shift and change into a pair of postive and negative jumpper cables. The bird's beak began to crack and snap into the shape of a ring. Electricy began to jump around the birds body, from the cables to the ring. In a swift motion the feet of the raven swung up and grabbed the ring, causing more electricty to pass through the bird than before. The ring began to glow and crackle the most and the bird threw it down upon the poor cube below. The bird began the grotesque transformation into the sword bird.

Bard herself loaded the firehit into her system. It has been the longest time since Bard has used a chip in her own system, through her own hands as apposed to music. Bard's left hand changed to a glowing ball of fire. With an angry and powerful punch forwards she sent the attack towards the stationary cube. As the firey fist traveled, the tail of the fire looked like musical staffs. The raven, now done with its sword changing, swoops down dive bombing at the cube, attempting to slice whatever was left of it open and delete it.

Bard was still in a rage, but having sent an attack by her own hand helpped a lot with controling and funneling her anger. "Bard," Leo's voice rang out, "Use your recover ability to change this for a health restore." Leo slotted in the cannon chip. Bard recieved the data and changed the data into the correct notes to heal herself. She sang the simple notes and gained her damage back. "Bastard."

Free Action: Health Restore: Cannon to health: (+20)
1) Zapring to Cube. (40 elec+stun1 x 2(metal))
2) Firehit to Cube. (60 fire)
3) Sword to cube (80)
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With the help of Raven, it was able to zap the cube into a critical state. The overall color of the cube shifted to blue and illuminated it self with gentle blue lights. It was able to heal small part of the damage, but it couldn't have prepared it self from the next two attacks. Instantly, the cube was destroyed and disintegrated into a small, finer pieces of data.

In the end, there was a GMD floating where the cube once stood, waiting for Bard to claim the reward of the battle.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
CanoGuard: DELETED

Bard.EXE: 190

Terrain: 100% Metal

[DBLBEAM] Battlechip
Slowly feeling began to return to the arm of the musical warrior. In a great rejoice she lifted her arm up ahnd began waving it around very happily before pulling her bongos to her lap and tapping out the song for the movement disk. She hovered over to where the cube used to stand. She looked down with total disgust and spit at the ground it used to be on. After doing so she noticed the zenny and the GMD. "Hey Leo. Got something else here. It is a GMD." "Oh? Well go ahead and nab it." Bard nodded and reached down to grab the zenny, which was promptly sent to Leo, and the GMD.

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{{Also Battle 3 soon if you please}}
Bard paddles deeper into the net, where she comes across three tanks, ready to fire bombs at any time, and two upbeat, flaming boxers. The ground seems to be composed entirely out of metal, so she won't have to worry about falling through holes any time soon.

Let's get this started, shall we?

ChampuA: 60 HP
KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Bard.exe: 190 HP

{{Was the GMD the battlechip?}}

Once Bard came upon the Group of enemies she looked at them, trying to search out a cube. She was still angered from the cube and was making sure another one of those bastards wasn't in there. She glanced over each enemy, trying to figure out the best course of action for her attacks. "I say get one of those eager Boxers to be a bit to eager and attack a friendly for a while. Then just send me some chips to work with." "What about the new one we just got? Try it out," Leo said while shrugging, seeing if Bard would buy into the idea. bard quickly shot a cold glare to Leo and said, "I would rather not deal with anything remotely like that damned cube at the moment." Leo let out a brief laugh at the comment before he noticed Bard's expression hadn't changed. He quickly ceased his laughing and said, "I will send that zapring to hopefully drop a tank. Confuse and dodge." Bard Never dropped her cold expression as she nodded and turned back to the viruses.

"Slotting in, Zapring," Leo said while shoving the chip into his PET. Instantly, once the data was recieved by Bard, she shrugged her shoulders, sending the Raven into the air in flight. She quickly sent the zap ring data to him while pulling her piccolo to her mouth and drums in her lap. She sat upright as she played her dodgeing spell and prepared to play her Syncopation attack. Meanwhile the Raven sorted the data within its system. It entered the data into its system and turned its beak to a ring. The ring was a soild black color, but still clearly metallic due to the way the light bounced from its surface. It Raven's feet began to grow and extend, with the talons taking the form of a positve and negative jumpper cable set. The cros swung its feet in the air and grabbed unto the ring and threw it towards one of the tanks. As the bird detached the ring from itself, the Black mist pour from where the beak should have been. Once the attack was finished the Raven flew higher up in the air, and behind the enemy lines, ready for the next chip.

Bard, seeing the raven was throwing its attack, began to play and sing the horrible spell of Syncopation. She looked at one of the eager Champu, the one which was more likely to see its nearest ally as an opponet, and sent the terrible spell right into its head. The drums were off beat, dropping a beat here, creating one there, while the piccolo sounds like shrill cries from nails scraping a chalkboard. Meanwhile, Bard sang the most terrible, out of tune notes possible, while not playing the piccolo. Bard finished the awlful melody and watched to see the results.

1) Dodge spell ready
2) Zapring1 to Kabutank B (40 Elec + Stun 1 + x2)
3) Syncopation Sig to Champu B (Confusion)
((GMD = Green Mysterious Data. Basically, the reward data~~))

While Bard was putting the dodge spell on herself, Raven was able to strike the middle kabutank with the Zapring. The electricity coursed through the body of the virus and it was largely amplified by the metallic panel, zapping the virus into deletion. The kabutanks loaded themselves up with bombs and fired towards Bard. Thanks to the spell, the navi was able to dodge the bombs it self, but it didn't prepare her for the explosion it created near her.

Despite the damage from the bomb, Bard was able to fully prepare her Synchopation and place one of the champu in utter confusion. While it was in a daze, it floated towards one of the champu and punched it on its face. After that...he...managed to punch himself...The wonders of what confusion can do.

ChampuA: 50 HP
KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: DELETED
KabutankC: 80 HP
ChampuB: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Bard.exe: 170 HP
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Bard Couldn't help but laugh at the silly confused Champu. That had to be one of the better things she has seen in a while. "Good to see you aren't as angry anymore. What chips do you want?" "Oh no. I am not in that much of a better mood still pissed. Besides the point that is though. Send me something to drop as many as possible in one shot." leo sat and thought for a moment before saying, "Use your piccolo sword to drop one, then hit as many as you can with this." Leo slotted in the boomerang chip and said, "Be careful. Aim that towards the tanks first if possible." Bard nodded in understanding.

Bard pulled the piccolo to her lips and began playing the sharp tense song required to summon the sword. As the song carried on, a blade began to appear and expand from her piccolo. It got longer until it was about two feet long. The last few notes of the spell, her movement disk began to glow once more and she fished the song with a final sharp note. With a quick opening of her eyes she glared at the second Champu and flew towards it, piccolo still to mouth, using music to direct the disk. She flew by the Champu as great speeds, trying to cut it up and delete it before returning to her orginal spot on the field.

Next Bard played a dodge prep spell, just to make sure she could avoid another attack if needed. Once that was complete, she took the piccolo from her mouth and held it in her hand like a club. She started the data flow for the boomerrang chip and whirled the new boomerrang piccolo from her hand. Being as she was right handed, she attempted to hit the tanks first and the champu last, not wanting the wood based chip to be burned up before it reached the tanks. "Good, if that hits well enough, this battle is easily ours," Leo said as the boomerrang piccolo launched from Bard's hand. "Also, use this as a heal." Leo slotted in the ever so reliable cannon chip that was commonly used for heals. Bard converted the data over to a heal and sang a short, simple song to heal her wounds.

Free action: Convert Cannon to Heal (+20)
1) Directors Baton Sig Attack (50 damage to Champu B)
2) Dodge spell prep
3) Boomerrang chip thrown from right hand. Attempting to hit the tanks first, starting with Tank C (60 Wood)