Scouting - The Forgotten Path

Memory.dat...loading complete!

ArmCust...system at full progress

Empress.EXE...logging in...all systems go!

With a moniter pulling up on the small computer within a closed area of SciLab, Keera had gazed towards her right arm reading the system progress, and finally gazing towards the screen, the flash of light had presented Empress logging into the SciLab area as she kneeled down with her black dress's edges coveting the floor as if she was giving prayer. Slowly rising, she had stood until her black boots had shone reflecting the light of the area as she stepped forward.

"No unusual activity..." The navi had said giving the first visual analysis as she scanned the location around her. "This mission is looking grim already. There's no signs of any strange energy or alternate routes that would connect the primary SciLab area to that of the SciLab Underground. Can it be nothing more than a myth now that everyone, including our collegues had escaped that horrid dungeon?"

Keera had only listened to Empress, didn't consider, but only listened. "Don't be foolish..." she had begun to say staying as calm as possible, "A place that evil, containing that many nightmares of what was done to me. They don't go away, those horrid days weren't just some figment of my imagination, they were actual anguish." she had said as Empress had listened only feeling the magnitude of hate through their synchornized bond.

"Very well..." With nothing more said than that, Empress proceeded deeper into the corriders of SciLab looking for their fabled route to the Underground.

((Ready for Battle 1))
Virus Attack!

Billy: 50
YortA: 90
YortB: 90

Empress: 160

Terrein: 100% Normal

Battle 1 Ready Steady Go
"It seems though we have company..." Empress had mentioned as she turned to the opposition. It was nothing but a measly set of three viruses, but considering her hate for the usual Yo-Yo slinging viruses and then to wrap up that hate, a small Billy that would give you an electric charge, was a constant pain in the hide. Seeing there weren't many, she didn't seem to fluctuate from her laid back mood to angry that easy. This wasn't even compared to the endeavor she had faced recently.

"They're so insignificant..." Keera had smirked as she had reached to her right arm and browsed let her left thumb tap her PET with a smile as her eyes had given off that violet glow and the cascading values had started to pour behind her pupils. "I suddenly miss Rogue Net...Empress dispatch them!" she had given a commanded as she started to download a number of battle chips. She put on her battle ready straight face as she stared at the projection screen of Empress.

Wasting no time the net navi had went into action as her right hand lifted slightly as she tossed her palm forming a cannon in the center. "Yes, Madam!" she had chimed with a smile as she had presented her palm to the Billy virus first, and waited to align her shot with the Yort virus behind it. She then let out a blast from opening of the barrel in her palm as she made a slight recoil from the force of the shot.

"Just change rounds and keep shooting!" Keera had commanded as she had loaded her next battle chip set being a round of HeatShot chips. Empress had done so as she loaded the Fire element chips and kept her palm aimed towards her enemy using a slightly wider barrel as she had fired off a flaming projectile towards the first Yo-Yo and aimed for the blast to set the second enemy on fire. She hadn't let up on her attack as she had fired a second round of the HeatShot at the Yorts aiming for them in a row, if the first one hadn't been set a blaze that is, as she stayed kneeled down and made sure she didn't miss a shot the best way she could.

After Empress had used a full melee of ranged attacks on the enemy, it was only appropriate that she kept her distance since it would give her time to dodge, but seeing she was kneeling, she was going to hold her ground for now. She had quickly switched to the defensive as she lifted her arms as if she was holding up an instrument in a slope, and sure enough, that instrument appeared as a yellow Met Shield had shown itself in front of her as she taken refuge behind it and aiming it's frontal towards the second Yort virus.

Empress had motioned her head at the edge of the shield as she had glared towards one of the Yort viruses. Using her unstable field of energy, she had focused the force towards that very virus as, even from behind the shield, the wavering pull of energy had reached to snatch some of the material make up from the virus and soak it into the navi's very data make up in order to recover herself. With nothing more to do then to wait for the enemy assault, if any, Empress had patiently awaited behind her cover.

Action 1 - Shotgun - 50 Damage (+ Spread) @ Billy (+YortA)

Action 2 - HeatShot - 40 Damage [Fire] (+ Spread) @ YortA (+YortB)

Action 3 - HeatShot - 40 Damage [Fire] (+ Spread) @ YortA (+YortB)

Action 4 - Guard 1 - Reflect up to 60 Damage @ YortB

Passive Action - Drain 10 Damage @ YortB
The Shotgun nails the Billy and a Yort is also caught in the blast. The next Heatshot deletes the virus and so Empress shot is then simply focused on the final virus, which it hits. It then fires its spinning blade of death, which bounces off of Empress's shield and back into the virus, which gets torn up.


Empress: 160

Terrein: 100% Normal

Rewards: Thunder, 150z
"You've improved..." Empress had juggled the data in her right hand as she had downloaded the Zenny to their account as well as taken the time to add the received chip into folder. Her head picking up as she had stared out into the net area's corridors even after hearing Keera's compliment, or what sounded like it.

"I think I'm the same. The only reason we have this victory because we're taking full advantage of the sync system using your cybernetic parts. In other words, I think it's because we're finally realizing our potential as a true team madam." Empress had said a mouthful as Keera had simply stood by on the line listening.

"..." She was silent as the moment was awkward. If anything, she hated to admit to that logic. "Let's continue..." She had said simply. At the very least, the tension could be felt in the air from that moment of silence.

((Battle 2, Ready!))
Virus Attack!

GunnerA: 60
GunnerB: 60
GunnerC: 60
PulsebulbA: 120
PulsebulbB: 120

Empress: 160

Terriein: Normal 95% 5% Metal

Battle 2 Begin
"I suppose this is better." Keera had stared at the fresh batch of viruses that had appeared. To her, they were like new meat since she didn't consider them to be a major threat just like the last. A set of gunner viruses she had never seen before followed up by two of the annoying pulse bulbs were more than enough reason to be on guard, but the NetOp had doubted that they would give much trouble, if any at all seeing she felt lucky today.

"Hurry and dispose of them. We might find the corridor sometime within these computers before they catch on to our presence here in SciLab. I'm starting to think that the only reason that the corridor is lost to our sight is because they are aware of out presence." Empress was intrigued by that logic. Maybe there were old remnants of the Underground that were still mobile. There were other netnavis after all with acceptable abilities that were beyond belief, so that may be present now in SciLab's hidden server after all.

"That's possible, so shall we focus on the battle and dwell on that prediction soon after?" Keera hadn't given the response. There was no need as Empress had spoken her language and already had given her the opportunity to start loading chips as her eyes had given that sound glow and she started to download battlechip data from Memory.dat file.

ArmCust Data transferred! All systems go!

At the crack of the system's computer, it was like the sound of a pistol for Empress as she had quickly went into a forward roll as she had reached accessing the transferred chip data and using the synchronization as she saw the image of the data in her mind forming into a solid image of the incoming data. "Right!" she had called out in understanding of Keera's battle strategy as she was quick to whip out her right hand and reveal it's form altered into a stalk of raveled corn.

The stalk had pelted back as the layers of green had revealed the yellow ears. She had taken aim as she let out two blasts toward the Pulsebulb viruses. "Well, I doubt that'll be enough to take them out in one blast though." Empress had commented as she had launched the two bursts in an instant and recovered her footing as she stood with her left leg bent for a battle ready posture.

"Let's not let up then. Magbomb, Download!" Empress had taken notice from gazing at the alignment of viruses. The terrain in particular had caught her attention as some of the field had metal panels coveting it to some degree, so using them to her advantage would be a wise choice as she had reeled back the Magbomb and tossed it forward in order to cause some damage and stun one of the PulseBombs while of course to catch one of the Gunner viruses and the other PulseBulb virus in the wide range blast.

"Let's try to shut down their offense now, shall we?" Keera had noted as she had let her eyes come to that mesmeric half close as they had once again sparked with that eerie violet glow. In an instant, Empress's right hand was once again altered to have the black rim of a barrel along the inside of her palm as she had lifted it quickly aiming for the first gunner virus she saw and reaching her left hand to grasp her wrist as she steadied and aimed. She let out a blast as she gripped her right wrist with her left hand to resist the recoil after aiming for the pair of gunner viruses.

Going on the defensive, Keera had prepared as Empress had quickly lifted her arms like it was instinct. Forming in front of her was the familiar large shield that resembled the helmet of a Met virus, and was taking full advantage of it as she tilted it's aim toward the first Gunner virus and peeked from behind the shield as she extended her right hand toward the second gunner virus. She had used the unstable energy she emitted as it was concentrated like a vacuum and aimed to draw material and energy away from virii and add it to her own over all form for energy once again.
Action 1 - CornShot1 - 50 Damage [Wood] (x2 Shots) @ PulseBulbA & PulseBulbB

Action 2 - Magbomb - 30 Damage [Elec] (+Stun1 + Blast2) @ PulseBulbA & (Blast @ GunnerC & PulseBulbB)

Action 3 - Shotgun - 50 Damage (+ Spread) @ GunnerA (Spread @ GunnerB)

Action 4 - Guard 1 - Reflect up to 60 Damage @ GunnerA

Passive Action - Drain 10 Damage @ GunnerB
The Cornshot blasts fly true to their paths and hit the Pulsebulb viruses straight on. The Magbomb attack strikes as well, deleting the poor Pulsebulb but without enough impact to hit anything around it.

Empress' third attack had just left the barrel of her gun while two Gunner viruses attacked at the same time. The attacks passed each other mid-air and as the Shotgun attack was faster, it hit straight on. The bullets came raining in, but Empress had her shield set up already.

A mere bullet bounced back and caused the shield to disappear, but the other bullets were not stopped by this. One by one, all 5 of them headed straight for Empress. 4 hit, while 1 went astray due to technical malfunctions. The bullet flying back went straight through the barrel of the Gunner virus which exploded as reaction. Another Gunner virus who had his data mysteriously captured by the Navi, exploded as well but his bullets had not. The Pulsebulb virus seemed to hop around aimlessly for a bit.

GunnerC: 60
PulsebulbA: DELETED
PulsebulbB: 20

Empress: 130

Terrain: 95% Normal; 5% Metal.
Empress had taken on the barrage of bullets that had struck her one by one as she had put too much hope behind her shield to even think about dodging at that moment. She hadn't fallen, nor even kneeled to that point, but taking no damage while her NetOp had witnessed it was pathetic enough. She had stood tall as her form was so unconcerned that one could barely tell that she had taken on damage at all. Still, Keera had a bitter glare towards the monitor seeing Empress only deleted at most two-thirds of the horde.

"Not bad...but we could've done better." She had commented as Empress's eyes shifted to the corner as if she could really see her NetOp at the corner of her eye sight. "Which part would that be?" as her eyes had given a faint glow indicating battlechip data was being processed within her.

"The part where you didn't get hit." Empress had frowned hearing Keera's response. It was obvious she was still uptight as ever about the battles being so perfect. "Now, let's hurry and do away with these clowns. If I still recall, our theory is still in test." Empress whipped her head to her attention toward the viruses in front of her. She had almost forgotten about the hidden route they were trying to find, and in order to get anywhere near that Route, she'd have to act quickly. Even if she did, there was always the chance that it was non-existent.

Putting that issue aside, she had quickly drawn her right hand up. Her palm exposed to the remaining virii, she had started to let the HeatShot battlechip come into action as strands of orange and red streamed along her arm and converged at her open palm as finally a small fireball of flame was present there and brandished at the viruses in view. Her first intention was to blow away the PulseBulb, but seeing it hop around was irritating. A vein was to pulse from her forehead at this rate, but she had saw an easier treat as she had quickly switched targets aiming for the Gunner virus.

"Perfect!" she had let out the blast of fire from her palm as he ripped through the air at a quick speed to bombard and destroy the weapon virus. An immobile target was better than one that would irritate her with the constant jumping, and seeing that the PulseBulb had moved about the area around the virus, if the spread would catch it during it's whimsy moment, it would be nothing more than an extra treat for Empress seeing it most likely would be deleted.

She didn't let up. Her right hand still was in the air in it's most recent position, and just as quick as she had released her first HeatShot, she had released a second blazing ball of fire aiming for the gunner virus. Her attack hadn't let up as she had lowered her right arm. Her eyes glowed visioning the data of another chip, and in an instant, she had quickly lowered her posture as she kneeled down and placed her fingers in a point position and watched as a wooden cylinder log materialized in front of her and dropped to the ground. With a sweep of her right foot, she launched it forward watching as it quickly moved across the terrain and toward the virus units.

She held her position as her right hand was set on the terrain of the cyber area, holding her ground as her legs was sprung and her hand was set to push off for a quick dodge backward if any of the viruses had approached to attack. Seeing she had encountered these kind before, their attack were aimed for a specific place, and no beams and lasers she'd have to roll out of the way from. She simply roosted at her spot while she stared towards the Gunner virus concentrating her dead locked look that was another method of concentrating the distortion about her body and drain the energy from one of the virus units.

Action 1 - HeatShot - 40 Damage [Fire] (+ Spread) @ GunnerC (+PulseBulbB)

Action 2 - HeatShot - 40 Damage [Fire] (+ Spread) @ GunnerC (+PulseBulbB)

Action 3 - Ringlog1 - 50 Damage [Wood] (+ Roll) @ GunnerC (+PulseBulbB)

Action 4 - Dodge - Backflip

Passive Action - Drain 10 Damage @ GunnerC
The shots pelt the last gunner, easily destroying it. One shot also manages to hit the bulb, but with its hatch closed, the shots do zilch. Then suddenly the thing rushes Empress, opening up to attack and, as luck would have it, it was just as she was about to roll the log, which is more than enough to end the battle.

PulsebulbA: DELETED
PulsebulbB: DELETED!

Empress: 130

Terrain: 95% Normal; 5% Metal

Rewards: MachineGun1, 250z
As the battle came to a close Empress had stood up from her dodge ready position as she loaded the chip data and Zenny data she had recently received. Suddenly, she had felt a strange pulse as her eyes widened, and then came back to their usual state, but not along after that, she had frantically acted looking about as she had felt like something was different.

"Don't worry, that only me applying your upgrades." Keera's voice had warned as she swapped out the empty battlechip after swapping it from her body and adding it to the Memory.Dat folder. Empress folding her arms as she had given a small smirk as Keera had turned her attention to the vidscreen at her expression.

"What's the matter what you?" she asked only getting a small head shake before Empress continued forward going deeper into the area to find what she was looking for. She kept quiet since what she had to say why Keera would bother upgrading her with a certain ability would make her smile so. Seh had a feeling she knew anyway considering she had that frustrated voice and they were still linked. It was obvious; she cared.

[Battle 3, Ready!]
Virus Attack!

BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
BoomerA: 60
BoomerB: 60
BoomerC: 60
ChampuEXA: 120
ChampuEXB: 120

Empress: 130

Terrein: 75% Normal 25% Metal

The patches of metal flooring are pretty evenly split up.

Battle 3 Begin
"Hmm...persistent little pests, aren't they?" Keera had uttered as she had glared towards the viruses through the display screen. Empress had unfolded her arms putting them down to her side as she prepared for battle in her own way. She had lifted her right hand into the air twirling it about as a glimmer of beautiful sparkles that were like diamond dust had poured along her body and her eyes had a sharp tone to them as they glowed beautifully with a light blue color similar to moon.

"Oh! Eager to use our new tricks already, are we?" Keera had commented as she stared towards her navi. As of right now, her accuracy, her recovery rate, and her power had went through the roof, and at the same time, she looked good while doing it. She smiled liking this technique already as her body sparkled beautifully before the viruses. Some would be able to say she looked stunning as she sparkled like a diamond.

Suddenly, the moment was gone. A Nylon cord had fallen as it hit the floor dangling by Empress's leg as the other end was gripped by her hand. Beauty turned into beautiful horror as she had lifted her arm making the black nylon fabric wave through the air as it then lashed forward towards the Bunny viruses making a thunderous clapping noise as she had aimed to strike one, and then reeled back tossing forward once again aiming with another strike as she had played with her whip while moving in motion for the tango part. Keeping the whip in motion had given her a guard to deflect the attacks as she had twirled it continuously.

"What a moment killer!" Keera had said pressing her lips together liking the attitude in truth. Without further ado, she had begun to let her eyes let out a hazy glow as she had smiled loading the chips she had in hold to go on the offensive. At that moment, Empress's left hand had generated a large machine gun like unit carrying two barrels as it begun to fire at will on the group of viruses as she took advantage of the accuracy boost to guide the weapon with somewhat better precision.

With that most recent attack coming to a close, Empress had quickly switched to another weapon as she had switched to her Magbomb battle chip loading it and grasping the small explosive in her palm. As she held onto it, she enriched it with the empowering effect of her ability and then aimed carefully for the Boomer viruses attempting to catch them in their group. She had given it a toss as the explosive had aimed to let out a shocking and pulsating wave of course being boosted by the effect of the Metal Panels within the area.

Standing tall, the distortion around her begun to kick up as usual. The force had pulled at one of the Champu viruses knowing that with the low accuracy of her machine gun, most likely one of them might've survived her onslaught. She had breathed easily as she could feel the regenerative ability and her absorbing ability giving her energy from the unstable field around her.
Action 1 - Queen's Royale - (40 Divisible Damage + Increase Accuracy + Regenration )

Action 2 - Whip "N" Tango - Stun 2 + x 2X-Hit Barrier @ BunnyA & BunnyB

Action 3 - MachineGun1 (x9 Hits) @ 4 Shots @ ChampuEX A & 5 Shots @ ChampuEX B

Action 4 - Magbomb1 30 Damage + (+ Blast2 + Stun1) @ Boomer A,B,C (+40 Damage Boost)

Passive Action - Drain 10 Damage @ ChampuEX A
Empress preps herself, then puts the bunnies on hold with some stun. She then unleashes a hail of bullets from a machinegun, her upped stats helping her keep the majority of shots on target, only one hit straying off. The bomb hit two boomers, deleting them. The last boomers tries to counter, but it fails.

BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
BoomerA: 60

Empress: 130

Terrein: 75% Normal 25% Metal
((I think you forgot the Regeneration effect too, and I don't know if my X-Hit Barriers are still up are not, so I'll just assume that they aren't.))

"Hmm...interesting..." Keera had muttered lowly as Empress had stood tall once again folding her arms after making her move. Her gesture of an eye shift had went to the corner once again hearing the sound of her NetOp's comment. Curious, she had parted her lips slowly anticipating some kind of find about their mission.

"What is it?" she had begun to ask. "Have you perhaps noticed something from our last assault?" Keera had laid back in her seat as she had a straight face. "Besides you not being able to take care of all those viruses in one round with that kind of power? Nothing major...

Empress frowned hearing the comment. "I'm not back at full power yet. This body still isn't it's full glory considering the past crash it went through during our endeavor in the underground." Even as she spoke, she could still picture the physical strain she had put herself through as they made their escape. With their mental link still bonding their thoughts together, Keera was clearly aware of that past disaster as well as she cringed her teeth together letting the sounds of the past sound like sharp metal scraping together. Similar to the sound, it was unbearable.


Keera's right hand had shown a small pop of electricity as the display had shorted on the arm of the chair and soon static from her impulsive rage. "Whatever! Let's just take care of this matter first, then we worry about the past later. We still have to find the entrance way to the underground so we can scrap what's left within that rubble of data."

Empress had said no more as she had lifted her head as she unfolded her arms and assumed the battle pose. "As you wish Madam." she had said briefly as she stared forward staring down what was left of the viruses. "This is nothing but clean up as of now. We can take care of this with a few long ranged chips." With that, Keera eyes started to give off a glow processing more data through the cybernetic folder Memory.dat as she had eyed the video display from her seat.

"Ringlog, Download!" Acting on that instant, Empress had quickly rushed forward as she leapt into the air where a single wooden log's cylinder form had materialized. She had twirled her body and spun giving it a kick as she had spun around tossing her left leg while shifting the corner of her eyes to get a good view of more data accumulating as she could hear Keera's voice chanting, "A second Ringlog, Download!"

With that Empress had fallen back to the ground as the second Ringlog and begun to fall, she started to twirl her body once more before the log could reach the ground, and the moment it did, she had given a sweep of her leg catching it and sending it on another roll along with the first as it targeted the bunny viruses. Sure one log could easily be avoided, but a melee of logs was another problem, and not to mention her follow up as Keera had downloaded the last bit of data sending Empress's right hand into a blaze. At that moment, Empress had lifted her hand and then given it a great big thrust as it send a blast of fire forward towards the last of the remains, if any.

She had quickly lifted up her arms as she had produced in front of her a large yellow shield with a green cross on it bearing similarity to the virii's helmet that they wore as she focused it to defend against the attacks and aimed it's direction towards the Boomer virus. With that, her unstable energy had once again pulsed as it pulled toward the direction of the virus to drain it's energy from the concentrated force pouring into Empress's body to recover her slightly.
Action 1 - Ringlog1 - 50 (+Roll) Wood @ BunnyA & BunnyB

Action 2 - Ringlog1 - 50 Damage (+Roll) Wood @ BunnyA & BunnyB

Action 3 - HeatShot - 40 Damage (+Spread) Fire @ BoomerA & Whatever's left

Action 4 - Guard1 - Reflect up to 60 Damage @ BoomerA

Passive Action - Drain 10 Damage @ BoomerA
((Naw, I forgot to make a note of the barriers as I reviewed that action, which is why they weren't mentioned. Of course, since you didn't really get hit this whole time, it probably doesn't matter. Also, added in the damage for regen and drain this turn. Missed them cause I was in a bit of a hurry last night due to me hating the comp I was using. Sorry about that.))

The Bunnies both get mowed down by the logs just as they manage to shake off the stun. The boomer is deleted in a single hit by the heatshot.


Empress: 155

Terrein: 75% Normal 25% Metal

Rewards: 800z
((Understandable! I was kinda of sleepy on one of my posts anyway.))

Empress had landed quickly as she had found herself ending the battle without much of a threat from the viruses. She had started to dust at herself as she had downloaded the Zenny data.

"Empress! Get moving!" Caught off guard by the sudden urge of Keera's voice, Empress had lifted her head sliding her eyes to her ears hearing the sudden order still ringing. "Is there something wrong?" she had asked.

"Don't ask! Just get moving! Quickly!" With not much more to do than to follow orders as loyal as she was, she had nodded her head in response as she bolted forward. "Yes, Madam." she had said as she had patted at the last specks of her dress to clear off the dust, but when seeing it was futile, she had quickly leapt through the air as Keera's eyes had given a small glow. At that moment, Empress's clothing had tore away leaving her body that was given off a shining aura that made her unmentionables unable to identify through her radiance.

Suddenly, a pool of darkness had opened in front of her as her body had flew through it and emerged from the other side. Her body was then coveted in clothing of darkness that seemed almost royal in a feudal era as well as the top of her head crowned with a golden like tiara crown that had a dragon symbolized along it. Her hair do had slightly changed to fit the era's fashion sense as her back had loops that held a long handle of a scythe that was more than just decoration.

"Royal Reaper.GMO initiated!"

Keera's computer had scrolled with the indication as the light clothing had made it easier for Empress to dash through SciLab's corridors as they proceed deeper into the area in a rush.

[Battle 4 a go-go!]
Virus Attack!

RattyA: 60
RattyB: 60
RattyC: 60
MagtectA: 90
MagtectB: 90
MagtectC: 90
TwistyA: 80
TwistyB: 80
TwistyEX: 120

Empress: 155

Terrein: 60% Normal 40% Metal

Battle 4 Go
"How obvious..." lowly and as calm as those words sounded, Empress had slid with her boots sending out a screech as she came to a halt seeing the virus horde. She had her hand reached behind her back as she had grabbed at the neck of her scythe ready as she looked at each of the virus units. The thing that had made her a bit anxious however was seeing the small Twisty viruses that had the form of a small cylinder block with a crown and antenna on it's head as if it was transmitting something. Her right brow lifted slightly confused for a second at the notice, but it had caught up to her as she had looked up seeing the virus's "second-half."

" inconvenient." Even though with that said, there was little worry in her voice towards the nuisance of viruses. It was obvious to her then that she'd have to focus on these targets while dodging their counterparts. Easier said than done, she had decided it was best to take them out as soon as possible as Keera had decided to take the initiative and started to load some Wood-Elemental chips.

"These should take care of your little problem with the electric type viruses. Just in case, you should boost the accuracy rate with your glamour thing." she had advised as it caught Empress's attention hearing the name Keera gave for it. "Glamour thing?" her eye brow lifted once more hearing the name even if she herself repeated it. It just had a inadaptable ring in that dubbed name.

"Yeah, that thing where you prance around with that glitter and stuff. That's why I called it that. You know what I'm talking about." Keera had slouched in her seat as she had finished loading the battlechips. Her eyes had given the hypnotic violet glow as always as the values of zero and one digits had ran through her eyes like a cascading fall as she processed the data of each chip loaded.

"Yeah, but we're better off calling it Royale, Madam. I wouldn't prance around with a technique called 'glamour thing.' It's so unheard of!" Empress added as she began lifting her right hand into the air. Keera had sighed hearing the small complaint. "Lollygagging! That's all it is, so commence lollygagging and attack those viruses. We have no time to waste!" Keera had barked the order as she forced the subject to another direction. "Yes, Madam. May I prescribe that we save the wood elemental chips and go with a different approach?"

The first thing that game to mind as Empress had begun to give herself a burst of power was the loose term "lolly" that Keera had no alibi of using right now seeing her choice in fashion. Pushing that thought aside and giving a twirl of her right hand as she lifted it over her head, she let out a dazzling sprinkle of the glitter as the small particles had came over her body giving a strengthening quality along with a beautiful one with each shine. She had felt the burst of energy from the technique as well as the restorative energy accumulating as she had prepared the new set of chips that had recently been slotted in and ready for usage as she eyed each of the virus units.

Bringing her right hand down in front of her view, she had quickly transformed it's form into a massive machine gun unit and had focused her aim as she concentrated on the three Ratty viruses that were most likely to scurry around and give her trouble. Her first concern was eliminating them before they would have that chance as she took focus and then aimed letting out a flurry of rounds toward each and every one of the Ratty viruses while keeping her focus as her eyes had given that malevolent light blue glow.

Switching her artillery, she had watched focused her attention towards the Twisty viruses seeing they were moving about the area in a threatening manner. Reeling her hand back, she had opened it waiting until she felt the small Magbomb materialize in her palm and grasped clutching it until she had felt it's round texture and unstable electric energy coursing through it. She had focused her attention towards the center of the Twisty viruses as she had given the electric ball a while and adding her own power burst to the ball to give it a more potent and powerful explosion that the metal terrain would use to magnify the strength of impact.

Empress had quickly acted reaching behind her as she clutched the neck of her scythe once more. She had whipped the weapon from it's hold as she had reached with her left hand twisting the bottom to reveal a flexible cord at the bottom end of the rod as the lower half became another one of her whipping tools. Swinging the upper half about so elegantly that the reflection shone in the blade of the scythe every now again as she twirled it around her body, the cord had swung about around her like she was handling a set of nun-chucks.

"I see you're having fun with your new outfit." Keera had commented only brining a smile to Empress's face. That smile however was also her sign as it shown her eagerness. In a quick fashion, she had whipped the head of her Scythe as the blade curved around her neck like Empress's own life in danger, but it stopped only inches as the tail had whipped across aiming for one of the Magtect to stun it. In another quick spring, Empress had quickly whipped her whole body around and removing the blade from her neck as she crouched low whipping toward the second Magtect as the blade swept through the air, cutting it in an threatening way, even though it was more like a toy to her instead of a weapon.

"Well! Well! I think I'm actually having fun indeed!" Empress had commented with a smile as she whirled her whip and blade around as she had waited patiently for a counter attack to knock them aside with her weapon's spear tailed whip. As she twirled the weapon about, she had centered the motion along her chest as she even started to pull in energy from one of the viruses using her body's disruption to absorb some hit points from one of her targets.

"An odd combination, but I can live with it." Keera had commented towards Empress's battlechip choice after savoring the option to use the wood elemental battle chips for later.

Action 1 - Queen's Royale - (40 Divisible Damage + Increase Accuracy + Regeneration [5 HP per turn])

Action 2 - MachineGun1 (x9 Hits) @ RattyA, RattyB, & RattyC

Action 3 - Magbomb1 30 Damage + 40 Power Boost (+ Blast2 + Stun1) @ TwistyA, TwistyB, TwistyEX

Action 4 - Whip "N" Tango - Stun 2 + x 2X-Hit Barrier @ MagtectA & MagtectB

Passive Action - Drain 10 Damage @ MagtectA
((Don't forget the machinegun's damage.))

The Rats dart around, making them hard to hit even with the improved accuracy. However, all but one die and the last one is stuck at half its health. She then hurls a bomb which manages to hit all three stationary viruses and burn up one metal panel. The trio's satillites stop moving, though they'll probably start up again next turn. She then stuns the magtects as well and puts on some protection. At the moment, there seems to be no counterattacks coming at Empress.

RattyC: 30
MagtectA: 80
MagtectB: 90
MagtectC: 90
TwistyA: 10
TwistyB: 50
TwistyEX: 60

Empress: 170 (Barrier) (Barrier)

Terrein: 60% Normal 40% Metal