A void in the labs

Void faded in and looked around. randomly picking a direction, he dashed off in search of power, glory, and things to kill...
Things to kill with killing towards him, Void finds.

ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP

Terrain: Normal

Void.exe: 100 HP

Void took a look of shock at the trio of virri, as his trump card was made of wood. These virri have a distinct reddish glow look to them. "Damian, these are fire element virri, and our most powerful chip is a wood."

<I know that!>The worried Operator shot back, thinking quickly as possible for a new strategy. Glancing at Void's sig list, he was still dismayed to see his only move was still a jumble of letters. <Ok Void, I'll send in the shotgun and cannon. Try to keep your distance for now!>

Great, this isn't going well... Void thought as the shadows of his arms cascaded down and enveloped his hands, I don't see how this could get any worse...

"Hey there boss," Imp said scampering up beside the dark navi, "You left me back with those idiots, what did you do that for?"

Glancing at the group coming at them, Imp turned and said, "wow, you really bit off more than you can chew this time. They look all FIRED up." The small demon chuckled at his joke.

"Be quiet! I'm trying to aim!" Void muttered as he raised the now complete shotgun at one of the charging champus.

<What? I didn't say anything!>Damian said confused.

"Not you the... whatever," pulling the trigger, the shotgun roared loudly as the shot went flying towards the closest champu. Raising the cannon as the shotgun faded into smoke, the cannon's own blast echoed the first shot as it fired at the second champu. Falling backwards into a run, Void raised his hand and sent a blast of shadow at the closest virus, attempting to knock it away. Continuing to run, Void hardly noticed the imp as it yelled after him, "You call yourself a Demon?!? Get back here and fight dirty!"



1) shotgun @ champuA (50 + splash)
2) cannon @ champuB (40)
*) Gust @ champuA (out of melee range)
3) Run like a scared little girl (autododge)

ChampuA: 10 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP

Terrain: Normal

Void.exe: 100 HP
"That's not how you do...", The imp stopped in mid sentence, impressed that he not only dodged all attacks but also managed to kill one. "Well I guess that isn't too bad."
"Damn right," Void chuckled smugly," Now watch this!"

"Rageclaw, NOW!" Void shouted at Damian, Turning to face the second Champu. Damian quickly slotted in the chip, and Void's hand changed into a long twisted talon like hand. Grabbing the champu by the face and forced it back into its ally.

<Hey Void, I got a surprise for you!>Damian chuckled as he slotted in a chip.

Void, looked down at his hand in excitement as it turned into the barrel of....

...A cannon...

"What? You got a cannon? Why not something with a little more... oomph?" Void said, sounding disappointed.

<Well it's all we can afford, and it gets us to level one.> Damian shot back. "Fine," Void said, raising his hand and pointing it at the last champu's head. A loud blast was heard, and Void put his empty hand by his body and looked around to see if any more virri were coming at him...


1) Rageclaw: ChampuA @ champuC(20/20 damage)
2) Cannon: champuC(40 dmg)
3) Look around (AutoDodge)
Void utterly fails to grab and throw the virus, but he does manage to damage the other Champu. The one he tried to grab attempts to hit him, but Void kinda dodges.

ChampuA: 10 HP
ChampuC: 20 HP

Terrain: Normal

Void.exe: 100 HP [Rageclaw]
"PFFFTTT... You really messed up there..." the imp laughed at the stumbling movement Void made as he lunged completely past the first champu.

"At least I'm getting better, not like you..." Void said angrily and he spun around, trying to slash at the champu in the back. "I've know you for how long, and you still are as annoying as ever..."

<What? I thought we were getting along, I really sorry I--->Damian started to apologize, but was cut of by an annoyed growl from Void, "NOT YOU! How many times do I have to tell you I'm talking to the imp!"

<Right...> Damian's voice dropped as he heard this, and was reminded of void's obvious delusion...

Meanwhile, Void was running up behind the last virus. He quickly lunged at it, putting all his weight into the claw. Falling back, he did one last check that all of the virii were dead...


1) Rageclaw @ champuA (40)
2) Rageclaw @ champuC (40)
3) Survey (autododge)
They die.


Terrain: Normal

Void.exe: 100 HP

Get: 200z
Void had a strange look on his face, and wasn't quite sure if he should continue on or not...

Giving his head a quick shake, he turned and whent deeper into the net...

((battle 2...


Cubes are everywhere, including one starfish

Starfish: 60HP
DLBcubeA: 100 HP (Red)
DLBcubeB: 100 HP (Blue)
DLBcubeC: 100 HP (Red)

Void.exe: 100 HP

Battle Two
Maybe I should of gone back... Void thought as he calmly came to a stop at a safe distance from the virii, "it looks like one of them is a Starfish, so it's probably a water element, so we don't have an elemental advantage over it. But at the same time, we don't know what element those cube things are..."

<So what are we going to do?> Damian asked.

"I say we put our chips in one basket, and use the log on the cube."

<Right! Ringlog, Battlechip in! Download!>Damian said as he slotted the chip into his PET. As the chip began to process itself, Void's arm grew a large round chunk of shadow. Holding it in his hand, Void gave a questioning look at the black tar like log. The log began to shake and growl at the surprised navi, who panicked and threw it towards the red cube. "That was waayyy to weird, You better send me the shotgun next..."

<You're the boss. Shotgun, Battlechip in! Download!> Slotting in the next chip, Void's hand became enveloped in shadows. Raising his newly formed gun, Void Aimed at the Starfish, and pulled the trigger. A loud shot rang out, echoing across the field, as the bullet sped towards its target. Void then crouched down, reading himself to jump out of the way of any attack...


1) Ringlog @ DBLcubeA (60 + wood)
2) Shotgun @ Starfish (50 + splash)
3) Prepare to jump (autododge)

Starfish: 10HP
DLBcubeC: 100 HP (Red)

Void.exe: 100 HP
Void looked on in stunned silence as the log destroyed two of the cubes, "That... was unexpected..." Void muttered quietly to himself.

"That's right! No one can stand up against the boss's mighty wood!" The imp cheered triumphantly, then realizing what he said stammered, "Wait, I mean..."

"Never mind that now, Damian, send me the cannons!" Void called out, raising his fists towards the last 2 virii. Damian slid the chips into place wordlessly and the shadows crawled over Void's hands, twisting and warping them into the wide barrels of cannons. Aiming one at each virus, Void first pulled the trigger at the weakened starfish, the cannon belching out a loud roaring explosion. Then aiming at the last cube, Void let the second bullet fly at its target with a crashing bang that echoed across the landscape. Quickly running around the cube, Void tried to get behind it to prepare for his next attack...



1) cannon @ starfish (40 dmg)
2) cannon @ DBLcubeC (40 dmg)
3) Prepare for next attack (autododge)
Void deletes the Starfish sucessfully and then blasts the DBLCUBE, which changes color, and heals itself. D:

Starfish: DELETED
DLBcubeC: 70 HP (Blue)

Void.exe: 100 HP
"Well well well," Void chuckled as the cube turned blue, "So those things can heal..."

Grinning wickedly with his eyes, he began to laugh manically, "...but it's too little too late! Damian, send the rageclaw!" Damian nodded and slotted in the chip as Voids habd stretched and deformed into a hand with long talon like fingers. Quickly running up to the cube, Void brought his hand back and said, "See you in hell."

Slashing at the cube, he swings his arm in a wide circle and claws again on the back swing. He then jumps backwards to a somewhat safer distance and watches to see what happens."Allright, that's the Void I know!" the small imp chattered excitedly, Tapping the excess ash off of his cigar.



1) rageclaw @ DBLcubeC (40)
2) rageclaw @ DBLcubeC (40)
3) jump back (autododge)
The immobile cube is cut to ribbons!

Starfish: DELETED

Void.exe: 100 HP


Rewards: 450z
"Allright, are you done playing around now?" the imp said as he tapped his foot impatiently, "Cause I'm getting fed up of you fighting this way..."

"Wait what do you mean?" void said as he picked up the zenny, throughly confused.

"You're fighting like a common navi, you have the ability to perform mind bending attacks. Plus you have a small army to back you up..."

"Then teach me..." Void said smugly as he wandered deeper into the net....
Void comes across another small group of virii on treacherous terrain!

CannondumbA 40HP
CannondumbB 40HP
CannondumbC 40HP
BunnyA 50HP
BunnyB 50HP

Void 100HP

Terrain: The area infront of the viruses is split by cracked panels that, if broken, will cut off direct attack against the viruses unless jumped. 20%Cracked, 80% normal

"Ok, there are some virii," Void said to the Imp as he came upon several enemies, "So what is this 'special way' of fighting?"

"It's simple, just call up your old friends..." the Imp said, calmly taking a pull on his cigar. "First get one of those chippy things."

"Okay, Damian! Send me the ringlog!" Void shouted out, and Damian complied by slotting in the chip.

As the smoke began to form around Void's arms, the imp like creature quickly said, "Now focus it on the ground!"

With a confused look on his face, Void pointed his arms at the ground in front of him as the smoke began to pour into the ground in front of him. Looking carefully at the smoke, Void quickly stepped back as a thick branch like came out of the ground. Following the arm was a large tree like body with glowing red eyes. It turned to look at Void and growled menacingly. Void panicked and quickly shouted, "Don't attack me! Get them!", pointing at the bunny like creatures. With a grunt, the trent turned and began to charge at them, as void only looked on in stunned silence. "That's how you are supposed to do it..." the small demon chuckled, watching the large tree run at the electrical virii, "Now try another one."

"Ummm, lets do the shotgun next." Void said, waiting for the chip. After a couple of seconds, Void called out again. Damian snapped out of his stunned silence, wondering where the tree had come from, and slotted the shotgun chip in. Void focused on the ground again as the chip started to take effect. A small hole appeared and Void gave a curious look down it.


Void looked at the creature that had stuck its head out of the hole, as it looked back at him with bright eyes. It appeared to be some kind of red lizard with an odd shaped nose. "Ummm, can you get rid of those cannons for me?" void asked it. Chirping again, it turned towards the cannons and began to take a deep breath in. puffing up a bit with air. Forcing the air out quickly, it fired a green ball of mucus at the cannon. Disgusted, Void groaned and said, "How does snot kill something?"

"What do you mean snot? This little guy fires acid." The imp said, pointing to a sizzling puddle near the creature. Chirping again the small lizard crawled back into it's hole, which quickly closed up behind it.

Shaking his head, Void watched the enemies to see which way to dodge.



1) ringlog @ bunnyA (50 + wood)
2) Shotgun @ cannondumbA (50 + splash)
3) autododge