Junior jacked into the net, looking around, "So, seems I beat them here. Guess I'll just wait." He found a wall to lean against and closed his eyes. Maybe he could rest a bit more before they showed up.
Celeste beamed into the net, a distance away from where Junior stood. So, I'll know it's him from the hair, huh? That guy has some funky hair... and that guy has some too... and that guy... Celeste continued to look over the navis in the area. And so does that g- oh! Celeste looked at the long green haired navi. "That's him, right Leon?"
"Yep. Head on over and say whats up and such."

Celeste walked over to Junior. His eyes were closed, and Celeste wasn't sure if he was asleep or just trying to act cool. "Um... Hi, Junior" she said somewhat meekly. This was really the first time that she had talked to the navi 1 on 1 that she could recall, and she was a bit nervous. Especially since Leon already knew Junior and he was Celeste commander of sorts.
"Junior, wake up." Wes said, "If you were that sleepy you should have just done what I suggested and stayed in sleep mode during the ride over."

"Eh? Oh, sorry." Junior said, opening his eyes, "I'm not really tired, I figured I'd just conserve a bit of energy. In any case," Junior turned to Celeste, "Sorry about that, Miss. And you are?"

"I believe that's Celeste. You know, that guy's navi." Wes said, "Just out of curiousity, did you create Celeste yourself, like you did with Ayumi or did someone else make her?"
"I made her myself," Leon replied. "Also out of curiosity, when did you meet Junior?"

"Hey Leon, does that kind of make me a relative of Junior's?"
"I guess in the sense that both you and Ayumi were programmed by me... so maybe one would say your his aunt or something. But there are few, if any, similarities between yourself and Ayumi programming wise."
"Alright... Thanks for explaining... I think..."
"Eh, I wouldn't exactly call any of my siblings exact copies of me either, except maybe for one." Wes mulled over the subject of blood relations and appearance aloud, "In any case, I suppose I met Junior when I met Majin-sensei. It was at some crowded place somewhere..."

"It was at a busting arcade at an anime convention." Junior said, "Its not that hard to remember. It was just a few years ago, afterall."

"Well, its not really my fault. Normally when I get used to seeing a person, I forget where and when we met... after knowing someone or something for a while, I forget where I first met or heard about it."

"Well, I guess when certain knowledge seems commonplace, it makes sense for a person to forget about learning it." Junior admitted, "In any case, I wasn't aware I had any net relatives left. I'm quite pleased to meet you, Celeste-dono. Well then, shall we go?" Junior said, beginning to walk off.

((Battle 1))
Dono..? I didn't know I was held in such high regard. Celeste looked toward the netscape and then back to Junior. "Pleased to meet you too, Junior-kun. I'm ready to go as well."

Celeste opened a private comm channel with Leon. "So, I'm assuming he got his respect for his family from his father?"

Leon exaggerated a cringe. "Ouch. Maybe it was just a genetic mutation, haha. But yeah, he probably got that from Soulman."

[Battle 1, yeah]
THe lights coming of of the cubes in the air make it seem like you are in the middle of a light show

DBLcubeA: 100(Red)
DBLcubeB: 100(Blue)
DBLcubeC: 100(Red)
DBLcubeD: 100(Blue)
DBLcubeE: 100(Red)
DBLcubeF: 100(Blue)

Junior: 120
Celeste: 160

Field: all metal
All viruses are coming down from the sky.
Battle one

((Also, going to mod lock ya for your subplot... unless one of the higher ups have a problem with this))
"So, a bunch of sparky cubes, eh? junior, let's take these guys out with one go! You two back us up and finish whatever we miss!" Wes commanded, "Sending MistConv, CornShot1, Boomerrang1, SideBamboo1."

"Okay. This won't take long." Junior raised his hand, summoning a hand of water behind his enemy. The foe was slow and clunky... dodging was unlikely. This battle was his. He clamped his hand shut, triggering a smashing close to the aqua appendage as well. Next attack. Junior held both arms straight out in front of him with palms open. A kernal appeared in front of each and Junior pointed the seeds at a pair of cubes. With a pop, both kernals exploded in a massive burst of fluffiness and butter, flying at the enemy hoard. Now to use a trick of his own. His fingers glowed and he brought both hands together. Like a Z fighter, he brought them up and fired a beam of energy out of his hands, trying to annilate another cube. Now to unleash something really devastating. Time for another summon. Picking out two more enemies, Junior materialized a grove of bamboo beside them. Then, with a thought, he commanded it to attack. As he did so, a long lance of sharpened bamboo shot out of the front of the cluster, it being aimed in an attempt to skewer two cubes at once. As it finished, the reed slowly retracted, as it disappeared the whole summon vanishing. One last chip had been sent. Time to wrap this up. A large boomerrang appear and junior shoved the end in the ground. Which ones were left? There was one he had missed, so he'd go for that and hope that the weapon would hit any other survivors on its way back. Not expecting the virus to move, Junior lazily, swung the object over his shoulder, before brining it back in front of him and hurling it forward, sending it spinning through the air. He watched it complete its arc, then he took a step back and watched to see what his ally and his enemies would do, "So, Celeste-dono, you want to wrap things up?"

((1.) MistConv, 100 Aqua, DBLCubeA
2.) Cornshot1, 50 Wood, DBLCubeB/C
3.) Soul Finger Shot, 120, DBLCubeD
4.) Sidebamboo1, 80 Wood peircing, DBLCubeE/F
5.) Boomerrang1, 60 Wood, anything left
6.) Dodge))
"We'll be waiting," Celeste said upon hearing Junior's orders. Get whatever is left..? Seems a little cocky to me. Maybe he's more like his grandpa than I thought...

Leon slotted in two of his more powerful chips. "Some firepower coming your way, Celeste. Make sure to not get in his way. If he's anything like his father, he cna handle himself no problem."

"We'll see..."
Celeste replied. She watched as Junior began his attack, making sure to keep out of his way and getting ready to provide support. She began to sing a little, about a fiery spirited warrior in battle. She lifted her palm to the sky, as a tower of flame appeared in front of her and seared toward the enemies.

She quickly spun around and moved to her left as she brought her hand down to her side and pulled a large and futuristic weapon from her back. She quickly made sure Junoir wasn't in the way, and fired it's electrical contents towards the decimated group of enemies. Empty, she dropped the weapon on the ground. No use carrying around an empty gun.

"Well, it looks like he has a bite that backs up his bark," she said nonchalantly. "Way to show them who's boss, Junior!"


1. Wait and watch Junior.
2. Flameline 70 Fire (x2) @ DblCube F/E/D
3. Watch and wait.
4. Thunder1 40 Elec (x2) @ anything hax enough to be left.
Junior's massive wood...en attacks and Celeste's attacks have taken out the cubes of two colors.

Each get 300 zenny, and 1 FXP with each other
"That was over quick... not that I'm surprised." Wes commented.

"Indeed. Thanks for backing me up, Celeste-dono. So, are you ready to continue on or do you need a minute to rest?" Junior asked, ready to go as soon as he got a response.
Celeste bowed slightly to Junior, impressed by his strength. "I'm fine. I'm ready to go whenever." She grinned slightly, lookeding at Junior. "I'm not that old, you know." She laughed, and started walking on ahead.

[Battle 2]
It seems like you found even more viruses in the area

StarfishA: 60
StarfishB: 60
StarfishC: 60
ElecogreA: 120
ElecogreB: 120
ElecogreC: 120
MarkcannonA: 60
MarkcannonB: 60

Terrain: normal

Junior: 120
Celeste: 160

"Those Elecogres look dangerous... though we have enough Wood chips that in the long run they shouldn't prove a problem. All right, take out the Starfish first, then we can annilate the rest." Wes instructed, "Sending Zapring1, Markcannon1, Boomerrang1, SideBamboo1, Guard2."

"Ah, so I take it you want me to use that technique first. Well I guess that should do nicely." Junior began filling his fingers with energy. As they lit up with luminous power, he raised them up in front of him and fully extended the fingers on each. He then released two powerful lasers from each hand which cut through the air and raced at a pair of aquatic foes. He then grasped a ring of electric in his hand and whipped it at the third starfish, sending the attack wizzing away in an attempt to take out the whole trio in one go. Now that he had done all he could with that group, he concentrate on the rest.

Junior projected a cursor in front of him and tried to line it up with the Markcannon. With an amused thought that the virus may very well be killed with a copy of its own attack, Junior fired the blast, releasing the energy from his palm with a bang. He then quickly materialized a long, curved piece of wood. This should take care of a good chunk of those remaining. He swung around, doing a complete 360 and released the weapon at the end of his spin. The wooden weapon then glided accross the battle field, making a deadly arc around the other section of the net. Now for his insurance. Summoning up a clump of bamboo, he directed it to take out whatever had escaped his previous attacks. It looked about the field, suffling around until it finally found something that seemed suitable and it then jabbed in front of it with a lance of plant power. As per his usual routine, Junior took one step back. However, instead of dodging, he summoned up a large, red shield, which stood in front of him as a protective wall. He called over to his aunt, "Celeste-dono, feel free to use my Guard as well. Its plenty big enough to cover for us both."

((1.) Soul Finger Shot, 60, StarfishA/B
2.) Zapring1, 40 Elec+stun, StarfishC
3.) Markcannon1, 70+Lock on, MarkcannonB
4.) Boomerrang1, 60 Wood, Elecogre group
5.) Sidebamboo1, 80 Wood, up to 2 enemies, anything left
6.) Guard2, reflects up to 120))
Celeste began chatting privately with Leon. "So... this Junior kid seems to be quite the powerful navi. Were his parents strong as well?"
"Yes... quite so. Even though Junior is quite strong, his power so far pales in comparison to his father's when he was in his prime."
Leon sigh and nodded. Thinking of the days of his pseudo family left his with many conflicting emotions... emotions that he didn't care to discuss nor think about for the time being. He opened his eye, and looked at the battle. "So, do you plan on helping Junior or just sitting there like an old hag?" he asked in his stinging sarcasm.
"Just wait for you to stop taking your old man naps and lend me some assistance," she replied equally sarcastic.
"Hmph." Leon grabbed three of his favorite chips, slotting them in and preparing for some fun. He watched the screen as Celeste began moving to make herself harder to hit and as Junior began another all out assault. "Alright, here's the plan. Activate the shotgun and bubbler, and put some pressure on the Markcannons. Then spice up the ElecOgres' lives."

Celeste nodded, quickly grabbing a shotgun from midair. She stopped and turned toward the markcannons, bringing it to bear on them. She fired the powerful weapon, the bang resounding on the net for a moment.

Quickly discarding the spent shotgun, the grabbed her bubble wand from her pocket, quickly pointing it in the same fashion as the shotgun. She blew into it, the bubble wobbling a bit before bursting and sending a mighty white water present to the virii. She wasted no time dispensing of the wand, its usefulness gone.

She instead turned her attention to the ElecOgres. She grinned, raising her hand to the sky and flipping her wrist upwards. No sooner had her palm turned to face the sky than a mighty flame shot from the ground, searing a path of destruction straight towards what were left of the Ogre ranks. She watched as the flames died down, aas she head Junior call to her.

"Celeste-dono, feel free to use my Guard as well. Its plenty big enough to cover for us both."

How thoughtful. She took him up on his offer, and headed in his direction to take refuge behind his protective guard.

1. Shotgun 50. Markcannon A/B
2. Bubbler 50 Aqua. Markcannon A/B
3. Flameline 70 Fre. Elecogres A/B/C.
4. Get behind Junior's Guard2.
Junior and Celese manage to do good this round, like their last.

Rewards: 350 zenny to both
2 FXP for viruses, 1 for sharing of the guard chip.
"Well we managed to pull through again, Celeste-dono." Junior said as he dismissed his guard, "We're making pretty good progress."

"So, are you two ready to head furthur in?" Wes asked.

"I suppose I'm ready if Celeste-dono is. I don't believe either of us have suffered a hit, so we should be fine, right?" Junior replied.
Celeste nodded. "Thanks to you, of course. You're quite powerful... I see why you're the leader of the group, hehe." She turned to the net and looked down it. "Shall we?" she said as she motioned toward the expanse.

[Battle 3]
Junior and Celeste continued on and encountered... wait, hold on. Those viruses seem to be sexy female versions of themselves. Just what did science do to them?

DBLCUBEA: 100 HP(blue)
DBLCUBEB: 100 HP(blue)
DBLCUBEC: 100 HP(blue)
Windbox: 100 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
StarfishA: 60HP
StarfishB: 60HP
StarfishC: 60HP
StarfishD: 60HP

Terrain: all metal.

Junior: 120
Celeste: 160

Battle 3
Celeste cracked her knuckles teasingly. "I'll take the lead this time, Junior" she said with a sly smile. "Can't let you have all the fun."
"My my, Celeste. Feeling a little obsolete to your nephew?"
Leon chuckled. "Oh well, here you go. Make some short work of these fools." Leon picked up his chips slotting them in quickly. "Be sure to take out that Windbox first. If not, the whole battle will be a mess."

Celeste nodded, disappearing from sight in a burst of petals. She quickly reappeared behind the Windbox, away from its powerful windy ways, with her hands ablaze. She wasted no time delivering a powerful backhand to the box, the flames on her hands transferring to it while leaving Celeste's hands no worse for the wear.

Only Celeste's palms still on fire, she placed it onto the ground. The fire in her palms shot into the ground, leaving singed mark on the landscape. It shot up seconds later ahead of her, burning a wave of terror through the ranks of the Cubes, fire spurting all over and burning all in its path.

Finally, Celeste spun to face the boxing virii. You're gonna love this. She pulled out her bubble wand, looking through it towards the Champus. Goodbye. She released the power contained in the tiny bubble wand, the attack only a watery grave for whoever was unlucky enough to be caught in it's destructive tide.

Celeste smiled. "See? I'm not too shabby myself..."

1. Areagrab behind windbox's wind.
2. Firehit 90 Fire (x2) @ Windbox.
3. Flameline1 70 (x2) @ DBLCUBE A/B/C.
3. Bubbler 50 (x2) @ Champu A/B.