Needle in a haystack?

A beam of light shot from the sky and struck the ground, pooling itself into a mass of energy... The light took shape and resolved itself into the form of Broadside.EXE, in his preffered White Guard form...

Which didn't last long.

The form lost resolution, and degraded, forcing the Navi to switch to his battle form.... Which also wasn't functioning properly, as the big Navi soon discovered...

Broadside made a report of his status to Jared... "Error. My long-range sensors are down. GMO function is also disabled. Orders?" ...but got no respose whatsoever. He tried again... "Testing signal. Jared, do you read? ...and still nothing.

Lacking futher guidance, he defaulted to his previous orders: Find Seraphim.

He began to move through Sci-lab to find the Navi, except he was effectively blind compared to his normal capabilities...

This did not bode well.
Before long, Broadside finds seraphim!

Well- Uh- Sadly, sidequests don't go that way.

Random Battles do, however.


Still disconnected from his Net-Op, Broadside found himself in deep trouble....

As the mortar-tank-like viruses rolled forward, Broadside found himself unable to deploy his H/K's to attack them... In fact, he found that they were not responding to any of his commands, yet strangely no error messages scrolled across his visor. A diagnostic of the system reported that the H/K's were in perfect working order, but were shutdown.

Not one to let things bother him, Broadside then changed tactics, and tried to deploy the Howitzer... He had planned to use it to destroy the terrain between himself and the approaching enemy to give himself some breathing room and to give his capable Net-op more time to reconnect... But even as his weapon arm rose, it did not open. The Howitzer was not working either. Again, no error messages were triggered by the weapon's lack of response.

As the viruses drew nearer, Broadside tried activating his mortar, hoping to at least exchange long-range fire with the much slower virii... And again, nothing happened, and no flags were triggered. He immediately ran a diagnostic on both the Howitzer and the Mortar, which reported the disturbing news that both systems were offline, as if their code was simply dormant just as it was before J.T. had used his programming skills to bring them online.

The failure of his own weapons began to worry Broadside... But, he didn't have long to think about it as he had made a fatal error in tactical judgment: He had not moved at all since detecting the enemy. Broadside quickly abandoned trying to use the next weapon in his arsenal as his enemies finally entered attack range....


The big Navi clenched his teeth together in frustration, and grudgingly began to step slowly backwards, deploying his Hailstorm Gatling as he took the first step back. He painted the lead virus with a whisker targeting laser, and spun up the gatling buster... The multi-barreled fire breather whirled to life, then buzzed as he began to hose the lead virus down with lead while he reluctantly gave ground to their advance....


-- Bit Cycle Fails
1: Bunker Buster Howitzer Fails
2: Cluster Bomb Mortar Fails
3: Towering Guard (Block up to 6 Attacks/Hits; Navi Cust Boosted; 3 TCD, Delayed.)
4: Hailstorm Gatling @ Kabutank A (1 Null x 12 Shots)
After failing a bit, Broadside gets some shots in. His towering Guard blocks 3 bombs from his allies.


Towering Guard: 3/6 Hits
Broadside kept his slow backward retreat up, firing his gatling at the lead Kabutank. He was firing his second burst while preparing his only remaining weapon system to attack...

He hoped.

When he brought up the targeting systems tied to the missile batteries, he was in for a most pleasant surprise... The systems not only worked, they reported the presence of a staggering number of warheads... Broadside wasted no time in lighting up the two viruses flanking the lead with an absurd number of target locks while he powered the systems on. The panels on his left and right torso split in half, rose, then slid away to reveal 40 micro missiles stacked in two launchers, four wide and five deep... The large Navi slowed for a moment, steadying himself for a moment....

Then the missiles launched in a wall of death that had to be seen to be believed. The distance to his targets was less than 100 yards, making the missiles' flight time less than a tenth of a second from launch....

Fire and thunder swept their destructive way across the battlefield....


1: Hailstorm Gatling @ Kabutank A (1 Null x 12 Shots)
2: Hailstorm Gatling @ Kabutank A (1 Null x 12 Shots)
3: Missile Barrage @ Kabutank B (5 Elec x 20 Missiles + Homing Attack + Seeking, Side Effect: Slow, 4 TCD)
4: Missile Barrage @ Kabutank C (5 Elec x 20 Missiles + Homing Attack + Seeking, Side Effect: Slow, 4 TCD)
Broadsides lays waste to two of the tanks while chipping away at the health of another. The unattacked Kabutank fires, but the attack is blocked by the giant's Towering Guard.

KabutankA: 44
KabutankB: DELETED
KabutankC: DELETED
KabutankD: 80

Towering Guard: 3/6 Hits
Broadside, now out of options, fell back on the one weapon that had yet to fail him: his gatling gun. As the smoke cleared, he lined the lead saw up on the lead Kabutank once again... He switched on the gatling's laser sight, and painted his target with a tiny red dot... The multi-barreled monster spun up, and roared to life as it spat bullets by the dozen amid a buzzing jet of fire. Before more than a second would pass, 48 high-velocity rounds would be fired at the target...

Their flight time was less than a hundredth of a second....

1: Hailstorm Gatling @ Kabutank A (1 Null x 12 Shots)
2: Hailstorm Gatling @ Kabutank A (1 Null x 12 Shots)
3: Hailstorm Gatling @ Kabutank A (1 Null x 12 Shots)
4: Hailstorm Gatling @ Kabutank A (1 Null x 12 Shots)
BlackRose burst into the net in a flash of black light after her partner and quickly threw a black rose at the first Kabutank she came upon.
"Right, we're in," the dark crusader commented as she whipped out a bouquet of black roses and aimed it at the previously assaulted Kabutank.
"VENOMOUS SPEW!" the masked navi yelled as a burst of purple gunk streamed out of the bouquet towards the Kabutank, hoping to destroy it once and for all.
"And my job here is done," the navi stated triumphantly as she posed and quickly slunk around in order to avoid any oncoming attacks.

Turn Summary
1. Attack KabutankA [8 DMG]
2. Megavortex ChocoCannon to KabutankA [100 DMG and poison for 2 turns]
3. Dodge
4. Dodge
Tap tap tap.

"Looks like we're here," came a faint whisper, which quickly grew into a firm, obviously male voice as the owner continued to speak. "Suffice to say, 'Asator', your assumption was correct. That's definitely the one. Seems to be putting out quite the light show, too."

The owner of the voice was a futuristic-looking knight with teal armor and carrying a magnificent lance. He gazed down at the fireworks display as a HUD menu appeared on his force field visor. "Seems to be experiencing quite a few technical problems, though. Doesn't quite match what I...I mean the description Commander gave. Though it's possible something happened after that one attack."

Unusual, however, was that inside the body of this futuristic knight was still the assassin navi Pianissimo. Okay, calm down, he thought. Just remember, try and be a bit friendlier than you are usually. And actually talk. Duke said your techniques were taken care of so you could still use them. Pianissimo steadied himself and 'Mysterioso' looked towards his comrade. "Shall we?" he asked his fellow Requiem member. A pair of thrusters lit up on 'Mysterioso's' back and the knight jumped from the ledge he was standing on. His entire body became engulfed in a brilliant light as he descended. The light then faded, taking 'Mysterioso' with it.

Wow, he wasn't kidding about taking care of my techniques, Pianissimo thought as he flashed back into existence and slid to a stop behind the least damaged tank virus. Guess it was to be expected, he probably still has some of the old files on his PET just in case. Pianissimo twirled the lance this form had given him, then thrust it directly at the back of the virus. The shaft of the lance slid smoothly through the grips of his gauntlets until he wanted it to stop, at which point it did stop and became locked in his grip again. Say, this thing's pretty nice, Pianissimo thought as he recalled the lance and grasped it with both hands.

He turned to the massive navi that was Broadside. "You seemed to be having a bit of trouble here," he said, bowing slightly. "Mind if I render assistance?" Not really waiting for a response, he turned back to the kabutank and swung the X-pattern just below the tip at it, then drew it back, twirled it once, then swung the lance over his head and brought the X-pattern down again from above the Kabutank. He then drew the lance back a third time and thrust it directly forward.

Once he finished this series of attacks, he stepped back, brought the weapon back to a guarding position, then prepared to deflect any stray attacks.

Mysterioso.GMO active
1. Shadowstick (Cloak and Dagger) KabutankD - teleport behind target, then 90 damage.
2. Attack KabutankD - 8 damage
3. Attack KabutankD - 8 damage
4. Attack KabutankD - 8 damage
5. Prepped dodge
((Ahem, if I may have your attention please. I shall be taking over this busting thread. Any questions, comments, concerns? Shove 'em.

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Moderator Zanallen initiating lockdown.

Modlocked until Battle 5.))

KabutankA: DELETED!
KabutankB: DELETED
KabutankC: DELETED
KabutankD: DELETED!

Pianissimo: 160
Red: 190

The remaining Kabutanks blanch and kill themselves before deletion, denying you Navi the satisfaction of the kill. They stole your kills! Unfortunately, the sudden influx of Navi screws up the prize situation. Haha!

200z for all.
"Interesting, it does seem that our sudden dramatic appearance has caused the viruses to implode due to sheer awesomeness," BlackRose deduced while sniffing one of her roses. She then turned to Broadside and bowed.
"Hello fellow navi, we of Neo Requiem deemed you a fine being of both tactical and physical power, will you join us? If so, we will be glad to assist you in whatever you are trying to accomplish at the moment. My name is BlackRose and this..." she began gesturing to Mysterioso the end of her sentence trailing off most likely due to some form of interruption by her partner.
As his target began to disintegrate under a punishing hail of buster fire, Broadside noticed a projectile fly from outside of his temporarily reduced field of vision to strike the Kabutank, finishing it off... The projectile was followed by a Navi he didn't recognize a moment later, but Broadside didn't spare the new arrival a moment's thought as he tracked his aim to where the other virus should have been...

This is when Broadside discovered many unsettling things at once. That the Kabutank was already deleted, Broadside could live with, but not having detected the Navi who had dispatched the virus, and who was now standing before him, he had a little difficulty accepting. That he STILL could not detect either Navi with his sensor suite worried him even more. But the one thing that struck home that he was in serious trouble was that he realized he hadn't heard either of the Kabutanks explode....

And when Broadside turned his head to gaze upon the Navi Knight, only then did he realize that the Navi had been speaking to him, and that he hadn't heard a word of it. But, Broadside came to the conclusion that if they were willing to talk, they possibly weren't hostile.


Broadside slowly reached up with his (only) enormous metal hand, and tapped two fingers on the ear cover on the right side of his helmeted head, then shook his head in an attempt to communicate that his hearing was impaired.

He turned his head to the the other Navi attempting to introduce herself, but never heard a word of it.
"It looks like he can't hear us," BlackRose confirmed as she figured out Broadside's meaning. "Well! Contact us if you need anything!" With that, BlackRose departed into the heavens in a column of black light while leaving a bouquet with an e-mail address on it in front of Broadside.


[Broadside gets: Shin's e-mail!]
"Can't hear us...I see," 'Mysterioso' said as his companion jacked out. "Well...this is pretty useless," he muttered before turning back to Broadside. He gave the mecha navi a slight bow before jacking out as well, his e-mail address burned into the air in front of where he was standing seconds before.

((Jack out, mostly for OOC reasons.))

<<GET: 'Mysterioso's' e-mail. (it's a dummy account that automatically forwards to Duke's e-mail)>>
Broadside made note of the data the two had left behind, and was preparing to continue his search for the Navi he'd been sent to find.... He'd barely taken a step when his massive form lost resolution, and his data vanished from the net in a beam of light.

((Emergency Jack Out))