Edgar falls out of a portal and lands on his butt. He gets up, and wonders why in the world he was here? Well, he could atleast go for a walk around the area... and that i what he does

(Waiting for another person)
A roung globe of light forms off to the side. It grows into round and flat pan of light until it is big enough for the small Kitt to step through. Kitt smiled, and the glow in her blue eyes showed that she was ready.

"Hello." Kitt's voice was cheery, she was in a good mood, like usual. "Are we busting virii together?"

((That's everyone, right? Well, minus the mod))
Edgar was somewhat lost in thought, thinking over the last turn of events. The beast Kuman, Anthony, his battle ageist Claw. All those things still fresh in his mind. It was broken by a cheery voice behind him. He looked ans saw Kitt. "Bust together? Um, sure. Wait, where are my manners" Edgar said in a calm, and gentlemen like voice." I am Edgar." He said, as he lifted Kitt's hand up, and bent down to kiss it. A normal greeting for olden time. "May I have the honor of knowing who I am going to bust with?" He ask, in the same calm voice.
Kitt grabbed Edgar's hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you, I'm Kitt." She smiled brightly and questioned, "Why are you bending over?"

Kitt liked the kindness in his voice and was not wary of her new partner. She liked him already. "You must be strong," she said, "Because you look like you've been here longer than I have. Jean only made me not too long ago." Her smile ceased to fade. "Do you know what kinda virii we'll meet here?" She turned to look around, not seeing any virii near by. "Where are they?"
"So you are new..." Edgar quietly responded. Thinking of how long he has been around, its been a few years since the last time he meet a Navi that was brand new. "Very well Kitt, it is a pleasure to meet you, and I will do my best to make sure you do not get wounded. And About the Viruses..." He hand is now on rubbing the back of his head "I have no idea. It's been a good long while since I last did something like this." He said. But any case, the last time he faced Viruses, they were mutated by the presents of Kuman, and he remember being rusty at that time. He and his allies came out fine, so he should have no worries about fighting in this area.

(Ready for Battle one)
A "friendly" group of viruses attack

ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
ChampuC: 60 HP
MarkcannonA: 60 HP
MarkcannonB: 60 HP

Edgar.exe: 160 HP
Kitt.exe: 100 HP

-Team battle!-
-Battle 1!-
"Well, it seems like we have our foes Kitt" Edgar said in that same calm voice, turning his head to look at the viruses. After a quick hand motion, Edgar's right arm began to bleed, hit sleeve turning a deep chrisom red. Then his blood started to shift around his hand, twirling down around his arm in an attempt to form a gantlet, unexpectedly however, it became an elegant shield with an angel engraved on it. Edgar was somewhat shocked by this and tried to reshape it... but to no avail. It stayed in that form, but is started to move from his hand towards Kitt. After a short while, it started to orbit her, as if it was... protecting her. "Strange... Hold on, let me just check something real quick" Edgar said, as a small screen popped up in front of him, with everything on it in Sharen. "... It seems I have some new abilities, and one of them is protecting you right now Kitt. Now, let me show you something that might make this... a one sided battle." Edgar said.

That was when his right arm started to bleed again, and his blood started to form something around it. After a small period of time, his arm was now a massive Bastille, cocked and loaded. He aims it up toward the sky, and fires it. It's massive bolt of blood shot out, flying high into the sky. When it reached to be above the Champus... is Explode and a rain of shards fell from the sky. Just the number of them falling could decimate them. But after they were done... they formed into several rods, standing in positions around the Champus, and between them. With a snap of Edgar's fingers, the tips all started glowing white. After a few second, massive amount of white energy darted between the poles, ripping apart whatever was in there pate. "You said you weren't created not too long ago. I wonder how well you will do, and how strong you have become already." Edgar asks, rather curious in this generation of Navis.

((Passive Give Kitt Barrier from Blood guard
0 Blood Fountain (20 hits of one aqua to each champu)
0 Holy strength
1 Attack ChampuA 32 damage
2 Attack ChampuB 32 damage
3 Attack ChampuC 32 damage))
"You said you weren't created not too long ago. I wonder how well you will do, and how strong you have become already." Edgar asks, rather curious in this generation of Navis.

"I was created not two months ago, so I haven't had a lot of time; I'm still level one." Kitt grinned as she started to power up her signature attack. She chanted her prayer to Zeus quietly as the electricity from the net started to tune into her programming and surface itself so it could be seen. The bolts surrounded her in rings around her slim body as she started to feel the wind push up from her feet and legs and carry her slightly above the ground.

Almost as soon as it started, it ended, and Kitt was left feeling powerful. She had Zeus' Grant. She engaged the shotgun chip that Jean inputted into her system, and aimed it toward two champus that were closer together. She gathered as much air as she could into a concentrated disk about a foot in diameter and hurled it at the two champus as quickly as she could. She felt the air expand as it made impact. She had experienced the impact of her shotgun chip before, but despite this she was still deafened by the sound.

Afraid to be caught off guard, she quickly manipulated the wind around her to move her to the side more quickly than if she had used her feet. She touched down on the ground lightly in her dancer's shoes."

"Not bad, huh?" Kitt voiced to Edgar, happily. "I think I can do pretty well."

Zeus' Grant (seven +10 charges, most 2x for one attack)
Shotgun ChampuA, ChampuB (40 each)
((Twi... to the reeeeescuuuuuuuue~!))

MarkcannonA: 60 HP
MarkcannonB: 60 HP

Edgar.exe: 120 HP
Kitt.exe: 100 HP

Edgar's Blood Fountain tears into all of the Champu, but two of them move out of the way of his second attack. The third is fried. The two remaining Champu both teleport in front of Edgar and retaliate with a flurry of blows. (10+10) (10+10) Kitt's Shotgun takes them both out shortly afterwards. The two Markcannons fire at Kitt; only one hits, and the blow is absorbed by the Blood Guard barrier.

The shield that was protecting Kitt was blow apart by the markcannon's fire, but in seconds the shards melted back into blood and converged together. The blob of blood moved to in front of Kitt and formed back into the shield. It levitated, and started to float around Kitt renewed. It seems like Edgar really ment it when he said he was going to protect her, even after he got smacked good by the Champus.

Meanwhile Edgar was staring at one of the Markcannons, the chest region of his cloths war charred from the Champu's strikes. "Two months hun... You seem like you been around longer, and at least you had the sense to avoid their attacks unlike me." He said, chuckling some with a friendly grin on his face. His blood poured out onto his Ballista, and shaped itself into a second shot. He took aim at one of the markcannons, and spoke once more before firing. "And to be honest, I don't think lvls are a good gauge of ones power." He fired his medieval sleigh weapon right at the cannon, and odds are his aim would be true. There was about nothing blocking his view, no real wind creating aiming problems, and since the virus was stuck in that one place. After that shot, Edgar's wounds started to heal slowly.

1 Blood Pummel MarkcannonA, 60 break damage
2 heal self for 6
3 heal self for 6
((Roguen... You there?))
((Oi-- sorry. I haven't been online in a while.))

Kitt winced as the blow was about to hit her--she thought. She was lucky that Edgar was protecting her. "I was told to move," Kitt replied, her voice happy, despite the rather close hit. Still charged, she moved as swiftly as she could, keeping out of the markcannon's line of fire as much as possible. The electrical power lent to her by her patron god was pulsing through her, and she realized that she could put two charges. She had forgotten. Putting her hands together infront of her face, she muttered an incomprehensible prayer before raising her hands to summon the clouds. Dark rain clouds formed around the second markcannon, gathering and darkening quickly. She clapped her hands, quickly bringing them down. Three bolts of lightning, one large and two small ones beside it, quickly sent a shock towards the last markcannon. She stopped, wondering if the two markcannons were done with. The clouds had lent water, soaking the battlefield and Kitt. Her sandy blond bangs stuck to her forehead and her ponytail clumped into one large locke and dripped down her back. She felt nothing, though, as her clothes were soaked. She was grinning.

Cannon: MarkcannonB ((40 + Two +10 charges = 60))

MarkcannonA: XOOM@!@
MarkcannonB: BOOM!!

Edgar.exe: 132 HP
Kitt.exe: 100 HP


-Edgar: Firehit1
-Kitt: Firehit1
Edgar picked up the data, and turned to Kitt while a portal formed behind him. "Well I'm going to expoler a different ares now. Kitt, it was an honor meeting you." Edgar said with a slight bow, as he stepped backwards into the portal.

((No offense Roguen, but I am going to RP with some other people for a bit, I'll join you again later.))