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"Okay, I'm in!" SplashMan checked to make sure he was all there, and started looking around. "Okay, that Navi should be somewhere in this place! I'm going to start looking around!"

"All right, but be careful! If he's not nearby, you might run into some viruses or something!"

"I'm ready to battle, no matter what we find!"

"Then get started!"

"Here I come, uh...whatever that Navi's name is! That BrassMan guy never did say that...oh well!" The Aqua Navi started looking around. After all, it was hard to find that Navi if he didn't move...

(searching for that Navi, or viruses, whichever comes first...)
Before SplashMan has a chance to get to his target, he stumbles upon a group of new viruses. They don't look ready to move aside and let him proceed any further into the net, and announce this intent by firing off hostile shots!

MarkCannonA: 60 HP
MarkCannonB: 60 HP
KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
StarfishA: 60 HP
StarfishB: 60 HP

SplashMan: 140 HP

Well, crud. It was only his second battle, and already he was running into viruses with over half his HP. He was too young to be deleted, darn it! "This could be rough! Hope I can do this..."

"Of course you can! If I didn't think you could handle stuff like this, I'd've told Dad to try again!"

"Really? Then I'll do everything I can to nail these guys!" Before his operator could so much as breathe before responding, SplashMan fired his water cannons at, oddly enough, a MarkCannon. "...Oh, right, teamwork...was that okay?"

"Uh, sure. Just make sure you ask before you use that from now on, okay?"

"Got it! Now send me some of those chip things!"

"Hmm...okay, I've got it! We'll take out one of each this turn!" Sabrina fumbled through her chips for a moment, before pulling out a pair of them, and putting one of them into her PET. "Battlechip, Hi-Cannon! Slot in!"

The Aqua Navi's arm became a blue cannon, which he promptly started admiring. "Hey, you know what? This Hi-Cannon thing actually matches my coloring!"

"That very nice. Now shoot the dang thing! And make sure you take out a tank virus with it, I think it's the only chip I've got that can take one out in one hit!"

"Okay!" SplashMan performed his orders to a T, or at least as close as he could without knowing for sure he hit his mark. "Wonder if the starfish thing gives out an Aqua chip?"

"Probably, seems like an Aqua virus to me. Which is why we're going to try this! Battlechip, ZapRing! Slot in!"

"ZapRing?" His arm went from Canodumb2 mode to Bunny mode, which caused no shortage of panic for the Navi. "Ack! Electricity! I'll shock myself!"

"I'd rather you not. And besides, I think there's a safety mechanism in it so you can't get hurt by it, even though you're weak to Elec attacks!"

"Really? In that case, open sesame! Wait, that's not it...oh well!" SplashMan fired the ring of electrical energy towards the Starfish. "Okay, all done! Now what?"

"Get ready to take a counterattack, that's what!"

"Well, shoot! They better not hit me in the shins like those Shrubby things!"

[Order of Turn:
1-Water Splash sig attack on MarkCannonA (70, Aqua)
2-Hi-Cannon chip attack on KabutankB (80)
3-ZapRing chip attack on StarfishB (40, Elec)]
The first markcannon vanishes under a torrent of water released by Splashman's special attack. The Kabutank looks dumbfounded at the power of the hi-cannon as it too is blown to pieces; the starfish shrivels up and vanishes as it is hit with an electric ring. Each of the partners, having seen a good preview of what SplashMan likely had in store for them, attacked in retaliation. The Starfish's bubbles are easy enough to dodge, but the other attacks hit SplashMan with alarming force.

MarkCannonA: DELETED!
MarkCannonB: 60 HP
KabutankA: DELETED!
KabutankB: 80 HP
StarfishA: DELETED!
StarfishB: 60 HP

SplashMan: 100 HP
(Random thought: SplashMan took no damage that turn despite getting hit twice)

"Ouch!" SplashMan went tumbling back as the cannon attacks drilled him. "That hurt a lot! Especially that tank thing!"

"Hmm...okay, then let's take that Catack out! I think that's what they're called, anyway..."

"Yeah! That's what it gets for hurting me like that!"

"That's the spirit! Now here, time for a take two! Battlechip, Cannon! Double slot in!"

While his arm became a green cannon as quick as ever, the Aqua Navi stopped and stared at it for a minute. "Hey, it's just like the other cannon thing we have, only this is green!"

"...Yeah. It's part of a chip series. The weakest one's green, then the next one's blue. And then the most powerful one's red, but we won't be getting one of those anytime soon!"

"I like blue the best, it looks like it could actually be a part of me!" SplashMan took aim, and fired the pair of blasts towards the sturdiest of the remaining viruses. "Hooray! As long as I didn't miss, I won't have to worry about getting blasted by that tank thing again!"

"Nope! Now, let's take care of that other cannon next!" The operator looked at a chip a bit warily before inserting it. "Battlechip, FireHit! Slot in!"


"Yeah. Don't worry, I pulled off a trade with it, and it's been processed!"

"Then why do we still have it?"

"Because it can't be pulled off on our end as long as the PET's in a battle routine! At least I THINK that's how Dad said it worked..."

"Okay, that makes sense! I guess if I only get to use once, I should it make it count! Fire in the hole!" The Navi 'fired' the fire punch at the MarkCannon. "Yay, there's one left now I hope!"

[Order of Turn:
1-Cannon chip attack on KabutankB (40)
2-Cannon chip attack on KabutankB (40)
3-FireHit1 chip attack on MarkCannonB (60, Fire)]
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The tank is tanked, effectively losing its ability to fight after the second cannon. The markcannon, being immobile, is an easy target for SplashMan's wet flaming punch of firey moisture. The starfish spit another bubble out of spite, but the slow moving projectile misses its target as it bends its course to try and hit him.

MarkCannonA: DELETED!
MarkCannonB: DELTED!
KabutankA: DELETED!
KabutankB: DELETED!
StarfishA: DELETED!
StarfishB: 60 HP

SplashMan: 100 HP
SplashMan turned his head and watched the bubble slowly sail past him. "Hooray, it worked! Now I just need something to hammer this guy with! I know, how about that Shotgun thing? That's fun for blasting the heck out of remaining viruses!"

"Well, why not? ...Oh, wait, there's something else we can do first!" Pulling out a distinctly non-Shotgun chip, Sabrina placed it into her PET. "Battlechip, Recover10! Slot in!"

"Huh?" Before the Aqua Navi could comment, he found himself with 10 more HP than before. "Hey, I feel a little better now!"

"Yep! Not by much though...I guess Brandon was too stingy to get a better one!"

"Yep! ...So, can I have something to blow this guy away with?"

"Oh, right, sorry. Battlechip, Shotgun! Double slot in!"

"That works!" SplashMan promptly started peppering the remaining virus with the blast attack...or at least he hoped. Or at least he would be hoping, but he was having too much fun just shooting the thing. "Whee!"

[Order of Turn:
1-Recover10 chip on SplashMan (10, Recover)
2-Shotgun chip attack on StarfishB (50)
3-Shotgun chip attack on StarfishB (50)]
The starfish eats hot, hot virtual shotgun lead and is downed after two shots. SplashMan feels a bit of his strength come back to him as well.

MarkCannonA: DELETED!
MarkCannonB: DELTED!
KabutankA: DELETED!
KabutankB: DELETED!
StarfishA: DELETED!
StarfishB: DELETED!

SplashMan: 110 HP


There seems to be a navi up ahead... It's a golden, tall figure with a head that has a back curve to it like a french horn and arms that look like long trombones. Could it possibly be Officer BrassMan, the one that gave SplashMan his mission? The coordinates are the same ones that BrassMan assigned SplashMan too... maybe BrassMan took care of the threat himself?
(OOC: So, no reward for that? Or was that just some kind of event battle?)

"That's weird, I don't see anything left! Maybe I did too good a job of blasting those viruses..."

"Never mind that, look ahead!"

"Huh?" SplashMan blinked as he noticed the Navi ahead. "That's not the Navi I was supposed to find...and he's right where he should be..."

"Weird. Still, making sure couldn't hurt! Go check on him!"

"Yeah! I'll go say hi!" The Aqua Navi skipped over to the Navi in question, waving his arm in the process. "Hello! Who are you?"

(he's saying hi...self-explanatory if you ask me...)
((Whoops. My bad. Thanks for reminding me about these things, I'll get the hang of this. XD

*throws 480 zenny and a markcannon at Splashman*))

"Oh? Hello there, citizen, harumpumpum. I take it you're the one I sent on this mission, right? Well, I'm afraid I got just a little confused giving you the coordinates; the real villain is over in that direction. I'll just wait over here while you give the guy a thorough smashing, harumpumpum," he grunted, moving off to the side and watching SplashMan warily.

The navi that BrassMan had pointed out was a normal navi with no particular features of any noteworthiness. He had an ordinary green and yellow color scheme, as well as a very ordinary face. Sensing that SplashMan saw the man as no particular threat, BrassMan leaned in closer, whispering, "He's really quite hostile and dangerous, harumumpum. I authorize the use of force in dealing with the bugger, harumpum." With that, he retreated even farther away. He waved one of his long brass arms, shouting, "Give him a good smashing!"

The navi turned to face SplashMan as he heard a BrassMan's loud yell in the distance. "Huh? Was that you? What are you doing out here?" the navi asked, scratching his head confusedly.

NormalNavi: 200 HP

SplashMan: 110 HP
BrassMan: ??? HP

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SplashMan shot a confused look back at the musical Navi before returning his focus to the ordinary one. "Okay! You're the one that's been illegally accessing BrassMan's files! You won't get away with it!"

Bonk! "Ow!"


"Something fell on my head! It looks like...victory data? Wonder how that got there...but anyway, there's both cash and chip data here! You'll have to take care of it, I need to take care of this guy!"

The data disappeared as Sabrina began the annoying task of transferring the data herself. "Okay...done! The chip was a MarkCannon! ...But, I dunno SplashMan...something doesn't feel right about that. Do you really think that NormalNavi is THAT big a threat?"

"Hey, BrassMan himself said so! Why would he lie?"

"...Yeah, I'm just thinking too much! Let's go!" The operator assisted her Navi by placing a pair of identical chips into her PET. "Battlechip, MarkCannon! Double slot in!"

The Aqua Navi's arm became an oddly shaped cannon, which was then pointed towards the NormalNavi. "Sorry, but I can't let you get away with this!" He used both shots, then, without an order, fired from the cannons on his back. "Water Splash!"

[Order of Turn:
1-MarkCannon1 chip attack on NormalNavi (70, may lock on)
2-MarkCannon1 chip attack on NormalNavi (70, may lock on)
3-Water Splash sig attack on NormalNavi (70, Aqua)]
After getting hit by two precisely shot markcannons, the navi finally got the hint and put up a guard to defend himself, reflecting the attack back at SplashMan. "Hey, doofy! What's the big idea? You think it's cool to run around shooting people like that?" the navi scolded SplashMan, acting highly irate, hopping with anger.

"Hah! What are you talking about, hurumpumpum?" BrassMan scoffed, stepping forward. "We know you're the hacker who's been hacking all of my personal files! Begone, pest!" BrassMan huffed, blasting the enemy with a loud explosion from one trumpet. The navi gave a loud groan and vanished from the net. It definitely didn't add up, however, how BrassMan had deleted the navi without obtaining any of the vital information he'd been looking for...

Suddenly, out of nowhere, another BrassMan came and clunked the other over the head with a powerful, club-like ax-handle motion! A loud explosion burst out, covering the area in dust. As the dust cleared, the two BrassMen became visible again; one had his back to SplashMan, while the other was just a little ways off in the distance. "Ugh! Get him! Quickly, harumpumpum!" BrassMan #1 urged SplashMan in a wounded voice, pointing his long arm out towards the doppelganger.

"No, harumpumpum! Get him! He's a fake that obtained my image by hacking into my files, harumpumpum!" the other BrassMan #2 pleaded, preparing a minibomb inside one of his trumpets.

"Hah-rumpumpum! So you show your trump now, do you? I guess that makes you a trumpeteer, harumpumpum!" BrassMan #1 laughed, keeping his trumpet aimed upward. "Come on, boy, make the right decision, harumpumpum!"

BrassMan #1: 350 HP
BrassMan #2: 380 HP

SplashMan: 75 HP
"What? There's TWO BrassMans? Aww, this this making my head hurt! I'm going to sit down!" SplashMan did so. "I can't tell who's real and who's not!"

"...Oh, I know!" Back in the real world, Sabrina snapped her fingers. "Only the real BrassMan oughta know this! Put me through to the others!"

"Okay!" The Aqua Navi turned the screen over towards BrassMan #1 and BrassMan #2. "Hey, BrassMen! I'm this Navi's operator. What's my Navi's name, and what are we going to get at the end of this mission if we succeed!" Without drawing attention to herself aside from face, Sabrina secretly pulled out her Guard1 and Recover10 chips and inserted them, in case the fake one tried something funny.

[Order of Turn (kinda):
1-Recover10 chip (10, Recover)
2-Guard1 chip attack (60-, Reflect)
"Hrgh, harumpumpum!" the BrassMan with his back turned grumbled, looking distressed. "Is this really the time to be worrying about your rewards, boy?" he scolded, firing off a blast towards the other BrassMan.

"A .GMO! I promised you a .GMO, harumpumpum," BrassMan #2 responded with a nod, dodging out of the way of the attack. "Really, harumpumpum, do you have so much trouble distinguishing that he's the fake?"

"M-Me?! You're the fake, harumpumpum! I've been me for all of my existance, and I don't recall surrendering that position to you!" BrassMan #1 growled, changing one of his arms into a large instrument like a bazooka with a mouthpiece. Before he could do anything with it, however, he was hit with a minibomb from BrassMan #2.

"Really, boy, you've got to lend me a hand or two here, harumpumpum! I can't give you your reward if you don't even help!" BrassMan #2 scoffed, readying more minibombs.

BrassMan #1: 300 HP
BrassMan #2: 380 HP

SplashMan: 85 HP (Guard)
"Boy?!" Sabrina sweatdropped, apparently passing off as a gender besides her own. "I don't recall ever being a boy...but now we know who's who! Don't we, SplashMan?! Battlechip, Hi-Cannon! Slot in!"

"Right!" SplashMan lept up off the floor, and aimed his cannon accordingly before shooting...at #2. "You're the fake, #2! The real one would've known I couldn't use GMOs because of my data structure, since I said so right in my request post!"

"Exactly! Here, work him over some more with this! Battlechip, Shotgun! Double slot-in!"

The Aqua Navi wasted no time in blasting what he believed to be the faker. "You're not the real BrassMan! Not unless you have amnesia or something, which I doubt you have! At least not yet!"

[Order of Turn:
1-Hi-Cannon chip attack on BrassMan #2 (80)
2-Shotgun chip attack on BrassMan #2 (50)
3-Shotgun chip attack on BrassMan #2 (50)]
BrassMan #1 gave a sigh of relief, wiping his forehead with one of his long arms. "Phew. Good show, harumpumpum," he responded with a nod, raising his own bazooka toward the opponent.

"W-Wait now! I thought navi's got .GMOs from these missions? You've got to be kidding me!" the navi shouted as he fell under siege by cannons and bombs. As the smoke cleared, the navi abandoned his disguise, revealing himself to be a HeelNavi with a metal headset, connected to dark blue speakers, as well as similar armor with blue camera lenses all around it. "Curses! I thought this scam was fool proof! Heh, leave it to the brass to need civilians to bail them out of a situation like this!" the navi sneered, throwing two more minibombs at each of his opponents. BrassMan dodged the first; the second hit SplashMan's guard, reforming into a beam projectile and knocking the navi off of his feet.

"I'll show you the pride of the Netpolice, harumpumpum!" BrassMan replied angrily, blowing into his bazooka arm strongly and releasing a large burst of air, which plastered the HeelNavi to the ground. "See there? Harumpumpum!"

"Hey, you numbskull! You're talking like I'm already dead!" the navi smirked, rising back to his feet. "Let's see how you like this!" he shouted, assuming the look of SplashMan and then teleporting next to the real SplashMan himself using an areagrab. BrassMan had not turned to look at SplashMan yet, and was thus alarmed to find himself in the same predicament that his ally had faced moments earlier. "Ack! Where'd you come from?" the Heelnavi gasped, doing his best to look surprised and innocent. "BrassMan, help me!"

"Hrm, um, boy! Speak up now! I can't tell which one is which now, harumpumpum!" BrassMan muttered confusedly, scratching his head with his bazooka. He formed a similar bazooka on the other arm, pointing each out at a seperate SplashMan. "One of you folks is getting bagged and taken back to headquarters for questioning, but I'm not sure which! If one of you doesn't prove you're the real deal, I'm just going to have to net you both, harumpumpum!"

HeelNavi: 75 HP

SplashMan: 85 HP
BrassMan: 300 HP
SplashMan looked over at his new 'copy'. Did this guy really think he could pull the same trick twice? He wasn't THAT dumb... "Sorry, but I know something you don't!" He took a few steps back as he stepped away from the fake. "Here's something only the real SplashMan would know! My reward for this mission is to be a Bubbler battlechip, since I wanted an Aqua chip! Now go on BrassMan, you can do the honors! Let him have it!"

[Order of Turn:
Panicking, the other navi attempted to move over to BrassMan and do the same thing. "Ha ha, no, I knew that all along! See, I knew you were getting the money or the chip!" he defended, but was then promptly netted by BrassMan's shots. "No! This isn't fair! I'm the real one!"

"A nice try, villain, but it looks like justice wins the day, harumpumpum," BrassMan sighed, turning to SplashMan. "Well, now that that's all tied up, I'll take this scoundrel back to headquarters, and you can be on your merry way, harumpum. I'll put your reward up as soon as you reply in the Netpolice's board. Good work today, harumpumpum!" he saluted, then jacked out of the net along with the protesting HeelNavi he'd netted.


SplashMan: 85 HP
BrassMan: 300 HP


Recieve: 500 zenny
"Phew! That was intense!" SplashMan wiped his brow...or, whatever he had instead of a brow. "At least that guy got what he deserved!"

"Yep! Not much else to do here, so head over to Internet City and do some more posting! I think we can get there from SciLab's Net!"

"Okay Sabrina, I'm on my way! ...Wait a sec, there's some money where that guy was!" The Aqua Navi walked over and picked it up. "Do defeated Navis drop reward data like viruses?"

"Apparently so...but even if they don't, finders keepers! He won't need zenny for a while anyway!"

"Good point! And...transferred! Okay, now I'm on my way!" SplashMan turned on one foot, and began the not-so-great trek towards his next destination.

(off to the Official BBS)
The instant all of his particles were in their proper place, SplashMan began to wildly swing his arms. This would've been less problematic if he had known he was doing it. "I'm in! Wanna test that Speed Upgrade now?"

"...SplashMan, what are you doing?"

"What are you talking about? I'm just standing here, being SplashMan! Why do you ask?"

"Well, for starters, you look like you've got propellers for arms..."

"Huh? Oh! Not sure why I'm doing that..." And just like that, they stopped. "Weird! But, I feel like I'm full of energy now! I guess that upgrade's kicking in!"

"Well, let's use that energy for something that actually matters! Look around now!"

"Okay!" SplashMan began running around, in search of viruses. "Still full of energy! Whee!"

(searching for Battle #1)