Getting Better

A flash of data comes streaming down into SciLab 1.

Strikeman: I'm in, sir.

Kawazoe: You don't always have to call me sir, you know.

Strikeman: Sorry.

Kawazoe: Whatever. Anyways, let's get back to buisness. Let's see if anything's changed in SciLab Net since we were last here.

Strikeman: Right!

Strikeman runs off into the depths of SciLab 1, looking for any changes.
Virus Attack!

MarkcannonA: 60
MarkcannonB: 60
Elecogre: 120

Strikeman: 100

Battle 1 Start!
((I may have overstepped here. ^^))

Kawazoe: Uh-oh..

Strikeman: These viruses are a bit more powerful than the ones we fought in ACDC Net, sir. We should be more careful here.

Kawazoe: Right! Let's focus on the ElecOgre first! RegStrike!

Strikeman glows a faint blue, and his buster suddenly morphs into a large, jagged sword. He dashes foward towards the ElecOgre and stabs the virus with the sword. The ElecOgre swipes at Strikeman, but he is able to dodge the attack.

Kawazoe: Haha! These viruses aren't so tough after all!

Strikeman: We can beat them, sir!

Turn Breakdown:
RegStrike: (60 DMG, 3 CD)-ElecOgre
((Uh... I guess I should get a few things across, to start. Don't describe what the enemy's doing and assume you'll dodge it, okay?))

StrikeMan's RegStrike cut into the ogre's face, and it floated backward to avoid any further attack, spewing thunder but unable to hit its target. Both MarkCannons locked on, and one managed to nail the Navi.

MarkcannonA: 60
MarkcannonB: 60
Elecogre: 60

Strikeman: 80
((I probably should've made that more was put in more for effect than anything. I didn't mean for it to be an actual enemy attack.))

Kawazoe: Now let's take out the MarkCannon's! RageClaw, Cannon, Shotgun slot in!

Strikeman fires his cannon at MarkCannon A, then leaps up into the air and activates RageClaw. He brings the claw arm directly down on MarkCannon B, and then fires the Shotgun right into the barrel of the MarkCannon B.

Kawazoe: Good work, but we're all out of chips! This isn't over!

Strikeman: Yes, sir!

Turn Breakdown:
Cannon (40 DMG)-MarkCannon A
RageClaw (40 DMG)-MarkCannon B
Shotgun (30 DMG)-MarkCannon B
((Well, you broke another similar rule. You used auto-hits. You can't just assume that your attacks land. If you did know exactly what would land and what would miss, you wouldn't need us.))
The cannon hits. As Strikeman's Rageclaw slams into the front of the Markcannon, its shields clamp down. Now stuck, Stirkeman is unable to fire properly and launches the SHotgun into the air. The Ogre then zaps him, deleting the Markcannon in the process.

MarkcannonA: 20
MarkcannonB: DELETED!
Elecogre: 60

Strikeman: 50
((AAA! I didn't mean those to be autohits!))

Kawazoe: Take the other MarkCannon out!

Strikeman charges his buster and fires the charged shot at MarkCannon B.

((Short post.))

Turn Breakdown:
Charge Shot - MarkCannon B
((I'll assume you meant MarkcannonA.))

Strikeman's shot lands, but the Markcannon still stands! It fired a shot of retribution at Strikeman, though.

MarkcannonA: 4
MarkcannonB: DELETED!
Elecogre: 60

StrikeMan.EXE: 30
Kawazoe: We're at low health! We have to destroy that MarkCannon!

Strikeman fires two shots at MarkCannon B, and then one shot at the Elecogre.

Strikeman: I don't have much health left...

Kawazoe: But we have the SigAtk next turn! Hold in there!

Turn Breakdown:
RegShot x2 - MarkCannon B
Regshot x1 - Elecogre
The shots pepper the Markcannon, deleting. The elecogre, however, seems mostly unaffected. It then zaps him.

MarkcannonA: DELETED!
MarkcannonB: DELETED!
Elecogre: 56

StrikeMan.EXE: 1
Kawazoe: We're not finished yet! Our SigAtk is recharged! RegStrike!

Strikemans' right arm glows blue and turns into a huge sword. He leaps up into the air and brings the jagged, bright blue sword onto the Elecogre with powerful force. He leaped backwards, panting, near the verge of being deleted.

Strikeman: Did..did it hit the virus, sir?

Turn Breakdown:
RegStrike -(60 DMG, 3 CD)- ElecOgre
It takes it down.

MarkcannonA: DELETED!
MarkcannonB: DELETED!
Elecogre: DELETED!

StrikeMan.EXE: 1

Rewards: 400z
Kawazoe: Phew..that was a close one.

Strikeman: But now we have some more money..we can buy some more chips in the morning.

Kawazoe: Yeah..hopefully we'll be able to fight better next time. Jack out, Strikeman.

Strikeman jacks out.