We're Ready

*Incoming transmission from: s.yamada@electown.net*

Shigeru opened up the screen, staring at the camera, and began his report.
Alright, so, the earlier mission fell out. We never got the coordinates from the police. They might have sniffed us out, but chances are, it just never got serious enough to require us. The middleman of the mission caused the mission itself to never happen, and my navi and I went off to train. The various details of the mission that had been recieved were displayed on a second screen within the email, the lack of decisive information highlighted in red.

Voltman interrupted his operator's report, appearing in front of the camera as a hologram. He was standing in the blank space of his PET and lazily twirling a spear in one hand, speaking but ignoring the camera.
So, now we're cutting out the middlemen, you see. My operator and I tire of having to deal with weak beasts like viruses, and desire something of a challenge. He stopped twirling the spear, and stared at the recipients briefly.

Shigeru waved away the screen,
Hey, shut up! We're trying to make a good impression here! he turned back to the screen, taking on once more a more professional air. Put simply, my navi and I would like a mission that would test our limits, without a guarantee of surpassing them. Something to really exercise ourself with, as opposed to the mere stretches that virus busting has provided thus far.

Voltman struggled past the small blocker with a blast of electricity and shut out his operator's access while he spoke. Pointing the spear he was holding at the screen, he began his own addition to Shigeru's request.
Granted, we're not stupid, and we know that something that would test our limits would also greatly benefit the Family. As such, if you choose to give us a mission that you believe our caliber of fighting style could match up to, we would expect equally enticing rewards for our services. Icons of battlechips flashed up on the side of the screen, scrolling at higher speeds than the human eye could follow.

Shigeru just gave up on shoving Voltman out, at this point, because his navi was finally starting to speak sense.
As Voltman put rather simply, we'd like to request Battlechips. Good ones. Even a single battlechip, if it were to be sufficient for the mission. Which one, or ones, you may choose to give us is entirely in your hands, though.

Voltman stood back from the screen, dematerializing the spear in his hand and crossing his arms, a thoroughly bored expression on his face.
So? Your orders?

*End Transmission*
Oh good. Someone needs a mission. Lucky for you, I need some help with this one.

See, we got a message about three scientists in the tech division of the Netpolice. About some-- questionable ethics relating to some of their works.

Let's just say that they're more or less very uncomfortable with this and want to defect, as a result. I personally doubt that our facilities are much better in the way of morality, but not my problem. Their condition for defecting is that we get all three of them out, alive and well.

The netpolice is already on to one of them and that one is running for her life. The other two are preparing but are under watch. We may need to break into a secured facility to get them out.

If one of them dies, we'll have to sign this off as a loss. If you're up for it, hurry and say so. I'm on a time limit as it is.

Sounds like our kind of work. We're in.

I... hey... I can speak for myself, thanks! But he's right, we'll do it.
Alright, get yourself to Netvegas. The stakes are high and I'm all out of puns. Shit, he's already on his wa-

[Transmission Cut]

Shigeru's face appeared on the video once more. Testing, testing... alright, so, the mission didn't go *quite* as planned. A pointed cough from Voltman came out of the PET's speakers, and Shigeru sighed. Alright, understatement. But we completed the mission in Netvegas. The next part, in Scilab... well, if there was one, we were seriously caught off guard. Some navi known as Incenseman, an unoperated agent, managed to disguise himself as Spool and briefly gain Voltman's trust. Not much happened as he was promptly revealed for who he really was, but it meant we had to jack out regardless. We figured that if another party was informed of the mission, and we'd lost contact with our operative, we should just report back and tell you guys what's up.
A silhouette vaguely resembling a Navi pops up...it's impossible to tell who the other end is. It's possible they're not even transmitting a visual image.

...Spool? Who the hell is that? I don't see anything like that in this database thing. Though that could be...huh, that might be some good info. All right, that'll do. You'll get your reward momentarily. Keep up the good work, and all that junk.


A BattleChip suddenly appears in front of VoltMan. Exactly how it got there so quick, is anyone's guess...

VoltMan GET: Burner BattleChip data