Suddenly, Another Team Mission!

Looking for another mission for the same two female aqua Navis. Maybe something a little less lame than last time. Looking for an SP base, on my side. My partner will post for her requested reward.


We're happy to help! I'm confident in our teamwork for any task.

An SP sounds good here! I'd love to give Katran more friends!

- Mira

I am certain we can handle whatever is needed of us.


We have a mission requesting the assistance of Ship.EXE. Please see below:

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Dear Ship,

Thank you for your assistance in our previous mission. Coral and I enjoyed our vacation. Work keeps us busy, so I don't see her as often as I'd like, but I try to make the effort whenever I can. I owe our meeting to your efforts and praise your abilities as a relationship expert.

It is for that reason that I come to you with another story of elusive and fragile love. The boss of my friend Coral is named Garnish; you may remember her as the proprietor and hostess of Wunderbar, a dance club in NetVegas. She is also a joint owner of Wunder Cake and Confectioneries, henceforth referred to as WCC. That ownership is split with her husband, RollerMan. They've been married for two years and their anniversary is coming up tomorrow. Unfortunately, their relationship is in a rut, to put it delicately.

From what I understand, Garnish has been acting somewhat distant towards her husband and spending a lot of time with her club DJ, SpinMan, behind closed doors. Coral has tried talking to her about her husband, but Garnish won't open up about it. Publicly, Garnish keeps up the same face, but when it's only Coral around, she seems depressed. On the other side, you have RollerMan. By all accounts, he is a fine gentleman and quite popular, known for good moral fiber and kindness. He is the one who originally founded Roller Caterers, which later became WCC. In recent times, however, having fewer responsibilities as a pastry chef, he has established a side business at the office of RollerMan, Massage Specialist. I have not been there personally, but I hear it's become a popular spot for women. Exclusively women. I have a strong hunch that this new business is related to Garnish's state of malaise. I've never met the man in person, so you'd do well to reserve judgment of his character until you speak with him face to face.

I'd appreciate it if you could visit each of the two separately and try to help them work things out, using your knowledge on the subject of love. I've arranged ahead for RollerMan's VIP treatment, which includes a first class, no-wait massage, through the good graces of Garnish. This should allow you to enter their directly. You may also bring a guest to enjoy the treatment, if you like, according to the terms of the package.

You probably will want an SP base at some point. Assuming you're looking for an SP base, I can offer you that through the Neo-Shogun Empire. After all, Garnish represents a potential relationship for us and you are a friend of mine. It would certainly be seen as justified. I'm sorry that I can't join you myself, as a serious issue has me confined to the Neo-Shogun public camp, but I have faith in you.

Yours truly,

If you choose to accept, we will transmit two sets of coordinates: one for Garnish.EXE's club, Wunderbar, and another for the office of RollerMan.EXE. The two of you may visit them separately or together, in whichever order you like.
There's certainly no way I can turn down a request like that! While it saddens me that I won't get to re-establish my acquaintance with Escort, I will definitely accept. Please send the coordinates our way. I will have to thank Escort some time for her attention to full detail in the assignment! I assume Katran will accept as well, and will lend her own perspective in resolving the issue.


No kidding, who the hell asked for all that info? Next time I see that weird chick I'm gonna recommend she think about writing for soaps.

Oooh, this sounds like fun! Count me in! Oh, but I can't decide where to start, so I'll let Lyn do that!

- Mira

I'm sure I can find a way to use my particular talents to aide in this mission, you can rest assured.

- Katran.EXE
Very well. Please accept the two sets of mission coordinates below, as well as the enclosed VIP pass. We have informed the employer of your intent to accept the mission. If you also would like the primary contacts, Garnish and/or RollerMan, to be informed ahead of your intentions, please let us know and we will contact them for you. Due to the nature of the mission, it will be left to your judgment whether you would like to do so.

We have another message from your employer, written below:

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I'm pleased that you've accepted and that you'll have a companion for the mission. If there are two of you, you may either visit the locations one by one, together, or split up and visit both at the same time. There are always advantages to having a companion, of course, and there's no rush on the mission, so feel free to stay together if you like. Splitting up may accomplish the mission faster, but staying together might make for greater responsiveness to the situation. It's up to you.

Yours truly,

*Coordinates1.DAT & Coordinates2.DAT attached*
*VIPKey.DAT attached*

((Mission topics opening soon))
Reporting back in, hoping to hear Garnish has posted some response to our progress? Please be sure to pass on any details she might have left!

Respectfully yours,

Skip the details and make with the reward, all right?

-Lyn Clarke
We have returned for follow up and analysis of the target mission, awaiting evaluation.

- Katran.exe

This was fun! We totally need to do this again sometime!

I'm afraid we weren't given much in the way of details, but Garnish, who we understand that two payments have been rendered... one from the navi who posted this request and another from the navi who is its subject. We will render both to the two of you, as the two of them requested.

-Global Network Administration

*Ship receives SP base + 7000 zenny + MistConvergence1 x1 + 100 bugfrags*

*Katran receives SP base + 7000 zenny + GutPunch x 1 + 100 bugfrags*