Monstrous SP Mission

Hello, I am Joseph and my net navi's name is Asymptote.exe and I would like to request a mission for an SP core for my navi to shape to his specifications. If there is any SP-level work to be had, I will be more than happy to have him come down to help. I am currently located in Netopia if that helps matters if I am required for anything. Thanks in advance
-Joseph Sine
Greetings, Joseph-

Please see the below request and let us know if your navi is willing to accept. Thank you.

Quote ()

Help! I lost a bet- against a filthy cheater, I should add- in a high stakes betting game and now I've been forced into a most unsavory debt by this charlatan! Luckily, I've devised a brilliant plan to mitigate my losses. All I need is someone who meets the following criteria:

1) Has never been a patron of the Kotobuki Stampcard Shoppe.
2) Has no prior association to either myself, the notable lady GoodFaith, nor the dubious fellow behind my debt, the highly dishonorable HoardMan.
3) Is a big, attention-grabbing sort capable of doing alarming things that might take eyes and ears off of me as I do or say certain ridiculous things I am now honor-bound to say and do.

The noble lady GoodFaith does not break her vows! She just finds creative ways to avoid beating the full brunt of consequence, as any intelligent lady would. If you will help me on this endeavor- and provided things don't go too far south- I will gladly pay you an SP base with appropriate bonuses for your work.

-GoodFaith.EXE, honorable lady of the GoodFaith estate

-Global Network Administration
I will happily have him do this. He might be happy to help those cheated out of things for a change. This "hoardman" certainly sounds like the kind of guy to pull a scam.
-Joseph Sine

We have notified the client of your acceptance. Your navi's client will be waiting at the Kotobuki Stamp Shoppe in Kotobuki Net. Coordinates are attached. Good luck.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in Kotobuki Net))