Looking to take flight!

Hello there, this is Skye.EXE, looking for a mission. I'm eager to offer my services, as well as Ray's, the Fishy I ride in battle. My operator, Mei Fuujimoto, has also agreed to provide any services required of her if needed. For our reward, I would like to request the FloatShoes and AirShoes NaviCust parts. I need them for a...problem Ray's been having.

- Skye.EXE

Please read the below mission request and respond if this is acceptable. Thank you.

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I'm looking for someone with some tech savvy to help me break into this abandoned sushi store that was a front for a criminal hideout. This is probably the only mission you're going to see with a lead-in like that...

I'm with the BigTime production crew on this one and they're footing the bill in terms of the costs here, with the caveat that they get to have a cameraperson along to film the whole thing. They add that somebody photogenic is good for this mission... but I don't think that really matters.

Anyway, my goal is first off to break through the security systems that are in place, then to find the server that a certain criminal mastermind was using to remotely control several dangerous robots throughout the world. Because he is in jail, I don't anticipate running into any of those, but again... we should be careful. I have a bomb scanner which has become necessary in my line of work as a bounty hunter, and I can assure you there aren't any bombs on the premises.

You'll need a navi too, since we will probably need their help both for the security stuff and disabling the server once we find it.

Since this is such a big deal, BigTime's cool with offering both navi customizer programs, as long as we get in, find the server, and disable it. They say you can still get one or the other if we hit a roadblock, so it's not a bad deal, so long as you aren't too scared of the security systems.

You've also got to sign them permission to use you and your navi in their videos, of course...

I'm keeping the NP out of this for now since nobody knows this criminal better than me... and because I really need the money! If we fail or it gets too dangerous, though, I'll bring them in.

-Heidi Mansworth

-Global Network Administration
After a quick talk with Mei, we accept.

- Skye.EXE
Very well. We have notified the poster of your intent to accept this mission. The meetup point is in Kotobuki; location information is attached.

With a mission of this nature, we would advise you to place your own safety first while on the job, and note that while we verify our mission posters' credentials for safety, we claim only limited liability for anything that might occur involving "criminal hideouts."

-Global Network Administration

*Location.DAT attached*

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