Neo-Shogunate Mission Request Hub

"I wish to report success in the last mission. The rest of this message will be a request for the following Battlechips:
ElecReel1 [x2]
ElecDragon1 [x1]
AquaDragon1 [x1]
HeatDragon1 [x1]
WoodDragon1 [x1]

I shall do any number of missions for the Neo-Shogunate in order to acquire everything on this list. My hope is that I should be able to get multiple Battlechips in each case. As you are no doubt aware, combat missions are where my skills are centered. But I will adapt if given non-combat tasks. I await your prompt reply."
-- DragonierMan

"I wish to add 1436 BugFrags to this list to upgrade my SPs." -- DragonierMan

Quote ()

DragonierMan, this is the First General. I'm issuing a distress call, looking for capable officers to help retrieve valuable items stolen from the Neo-Shogun Empire. They took off in three directions and have each holed up in a different location. I am going to intercept one myself while Lee and Vee cover the other two. Each of us could do with extra assistance, however; the ones who stole the equipment are Alexis, another group of Net Imperialists who have been giving us considerable trouble as of late. We each have dragon chips the Shogun awarded us for our general status that we are willing to part with in exchange for your assistance.

Note that this mission is time-sensitive; while we all appreciate your assistance,we can only count on you to be at one location in any given moment. Let me know where you would like to dispatch and I will issue you the appropriate coordinates.

Yasu-> Stop the leader, Alex, atop Mt. Alexander in Netfrica Net (Reward: WoodDragon1)
Lee-> Stop a magician, Trik, in an abandoned village in Hades Net (Reward: FireDragon1)
Vee-> Stop a ninja, Kama, at a ruined castle in Beach Net (Reward: ElecDragon1)

Wherever you go, you'll have to get a briefing from the officer in the field.

... A woman with the shogunate left this message for you specifically... she must have known you would be coming. Will you accept the mission?

-Global Network Administration
"Given the options presented, I shall chose 'Stop the leader, Alex, atop Mt. Alexander in Netfrica Net.' My new flight capabilities will give me the needed edge in a mountain climb. That and a blow to the leadership of this other group will show them not to mess with us. I am sure the Samurai vs. Magician and Ninja vs. Ninja paths will go favorably on their own." -- DragonierMan

Very well. The coordinates provides will send you to the meetuo point specified by the client. We will send them notice to let them know you're coming. Good luck.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in Netfrica Net))
DragonierMan appeared on the board and attached the sack with the recovered armor to his communication with the Neo-Shogunate.

"I have returned from a successful mission. Attached to this message is the recovered goods. I await the reward promised." --DragonierMan

[Attached: Recovered Armor.dat]
Please accept this WoodDragon1 chip, along with 15 faction points and a 1000z bonus, as dictated by your employer.

((DragonierMan receives all of those things!))

The other missions are still open as well, if guy are interested in assisting. Please let us know.

-Global Network Administration
Lee-> Stop a magician, Trik, in an abandoned village in Hades Net (Reward: FireDragon1)

"If the missions against Alexis are still available, I shall choose to help General Lee in Hades Net. Please send me the coordinates." -- DragonierMan
Very well. This mission is already in progress. We will attach the original coordinates but you may find that your objective has moved. We will attempt to contact the employer to inform them of your intent, but that may nd impossible at this time. Good luck.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

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DragonierMan appeared on the board again.

"I have returned from two successful missions. The following recording of every Alexis mission I have participated in thus far is to be forwarded to the Neo-Shogunate. I await the next mission to add the last requested bits to my arsenal." --DragonierMan

[Attached: MissionData1.DAT, MissionData2.DAT, MissionData3.DAT.]
We've received confirmation that you have completed both tasks. Please consider the following, posted a short time ago by one of your associates:

Quote ()

Hola, Drago!

You're still looking for things to do, right? After they brought in a massage therapist a while ago I decided that we really deserve to pamper ourselves a bit more, don't we? So I paid out of pocket to hire the foremost dream therapist! She's requested your help in her routine, kind of like a magician calling up his lovely volunteer, and if you'll help with it, I'll give you an AquaDragon. I hear you're in the market for one. I don't need it any more, since I found a new dragon I like better~

If you want to help out, just come to the public camp.


If you're interested, please let us know. We will inform the partyof your intent... unless you would prefer to show up unannounced.

-Global Network Administrator
"If it is from General Dee then I gladly acc-."

[Incoming request...]

"What is this?"

[Message incoming from Sparks.EXE]

"Sparks... S-P-A-R-K-S... Who was-? Oh yes now I remember. I wonder what he wants."

((Awaiting Ktbandit.))
"How have you been? Master sent me out looking at the bbs trying to find a team mate, but why dont you just let us get in on whatever youre doing?"

"Sure, you can join. It doesn't seem like there will be much fighting doing some 'dream massaging' and I could use another hunting partner. Maybe we can find a way to make it more exciting.

Administrator! Add Sparks.EXE and supply us with the coordinates."
-- DragonierMan
"Sounds good to me, just let me know and ill jack out. I'm gonna try and get at least one good battle in. Thanks man."
We've contacted the employer. She's asked us to deliver the following message:

Quote ()

Sure, fine, bring along a friend. I'll give him an Elecsword if he helps during the mission, otherwise, all he gets is an Elecknife for a consolation prize.

You'd better be happy I'm such a patient woman!

If you accept the terms, please head to the Neo-Shogun Associate Headquarters.

-Global Network Administration

((Topic opening soon in Neo-Shogun Associate HQ))
Reporting a successful completion of the mission assigned. Awaiting reward transfer so I can start asking for the next mission.

--Destin Obscura
This is where they came from

Also awaiting reward, not really interested in another mission though. Maybe later.

--Joseph Akers

This is where they went
The employer has passed along the following evaluations, along with a reminder that the roles you four played in this were hidden to all but Wake, Fancy, and General Dee:

Quote (Vee)

It was an unusual dream, far different than what I expected... but I enjoyed myself more than I expected to.

*attached 1000z for Sparks*

Quote (Yasu)

This investment of Dee's was as much a waste as I anticipated. The dream I had was so foul and repugnant that I may experience nightmares born from it.

*attached 150z for DragonierMan*

Quote (Dee)

I had a pleasant dream! The content was not what I was expecting, but it was rather restful, all the same.

*attached 400z for DragonierMan*

Quote (Lee)

That dream has me fired up! I have to go back to sleep right now to see the true ending!

*attached 800z for DragonierMan*

As promised, the client has also attached an ElecSword for Sparks and an AquaDragon for DragonierMan. Thank you both for fulfilling the client's expectations. Faction points were also awarded to DragonierMan. DragonierMan- if you would like to request another mission, please state the reward desired, and we will search for another that fulfills your requirements.

*attached ElecSword and AquaDragon*
*DragonierMan gains 10 faction points*

-Global Network Administration
"Thank you. What I desire are two ElecReel1 battlechips... Also I wish to improve my SPs. So I will also be requesting a mission for 1436 BugFrags." -- DragonierMan.
We do have another mission from your regular employers... they've asked this mission be passed along to you with a flexible reward. While you read, please give us a moment and we will contact them with your exact request...

Quote ()


A matter of grave importance demands your attention. Meet me at the homepage of Webb, a reporter for the World News Server. You'll need to use the attached key to get through.

I cannot force you to take this mission, but know that you will have a personal stake in it. You've compromised our goals and I've arranged this mission as a way for you to redeem yourself, while setting things back into their proper order. I will provide all of the mission details when you arrive.

-First General Yasu, the Sky-Severing Legendary Ronin and Natural Blademaster

... We've received the response. The maximum rewards for this mission will be two elecreels and 180 bugfrags, but only for exemplary performance. Please let us know if you're interested and we will provide the mission coordinates and passcode, as well as sending ahead word of your acceptance.

-Global Network Administration

((Keeping regular bugfrag rewards in mind, I can't give you anywhere close to 1400 even as a stretch goal, because that's like... almost 50 rogue net battles))