Another new mission

The problem that prevented me from completing my previous mission has been resolved. Thus, I would like to request a new one. The condition of my operator remaining in DenCity remains, and I would also make sure that she cannot come to physical harm. Aside from these, I have no further requirements. I would again like to request a cash reward for successful completion.

- Shuri.EXE
Shuri- Please see the below and let us know if you are interested. If so, we will respond with the related mission coordinates.

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Greetings! I'm looking for a female ninja to take on a mission to protect the identity of one of our plants. I can't say who, of course! Suffice to say, we have credible intel ensuring us that a navi means to expose the identity of our plant to those she is embedded with. Although it makes this tricky, we cannot reveal who the plant is to you, nor give you any hints. If you discover who it is or have any theories, I humbly request you keep them to yourself. We cannot reveal the source of the tip either, nor why they were unspecific as to the identity of the blackmailer.

What I am interested in, of course, is the identity of the blackmailer. The event, entitled the Showbizz Pirates Vs. Ninjas Showdown features four pirates and four ninjas, one of which will be you. The pirates are Jolly, Bomba, Power, and Clipper, pirate captains who control sea territory in Beach Net. The ninjas are Kayaku, Suiren, and Shinai, who I understand each run schools in Electown Net teaching ninjutsu techniques. Another navi named Veil, seemingly unknown to the others, was supposed to join, but you will compete in their place. If you have any past association with any of these navis that may cause them to recognize you, please notify us beforehand.

As for identifying the blackmailer, you may do well to ask questions that may help confirm your suspicions, but the tip also included a note that the blackmailer has "an embarrassing tattoo..." What that means is anyone's guess, but the knowledge may come in useful.

Officer Bayonet and other officers will be standing by to make an arrest. Once you've identified the suspicious one among the participants, you'll contact her to move in. She will also be in response for questions, should you have them. You will be paid for your conclusion naming the blackmailer or confirming that you believe there to be no blackmailer, with a bonus for all evidence supporting your answer. If our informant is named before you call for Bayonet to be paid, it will be mission failure. Bayonet will move in if that is about to occur as best she can.


-Global Network Administration
Sounds perfect. I accept.

- Shuri.EXE
Shuri- Very good. We have informed the client of your acceptance. Please proceed to the attached coordinates. I have been asked to remind you to immediately adopt the role of Veil for the purposes of this mission.

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

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