A new mission

My operator's all about doing good, and I'm all about getting paid for services rendered. Missions cover both, so we're both happy. So, go ahead and give us one, if you don't mind. So long as it doesn't involve my operator leaving the DenCity area, we're up for anything. Oh, and a cash reward will suffice.

- Shuri.EXE
Greetings Shuri,

We have a mission pending that may suit your abilities and requirements. Please review and let us know if it is acceptable.

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To the GNA,

My navi works in a role that usually sees him settling disputes and ending fights between different groups of people, but he tends to be rather, let's say, direct about it. He has a task currently that I feel would go more smoothly with a slightly subtle approach as well, so I'd like the GNA to send us someone who is skilled with infiltration and subversion, and who ideally can conduct negotiations as well, at least a little bit. I hesitate to say but, preferably also, a female navi, or else someone with a very convincing .GMO and good acting skills.

I can offer payment for services in any of the normal ways.

Chris Francis

-Global Network Administration
That should do nicely.

- Shuri.EXE
Very well,

We will notify the poster that you will be arriving shortly, please follow the attached mission coordinates, and good luck.

-Global Network Administration

ATTCH: Mission.Dat
My apologies to Mr. Francis, but due to an error in my PET, I won't be able to participate in this mission in a timely manner. Thus, I must withdraw, and shall not seek any reward for my failure. I remain open to future missions by this requester, and wish him the best in his endeavors, present and future.

- Shuri.EXE
Understood. We are sorry to hear about your difficulties, but the notification is appreciated. The client has also contacted us about the issue; rest assured, we will see that the client's request is handled, so do not worry that your difficulties will impact others. Best of luck.

-Global Network Administration