Mission for Phero and Eris!

Hello again!

This is Phero, requesting another mission. My operator isn't free to move around right now, so this time, it's me and my new buddy, Eris. Eris, you can just post a request right below mine. Do it just like I've done, although you can request whatever kind of reward you want. I just want zenny, myself! As for what kind of mission, it can really be just about anything. The one I did last time with the beach was good, or the one before that with the haunted house... I'll do whatever you have!

Oh, right. Boil is with me too. We're all ladies, she's just a little older. But I'm sure she can help too!

Hmm... okay, so I write it like this.

Eris here! I'm going with Phero! And um... a reward, I don't know. Give me something cool and something to eat! That's fine, right? And, okay, there's a name down here, too... Right!

- Eris

[OOC: Requesting SP Core/BugFrags.]
Phero, Eris, and Boil,

This mission may be a fit for your requirements, assuming from your order of introduction Boil is a non-Navi entity who will not be requesting separate rewards... please advise if the parameters need to be adjusted or if the mission is acceptable.

-Global Network Admin

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I need some Navis to help me complete a top secret mission. And it needs to be some pretty lady Navis because reasons. The only requirement is you're not affiliated with World Adjust Corporation or its Net branch. I've got an employee register, too, so don't bother applying if you are. I'll attach some coordinates if you accept. Don't worry about rewards, I can get you basically whatever within reason.

This is time sensitive, so don't keep me waiting.

Also serious on that employee register. Like, even if you're a Navi using a cover name, I'll know, so screw off. Underestimate me at your peril corporate jerkwads!


Oh, that was fast! I'm up for it! Accepted!

- Eris
That sounds good! The name of the employer seems familiar too...

Anyways, hopefully we will all be sexy enough for him or her.

The client has attached coordinates. As the client indicated the mission to be time sensitive, please rendezvous at the coordinates with appropriate haste.

-Global Network Admin

((Mission topic at this link.))