Mission Request 2

Though it has not been very long since my last outing, I find myself desiring a mission, and I would like to request one. Whether it occurs in the real world, cyberworld, or both, it doesn't matter, so long as we're helping people. Our skills should be readily available for your perusal.

As for a reward, I have something in mind for my Navi that I'd like to get him, but I lack the money to do so, so I would like zenny if possible. It's not a problem if that perfect mission had a different reward, though.

- Ruby Knighton
Ruby Knighton,

Please view the below offer and let us know if you are willing to accept. If not, we will provide an alternative.

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I am the Celebrity Burglar, Ebisu! But you can call me Sue, if you prefer. Despite my title, you may not be familiar with my work, so I'll tell you a bit!

First thing you should know: I'm not actually a criminal! Well, not these days. Basically, people hire me to attempt burglaries. It sounds weird, I know. I thought it was weird at first too... and I still kinda do! But basically, rich folks and business hire me to break into their places and try to steal stuff, then when I'm done, I donate all of it to causes around Electown. It's all the fun of kleptomania, but for a good cause! Anyway, they get publicity and I usually take a video and so we both get some advertising out of it, it's a lot of fun. You'd be surprised all the reasons people have hired me before! Sometimes it gets kinda crazy, but we can talk more about that later!

Anywho, the Celebrity Burglar needs an apprentice today! One of the qualifications of my latest job was that I take a helper along with me. It's a big score, that's for sure! Besides the "donations," there's a little bonus in it for yours truly, so I'm extra motivated, totally. If you're interested, come to the Ebisu Hideaway in Electown tonight! There's only one; I checked. You'll find it for sure, cause it's not nearly as hidden or away as the name implies. It's more of a job office than a cash stash. Anyway, doesn't really matter when you show up, so long as it's night. I'm flexible.

In closing: come live the dream, the romantic dream of a modern day ninja thief!


Your pal,


P.S. Bring a navi! We might need him or her for some of our shenanigans!

Thank you for inquiring,

-Global Network Administration
It's...rather unorthodox, to say the least, but I feel that I must take it, to ensure that everything is above board.

- Ruby Knighton
Ruby Knighton,

We have contacted the employer to let them know you've accepted. The message specified a location in Electown; we've attached the address, in case you are in need. Thank you again for using the Global Network Administration's mission request board.

-Global Network Administration

((Topic opening soon in Electown))