Light and shady contracts

I'm looking for some light work from enterprising associates of the net Mafia. I'm not looking to be recruited by anyone just yet, but I am looking for information, and potentially a few contacts. I don't mind what the work I need to do actually is, in itself, as long as it involves only myself, and my operator is not involved in any way. I'm looking to help mafia representatives who may be able to help me find out more about the somewhat recent loss and replacement, and imprisonment of some of their members and former members.

You have my details,

We've passed along the requirements to several Mafia contacts. Please hold while we put you in contact with someone who can offer you a suitable opportunity.


Quote (Kismet)

I am Kismet, of the Head Family. I've heard a bit about you from Jailbird and would like for you to act as a mediator between myself and a few Blessers representatives, who are interested in both Shok and Mime, who you became acquainted with in the past. The Blessers are demanding the return of both, but as far as we know, Shok is the only that has any history of activity with the Blessers. I think it is only fair that you attend this gathering, as I'll have you know, I have no love for either of the two women. I'll explain that stance in detail once you arrive, along with whatever other history on the case you would like.

Your role will be to sit in on the meeting and interject if you think that Shok or Mime are being treated unfairly by either side. I don't suspect it will be anything too strenuous. I am a Mafioso, but I assure you, I won't be dirtying my hands with violence over something trivial like this. The Blessers, however, I can't be sure of. I do not know who they're sending and they're an unpredictable lot. Your jack-out capabilities will remain fully capable, however, should you need to escape.

Mime and Shok will be present as well, though both restrained for obvious reasons. I believe you've seen Mime's ingenuity first-hand.

I will pay you for your time, of course. We can discuss the particulars when you arrive. The coordinates are just the same as the last time you visited. Respond quickly if you are interested in attending.


If you are interested, please respond and we will inform the employer of your acceptance.

-Global Network Administration
This sounds like exactly what I need. I believe we can both be mutually beneficial to each other, and I accept the work.

Very well. We've informed the employer of your acceptance. The coordinates are attached, although you may already have them. Good luck.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

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