Real World Mission Request

My Navi's kinda indisposed at the moment, so I'd like to take up a mission myself. Operator only, of course. I'm more than physically fit, so I should be able to do just about anything asked of me.

...And make sure it involves me in some sort of situation of, uh, undress. The more the better, I'd say. I think if my Navi sees me in that kind of situation, it'll help her feel better about a string of bad luck she's been having.

- Leslie Battle
Leslie Battle-

A strange request, but one we can accommodate. As long as you know the risks of what you're asking, please consider the below opportunity. Please let us know if you would like to request another option under the same criteria. The original request was handwritten, but for readability, we've retyped it below.

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My name is Kozue Kouzai. My pen name is Eclipse-Sensei. You can call me whichever you please.

You must know of the genius comic creator, Cornelia Craft. She is my inspiration in the art world. Her finest work is the Starborn series, starring Red Nova. For a long time, Starborn fans claimed that Cornelia Craft is like the sun, which gives life, and I am like the moon, who ever-so-occasionally manages to overcome the brilliance of the sun... an eclipse, if you will. From there, I derive my pen name. My comics are of a more underground nature than Cornelia Craft's.

For a while, I ceased to create my works. You see, as my popularity grew, I began to worry that my works were derivative. However, Cornelia Craft, in all of her benevolence, reached out to me, Eclipse-Sensei. She told me with such grace that she loved my works, that she could not bare to see me stop, and that she wished to trade works in collaboration. Such joy overcame me, I had never experienced anything like it before. My fan-character, Black Eclipse, made it into her latest work. No words I can pen can express my feelings.

It is for that reason that I owe it to Cornelia Craft, the sun in my sky, the work I promised to trade her. Unfortunately, my pen touches paper, but my efforts are fruitless. I expressed my concerns to Cornelia Craft and, in her infinite grace, she agreed to meet me at my school. We devised a plan to get my inspiration flowing. Unfortunately, there have been complications. I cannot waste this opportunity she's given me, nor can I fail to disappoint her. To that end, I need someone's help. I cannot ask my friends at the school for help in this matter.

The task requires a woman willing to dress provocatively, act promiscuously, and be rather shameless in general. If you have your own promiscuous clothing, that may be best to bring for the purpose of comfort. You don't necessarily need to wear it here, I plan to provide you a coat with which you can hide yourself as you walk around. I apologize for asking such behavior of you, but it is essential here. The setting for this mission will not be strictly public, but I cannot entirely promise your privacy either. At the very least, I will be watching everything that you do, as is necessary to complete my work. I will explain in greater detail when you meet me. My school is Meyer's Women's Academy for the Arts in Kotobuki Town, we will meet there. It is open to all today due to our yearly Young Artists Festival. Seek out my booth. It will say "Eclipse-Sensei" on the banner above it.

If it helps to spur you to action, know that you will be able to interact intimately with Cornelia Craft. This is a magnificent opportunity. I wish that I could take it on myself, but despite my works and my great appreciation of Cornelia Craft, I am not especially bold in these sorts of matters.

Please respond as quickly as you can. I consider it a matter of urgency. This must be completed before the Young Artists Festival is over. Thank you.
Sure, sounds good.

- Leslie Battle
Leslie Battle-

Very well. We have informed the employer of your acceptance so that they will expect your arrival. Please report as soon as available.

-Global Network Administration