Rosenberg Mission Request

Good day,

My Navi, Veda.EXE, is eager to get cracking at some fighting. She's really craving combat. I think she needs a companion... Do you have any assignments left that require a data-hungry Navi?

~ R.R. ~

((Looking for an SP as reward))
We do seem to have an assignment that suits your needs. Transferring the request body.

I-Is the message recording started yet? Oh! Sorry!

Um, hello, my name is SliceMan, and I operate a NetNavi restaurant in Netfrica Net, the Meat Hacker. C-Currently we're trying to find someone to help us hunt for some, uh, exotic ingredients in the network. Ideally, they should be able to fly, since one of them is also a flier. My operator's willing to foot the bill for whatever, s-since we're serving a high-priority customer. Thank you very much!

Should you accept the mission, the GNA shall liaise with the requester for an appropriate reward. We await your response.

That sounds like a fine job for Veda. Let the client know she'll do it and to inform us where to go.

~ R.R. ~
Thank you for your interest. The client has instructed you to meet them at the Meat Hacker Net-Restaurant. Attached are the coordinates, as well as a KeyData to authenticate yourself for the area's private sector.


[Attachment: NTFR-0323.DAT, StaffMember KeyData]

[Topic opening in Netfrica Net.]