Simple Mission Request

I'm looking for a fairly simple mission for my Navi, MachMan; we're not really concerned with the type/amount of rewards. My intent is just to find something to help my team refocus. Let me know if there's anything y'all think would apply. Thanks for your time!

Mazer Patrovski
Mr. Patrovski,
We do have a fairly old mission request, but the requester insists on keeping it open. We have the excerpt below:

Quote (Lost SP)

I'm PsycheMan.EXE, and I'm looking for any information or about a SP named Nell, or assistance in my search for her. She was last seen in ACDCNet. I can be contacted at any time, this is my top priority. I appreciate your time.


If you're willing to take this mission on, let us know. We'll contact him for you, and to meet with your Navi in the ACDC Network.

An old search mission? Hm, not exactly the best timing, but beggars can't be choosers. We accept, and we'll meet with the client in ACDC Net as agreed.

Mazer Patrovski