Frankenstein-esque monster seeking work

Hello, my name is Asymptote.exe. I am currently looking for work, I am mainly a fighter, but I am open to all sorts of jobs. Just hope you have someone who doesn't mind a navi that's...ah...been under the to speak. Less surgery and more having a butchers knife taken to his fleshy bits. As for reward...Hmmmmm...I heard about this one chip. Called GunDelSol. that chip would be great to have. If one can not be acquired for one reason or another, Zenny will do.

Please see the request below. If you are willing to accept this mission, please respond, we will provide mission coordinates. Thank you.

-Global Network Administration

Quote (PantheonMan)

Greetings! This request comes to you from the Mafia, though not necessarily the Bloodhounds Family. Rather, the main point is for me to protect my own holdings.

At the Hera's Fortune casino, a troublemaker is planning something much worse than card-counting... the bastard is trying to clean house, but that's hardly what concerns me. The concern of mine is his 'nuclear option,' so to speak... a virus designed to eliminate generic navis and custom navis alike using common threads in their programming. Unfortunately, I have an idea of how he got a hold of it... but that virus is not supposed to exist. What we need is a navi whose coding doesn't contain those common patterns. Someone whose very DNA has been spliced, rearranged, or added to might be able to resist the effects of the bug. Rather, resistance doesn't come into it: my Techari specialist assures me that the virus will remain entirely dormant if the target does not have those common sequences. We'd like to run you through a quick test, determine if your code is susceptible or immune, and, provided you are not at risk, use you to destroy the virus. Hopefully I don't have to tell you this, but if the thief is alerted to your intentions and still has the virus in his possession, he's likely to take a hostage, even if he can't use the virus on you. So it would behoove us all if you would either eliminate the virus before engaging him... or eliminate him before he has a chance to activate the virus. We have several ways to help you with that, which I'd like to discuss in person.

While you will be doing the work of a mafioso, you will not be a mafioso, if that concerns you. Making sure that this bug is destroyed benefits everyone, mafia or otherwise. You'll be cooperating with another Techari experiment, named Spartoi... The scientist in charge of both projects is also here, along with our Techari contact. I look forward to introducing you to each of them and giving you more details, if you're interested. The GunDelSol chip would be no trouble to arrange. It would be a fitting payment for your efforts and for taking on the risk.

Eagerly awaiting your response,
Hmmmm...I HAVE been wanting to try and do some good with this programming of mine...alright. I'll take it. I'll be more than happy to work with the mafia to delete this virus. Plus. This will be an "interesting" learning experience. I -am- a big guy, though, so it might be tough to keep low key. And I have locks on my .GMO drives as well. The bitch who did this to me made damn sure of that.

It'll be a nice learning experience. Hopefully, we can do future business with each other if this goes well.
Asymptote, Joseph-

Thank you for the response. We've sent your message along to the employer and attached their coordinates. They have informed us that Asymptote's unique circumstances should not prevent him from carrying out the mission. Asymptote will rendezvous with the employer at their NetVegas Net location for further briefing.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in NetVegas Net))
Alright then. We'll head there as soon as possible.

Good thing we held off on that busting run.