[No Subject]


s anybody there?

p[sub]le[/sub]ase i need help

the white the white the white

it is hungry

it wont stop eating

every[sup]thing[/sup] is wrong i cant stop it

please help

[End of message. No subject data available.]
[Searching access log...]
[Results inconclusive due to system error.]
[98% chance message was sent from from fr[b][sub]om[/sub][/b] from PET Serial no. XXXXXXXXXXX1011, currently registered to Hexadecimal.EXE. Re-calibrate search parameters Y/N?]
Please use this space only for mission requests. If this is a message of a personal nature, please note that none such are delivered to specific GNA representatives through this service. If this is a mission request, please reword and try again.

-Global Network Administration


Hey-yo! So, good news, this seems like a great time to bring you and Hex in for some more tests! Bad news, well, we're soooort of monitoring your mission requests via discrete surveillance technology.

So, as your friend, I can't wait to see you so we can do some more useful experiements! And, as your intrusive NetPolice nanny, this isn't really a request so much as a summons. Sorry! ^.^

Your friend / stalker,

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in Netpolice HQ))