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Hello again,

This is Lyntael again, and I was hoping there might be something else I could do. I'm afraid my circumstance isn't much improved; I'm not really fit for conflict, and I have to work alone, without my operator. I know it might be hard to find something useful for me to do, but I need to at least try. Here are my details.

Atch: Lyntael.ides

Lyntael- Please review the attached mission details.

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Hello, hello!

How would you like to take in sun, the taste of sea salt on the air, and the companionship of new and interesting people, all while serving the net's premier five-star luxury cruise-liner service? If all of these things, or really even one of them, sounds appealing, then NaviTango has an exciting opportunity for you and any number of friends you'd like to refer this opportunity to!

For those who don't know, NaviTango is a net-based business founded to spread joy, camaraderie, and excellent social networking opportunities to navis. Our luxury cruises-for-two are all about bonding, new levels of friendship, rekindled flames of old romances, the perfect setting for beautiful relationships to spring forward! Recently, staff reductions have forced us to scale back a bit, but that's what you're reading this for: temporary labor will help us keep those engines pumping, the pillows fluffed, and the bar well stocked with flowing taps and special selections!

Of course, you can't do everything yourself, who could? Once you're here and I evaluate your best position, we'll find the perfect way for you to assist. Come, help fan the flames of passion across the net!

Although we're all in this for the sake of spreading joy, I understand a monetary reward might be in honor. I can pay based on performance! We'll discuss your rate once we see where your best suited.

With love,

If you would like to accept, please respond in the affirmative. If not, we will provide another option.

-Global Network Administration
A... A cruise ship!? I... Yes! I'll take it, I'll do my best, I promise!

Lyntael- Very good. Please head to the attached coordinates. We'll notify the employer to prepare for your arrival.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

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