Mission Requesting

Greetings, GNA. I'm here to request a mission, but there's a catch. You do deal in requests that deal exclusively in the real world, do you not? Well, my Navi is currently indisposed, so I'd like a mission that I can do on my own. Level of difficulty doesn't matter, and I believe you already have access to my credentials.

As for a reward, I don't really care for the specifics; I'm not doing this just because of a carrot in front of me. That said, I do owe it to my Navi to provide him with things he'd like, so anything that a Fire/Break, dragon themed Navi might like would be preferable, be it chips, NCP programs, money, whatever works and is available.

- Ruby Knighton
Please respond if the below mission, picked based on your credentials, will serve:

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Greetings! The Sword and Armor Women Devotee's Society, or SAWDS, is currently looking for women experienced with swordplay to help us with our Sword and Armor Women Appreciation Drama Festival, or SAWAD-Fest, as it it's also known. This festival appreciates weapons and armor, as well as the women who practice the usage of both. Currently, we are looking for one with the following qualifications: female, trained in Netopian swordsmanship, with a strong SB and AB level, those being sword bond and armor bond, such that she will fight fiercely for pride in her skill and arms. We will conduct an additional interview upon your arrival to see if you're right for the job.

We take SAWAD-Fest very seriously and are prepared to offer payment for participation as well as rewards for performance. Zenny, chips, and, of course, generous promotion opportunities for whichever causes you champion, are available to participants. Will you be our SAWAD-FEST champion?

Yours truly in top-tier SB and AB,
Benton Duston
SAWDS-COO, or Swords and Armor Women Devotee Society Chief of Observation and Outreach

You may understand that this mission has been sitting for a while, given the difficulty of finding proper applicants. If you feel your SB and AB are appropriate, please apply, and we will provide the address.

-Global Network Administration
Well, that sounds pretty much perfect. Sign me up.

- Ruby Knighton
Very good. The address is in Electown. We will send word of your acceptance ahead to the mission's host.

-Global Network Administration

*Address.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in Electown))