Ladies Looking for a Mission Again


I'm interested in obtaining a mission for two ladies with capable minds looking to do respectable work. I am an accomplished doctor, and my partner works as a detective. A mission requiring minimal input from our operators would be preferable.

Again, we aren't looking for a type of mission that will include violence or, especially, any perverse shenanigans. Zenny will be a suitable reward.

I expect you shall do your best to match us with a suitable client.


P.S. I want to state again, for the record, that any posts describing the nature of my work in any "equestrian" fashion from previous requests to this fine administration were fabrications. Please do not consider these in your assignment of a mission.

My partner here has already requested respectable, non-violent, clean work, so I suppose that is what we are looking for. However, I know that you at the GNA can't thoroughly screen everyone's intentions, so know that if we run into any rough sorts, and loutish ne'er-do-wells, any 'shady Bradies', any fellows of ill repute, any ladies of foul intentions, any untrustworthy... well, you get the picture. I'm used to dealing with adversity, shall we say, and I shall do so here again as required.

As usual, a transfer of funds will be perfectly acceptable as payment for me. I'm an old fashioned gal, in that regard, at least.

Thank you very much,

Oh right! And a list of some of my many talents, to help you match me up. This list is not all-inclusive.

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Forensic investigations
Criminal investigations
Criminal profiling
Undercover investigation
Roller derby
Women's wrestling
Wine appraisal
Baking and confectionaries
The making of poisons and medicine
Law interpretation
Legal representation
Reversal of past legal precedent
Tracking down 'shady Bradies'
Dark alley confrontations
Log rolling
Greetings again, Miss Sleuth and Miss Hyde,

Please let us assure you that it is never the GNA's intention to place any navis, female or otherwise, into situations that they may ind uncomfortable or indecent. With that in mind, we are sure any subsequent missions we offer will be no different. While we don't currently have any missions that require extensive roller derby or wine-tasting skills, there is a recent filing that may interest you both. Please review the following and let us know if you both find it suitable.

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I don't usually make requests like this, but, uhh... So, I'm always really busy, and my work is kinda stressful. I sort of have a regular appointment with someone, she's um, a masseuse, and it really helps me unwind, you know? Things have been a bit different around here the past week, way, way too busy. The amount of bouncing I've had to do has been insane, but, um, that's not really the problem. I've been so busy that I haven't been able to make my normal appointments, but it's really not the kind of thing I can just assume she's got the usual opening for, so I need someone to help me out in some way, just for a pinch, you know? Doesn't matter how, really, so long as things don't go wrong, but I need an extra pair of hands, two even! I can pay well, I promise!


If this mission is acceptable, please let us know and we'll forward you the poster's details. If not, we can certainly search for something else for you instead.

-Global Network Administration
I suppose that seems to suit our needs well enough. Besides, as a doctor, I'd be negligent in my duties to let this poor poster suffer from undue stress without offering my services.

I can't tell if they're requesting a masseuse, or help with work as a bouncer...? Well, whatever their needs, I'm sure an individual as multi-faceted as Sleuth claims to be will be a great aid.

Be it working as a masseuse, an alternative form of relaxation aide, club bouncing, event bouncing, or just physically bouncing, I'm well suited to assist with whatever the client has in mind!

And don't worry, Miss Hyde; even if you only remember half of what you see today, I'll make sure that my shining example is branded upon your memory, so that you'll never have reason to doubt my prowess!

Sincerely yours,
Very well, we'll forward your details and let the client know you will be arriving soon.

Please find them at the attached location, and good luck.

-Global Network Administration

ATTCH: Mission.DAT