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My name is Sleuth! You may already know me from my past work for the GNA, solving all manner of capers and performing the oddest of odd jobs. My recent experience includes investigating an underground fight club full of surly, shirtless rapscallions and clearing out ghosts from a haunted mansion. All in the day's work! Today, I again offer you my unique range of skills: I am a master detective, a patron of the arts, a practitioner of four martial arts and a certified instructor of one, and have won award for my construction of breakfast omelets. It may have something to do with my apron figure. I leave that to your own musing.

My partner is Hyde. She is knowledgeable in alternative medicine. I'm not quite certain what else yet. She's got personality for two, though! You can't buy that.

On another note, my operator: Jocelyn. She is a mall security agent, certified, well-loved by both her employer and her people, but I feel that she lacks a certain... finesse, in her interactions with other people. I'd like to use this mission as a learning tool for her, if possible. Could you give her a little something to do? Perhaps a person to engage with, a problem to solve, a role to play... whatever fits best. After all, I know you all can't pull cases from thin air! Don't worry about her being a liability; I will watch over her as I am able, along with my partner's operator, Jacky.

Please let me know once you have a case of interest. For a reward, money is the language of the world and it will work for both me and Miss Hyde. Cheerio!

Yours truly,
Greetings, Sleuth.

Your past record with us stands in good stead, and we can accept your endorsement of your partner and her needs on these grounds. There is a request which may suit your particular skills and was posted to us discretely only a half hour ago. Please review the publicly disclosable section, below, and let us know if you can assist.

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To whom it may concern,

I find myself in a rather delicate situation, and I am in need of external investigation. I suspect a crime, a theft, has been committed, but the item removed is... well it's a delicate matter. I need the help of someone professional to investigate for me, but I dare not bring the matter to the police, or even the NetPolice for that matter; I hope to gain the help of someone who can wield something akin to their authority, at least as far as investigating goes, but isn't actually affiliated with the law... a P.I., a J.P., at this stage, I'd be happy even with someone from private security... as long as they look the part and can make a good show of swinging the official clout, as it were... I have too many close friends amongst our fine officers of the law, that I simply cannot risk news of this mortifying event reaching them. I fear I must also ask that the person who assists me be capable of conducting both navi and operator-level inquiries, so they will need to be able to come see me in the flesh without too much difficulty.

I shalln't say any more here, as I simply must maintain anonymity, but I'll attach the address of my shop, and hope someone suitable is nearby.

With regards,

We offer this posting to you because, if our records are accurate, the client's physical location should be fairly close. We also contacted the client further about what manner of reward was offered and she responded to say that her intention was simply to offer a monetary reward to whomever was able to help solve her problem.

Please let us know if you are interested in this case, and we can put you in touch with the client. If you find it doesn't suit, we can of course search for another posting that better matches your needs.

-Global Network Administration

Splendid, I'll happily accept. Sleuth is on the case! If you have to hire one private investigator, hire the one whose name is a synonym for investigator. Please, let my mystery employer know I shan't be long reporting in.

Additionally, Miss Hyde should be along soon to confirm that this mission suits her. I'll let you hear it from the horse's mouth! Or pen, as the case may be.

Yours truly,
As Ms. Sleuth has already indicated, I am a capable equestrian Navi who moonlights as a distributor of alternative, horse-based medicine. Primarily, I act as a steed for Sleuth to ride. It sounds like the mission is primarily tailored to detective services, so she should prove more than qualified. For my part, I will make sure that she gets from point A to point B promptly, especially if she uses the spurs and crop she is so fond of. Zenny will be an acceptable reward.

Indeed. Of course, we do not discriminate or judge appropriate division of labour, so, as you both seem content with this... arrangement, we can furnish you with the client's location and details. She has asked that the accepting operator meet her at her shop; the physical location details are enclosed.

-Global Network Administration

Attch: Assignment.Dat

To my adept handlers,

The mystery has concluded, wrapped with the neatest of ribbons. While I've heard it said that a case we'll solved its its own reward, I'm afraid I'm at least a bit of a skinflint, so please don't let my request herein for payment affect the loving relationship between the two of us. It would be rather difficult for me to succeed in my line of work without this board.

Yours always,
As Sleuth has indicated, our mission is complete. Please transfer the reward from the client at your earliest convenience.

All the best,

P.S. I get the sense that someone up to no good may have vandalized my previous post for a mission request. I know these requests are generally private, but, in the case that this is stored in the GNA's records, is there any possibility the post can be scrubbed? Particularly regarding the equestrian bits? I don't know what kind of a joke the hacker was going on about, but I assure you, I'm not involved with any business of the sort.
We can confirm that we have just received notification of your successful completion, as well as the reward sum from your employer. We do admit some surprise at the sum transferred, given the nature and short term of the work, however as this is the sum your employer deemed appropriate to offer for your... services, we will not question it. Please remember that while the GNA considers itself a neutral party in all such dealings, it is our policy to request honesty in mission applications and fulfillment.

To Hyde.Exe, we can assure that none of our records have been tampered with, and for record-keeping purposes we do not redact or edit our logs unless vitally important, however we will be sure to take note of your more recent request and let that stand as your most up-to-date profile record.

Please find attached your payment for the mission.

Marked for Sleuth.Exe: 30200z
Marked for Hyde.Exe: 30200z