Short missions or odd jobs

Hello to whoever reads this,

This is CourseMan, and I've worked for the GNA before. For now, I'm inquiring about any short term missions or odd jobs, errand running, etc., to see if there's some work you can put an extra pair of hands to. My girl's in school a the moment, so she can't really do much to assist, but I'm fairly sure you've got record of my own statistics and capabilities.

Let me know if you've got anything that wants doing!


The below job was posted, requesting someone to take a short term assignment with low pay. Obviously, that sort of mission isn't very popular, so it's been sitting for a while, but it may be up the right alley for what you're currently seeking. Please respond if you wish to accept or would like another offer.

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I'm Jailbird, with the NetMafia. I've got some errands to take care of, but I never, ever, ever get a break from guarding this new special supervision wing in the Teksqp Jail where I'm employed. I need someone to cover for me for just like... an hour or so, while I get some things done.

Don't worry; the job couldn't be easier. All you gotta do is stand there, watch three cells with one prisoner each, and monitor a few readings. There's a 'maximum security' button to press if things get hairy, so you won't be in any danger. Only reason it's not activated all the time is because it makes it hard to enter or leave the jail, so don't press it unless you have to... otherwise, it's going to be hard for me to return to my post once my errands are done.

I won't pretend this is like 'a foot into the Mafia' or anything stupid like that. I'm pretty low on the totem pole and this isn't real job experience... unless you're trying to get my job... in which case I'd rather you didn't apply. But anyways, do this for me, and I'll pay you some zenny once I get back. Just like I'm not super high rank, I'm also not super rich so... I'll pay what I can.
Sounds fine, whatever. Anything to get my mind off... well, never mind, it's my own trouble. Just tell me where to meet, and I'll be there.

The jail house is in Electown's network. Jack in with the attached coordinates. We will inform the employer that you have accepted, so that they will be prepared to receive you. Good luck.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in Electown Net))
This is CourseMan reporting a successful mission completion, with payment rendered and accepted on site. All's well and thanks again.