Hey there, Leslie Battle here. Me and my Navi, Martia, are all raring to go on a mission! What it is doesn't matter, she and I are ready to go! Unless it means I need to leave Electopia, because that's not happening. But other than that, anything goes. Navi only, operator only, both of us only, we're up for it! And for the reward...well, our folder kinda sucks in the 'amount of stuff' category, so chips would be nice. I don't care too much which, but something that'd suit a martial artist would be best.

- Leslie Battle

A woman named Heidi Mansworth listed you in a short list of candidates to help with a certain request. Please read below and let us know if you're interested. The reward says 'negotiable,' so you may need to speak with the woman herself later in order to figure it out.

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To any of my friends who may get this message,

My navi is in deep trouble, and I need someone who I know with a navi I can trust... Not just because I'm being selective, but also because in this case, only a navi that Incognito knows will work! It's a long story, but I'll try to spell it out here; you can ask questions when we meet later, if you need to.

Recently, my navi and I went after another bounty: a mad scientist named Dora Quaid, operator of a navi named Recall. The two of them were using specialized technology to remove navi's memories and implant fake ones on a surprisingly massive scale. Luckily, the process turned out to be reversible... but unfortunately, the navi had a secret trump card up her sleeve, and used it to erase a portion of Incognito's memories. As a result, we're missing the critical evidence we need to follow Dora and Recall and corner them.

Scrounging up my few funds, I turned to another pair of navis... a husband and wife pair named Wake and Fancy. The two have a "Dream Therapy System" that they use with navis, supposedly allowing navis to tap into dreams they would not ordinarily have. I've heard it recommended especially highly for those who are prone to memory loss, as a way of remembering things they've forgotten. However, and this is just my luck, they turned out to be frauds as well, in a certain sense; I discovered through a very quick investigation during the session that the two navis are actually one person, who puts navi patients into a sleeping state, disorients them, then dumps them into a homepage with a unique design that emulates the thoughts of the navi who's entered it. It's interesting and fairly remarkable in and of itself, but it's not really the same as causing a navi to dream, you understand? I asked a few too many questions and the navi cut and run... but Incognito is still in the dream-like state inside that homepage.

Still, I think there's a chance the technique could work, but if I don't use the opportunity now, I'll never get a chance again! Wake... or Fancy, whichever it is... won't let me use this service again. On the other hand, I don't actually need him or her to carry out the dream therapy. What I do need, however, is an actor. Whoever was supposed to be helping Wake or Fancy escaped with them, and now Incognito is alone in his dream world. If I can get someone he knows in there with him, from what I understand of how this technique works, we should be able to shock his memory into recalling past events and locations. I'm sure I can find a clue that will lead me to Dora or her navi! The setting changes, up to and including objects in the environment with writing on them, including things like notes or passcodes. We have a good chance of his recalling something, especially if it was important to him at the time!

If your navi is willing to assist me, please let me know. I'll come to you and we'll work out how to proceed. I'll pay, of course... I don't have much money, but I still have chips.

Thank you,

P.S. Don't worry about my finances... Once I collect the bounty on Dora, everything will work itself out, I'm sure...

In an odd reversal, this mission is one where the requester has asked for an address from the one who accepts, rather than the other way around. If you'd like to accept, please post here and include your address in text or document form. We will pass it along.

-Global Network Administration
After talking about it a little, Martia and I are both good with taking this on. She even made a map of how to reach our place from the MetroLine station, with written directions to boot. Who knows what I'd do without her.

- Leslie Battle
ATTACHMENT: BattleMap.PNG, Directions.DOC
Very well. I have sent the attachments to the mission poster, who should be coming to you. If they do not show, please contact us and we will reach out to them. Thank you.

-Global Network Administration

((Continued in The Legendary Battle Dojo))