Naviless Mission!

Hi, I'm here to request a mission! But, the thing is, my Navi's the Navi equivalent of sick in bed, so whatever it is, it needs to be something that doesn't require me to have a Navi. So, Sabrina Jetto, at your service! You've got files on operators too, right? Then I'm sure you'll find something that fits me!

Oh, and for a reward...well, SplashMan does love busting out lots of strong chips. So I want to make my folder even bigger, and get a GigaFolder5 NCP!

- Sabrina Jetto
Greetings, Sabrina-

The Global Network Administration would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the only data we archive regards our mission participants; usually, only the most basic information of non-participants will be collected. We take care to assemble only what information could be useful in assigning future tasks and are sworn never to share or sell that information without consent or obligation by law to third parties. Therefore, we only have limited data related to you, as most of our information relates to your navis, SplashMan and SplashLady.

That said, a quick check with frequent contributors reveals one who claims to be an acquaintance of yours and would like to offer you a mission.

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My dear Sabrina,

We have spoken only in passing, but I'd like an opportunity to rectify that in person! I'm Nidlee Varcee, operator of PhotoMan.EXE. If you're interested, I'd like to catch up and also to extend to you an offer. You and your navi have brought PhotoMan and I into some great money and that's no exaggeration. Celebrity gravure, along with a few other fields we've stumbled upon recently, offer us exciting new frontiers, tickling me both on an artistic level and a self-interested one, providing both inspiration and gobs of cash. As the operator of SplashLady, I think you may have an eye for aesthetics that you yourself are not even aware of. Please, join me in exploring your talents to the fullest extent and together we'll unlock your hidden potential as a gravure artist!

Let me make that a little clearer: I'm not saying that you need to model, nor I. I don't have the cheeks for it. No, I'm talking about the presentation aspect: brainstorming ideas, directing, and shooting. I want your help for a new high-concept premier that, due to the cut-throat nature of the fashion industry, I'd like to keep totally silent on until we meet. Don't worry, it won't be anything you haven't seen with PhotoMan and SplashLady! There's no pornography. People like PhotoMan and myself consider ourselves artists and take our work very, very seriously. We also greatly enjoy it and when I see the chance to introduce someone into this fascinating world, I seize it! It benefits me, it benefits you, and most of all, it benefits art itself. Not to mention that there's a lot of money to be made...

Now, on that note, let's talk about your payment. I hear you're looking for GigaFolder5. As you know, it's hard to come by, but I'd be willing to look at it as an investment, if not in your future career as a photography specialist, than to the benefit of our continued happy relationship. If you can help me make sure that all five of my models come through on successful shots, then I can grant you the GigaFolder5. On the other hand, if we can't quite manage to muster the results we're looking for, I'll have to adjust down the reward based on the lower estimation of cash inflow from the shoot, and thus will pay you in zenny instead. You understand that I can't offer you PhotoMan's usual commission bonus on top of the reward, as you won't be modeling yourself, unlike SplashLady in the past.

If you're not feeling certain, you're nervous, or even if you just think photography sounds boring, then please...

Do it for me?

Sincerely, your friend,
Nidlee Varcee

If you're interested, please respond and we will provide you with the mission coordinates.

-Global Network Administration
Hey, don't look at me. Not like I know what all your procedures are.

As for the request, sure, why not? Send those coordinates!...Hang on, coordinates? Can't you just send me regular people directions? This isn't the net, after all.

- Sabrina Jetto
Greetings, Sabrina-

Of course. We tell you this only to reassure you that we conform to the current standard for best business practices. Very well, we will send you an address instead. We will inform the employer that you're coming.

-Global Network Administration

*Sabrina received Address.DAT! Sabrina did not receive specific map or net world coordinates for once!*

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