SP Is Hungry

Having just taken a mission for an SP Base, my Navi is now in possession of an SP...who keeps saying she's hungry. I looked a few things up and apparently they feed on Bugfrags; I'd just go and have her eat some viruses, but she's weak enough at present that that sounds like a bad idea.

I don't suppose there are any outstanding requests from Method.EXE, or her sister Madness? If possible, I'd prefer to work with them again over finding someone new...and if they're able to provide some Bugfrags for Hex's SP in return, that'd be great. If they don't have any on-hand, I guess just a flat Zenny payment would be fine, but Bugfrags are the ultimate goal here.


We've passed on your inquiry to the navis in question. Please take a look at the offer below.

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I'm in a teensy weensy little bit of trouble, related to the experiment we performed recently. So, I haven't told Method or Maso exactly what I saw, but I did have to write a report. Those reports go to AlchemyMan. Normally, I don't think he reads them at all... I've never gotten any feedback from him or anything like that. So, in order to keep things discrete, I redacted a lot of details, including most things about Hex. Unfortunately, Murphy's law is kicking my butt and now he wants to know more about the experiment. He's asking that we bring you in so we can elaborate on the redacted points.

It's a big mess! I wish I hadn't turned in anything at all. But anyways, if you're willing to come in, I think I've got a plan for how we can explain things without giving AlchemyMan any reason to harbor an unfortunate scientific obsession with your navi...

FYI- I've heard things about him, like how subjects he's interested in suddenly demonstrate criminal activity and have to be brought in to custody and held here at the HQ. I never cared much before, but now that he's snooping around our experiment, I've got the heebie-jeebies. So it's best for everyone if we can put this to sleep thoroughly! I'll tell you more about the plan when you arrive at the experiment room.

Also I'll give you bug frags! 150 when we finish, okay? It should be quick!

Everything sounds good; I'll take the job.

Very well. Please proceed to the attached coordinates. We've sent word ahead to the employer.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT attached*

((There will be a post of setup in Glitch Test Lab; please wait for that post before responding))
So...for better or worse, the mission's over. I think I'll still be getting payment for it, but I'm not really sure. Also, assuming you're delivering the message to Maso and them...Madness, I'm really, really sorry, for everything.


The employer has rendered payment: a sum of 150 bugfrags. Please see the attached. We will give the employer your message.

-Global Network Administration

*150 bugfrags attached*