Friday night Mission-seeking


My name's CourseMan and my operator asked me to put up a general mission request. I'm showing her the ropes, since we only paired up recently. I've no particular reward request in mind, though my personal chip arsenal is lighter than I wish it was. In terms of skills, I like to think I'm a people person, but I'm quite good with matters needing shadowy works or deceptions, if needed. Jenny is... more naive, but she's very clever and creative, even if she doesn't recognise it in herself.

Addendum: Jen is supposed to be working on an assignment this evening. I promised to show her the ropes, but I'd personally rather she got the work done. She embarrasses easily, so, if you have something you can show us that would be a bit too risqué for a young lady, I'm hoping it will scare her off taking it and just agree to do her work instead. I know that it's bad form to, in essence, ask for a mission my Op will be too scared to take, but a promise is a promise...
Fortuitous timing, we may have just gotten a mission that meets all your parameters. Here's the formal request:

Quote (Mission Request)

Yar, I be needin' an assistant for infiltratin'! I can't discuss the details, but worry not, it's nothin' illegal or that sort of thing. But I do need a Navi that's Aqua element - no land lubbers! Also, no kids for this mission, either Navi or operator...can't stand 'em! Once ye find someone that works, have 'em sent over to the attached coordinates! And be quick, this needs to be done ASAP, so I won't put up with any lollygaggin'!

...Oh, right, ye'll be needing to tell them their reward. It'll be a BattleChip of some sort, but what one depends on how good they are. If they're a help, I'll come up with some fine treasure! If they're not, I'll make 'em walk...on second thought, I may be a pirate, but even I won't stoop to that old gag. Just remember, Aqua element Navi, no kids allowed, potentially good chip reward, and we're in business!

- RaiderMan.EXE

We cannot take responsibility for RaiderMan's claims about his reward, but a background check has shown that, if nothing else, he and his operator have the means to handsomely reward a Navi. The coordinates indicate a location in the southern regions of Netopia Area. Let us know if this mission is acceptable, or if you'd like something else.

- Global Network Administration
That sounds just fine! I'm sure CourseMan will be pleased with whatever is on offer, and I've got all night if need be; I'm a grown woman, no curfew here!

Very well. The coordinates have been attached to this post.

- Global Network Administration

This is CourseMan again, with a successful mission report. Our client seemed satisfied, if a little gruff, an indicated that payment would be left for us with you.

We have just received a message from your employer, RaiderMan.

Quote (RaiderMan.EXE)

After deliverin' the data you got, everyone seems pretty happy. Which means I'm happy. And when I'm happy, I usually feel generous. ...O' course, you'd make a lousy pirate. So take these chips, and go fix that!

Three chips were attached. Please use them wisely.

ATTACHMENT: AquaKnife BattleChip data, Wrecker BattleChip data, SeaSeed BattleChip data