Ladies Looking for Mission

Greetings, to you of the Global Network Administration-

I'm here to request a new mission, on behalf of myself and my ally, Dare. Another lady SP, Fold, will be accompanying us, but she's rather incapable of contributing much in the way of battle capabilities as it stands. For myself, I'd like to request bugfrags as a reward, how ever many is appropriate granted the task. I know PhoenixMan had work for us earlier, but if he isn't ready to resume just yet, I'll be fine with any sort of mission. My partner and I are capable battlers, but also have a wealth of other talents that have assisted us in other missions. I assure you we are fit for any sort of work.

Our operators appear to be predisposed, so please exclude any requests that will require them to be available in person.

My partner will be here to post with her own reward request as well. Thank you very much.

I'm also requesting another mission! Ante already described what we're looking for in some detail, so I won't rehash it. I'd like zenny as my reward. "However many is appropriate for the granted task," if you don't mind.

Ante and I are both hot chicks and decent battlers who have shown ourselves to be capable of doing just about anything in the service of a mission, so get us something good!

Welcome again Ante, and welcome again Dare. Unfortunately, we have not received any further notification from PhoenixMan as to the continuation of your previous work together, as of yet. There are, however, other postings which may interest you, and be suitable to your needs. This request was received recently:

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With thanks, and I tip my hat to the GNA,

I'm looking for some female talent to assist with a small project of mine. Meaning no offence, but the ladies need to be quite pretty to the eyes, and shouldn't be afraid of that being a stipulation. Meaning, they ought to be comfortable with themselves and their appearances, and the possibility that others may wish to appreciate such as well. Fear not: nothing compromising will be required, it is merely the environment they will be entering into. I require two or three ladies currently. Three would be ideal, but two is also workable, if they don't mind a more demanding time of it.

It would be best if the successful applicants dressed to be alluring, if possible. I regret being unable to furnish temporary outfits at the present time.

Compensation will, of course, be in the most useful and powerful form: Raw Currency. I offer primarily Zenny, but on request, since it too is a form of currency, after a fashion, can also supply compensation in the form of SP-viable bugFrags.



The poster has submitted several requests with us in the past, and appears to be of sound character. Please let us know if this request suits, so that we may forward you their details. If not, we can easily find another to fit your needs.
I don't see anything wrong with it, and I doubt Ante will either. I'm comfortable with my appearance and confident I can be attractive.

I don't know about Fold yet, but Ante should be a shoe-in too, even if she doesn't know it. I accept on her behalf!

Well... I'm not sure I can do that. But just come on and accept it, Ante!

Miss Fold and I have no objections either, I assure you. Please let the employer know that we accept.

Very well.

The poster requested that the accepting applicants present themselves at these co-ordinates, where a more detailed briefing will be offered.

-Global Network Admin