Competitive Mission!

Hey! This is Dare.EXE. My buddy and I are looking for a mission where we can compete! This can be one mission we need to each try to do best, or a mission only one Navi can successfully complete, or filling two spots in a competition event, or even two separate missions where we're helping two different sides, I don't care! Our talents include:

*Great Teamwork, although that doesn't necessarily matter here!
*Limited Combat Experience!
*Being Smoking Hot Babes!
*Theatrical Experience!
*Everything Else, we're good at everything!

Let us know if you have anything fun / challenging / at all. I want money for my reward. My buddy will post soon to say what she wants. Oh, and I guess that will also confirm whether she's interested or not, but I have absolutely zero doubt she will be.


((Waiting for Aim to post, please wait to reply with mission))
I'm not certain what Miss Dare is planning, but she's got our qualifications correct... for the most part. I will be happy to take whatever kind of work I'm needed for. I am looking to acquire an SP base for compensation.

It appears your timing is impeccable, as a mission that seems to suit those qualifications well just arrived. That happens a lot here...

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Greetings. I'm in a bit of a pickle. My operator, the proprietor of a small company that buys and refurbishes old PETs, has recently organized a friendly Navi competition and picnic with a local rival. However, he made a minor tactical error, in that he and I are the only employees of his business. As such, I am requesting the assistance of no fewer than two Navis to help. Ideally, at least one is an attractive lady Navi, but if there aren't any other takers, that's not a requirement.

Mission requestees will be paid as part-time members of Revived PETs. I possess sufficient connections so that if they desire a battlechip, or even a SP base, their cash payment may be substituted for one. Exceptional performance may result in additional reward, since, and I cannot stress this enough, I would love nothing more than to wipe that constant smug smirk off that guy's face. Those taking this mission must be prepared to compete to win. May we all work together towards victory.

- PhoenixMan.EXE

A side note wants to assure all interested that, while the requestor is the leader of a group known as the Sol Battalion, this mission is entirely unrelated to their activities, and that your only affiliation for the duration of the mission will be with Revived PETs.

Please inform us whether or not you are interested in this mission, or if we should search for something else. We have been given coordinates to hand out should you accept.

- Global Network Administration
Well, look no further! This sounds like the perfect job for the two of us. I'm kind of curious as to a lot of details, but waiting for those would just slow us down. The two of us will be an asset to any kind of team. Count me in.

I accept as well. We will head to meet the employer as soon as we view the coordinates.

Very well. Here are the coordinates.

- Global Network Admin

We have completed the mission to the employer's original specifications. They've asked that we claim our rewards and return after some necessary maintenance is performed. I'd like to claim those rewards, then will simply await the time at which they are ready to receive us again. I trust you'll make clear how we should plan to receive those instructions? You have my sincere thanks.

I feel bad taking the money with the job only part way done, but yeah, the employer said we could collect and then come back to finish the job. When you forward us the payment, make he gives us instructions on how we're going to keep updated!

The client has informed us that the two of you have completed your mission. Upon his request, we have given him your e-mail addresses for further contact regarding the remainder of the competition. If he abuses this in any way, please let us know, though given his history as a GNA mission requester, it would be a genuine surprise to us if he did.

Your rewards have been attached to this post.

- Global Network Admin
ATTACHMENT (access limited to Ante): SPBase.SP
ATTACHMENT (access limited to Dare): 6000z