Stealthy Mission Request #3

Once again, I'd like to offer my services and skills. And, if needed, my operator can assist, as well. I'm not especially picky about what the task is, but there are two things you should know. First, my operator works in the legal sector, so if it even seems like anything illegal is going on, it can't be a mission that requires her. And second...if wouldn't be too much trouble, I'd like my reward to come in the form of BugFrags, as my SP could use some toughening up before I start battling again.

- Shuri.EXE

Please see the offer below. The request just came in following your inquiry.

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We haven't spoken, but I owe you a debt. My name is Bayonet. I hear that I have you to thank for our recent victory over the mafia, which had assembled under PantheonMan's orders at the Hera's Fortune casino. I understand that you may not wish to join the Net Police. The style of a free agent probably suits you best. But if you ever need a recommendation, I will vouch for your skills and character.

That said, I would love to thank you in person and as much as it pains me, I do happen to have a favor to ask as well. It is not a glamorous request, I'm afraid. A recent office raffle, a party game, has put one if the NetPolice's most loathsome employees in command of my services for today. I cannot decline, for the sake of appearances, although I desperately wish to. Unfortunately, I was asked to bring a friend and the one I had in mind just informed me she is not available. I would thank you dearly if you elected to attend the get together my commander-for-the-day has planned. There is assigned apparel, which I will give to you at my homepage, should you accept. You're free to wear your mask along with it, if that is important to you.

I'll be very up front: this is an unpleasant officer who is not one of my direct underlings, a Public Safety officer named PatrolMan. You will have to attend in the attire he specified, which is summer-wear. But I beg your assistance, as you are well qualified for the task and have my trust. We'll be visiting his homepage. I suspect nothing illegal nor any reason to involve your operator.

If you choose to attend, I can promise you 200 bug frags once we complete the task.

With admiration,
No objections here. I accept.

- Shuri.EXE
Please find the coordinates and homepage key attached. Thank you.

-Global Network Administration

*Coordinates.DAT and BayonetHPKey.DAT attached*

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