Mission Request Thing

So, my operator's down in the dumps, and I think a good way to get her spirits up is for us to do a mission. Though, if you gave us one that has her do most of the work, that'd be good. And I'm NOT lazy, it's just, circumstances and all. Shut up. Anyway, I'm sure you've got some all-knowing database that has all our info and whatever, so I'm not gonna bother listing what we can do. Figure it out yourself.

- SmogMan.EXE

EDIT: Meh, I should probably list what a good reward for us would be...one of those WoodPowder chips sounds good.
It so happens that we do have information on your operators. This comes in handy, because I have a personal request for your operators, whom I will address for the remainder of this message. Please head to the Electown branch Global Network Administration corporate office complex. When you arrive, ask for a VIP guest ID from the gate worker. He will have your names and present you the IDs, after asking to see your identification. Next, proceed inside the gates and look for the correct building. Your goal will be to meet with me in the meeting room at the top floor of the north-west quadrant building, furthest to your right upon entering.

Our meeting will be brief and, upon its conclusion, we will gladly reward you with the chip. Please arrive together, dressed in your most formal business attire. Thank you.

-Global Network Administration
Both of them...meh, I can arrange that. We'll do it.

- SmogMan.EXE
Thank you. I have attached an address for the office complex.

-Global Network Administration

*Address.DAT attached*

((Mission opening soon in Electown))
All right, job finished. So, if you'll hand over the reward now...

- SmogMan.EXE
Thank you for your cooperation. We also ask for your courtesy in keeping the matters discussed at today's meeting as private as you can manage. Your reward is attached.

Attached: WoodPowder1, HardBody, and 1400z

*SmogMan received 11 Turn FXP and 6 Xiezhi FXP... via operators!*