All New Mission Request!

Hi! I'm in such a good mood right now, I feel like spreading the joy around, so let's hear what you've got to offer! As for reward? know what? I don't care! Just make it neat, okay?

- Ariel Fuujimoto
Well then, please consider the following mission. It really is one in a million.

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Do you seek the mystical?

What is the mystical?

Would you know it if you saw it?

Would I, Clarence Gupta, Master of the Mystical and Divine of the Diviners, know it if I saw it? Only sold-out crowds of tens of thousands of believers know the answer to that question.

I am looking for a lovely assistant to help me delve further into the world of the metaphysical, reaching my hands far into its mysterious dark cloak and yanking forward the very head of mysticism itself into the bright lights of NetVegas stage shows. Is this a 'mission'... or a 'mysticism???'

Are there any answers?

We'll search for them together. In our quest, expect the following posh, mystical benefits:

1) An audience with Clarence Gupta, son of the beloved Father of All Future-Sight, Vinzez Gupta. Also: your navi will meet Seer.EXE, Divine Navigator of the Divine of Diviners.

2) Journey deeper, deeper, deeper! Into ancient Gypsy Secrets. We'll be looking to derive new, mystical arts unlike the world has ever seen. The next step in future-sight???

3) Learn secrets of the trade!

4) Zenny and chip payment for services rendered.

5) Your future will become your now. Make now your future.

Apply now!

It's hard to say what the mission entails, exactly, but you will meet with the NetVegas stage performer known as Clarence Gupta. He left no forward payment, but it stands to reason that you will be able to negotiate payment after the meet up. Please reply if interested or decline if you would like to continue browsing the missions available.

-Global Network Administration
Sounds neat! Wait, THE NetVegas? That's all the way in Netopia,, I think I can work that out. Count me in!

- Ariel Fuujimoto
Very well. The address for Gupta's place of business is contained in the attached data packet. We will send word ahead of your arrival.

-Global Network Administration

*Address.DAT attached*

((Topic opening soon in NetVegas))